A brief introduction


Man is mindful of his gifts. These are the ones he should be dealing with. He would receive the motivation to do so. Thus, something of a benign nature becomes true. Through such a treasure everyone is empowered. Once our bad mood fades away, we soon learn to recognize the value of it.


Biographical information

During my early teenage years, when I was about twelve or thirteen years old, I started to practice simple asanas and pranayama. I took the instructions for this from a book in my father's library. The authors of this book are Selvarajan Yesudian and Elisabeth Haich. The book is entitled 'Sport & Yoga' and has been published by Drei Eichen Verlag in German language in several editions.

Sometimes I practiced Yoga at home in my youth room, but often I also went to the lake or to a park. It has been important to me not to do this in too exposed a place.

In a small, little visited park in my hometown Offenburg, the so-called Gustav-Rée-Anlage, I have been rehearsing the postures and breathing techniques discussed in the already mentioned book for about one hour for a whole time, for example from the age of 15 onwards, always at about 4.30 pm in the afternoon. Since that time, it has been very important to me to settle into my body well and to preserve what I have acquired.

Nowadays, however, I very rarely rehearse such exercises alone, as I did when I was young. Yoga has become for me a whole cosmos of possibilities, opportunities and spheres. Although I have some knowledge of it by now, I know that I could not use it completely. But the circle of forms that I have used has been able to close in this way, which will also be worth something.

Although it will be true that I could not perform some of the different postures of Hatha Yoga, which are correctly named 'asana', properly at the moment due to insufficient strength, I am still concerned with the content of these things. Every now and then, when a day of special significance has come for me, I still sit down on the floor at my home. Then for quite some time I deal primarily with myself.

The exploration of a functionality of my own body has sometimes already given me great pleasure. It's the approach that matters to me. I also meditate. With musical instruments I also learn to coordinate precisely and to adopt a good posture. Playing a song provides me with the impressions of myself that I need. All this is supposed to bring about benign moments for me. Such I would like to experience in my existence. Sometimes I have a wonderful feeling when I have succeeded in doing one or the other thing well.

In the meantime, I have gone quite a long way in this life and I can say that I have become an adult. One becomes noticeably calmer and more relaxed with age. Some things of my existence have almost become a matter of course for me in the course of this life. I have gotten used to their presence by now. I can handle some things and I can manage when I do them.

So, it is now a fact that I hardly have any influence on the execution of my life practice. As a rule, I immediately refuse to correct my posture. Their already given form I acknowledge as it is. This has little to do with optimization but should be in accordance with the path I have chosen. In this way, I hope to be able to maintain my connection to the things that condition me. The body of a human being basically has many different localities over which influence can be exerted. These should all be in harmony with each other, and their unity as a whole can make this possible. Many things are supposed to be effective on us at the same time. Who knows a beginning and an end of it? - It should be due to this thought that I do not manipulate my things deliberately. It evenes out there.


Effects when practicing Yoga & Co.

It has been observed that while practicing certain postures, a sudden unconsciousness has been caused at times. Then the power went out and I fell down. That's how I found out. Yoga should therefore be understood as a big thing and not as a small one. It would not always be gentle and smooth on its own, but sometimes bad side effects are to be expected.

In order to carry out the series of exercises taught in Yoga in a meaningful way, it will require the practical support of a trained teacher. This should be someone who knows the necessary correction instructions and passes them on. Finding such a teacher in Europe is practically very difficult. Then, when you have met someone who does such a thing, you could not tell whether he practices it according to the customs of Yoga. After all, such a culture would not exist here in Europe. You can get very up in the air if you get involved with a supposed teacher too early. Where a suitable teacher can be found should therefore remain open. Perhaps it would be appropriate to take the path of virtue beforehand in order to prepare.

Yoga is also based on a system of order. This is called Dhamma or Dharma in some Indian languages. It is to preserve the cosmic structure. Prudence would be required of one who tries to harmonize his body with the help of the practices of Yoga. After all, human beings consist of an interaction of body, soul and spirit. None of it would be left out.



For myself, the wiki 'Hatha-Yoga' is about documenting what I once stirred up dust in my existence while practicing some asanas and performing the technique pranayama. Applying these exercises and the results of my meditations, which have become so clear to me, have enriched my life so much at times. There is something for me to say here about what these things mean to me.

Certainly, some thoughts about the significance of the existential conditions of this existence as a human being will be different for me today than they were in my youth. However, this would be nothing more than the necessary course of events, which has made it possible to learn and change one's viewpoint. I would like to try this now, especially for the readers of this wiki, to make it understandable, what for me will be the valid way in relation to this life practice.


