Aesthetic elaborations


The spirit of a human being

A language flows with us humans and makes us as alive as we are. The words arise of their own accord in conversation with friends. There we create the given, find ourselves and get a real access to the happiness of human existence. The question of what is echoing off the walls as we speak does not frighten us. We like to show ourselves as we are. We put a premium on it. There we humans appear as creators of future opportunities, because we help to shape the given.

Such an empowerment of man is what you have in mind when you approach his existence. To do so, one would not need to enrich oneself on the possessions of another. What we know how to do is enough for us. This should be something we want to stand for. This may be the way we'll be remembered one day.


appearance and reality

Surely it is so true that other people mean something to us, too. It wouldn't necessarily be something wrong.

But some people bet on a wooden horse, even when they go to the horse races. That makes us laugh.

Some people imitate others and thus become their distorted image. It wouldn't be worth his while.

Therefore, it should be good to look after oneself in this existence.


A trivial process

There would not be little to say about meditation. However, words alone would not make the difference what it is supposed to be, because they have not made us experience anything in the same way. But meditation is one thing that requires experience.

One's own words are not an accessory. They should be a substantial part of the given. This is how we set it up when we say something. In exactly the same way it should happen here that the words make up something that has a certain validity. Thus, it should be clear to us that in meditation it is always the real things that matter. It exists as a form; you also need some time for it. Our everyday life consists of a multitude of things, but in meditation we want to gather and find our unity.



A beautiful thing is man's love of the fantastic. With the help of this, he can walk through whole worlds without leaving the spot. He can internalize certain events without really having been there. There his imagination endows him with many a spiritual power.

With their help he can recognize some truth himself and also understand why something will be true. After all, he can imagine something because of this gift.


A plot on own frequencies

In everyday life, I like to create space for the impulse that is inherent in me. In doing so, I try to do something clever, which I will also have something of later. The impulses connected with my life in this existence I have mostly received in my paintings. I have developed something that corresponds to the techniques 'out of the hand' and 'in one throw'.

Controlling deliberately manipulated processes makes a person nervous, in my opinion. So, I prefer to allow the given. In this way things appear immediate and should be real. Many a phenomenon appears and makes me astonished. These effects happen because I allow them. It does me good at times. Something that happened of its own accord, that will actually be there. It is designed but has been given every reason to do so. Therefore, it can exist. That's why I'm building on this thing.

So, the own pictures from my workshop are supposed to testify that I have included myself in the process when I designed them. It may not have seemed immediately familiar to them, but it is true that I did not intervene in any of the events in my life. Thus, these drawings and paintings were created true to their own nature. They are like little marvels to me, because I did not create them consciously, but they are created as if they had been created consciously.

Unfortunately, I have no other words for this than these. So, this is what my work is like.


A remnant of chaos

Strictly speaking, the essence of nature will be one that strives from chaos to order. To go from order to chaos, however, would not be easy. This would require a permanent increase in the energy content, which would not work. It would contradict the main theorems of thermodynamics.

The essence of man is accordingly a regulating one. In this way he experiences a progress in life, because he submits to this guideline. One would not have to learn the principles of order. You wouldn't have to get it either. Such a thing arises of its own accord because it exists. All of this will be a favorable condition, which will bring about equally favorable transformations of the given. Analogous to nature, the activity of a human being takes place who is able to work to maintain the given. In a way, this will be one of the creative elements of creation, that man will produce his work out of it by conforming to it. Such a realization will be true. It should be what can be used by us humans to create a work of art. The prosperity of what is given to us comes about of its own accord, or all has been nothing. Our own things should reflect this. Their manufacturing principle should be recognizable from them. In this way it will one day be recognized as something true. From this world nothing else would emanate but a stability of its inner working principles. Nothing could fall apart unless it was meant to.

