An experience of aesthetics


To accept something in severity and to pass it on in kindness makes our being appear as it really is.


A community of people

Man should know about his life. In this he comes into contact with other people. That's what bothers him. In order to find a rule for such a togetherness, we believe that everyone is entitled to the same thing. This should give our community its meaning.


An art thing and its meaning

With our hands we form something when we have set to work. It is created from the existing material. The simple forms that correspond to us should be first examples of how we have understood these things. This is the path we take every time we set out on our journey. This is what is supposed to shape us.

This brings us to the first thoughts and ideas of a work of art. It is intended to release something that exists. We can remember this again later when we create further works. This gives us an orientation.


Man has something in his possession with which he should do something good. For once he's doing the best he can.


Preserving one's own thought

In general, it will be necessary to take sufficient account of what we have been given. It's a way of dealing with it. These gifts should also include your own thoughts. With the help of them, we can meet on site. These represent an instance with us, which gives us many opportunities to control what is happening.


It should be assumed that the spirit of a person is the cause of his power.


A Reality

Speech formation would be my profession. I am about to name the things of my existence as a human being as good, clear and correct as I can do it right now. I use ordinary forms for this. In addition, I discuss the given facts in a uniform language if possible. In this way the actual triviality of it can be preserved. This should help me a little bit to create clear linguistic structures. You'll read about them later. So, I must know how to correct them. How easy it will be when the content of my statements has really made sense to me.

Since I create my writings throughout according to a uniform scheme, some of the texts I have written already serve as examples for my further work on them. I can use them well for this purpose. I only need to read them in order to get in the mood for such incidents as they are connected with it.

I hope that little by little I will be able to improve the content of my own texts in the course of this work. But first of all, these must be completed. There I eliminate, error by error, those actual inaccuracies that are still inherent in my work. I reduce the alleged diversity of those aspects of language to a necessary sum where I can. Beyond that I did not need any additional variations of it to determine my thoughts and ideas. One of the aims in writing these texts would be to preserve and maintain that finiteness of the things I have described. There I will probably be able to complete my writings one day, if it will be possible.

So, I write such texts, which refer to my own work. There's method in it. The vocabulary I use is as much a part of my language as the content I have to consider is a part of my life. What has its share in my certainly limited cosmos, I would like to be allowed to take up according to my own means. For this purpose, I will name it in as much detail as this happens here. It wants to create such a structure of thoughts and ideas. One of these I call 'Matrix'. For the sake of clarity, I sometimes refer to this matrix as the 'mandala' of my life or my heart. So, you should imagine it to be like a drawn picture consisting of clear shapes. But basically, it is a tissue.

I like to deal with elementary conditions. I try to unify the grammatical states of my writings. For this purpose, I sound out my texts and determine their structure. I know that I can probably write a real nonsense about any topic of human existence, but that would not be in my mind to try something like that. I don't want to lead myself on an actual black ice. Therefore, I would not need to write about everything that has already happened in my life. I can see that anyway. That's how it happened that I limited myself to a few topics when I went to work and wrote something down. In the meantime, something with substance and order has been created within a certain framework, which I recognise as a guideline for myself.

The whole of my existence constitutes the essence of what I would like to write about. But the ladder to such heavens would not yet be built or found. Here I would much rather rely on making simple corrections to the existing text material, as well as on a reading of these writings. The things I've been illuminating, it's a lot. It is of an opulent kind, although it is said to be a miniature in itself.

I created my texts not without reason. After all, I also use these things to take up attitudes, such as that of contemplation. In my devotion to the order of this existence known to me, such an order sometimes comes into effect for me, which has pleased me many times. There I look at things from their appearance and can think about something. The empty glass is examined by me in the same way as the full one. I illuminate the good idea with the same light as the bad one. My principle here is that of an equivalence of true events. This is how I find the root of a truth. The juxtaposition of truths and orders has just not cancelled each other out, if it is valid. On the contrary, the truths as well as the orders have complemented each other without overlapping. That's how I found it, what I realized. Something that appears and to which this fact applies, I call true, good and right. These, too, should be independent of each other in the scale of my speech formation. They span a cosmos in my thoughts, as it appears and occurs to me. I can imagine it there.

Meanwhile, my texts would like to have a rather dry effect on the possible readership, indeed they would not even be easy to understand. I can imagine. But it should also be the all here represented thought, but also an orientation written with the seriousness and conscientiousness of a worker, which makes something possible for the future of our existence seen today. I try not to force a change of mood when I create my writings, but I can hardly exclude the possibility that this may happen. I hang on to the already written text and thus practice my self-study of speech formation. It serves me to attain an inwardly appearing orientation, yes, an order that is present in me. My things have a certain goodness, which I possess, and which should be the measure for future thoughts with me. I should be content with that.