An own point of view

Yoga comes from a different culture. It will not be a copy of a European way of thinking at the moment. Rather, it is independent. Sometimes modern systematics of Yoga have also been developed precisely for the purpose of identification with Indian values. A necessity for the foundation of such values has resulted from the fact that the Indian subcontinent has been dominated by Europeans for a very long time. So modern variants of Yoga are directed at the Indians themselves. They should help them to achieve a renewed strength of their own identity. From this point of view, it would be closer to this practice than anything else if, as a European, one could find one's meaning in identification with the occidental cultural circle. But far from it. The Asian training systems are experiencing considerable popularity in this country, especially with regard to independent activities of people within their leisure time. Some of the publications from this part of the world have been very popular with some intellectual personalities and have since then helped to shape European culture.

What does that mean? - It is important for me to first of all take a differentiated look at the conditions of the social structures of different peoples and states, to recognize their differences as a characteristic and to name them. However, I am only examining the European and Asian cultures here. I have not compared them in more than one single point. Thus, an apparent possibility of differentiation arises when considering the basic attitude to life for these two groups.

Contrary to the individualism with which many an Asian try to master their life, for such members of Christendom as I am, there is a way of life in which one seeks salvation in the affiliation to a community with Christians. What results from this will have serious consequences. It has many effects on fundamental decisions.


keep bids

It is considered good, true and right for me to confess that I could not name the commandments that Yogin must observe. I want it to be as true as I say it is here. But an exception to this is the commandment that is designated by the word Ahimsa. Ahimsa embodies a non-violation of other living beings. That would be a very important principle even for a person like me. How broadly this term can be understood becomes apparent in the religion of the Jaina. As a Christian, I feel very attached to this group.

Further principles are to be found which support and extend this first commandment. In total, the sum of the main bids for a Yogin is five in number. As far as I can remember those statements of the text sources, I looked at earlier. However, I would not name the other four commandments precisely because of gaps in my knowledge.

If you believe that you will learn or even understand Yoga without properly practicing these principles of behavior, try it. It will soon become clear whether this is possible.


conception of a fact

I would like to give a hint to the adept of Yoga and suggest something to him. If you want to be successful from the beginning, you should avoid the beginner's mistakes that are there for that.

But we should not believe that we are not beginners. That would be too bold. It should be predetermined for us so that we remain such for a long time.

In order to attain a truth, everything that undermines the basis of this matter must be omitted. To achieve the goal of self-discovery or self-realization associated with Yoga, many things will be oppositely effective. First and foremost, there are distractions and suggestions. Manipulations of the consciousness have just as little in common with Yoga. Whoever uses them to achieve goals with others or himself is committing human abuse.

Let us set certain standards for ourselves, which give our attitude its inner direction. Let us simply tend to the east, towards the face of the morning sun. Once we see it in the truthfulness of our own face, then we have to understand what we are aware of. In this way, the nature of this circle of the earth becomes the key to the experience of human phenomena.

Our European cultural area with its Christian character will be able to cope with the fact that we are orientated towards such things that exist. Christianity is not one of denial of reality. Without a conception of the natural laws of human existence, the same thing loses value, which need not happen. Let us simply gain the necessary knowledge of the real world through our inner openness to the true reality of this world and our human existence.

Our reality, as we understand it, is for the philosophically speculative Indian an illusion, which he calls Maya. This is supposed to be a key word that is used too much. It is sometimes used correctly, but sometimes there will be no context for the term. Then everything will be a mystery. No statement is possible in this way.

In contrast to the Maya, this illusion of the appearance of the world, the human being enters into existence with his personal relationships. Since he would not dissolve in the cosmic structure of the forces of order of this world but would rather use them to win love and friendship, brotherhood and family, that proportion also predominates in his conception of the circumstances of his existence. Here reality is finally understood, grasped and shaped as a human scale.


Small confession

With pleasure I confess to my actual point of view to the people suitable for it.

I did not rehearse those things of Yoga in order to be overcome by a delusion. For this reason, I have tried again and again to avoid doing exercises that might be harmful to myself. Also, I have hardly practiced as intensively as others have done at times. Great periods of rest restored my mental possibilities when I no longer felt like practicing Yoga. There have been many like this in my life.

With the writing of this wiki I would like to shed some light on the darkness of my youth, when I was quite fed up with Yoga and its discipline.

In recent times, I have tried to restore the feeling of real strength and invigoration that I had often thought I had lost. I believe that what can be well remembered by me also equips me with a certain potential. This fact alone should be a reason for me to write this wiki called 'Hatha-Yoga'. I would like to write something about my own experiences with Yoga here.