We should be able to assume a certain degree of self-enhancing qualities for our existence. Nobody puts themselves in danger voluntarily. The condition of us will have to be preserved there just as the condition of our work will be. Each one of us holds a position of man in this world, even if this position alone can only be the place where he is. We would like to start from this perspective and define our spheres of activity. We can work there in a way that transforms a potential into a structural condition. We form, so to speak, something ordered out of a disorder, because that has corresponded to us. There we reduce the chaotic part of the given but run the risk of overdoing it a bit.

Everything has similar and also equivalent properties, which is in accordance with the order. So here, too, it is important that a potential, when fixed to the given, sets something in motion that wants to resonate. This affects the act of transformation. From this one can conclude that a remainder of chaos will be contained in all things. The highest purity of the given still contains all parts of the whole. Such would not be extinguished.

The power inherent in nature to transform the given would be nothing other than its preservation. The principle of order is the structural binding of energy, which alone, however, can only take place in a finite way. Nature arranges all surpluses of energy and puts them back where they are needed. Soon the sparks of light appear, everything becomes visible. There is a spray of what we have called emanation. There it finally shows up. A chaos consisting of itself is supposed to be that. It will be superordinate to all structural conditions and, if necessary, it will cancel them. This should be the lifeline for us one day.

If it is also true that everything strives towards its emanation, i.e. tries to assume or maintain an inner stability, a condensate has always remained dependent on its ability to adhere. Then, when the substrate vibrates, some parts of it will also burst off, which will be superficially applied. There they just fall into the dust. But even there they could not stay there forever.

One source of such forces will be the surplus of energy, as it sometimes simply occurs. Such a one is set free again and again by the ordered, whenever it becomes possible to do so. Thus, chaos and the material reality of the structure seem to be in conflict with each other. But since all this has been going on for so long, it is probably fair to acknowledge that this system of transformation and bondage has already been established and will be harmonious in itself. So, we are doing well, provided that we will leave it as it appeared.

The yoke of the world results from its occurrence. It thus has its characteristics, which must be endured. The order will never be complete, never complete, even if it strives to become so. A residual value of unallocable energies will probably continue to exist for the existing system.


A spectrum of own frequencies

Man lives and has something to gain from the fact that this is so. That's telling him a lot about himself. In addition to those things that are clear to him, there are also many things that he has not been able to assign to the given. There he has no option but to ignore it. So, he leaves it to the unconscious part of his consciousness to find a regulation for it, which enables him to cope with it. The safe haven of man will be an active spirit, which is able to master such things.

The fact that we would not always be aware of the regulations that exist in our self should make it clear that a person has control circuits in himself which are hardly ever observed by us, but which are nevertheless effective. They're to protect our health. We can preserve what is given to us, provided we have not made it impossible for it to continue. There we consider our own part in it and put it into the right relation to the actual occurrence in ourselves. What wonderful things are happening in our lives! - Who created them, indeed, after whose model were they created? - Let us imagine the characteristics of such a person, then we want to equate ourselves with him or her. A preservation of life should take place through a creation from something living. There it will be true what is given for it.

Nothing good would come from taking a path of discord. This is likely to lead to an offside experience of this human existence. This would not be beneficial. So, we better go inside ourselves and come to terms with who we are, but also what we have. That way, we'll have something of our own. Some characteristics come to light in this way with us. Such facts, as we have embodied them throughout our lives, await their safeguarding and attachment, that is, confirmation by life itself. All progress should be made in advance, so that our work can show an inner stability.

Let's just take this life as it appeared to us. Let us perceive something of what will really be there. Let us pay attention to the inner image that has arisen, as if it were our inner desire to see it. If there are only such qualities to be discovered in it, as they have corresponded to us, then it will still be valuable and be good for something. There it should lead to more.

Let's allow something to be given. Only the servant of another has no will of his own. That is why he is also called his servant. But if our will dies off because of unsuitable living conditions with us, we soon repress our actual desire for this existence. And yet we have already done so many things that have underpinned the value of it.

