Cosmology of Horror


If you look at the earth as a whole, then the moon will be the closest and the sun the most intense thing that we have.


Cosmology of horror

Man, therefore knows that he exists. He recognizes his existence. This occurs both actively and passively. It is connected with an existence as a human being. That puts valid conditions on him. These can be named by us and we can show them to other people. Something can be learned by doing this. It's supposed to have to do with what we care about in this life. We have something of that ourselves, if we know about us well.

All efforts for the happiness of a person should be oriented towards his needs. These will have to be fulfilled according to the conditions of its existence. There's no way around it. That can be considered.

One needs one's own ideas in order to release a knowledge that will also make a difference. Everything is based on an inner order within us. Thanks to it we will be independent of our own environment.

This is how we fulfill our existence. In the long run, this also leads to a recognition of the constitution of a person. This corresponds to us. The structure of our thoughts and ideas constitutes our existence. Everything happens there on the basis of a certain convention, as it is valid for us. Let's just put the person of us in the center of attention. After all, we're supposed to be human.

Meanwhile, the 'cosmology of horror' will first be one that examines the everyday. One thing that is true will also be so. I will now begin here to write the first of such texts, which clarify what is happening in my case. Little by little, this should lead to something that will be well understood. I also try to illustrate my inner world through such writings, so that there will be something about me that pleases me. All this is meant to equip my mind. In doing so, I will adhere to some principles that I have already learned. I try to implement these in the presentation of my reasons for existence.

Textbooks should be important and relevant for both teachers and students. It matters what you write down, because it is preserved. What we form as a structure continues to be formed. This is where we come to delineate our existence through such labels.

A thinking and understanding of man are analogous to what occurs and is. That passes. Sometimes we go the right way and sometimes our things go bad. We imagined it that way, but we also suspect that it will be so true. That is why all this has been a moment of 'horror'. A person's own experience will be connected with such a show of his own thoughts and ideas. It's happening.

With my remarks I would like to stay close to the truth of my life and work. There would not be much to say about this cosmos of its own kind. However, those things which are relevant to it should be named. The cosmology of horror should now finally be understood as the linguistic attempt of me, thanks to which I would like to be able to point out which things I need in order to grasp and clarify this existence of myself.


Anomalies of fate

A world in which a mathematical-analytical anomaly is assumed to be the cause of its existence should also be one in which people retain some sense of humour for the Creator and His work. Perhaps the reason why existence as a human being will be so beautiful is precisely because we ourselves would not know exactly what is really prescribed for us. That is probably also why man has recognized and received such freedom of his own will for himself as it exists.


Uniqueness and life

We are to pause for a moment on an actual concept of things. Once we know how to control ourselves, then we will be able to do so in an easy way. There we would no longer have to grind our teeth so hard, because it is going well from our hands. There will be many a light to be found there that will make things clear.


A concern and understanding

A world in which all given things go hand in hand with each other should be a beautiful one. This is the way it is looked at. One thing leads to another. It should do so with a certainty of purpose.

I have nothing against it when people are happy. However, I would now like to make a comparison here between the actual thinking of things, which is supposed to be an inner, extensive process, and the concept of the same, which will be an outer, intensive process.

These two terms have one thing in common for me, which unites them. They are a cause of the memory power of humans. Something touched with the hand and something understood with the help of the mind is suitable for remembering a moment in life. These shall be the gates to times past, thanks to which we keep ourselves as we are. I can use the power that comes with it to maintain my strength or to make a difference for once.

I would like to point out what makes me think and understand this. I do not place the one above the other at all, because for me they embody something equivalent. These shall be the sources of my strength.

This one I watch from time to time. In the process, I find myself back to myself. That's all there is to me. Everything else I detach from it and give it away. There is a clarification of my things and meanwhile I live with what I have already achieved. I have one more story to tell. This one I can tell. That's another reason why I really exist. Without having understood something correctly myself and without thinking sufficiently about what it has been like for me, I would probably not be able to achieve anything good in this existence. But who will be surprised?



Every person probably has something in himself that gives him a certain impulse. He can go down a path and do something. That way he gets to think carefully about what he's going to do with it. After all, he wants to experience a progress in life.

Such progress can sometimes be made by us. But sometimes something happens that will be contrary to this. Then it will depend on our resistance to see if we can prevail. Let's not waste our potential, but let's not let it go unused either.