With the linguistic processing of those former activities of mine, I now confess myself to myself and my own existence. By naming such thoughts and ideas as I really carry them, I want to build a bridge to myself. It is one of my real wishes that I would like to gain a little more clarity about my own existence at the earlier times of my life. Thus, I form my good and shape it with words. The result is something that appears to be a wicker basket made of woven strands.

I do this because in this way something with substance and structure has already emerged that I need.


Taking a shape

In the West, Yoga is often seen as a physical training system and is equated with a soft, sporty activity. Starting from this point, I would like to try to explain to you how to achieve success.

The body would not only be the material shell of a human being, it also contains all the other kinds of material qualities that are given to us by the naturalness of human existence. In doing so, it becomes a point of reference for our mindful awareness.

We find mental access to this body thanks to a certain focus on localities on this body. There we observe accumulations of energies. Such may appear.

Some of this will also be heard as potential. There it appears without shaping and serves us as a reservoir for additional forces, which we would like to call up according to our needs. These are supposed to be latent expressions of our life force. Without having such, we would soon have reached the end of our possibilities.

Now, in order to take up a posture, physically seen, it requires some correct assignment of the body to our mental quality, the spirit in its self-conception. If we look up abruptly to this, we preserve existence in its simple appearance. This will be the stage that still holds everything for us that will be possible for a human being. None of this has been worked out to this moment.

In order to preserve the greatest possible share of this cosmos, we should understand that every emanation of the spirit causes a consumption of potential. This happens by definition; a use of our forces causes their finiteness. The discipline of Yoga wants to train people to find favorable conditions for how they can engage in this existence in a formative way without actually losing strength.

There are many kinds of causes for what will cause a loss of strength in a person. This is violent when a catalysis takes place. Then the inner temple of the human being would sometimes collapse and would crumble into nothing but dust and rust.

But the sapphire of the soul reflects the light that appears with it. It appears there in the power of its own colour. All light resists the chaos of arbitrariness.

To give the physical form its unambiguousness, the adept can use a simple trick. It will have to be stated that the form means a cooperation of its forces. This is how the body of man is to be understood.

The taking of a form will be necessary at the very moment when we currently find ourselves. There we would remain in harmony with it if we did not change our attitude. From this point of view, we should begin to train the forms of the body by dressing the limbs. Without creating any additional pressure, this is happening. Occasionally such a problem occurs, but this is only meant to serve as a basic stabilization of the body statics. Nothing more would happen as a result. So, it would be safe.

A suit of the outer points of our limbs will allow us to explore the body playfully. First, we dissolve everything we have grasped. This is how we release our hands from the tools, this is how we leave our feet and their stand. We will also gain something from this. This is to realize a unity of our forces. Finally, we will also learn to use our own weight force. It is the emanated magnitude of our strength and will be the cause of many things. As a phenomenon of this nature, it is permanently given, although it will be virtual. So, you can pick it up.

Whoever has understood all this, would now like to try to move his body through suit to a move into properly coordinated forms. Acceptance and reception, solution and task will go hand in hand. However, it would not be possible to force a success. We must make our peace with that. Let us hold on to the simple thought that everything happens in its own time.


campfire stories

I myself am at times inspired by the desire, but also the will, to tell my fellow men something on a given occasion. I do that when something sprouts in my mind anyway. Then I'll carry it out promptly. Not much of importance, but some beautiful moments would be set free in this way.

Sometimes I long for the times of my youth, when I often sat around the campfire. That's when the flames hit the wood. I like to watch the fire. It gives me context.


A statement

The principles of life are to teach the practitioner a master of the matter. Acknowledge this and take pleasure in visiting your fellow human beings and talking to them. Without such conversations, nothing would be achieved, no matter what discipline one wants to realize. The rules of society are observed when expressing oneself. Think about it and realize something of what causes people, but also ourselves.

The norms of a society would not be given without reason. These should continue to exist. Therefore, it should be a valuable advice to us that we want to acknowledge it as it is true. Let's speak properly. Let us express our knowledge properly. Let us participate in what is given. Let's abstain if we didn't know anything about a situation. Better than a revolution of the company will be its existence for us. In peace you simply get along well with your fellow men.

Let us strive to preserve those thoughts and ideas which have corresponded to our knowledge. Let us increase our wealth by hedging it. There the moments of life are enriched by the fact that we have something suitable to say.

It is also worthwhile to remain silent. This is where we generate our mental power.

Certain virtues are to be acquired by oneself, if no opportunity has yet arisen. To this end, we should make it clear to ourselves what achievements of human civilization we attribute to. They embody a rich treasure of fruit. This is what we want to live on. So, we soon manage to grow up, because we give room to the flourishing of ourselves.