Let us not forget ourselves for this reason. Once we are able to remember who we are, we will soon be aware of the essence of what we are. We're being held prisoner. Our inner images are those of children who have been snatched from their actual existence. We have already entered into some contracts, although we are not clear about the consequences of this for ourselves. The value of words goes far. The spirit of man penetrates deep within us. The clauses of such contracts become the cause of difficulties. Once they take over, we look lost. We can hardly get any peace and quiet and we despair incessantly. Many a one has already submitted to such a fate, unaware that it was not an actual one. Delusions lead to the fact that the doctrines are heard, but the person has nothing actual to report. But what clauses of such contracts have we made and what clauses have been given to us to repeat? - If we continue to do so in the same way, the moments for an improvement of the given pass by. The existence of a human being would not be given to enjoy the happiness of it.

Nor would it be conceived solely as a space for exploring the world. There is so much that is missing about it that defines us. Whoever just travels through the world belongs to the travelling people. If he does this alone and has no companions with him, he quickly becomes a tramp. But that would be the way of the fools, whom one can endure from time to time, but who have otherwise been chased out of the places. Rather than something like that, this existence would be a place to experience an actual incarnation.

But what is it that makes a person primarily? - It will be so true that you can name it. A person is defined by all that he can (freely) dispose of. For this purpose, he has a property in it, and he will also have to be in possession of it. Primarily this will be something that could not be taken away from him in principle. In addition to his position on the globe, one could also hear a positing of him. After all, he does have a figure. Since such a position will vary, a path must be left open to him. Since his form will have to be preserved by him, he must be able to support himself. This too will be left to his discretion. Meanwhile, the question of when he goes his way and how he guides his steps is nobody's business. You don't make contracts about that. Such a thing is due to the nature of the thing and is input. What has found its existence in creation should also be left alone. Such a thing would inevitably be right.


First and foremost, we human beings have a contemplation of the given and a creation of inner images before we learn to transform these things. There is also a linguistic equivalent of this first step of a human being. Defining things by naming them has clearly taken on a high priority for this. This is where the person forms his first own words and enjoys his power to address other people lovingly. He's got a lot of eyes on him, too. His face is enabled to facial expressions by an inner resonance. The gestures give the person an even more vivid expression than he already is.


A matrix of words

It would not be by chance that a person in life would become aware of the basic principles of their own existence over time. One has to move a little bit to do that. With each new position, you can see the given from a different angle. Then a better picture of the truth of this human existence will result almost by itself. In the meantime, let's be clear about one thing. We would not be alone in the world. Other people also have their own attitudes, which have arisen from existence itself just as much as ours have.

If we all stand up for ourselves, are solitaires, so to speak, we only really get on with our own lives when we have found someone who wants to complement us. An exchange with our fellow human beings is cultivated by us. If we find out for ourselves what we have a real interest in, we can also get something from life that will be of good use to us. Let's not make it too hard on ourselves. Let us recognize the necessities of human existence and live this life in a righteous manner. Let's look for a task for ourselves that does us justice. Let us teach our fellow human beings what needs we have and thus ensure the progress of the given. All this is intended to secure our quality of life. What's good for it, we should preserve. So, it would not need to be constantly worried again.

As humans, we are bound to what we are. They say that 'in happiness all men are equal'. This is what we find out when it comes to our task list. What we have written on the top of one of these is similar to what other people also consider a happiness. But what is often dropped is the essential of what a person can experience in his or her existence. Human existence itself should be that. To use it for an actual incarnation should mean that one sees oneself as capable of identifying with one's own. There we will experience a meditative tranquility in many a devotional moment and perhaps even be able to tap into the treasure of contemplation.

So, let us stand by our goods and be what we ourselves embody, willingly and gladly. Let us behave in a way that is beneficial to ourselves. Let us take our eyes off the sun and stop staring at its glaring light. What hasn't it already wiped out of us! - Let's get out of its fire and spend the first quiet moments in the shadow. The good of us, which is already wounded, can thus recover at its living side. This leads to many an insight into the given and its meaning. Let us make it clear that we would not find ourselves any different than this. The gemstone of our inner wealth, which was believed to be lost for a long time, should from now on retain its shimmer. Don't get lost again, do I think here.