A reading of my texts is done by myself according to my understanding of the movements taking place at this moment in my life. So, I have not suppressed a mood that has just sprouted in me. Again, and again I take this position and thus refer to an actual liveliness of myself. Some of my own frequencies of movements, forms and pulses have contributed to the fact that I have already reached this point. These embody my drive. In an actual variation, they occur at times and can thus guide me within my path circles. The path I have taken is rightly so chosen. It is to be an unabridged route.

Paths are shortened by planning them. This is called structuring. According to the given of this world, man orients himself by outlines and shadows, which will be the same. So, he can be sure of what he is doing, because that would be nothing. A reality of the void emerges there and is devoid of any power. You can control them there.

The way this world has just affected me, this world seems to me to be the same. There the shadow will be something that draws beautiful black lines on the plan. The picture presented here resembles a smear of nature. What else is there to be gained from this than mere emptiness? But what will we have to break away from in order to achieve such a thing? Wouldn't it be worth nothing to give up? - I am honest with you when I admit that I do not think much of superimposing a reality on the reality of this human existence. These are perhaps all just spinning, which can hardly be good for anything. That is what I want to add to the best of it, but I think that something like that should also be said. There we can see for ourselves what these words are about and accept or reject them as we need it.

Even if I sometimes speak my written texts with my own voice, I like to listen to them in the manner of a reading. There is some decent software for this nowadays. With it one comes to the pleasure of such listening texts. Repeatedly I have already fallen asleep while listening to these. But if my writings are then finally good enough to attach them, then it does me good to hear them. Then I feel it so urgently, as it is given for me, that many a beautiful moment of actual reflection has already opened up for me in the aftermath.


An experience of aesthetics

The knowledge of that current version of the scriptures from my pen teaches me to gradually think about my own things. That's how I found myself. While I was sitting there reading something of my own, it happened to me.

I am currently working on a development of my cognitive and mnemonic skills. Thanks to a selection of certain words and a determination of their use, I should be able to do this.

There is also an opportunity for me to find my own orientation. Those difficult times of my youth and adolescence have long been misunderstood, although they are significant for me. Experiencing a period of great discord afterwards has not made it easier to deal with the memories of who I once was. What made me do that, that often did not come to the fore. It hasn't affected my happiness.

Basically, I bring all this out of the recollection when I write about myself in the jargon of my youth. This is how I represent the memory. In this way, a value of it should also be visible to outsiders.

Actually, I believe in a benignity of man. With it, I am, humanly speaking, equal. One of the essential prerequisites for my work as an artist will be that I have something to hold onto.

speech formation

The use of a language

Visually gifted people like to imagine things. However, not everyone would be equally well placed to visualize the images that will be required to do so. You have to know something like that before you can do it. Not everyone would have the necessary ability to do so in order to be able to work so visionarily.

I myself have sometimes been denied such access to the imagination of what other people express. Often, I present the same things differently. Therefore, I would not be able to follow them at all times.

But I too enjoy actual inner images. Such an illustration of my inner world is preserved by me. I practically never let anyone else do it. Just as I keep these pictures with me, I also want to be left alone by my fellow men with what they have imagined.

That will also be a freedom. At least it will be a kind of solidity, what results from it. Meanwhile, my introspection is taking place.

What access did I find to this inner world of myself and how did I perceive that it existed with me? - Well, a great starting point has been the one to which I have recognized a certain emptiness in myself. In the meantime, I have learned to deal well with the fact that this happens to me from time to time.

I have recognized this emptiness as silence and assigned it the meaning of a cause. Without such silence it will be impossible to perceive anything in a differentiated way. One would not be able to understand anything of what sounds and images would like to appear before the mind's eye when everything has occurred simultaneously. Then it will be like a cacophony. Nothing about this would be clearly understood. That is why I am very satisfied with this inwardly experienced silence.

How did it come about that my world of imagination became so liberated from everything different? - Well, at many moments in my life, I've wondered This one I have brought into shape by a note of it. A certain clarity has developed in me. One such one has taken more and more possession of my inner world of experience. Basically, my things were clarified there and seemed to me to be so. There they did not seem so urgent to me either. The ghost has finally given it a rest. A silence has entered and has enabled me to have this inner vision of an actual purity or liberation.

Without haste I started to observe my own thinking at that time. Many a busy moment has been created by this; I have been able to release a lot because of it. Then I immediately tackled it, which gave me a lot of ideas. That's how I came to do my things immediately, whenever they came to me. After that silence has soon entered my thoughts again.

None of this has been wrong with me. At least I have learned to accept something that has appeared from me. My ability to accept my own personality has been strengthened.

What also helped me was the fact that I assumed a repairable 'system of things'. I have always equated myself with something good, true and right. This is how I have been able to standardize my texts. Many an opulent word has thus appeared conditionally clear as such and has been eliminated by me. I do not want to sell my writings at auction.