Throughout your life, you better get used to the importance of what is good, true and right. So, something will happen in our lives that corresponds to ourselves.


The Shamrock

Something that didn't exist would be undetectable. But if something happens, then it happens. This brings us to the idea that it must have been like this all along. Our world is as consistent as this existence in it will be. All human constructions are works. These contain structures that can be ordered. The substance will sometimes glow.

The reason why the substance is able to glow becomes understandable through its actual affinity to it. Everything is as it seems.

The laws of nature are recognized by man as actual orders. All technology is based on meeting these requirements.

Access to this knowledge is possible thanks to the experience of being human. There we recognize simple things and look for their weighting for the whole.

But we can only observe the whole from our subjective point of view. We equate this cosmos with it and thus think we can make sense of our observations. The work of the forces of fate is confused!

If we first show it as it really is, there will also be many opportunities to agree on it. Equipped with this key we can leave everything as it is. After all, we're already getting by.


As long as a lie exists, people will be blinded by it. Also, arbitrary actions cause actual falsities. Yes, even unintentionally caused defects deceive us humans.

A world of finite efficacies also appears so. You'll pick up a lot of slack after a while. But also, some plaster is applied to hide it, which was true after all.


A measure of the good

The impulse is a magnitude effective for the moment, which is capable of changing our position. It does not matter how it was created. Whatever makes it true, it changes the given as soon as an opportunity arises.

The existence of a human being will be one in which you will have to find yourself again and again. The changed circumstances of life come into force irregularly. We're supposed to deal with that. It has always been the case that change does not follow any rule. Otherwise it wouldn't be. Meanwhile, a preservation of the constellation of our cosmos or existence demands a considerable amount from man. He has to generate great forces in order to meet these requirements of his existence. Not everyone would be able to do that. A mere survival of man does not yet constitute a civilized society.


An insertion of thoughts

Here on this website called 'Hatha-Yoga' I would like to tell you about my own experience with Yoga. The book knowledge that I had to have to explore this subject area was neither comprehensive in nature nor clearly structured. So, at some point I realized that I needed a summary of what I had learned and understood, which was suitable for a conclusion of it. I would like to send this to my text work on the subject.

I recognise clear limitations to my own abilities. It will be necessary to purposefully tap my own potential, but I still have to learn how to do so. I have to watch it again and again to see how it works. Limiting those things that are possible for me to clear circumstances should show some practical value and make it indirectly understandable what I once lived through. This is supposed to be something that I bring to file by naming. It will probably be so true that you as a reader will certainly be able to assign one or the other of the things presented here better than I have done. So please forgive me if I sometimes go astray within this writing. I don't want you to be disturbed or overwhelmed by this.


Access to Yoga

For quite some time I have been collecting literature on the field of Yoga and the directly related Tantra. At the beginning I did not have an overview of what there is to discover. Every now and then I took some reading and dealt with what it taught me. Afterwards I adopted some of it into my everyday life. At times my existence has been greatly enriched by such things as they have to do with it. Not at all times has this done something good for me. Some of these things have led to manifestations that I find untenable. So, I gave up some of it again.

My existence as a human being should not degenerate into a spectacle of gymnastics exercises. I also do not want to drift into mental imponderables. Here I prefer a clarity of the given and recognize its triviality as a basic knowledge of man. To consolidate such a one, that is to help for the fact that one knows how to lead a good life.

Some people are tempted by the secrets of the Indian culture. But no matter how much grass we smoked, it would not improve the real relationship between ourselves and our existence. So, we would like to avoid weakening ourselves with intoxicants. The yoke of life would not be easier just because you threw it off. You fail there, but you would not be empowered to do anything. There the person gives up and succumbs to an illusion of happiness. But that will be the essence of this creation, for which we have not been able to do anything. In it there is virtually no difference between a human and a fly. Both are living beings and as such are part of it. In itself, the individual will thus be a very small part of the whole. A nature of this world would probably not despise what we are but would also not misjudge it to the same extent as man with his tendency to exalt himself.


Being on the lookout

Who will be a good teacher for us? Is that supposed to be the one who didn't interfere with what was going on here?


Some thoughts must first be thought in order to see if they are plausible.


The meaning of yoga

The recognition and observance of the laws of nature would be of primary importance for anyone who is serious about his or her own affairs. Whoever wants to deal with something that exists in a way prescribed by nature, faithfully observes these orders.