Such an inner dimension of the human being can fill him richly. This becomes a part of our happiness in life, when the given begins to fit in with us and we can finally clearly hear what is our own. There we are quite rightly referring to this good. A castle as such, as well as such a temple, would be recognizable by the light on ourselves alone. There it will open our own being, what we are. Thus, becoming a human would be a path for us which can be all the more joyful the longer we have already walked on it. There we learn our lessons and do some of the things that are necessary for this existence. We are to acknowledge what is there because it exists truly. There it retains its value. For us, it is as it is. The way it works, it has to be or not to be. There is a clarity about this, because everything else will be irregular. Everything has its true share in the given. There it forms the whole thing. Nothing will be left undone.

Let's not get carried away with an investigation of the phenomena of human existence. Let's break free from the devious. Let us leave the given as it is and acknowledge it as what it appears to be. That's how it acquires meaning.

Let us strive there for a simple completeness of our knowledge about the actual things of a human being. Only after such a vision of what is given has, we received the eyes to see what is there. It occurs in the right light. Then it should be possible that we too will one day succeed. Let us leave everything and nothing to ourselves. Thus, we go our way for us. There is existence, our life can be seen for what it is. We humans are full of conditionalities. By our nature we would not know how to serve an order. There we make many mistakes and have something to learn. Many lessons open up for us in time. Let us approach them willingly. In this life, let us not allow ourselves to be deprived of determining what is given and mastering our life's task.

Without a knowledge and consideration of our actual conditionality, we will easily go astray. Yes, it would also be a real lack of knowledge, which is why we would not be able to muster the necessary strength to improve our fate. We cannot wring it from life there. How bitter it must be when it ebbs away unused.

Maybe we can see that. I hope we do. The remedy for such complaints is to prepare for the way ahead. This will be done before we go any further. You only leave the safe place when our destination will be a safe one. We will be able to master the way there, so we will only have enough equipment and company.

Some of the texts I have already written down I like to look at. They sometimes produce images of functionality in my mind's eye. There I can transfer the given to my imagination and do a lot with it. I use it to carry out many a comparison with geometric, graphic or mathematical operations. I also like to form a scheme from the existing word groups. These schemes often have a certain similarity with a matrix. This appears to me because they have a reading similar to this one. Such a tensor (the matrix), which underlies the given things of a human being, could not be named by me, but I can look at it. A certain light falls on him and I perceive an aesthetics of the moment.

I like to refer to my writings as a 'matrix of words', knowing that the whole of it acquires additional meaning as a context.


The Fate

When reality is something,

that can exist,

then why does the world continue to change?

What else is there?

Must I always bow to what is given?

What will become of me then

...when I have a crooked hump?

Is this how I become a better person?


The true value

No matter if it's cold or warm,

As long as it's water.

It doesn't matter if it's near or far,

As long as it was fire.

Whether it's light or heavy,

As long as it was air.

Whether it's rich or dull,

As long as it was earth.


show commitment

Without giving the right amount of strength to yourself, you would not progress in this life. Even if we have always done the best we could, we have hardly made any progress. Our path is an easy one and yet we have found it difficult to follow. Such feedback is what we give out about how we feel about ourselves.

The good that we stand for should continue to exist. That's what we think there, and we burden ourselves more and more. Of course, it is important that we achieve something, but why do we always want to unhinge the world? - Let's just leave it there, what passes. Let's make it happen, what's happening. Let us become independent of the torrential waters that carry everything with them. The stream of time should be understood in the same way. Whatever is under his spell, he will surely snatch it from us.

Man's strongest force should be that of hope. There he also experiences a belief in love. It has meaning for his existence as a human being. What he does not have in himself, he will only be able to experience because of his woman. So, you protect this feeling. One must preserve what is given. There will be something higher to receive from us.