Many of the small fortunate circumstances I have experienced as a language designer have been caused by the fact that something has become clear to me. I finally managed to put some things together. In the meantime, I have also acquired linguistic skills. Correcting my writings is therefore becoming increasingly easy for me. I know the procedure for this. I'm used to it.

In this correction of my writings I pay special attention to the linguistic flow of words. The given sequence of thoughts and ideas contained in a text should be coherent. So, this task of creating the 'construction kit' has brought me closer to a conclusion of the individual text groups. So, I can finally accept or declare these contents acceptable. From my point of view, the first texts of these are already so well elaborated that they can be presented. Their content is clearly visible.


Failure to manipulate

According to the circumstances of this world, we should understand what conditions us in life and act accordingly in everyday life. This is a good thing. We would like to get used to how it is, what happens and appears. How good will it be there if these things remain reliable.

It should be one of the requirements of this existence that we find our way. We have to deal with it as life itself seems to us. We can be right in this or we can be wrong in determining what we are doing.

I would now like to mention a regulation for this matter, which may help us further. Whenever we have not been able to determine something clearly, it should not be the right thing for us either. Soon it will be clear to us what is really given. Whether that which is found to be true in this way will then suffice for the completion of the tasks of life, that remains to be seen. This is all we would have at our disposal. That must therefore be enough for us.

A skill of man will also be one in dealing with the given means. What we have for ourselves, we may confidently use for our own cause. Everything else would not be affected by this. There is no violation of boundaries by limiting ourselves to our own things. These are there to be used by us. So why shouldn't we do this?

Let us simply adjust ourselves to the situations that life has in store for us. Let's acknowledge our senses and actions as they are. By what is our consciousness conditioned? What is it that occupies our thoughts? How do we deal with the fact that we are existential beings on this world, the earth circle with its humanity?

From the larger it is necessary to infer the smaller. The microcosm in which we move can be equated with the macrocosm of the world. What are we looking at? Wouldn't we simply recognize ourselves as part of an existence as it is?

That's to be expected. One can still add some additional things to this. Starting from our unity, from the scale of a human being, we should see our subject as it actually will be. Who are we? What constitutes our existence? - Fragment by fragment, a patchwork of inner vitality will come before our eyes. What we become aware of in this process should be visionary memories of this existence as it exists as a whole.

A whole of life is recognized and understood by us. But let us not isolate ourselves from what life is all about without good reason. Let us not erase the actual basis of life from ourselves. Let us not saw off the branches or the roots of this tree of life, which is the source of all life. Some opportunities are supposed to be released in the first place. There's gonna be something there.


No matter which characteristic I mention for myself, I will have to realize it on myself. That is why, because I recognize this, it is now also to gain its validity for me.



With such an art form, as mine is, it is supposed to be about a shaping of existing things. Something is designed according to the standard that is known for it. There man has the task to accomplish his works. For this purpose, he equates himself with the person he himself knows. This is how he gets his tools of the trade. Whatever is given to him should be sufficient. More would not be available than what is there. The worker is interested in producing something according to his possibilities by changing the given. He wants to do a good job.

In this way he thinks of his task for himself and makes something clear about this existence. That will be his freedom of choice, that he will choose which work he will produce and which he would not produce. There is a compulsion in life that says you have to work. How to deal with the fact that you have to work, that will be our freedom of movement. There will be no freedom from this obligation for any human being. One can misjudge them, but that would not change the truth of the matter.

Nothing in a human being would be too much. That imbalance of ourselves, as it has sometimes been shown, sometimes makes us ill, but it will be possible to remove this suffering. There it will be our task to find a way for us, on which we know how to insist. Let it be clear what is known to us in an unambiguous way. We can determine that. Through this we will find our actual basis for this existence.

Thus, in this life something comes into effect with us that favors the circumstances of our existence. Let us simply make use of it to confess what we find good, true and right about it. Let us shape our paths with it. Let's draw these before and after. In this way we become aware of something that really exists because it appears to be so.

The path we take is made up of steps. These are to be understood correctly as a group. Let us not dissect our own property too much. What are we to gain from the fact that every step will be a conscious one? Will this make it easier for us to follow the actual paths? Let's not get lost in the small world for no reason.

One allows oneself to determine what one has, does and is. That will have to be named. To this we should confess that we have fixed something of what makes us what we are. Let us please choose something exquisite when it comes to our own fate. Let us abandon false modesty when it comes to being someone and having something. What we did not fulfil ourselves yesterday has certainly not made us grown up today. A loss of happiness can be given in this life. But this would not be a necessary thing, through which one will fulfill oneself. It is better to express one's own personality in a suitable way.