A good moment should be experienced by us at any time. It would be good to acknowledge that. We recognize some opportunities for this when we are busy. But can we remain calm? How close to our limit are we at the moment?

Any loosening of forces would lead to nothing but a lack of stability. This poses a problem, although it can also lead to nervousness and flutteriness. It would be better to keep our problems. What we hold in our hands belongs to us.

There we might finally find a resistance to free ourselves again and again from everything. Let's get involved in some of the action. Let us acknowledge the given as an opportunity for us. Let's make it a task for ourselves. Yes, let's recognize the meaning of what is there and what defines us.


A work exhibition as base station

I design my own things on the Internet. The base station for this should be my card index box. For me, this represents the right reference system that belongs to me. I take it by default. In the meantime, I have set up one of these, which gives me access to the public portals on the Internet. You can find my pages and deal with their contents.

There I try to condition myself through my work. My things should also satisfy a certain audience that shows interest in them. That's how I talk about what I'm doing and what it's for. I do this on purpose because it can improve my situation.

Thus, something has now emerged for me here that resembles a matrix of words. It will sometimes be like an empty matrix, its blueprint. There will be something to do with it. Many things are predetermined by me because I have drawn them out. Starting from a known constellation of my things, I would like to start here with what I have, am and can assert myself. For this purpose, I call what I know. Over time, I have received something there that I can show other people.

Meanwhile, the work is still hidden, because it is rarely noticed by anyone on its own. My preparation for a recognition of my work is ongoing. Since the whole of this is based on the basic idea of my building plan, it will be good to check it sufficiently. There should be many opportunities for this. There would be nothing worse than a work done too soon.



The mood of the mind will be cheerful if this existence is kept simple by us. It will be difficult to fulfil the task of sweeping away the existing worlds and eradicating all that is wrong and false about them. Let's stay upright and take care of what there is a real opportunity for.


The mind of a person

With some justified goodwill towards other people, I would like to speak here of the human mind. Observing this leads me to an insight into his being. Such a one is kept in oneself. Acknowledge what other people have taught you. We can also deceive ourselves. Therefore, one better search for a stock of the given. You don't give up what you have.

speech formation


Hey you. Yes, you there.

Are you just you there?

Yeah? - Thank God. Then I'm glad.

Once I know you well, you will get to know me.

This way, you no longer have to run away from anything.

You're a very welcome guest there.

I lost sight of you once for a while, too,

I have chosen you to be my friend.


The Kenning

Knowing someone well means also having something to say about him. There people will give each other manifold support for life. So, everybody wins something.

With words you can achieve a lot, because everything is prepared by words, which means something.


A few words about this 'construction kit'.

I create my writings in a very simple way. I consider the given to me when I want to name something. I form the thoughts and ideas connected with it in such a way that a suitable impression is released. Then I read my words again and can be satisfied.

The basic idea of mine was to write a 'book for everything', which shows me on which way I walk. Basically, I keep my reflections on this existence in a written form. What is true and given for myself has become a little more understandable to me. In the meantime, the Wiki 'Hatha-Yoga' has also been created. Here I name my clues for life, but also my concerns in dealing with the value system of Yoga.


The positive, the negative and the detached

The whole world is raving about the positive, which I actually consider negative. Couldn't we just be good with each other? Must things necessarily be this way, or would this not make them appear in the wrong way?

The bad will be so. The good will be so. The real is true. The right thing is right. But the positive, what will that be? – Basically, it is the acceptance of a gift. Unfortunately, you couldn't expect to get everything you needed for yourself as a gift.


Understanding the given word according to its value

Names and numbers have always had something similar about them. It is through these two kinds of words that meanings are conveyed to us. These are the ones we want to take up.

The words mean all the more to us the more unambiguous their value is. But there are also some things we do not want to hear at all. These will be such things as will offend our honor.


The effect

Achieving an effect is a significant thing for a practitioner, no matter what he or she practices. In a benignly constructed world, a benign effect can also be expected if you practice something. This should give us a first clue as to why we should stay on the ball. I prefer to acknowledge any self-achieved effect. For me, this is the true path on which I want to walk, because it seems to me to be passable.

In doing so, I always try to approach things in a timely manner. Moments pass by, what is connected with them is then also lost.