He does not allow himself to be tempted by such circumstances, such as his wishes, hopes, expectations and needs, into a compliant existence, but he fulfils them himself whenever that will be good. That's to keep his mind on it. That is what man would be there for, to make something of his existence that is of good nature. Therefore, he himself has to clarify sufficiently what makes him what he is. So, he will find out something for himself. He should be able to do this on his own initiative.

If it is also true that some people have broken down the things of their existence a bit too much and would no longer see them as a unity in the whole, this has not been the valid way for me. What can be learned about the nature of things is the result of a dissection. How can it still be in one piece? What good will it do a person?

It is important to keep a good eye on the whole. The essence of nature is simply one which consists of whole things and is also of this nature. In order to realize one's perception of what is natural, one will only have to grasp, arrange and assign the given.

An investigation of things is taking place through us, as it is possible. The latter receives the given as something healing, as the living per se.

A recognition of the true things will only be possible for the whole. Then a knowledge is to be recognized if life is sustained by it.

So, one maintains his respect for creation and its creatures (the animal world) as well as its creations (the plant world and the food base). In this way, you will be able to investigate the same things as usual, but in a more profitable way. In this way you will experience and understand many useful things. That would be the unabridged path to simple truths. But it will also be the direct path to the knowledge of this life. Be mindful of the things that come up.

I have called this dealing with the given in my writings the incarnation of men. This is correctly understood as a process. I try to follow such a path and to realize some progress. This is something that defines my existence.

Yoga tries to give people access to themselves. The actual training as adept and pupil of a master is carried out faithfully to the requirements of an existence as a human being. In doing so, man should learn to see himself as a subject and to realize his talents. It starts with the simplest things.


The potential and gravity

This world appears as a structure of fundamentally independent orders of magnitude. There's something that happens there that seems to us the same way. The course of events is to be understood like a rolling wheel. It is a cycle of life; a constantly repeating moment occurs at the same position over and over again.

This wheel has its actual unbalance where we notice something striking about it. This can happen at any moment and give us an insight into the nature of things.

The lawfulness of knowledge is given. We call it the truth. As such, it lends particular weight to our view. All of a sudden, once we have found a clue as to what induces it, other things will come to light.

If we also look at the given in such an analytical way, we recognize that the structure of this world is a composite. There the intensive orders of magnitude appear as a tensor. This usually means that a microstructure has a matrix that describes it. We can assume that.

Such a matrix also has a value as its own sum. This simple number is a cryptic secret, because one would not be able to deduce the matrix with its help. There the same lies hidden and could not be looked at nor made.

Only then, when we recognize this threshold of the given, will we understand that solutions are part of the problem of understanding the real. There can rightly be no usability of solutions. Such systems are always special, and they would not be transferable to comparable systems.

Since a usability of solutions per se would not be given, one has also the smallest benefit from knowing such solutions. There are many solutions. One is '42. Also '17' and '3' are conceivable solutions. But life as a lottery game would be a conglomerate of nonsensical impulses interwoven with mental excesses. If one also wants to find the solution as a process 'successful', then the same is still unacceptable for a mind that likes to think.

The facts of a human existence mean that we experience certain phenomena first-hand. First and foremost, the thoughts and ideas of a person are to be mentioned. Our ideas are to be understood like works of art and serve for an exchange. A person's objection to it will, however, make up its substance, and would not be used alone for an exchange. There the ideas appear as things, but the thoughts as the 'feed' of the human being, his spirit.

Since thoughts also contain objects, we have already worked out many a concept in the course of this existence and can achieve something on the spiritual level with it. In this way we form our existence with the help of considering given phenomena which produce effects and can communicate something to ourselves, but also to other people.

There the Spirit becomes a meadow, which gives us sheep and lambs food, air and light. Faithful to this situation, the potential of ourselves is also one that we have to tap into in order to maintain it. Everything remains separate from us until we have grasped it and begin to digest it. This approach can be explained analogously to the feeding of humans by means of a food. The food must first of all be localized, its characteristics must be recognized, and then you must also assign it to yourself. This is the only way we can get to it and feast on it.

There the potential of the human being is an exceedingly large one. But he is to be understood separately from this one. It will be his task to make it arable.

Meanwhile, gravity will be the natural amplifier of human impulses. This is what he already contains physically. In contrast to the potential, gravity would not have to be tapped first. This is already having an effect.

All results and successes have an impact on people and are reflected in the shape of the person in the aftermath. People will be dazed by it at times. Sometimes we need to rest to regenerate. Our things are finally in order because we leave them. Some things have the property of being able to judge themselves. Only then, when this has happened, does a vital urge appear in the human being. We'll finally be awake and active. Some funny words we then know to tell on our own.