The beginning of the given

If we stand at the beginning of our own things, they also appear to us in a special light.

Everything else will be delayed somewhat,

that we let it stop us,

because it impresses us.

But such a pause makes a person.


The two aspects of a trigger

A trigger is a lever for holding or releasing a device, which is held with a certain force. It can also be a trigger, such as that found on a pistol or rifle. It has the function of a switch. As such it serves to introduce the force in a precisely defined direction. In addition, the moment when the force discharges in this direction is determined by the triggering.

Based on this experimental setup, some conclusions can be drawn about the properties of a trigger. This is how you will find out where to find one and how it will behave with it.



A shot rushes through me, bang on my head

and hits the stone,

a hole breaks out of this one.

Stone from broken stone falls down there.

There is much talk of this matter,

that happened to me there,

in a different manner than I have done

and therefore, thinks that I am wrong.


Ability to act and memory capacity

Humans are given a memory, which functions the better, the clearer the actual forms are. We would like to preserve such forms as they are suitable for us. If you want to get along well in life, you should be looking for peace and quiet. So, your existence will prosper as soon as your own circumstances allow it. The facts of our own existence should be reminded by us in a timely manner.

A real ability to act will be given to the human being in so far as he can do something well for which he has also recognized a meaning. This one he shall keep. He'll go far with that.

Remembering who you are is supposed to be a preliminary stage for me. To a concern of the given it comes there soon. Let us make it clear to ourselves what we are, have and do. Some of it will last and fulfill us.


Choosing the path of the phoenix for yourself

It will be worthwhile for some to accept life as it is of its own accord. There would be nothing fundamentally wrong with being a human being. Man is called to keep his life in order day after day. That's what makes it so.

It will be the preparation for the coming day, which will soon be able to lift man up from the 'ashes'. The evening is always an eve of another day. As a result, we have adjusted to what will soon be given.


The Trivial Good

The claim of man should be one that he exercises towards himself. He'll have a lot to figure out. With his introspection he can make this come true. He'll go into seclusion and find his own way out. A righteous man he shall be. He orients himself according to what makes him one and learns to equate himself with something like that. So, the doors and gates to a good life will soon be open to him.

Man has many opportunities for such a realization of his own good when he accepts the given as what it is. That takes some understanding. You have to respect the way other people treat you.

Only through our own efforts can we achieve something for ourselves. This shall be our lot. Such will be the case. There man reflects on his task in this existence and does not go any confused ways. Those alone will only be able to cause a difficult fate.

A pause will not be a step backwards but will make us strong. That's where our powers are concentrated. The spirit has set them free, so he should also decide over them. Self-controlled, as we are, we have mustered our courage and are approaching this life. So, we add the given and make something of it. In the process, that which we have openly called our happiness in life comes about.

So, we reserve this moment to send thanks to the Lord of all things. It is him we want to align ourselves with. However, we accept everything else as it is. That's where it happens. Without serving the highest, we would not exist.


Looking for a royal road

No matter from what point of view you are representing your own things, it is important to take a secure position as early as possible. To do this, occupy the appropriate 'fields' and mark them with a matching 'flag'. They can be referred to again in the further course of the conversation. It makes discussion easier. Finally, it will be important for you to make a statement for the whole. Then, when your own positions are made clear, you have already gained something. This will stick in their memory and serve for further conversations.


To form a grid

The essence of a human being would not be understood in any way. Every person has fixed characteristics. There's something about him that makes him who he is. We should not claim for ourselves alone that we are someone with peculiarities. Everybody has a face like this, but also a corresponding life. We bring some of this to light, what is actually on our hearts. But some people will also be freed from such things. Why should everyone be given the same, after all, everyone leads his own life.


A roll call

To give freedom to a person who would not yet be able to do anything, or even to expose him to it, that is to push him into nothingness. Everything that began like this would continue to be nothing. I did not give much thought to a freedom gained too soon. How is a human being supposed to exist at all?

Once he's conditioned, he'll be better off. After all, everyone needs a connection to life for themselves.



There is to be progress without the degree?

What good will that unleash?

He who would not have the goal of completing his things before his eyes,

he may be mistaken again with each new effort.

Such a person's progress will at best be accidental.

That's why the achievable is everything to me.