Cosmology of Horror


Pausing and preserving

The spirit of a man has always been vulnerable. There has also been something that has marked him. Like a sheet of paper, it has been crumpled by some who have not recognized it. There the man has lost everything. If he has unfolded this sheet afterwards and tried to smooth it out, it still bears its traces of what once happened. The fact that we try to realize the perfect in ourselves makes this matter even worse.


A snapshot

Whenever we have heard of a truth, we grasp truth. There it is to be a good example for us.

Life brings with it that not everything of what we once considered an example of what is true and right would be suitable to imitate. Whenever we have a doubt about it, we check what we have been given for its applicability. This should be a lesson for us to learn from.

We have already come to many a conclusion. The paths of our lives have continuously turned out to be circular. We have been walking on the same paths towards the permanence of our happiness. In this way we have obtained a certainty. We are strengthened by faith, love and hope.

There we make out something that can be pointed out by us with words.

He who did not believe would not be able to know.

Those who have not loved would not be able to trust.

Those who did not hope would not be able to achieve anything.

The following conclusion therefore emerges.

What we know, we trust, and thus reach ourselves.

This is to be today's starting value at which those things begin to exist which we once longed for in earlier times.


Shadow and light

Then, when the earth has been considered as something whole, the moon will be the closest thing and the sun will be the most intense thing with us.

Get to safety whenever you are in danger of burning in the glow of the sunlight. That's where it has an effect. Seek the protection in the sheltered. There your life will be a good one all at once. The shadow leads us to some insight into the reasons of this existence, whereas the fire consumes such things.

It would not do any good to take time with it. What would have to be done rightly, do it immediately. In this way, you will learn to discipline yourself without your own being destroyed for no reason.


A cosmology of horror

Man knows that he exists. There a light goes up to him. One would not need to justify that. He recognizes his existence. Both actively and passively, it happens that we get to know something about who we are. Life is by itself already connected with an existence as a human being. This puts us all in front of valid conditions. These can be named by us and thus we can show them to other people. Something can be learned in the process, once this has been done sufficiently. There some lessons are given to us, which we have to master obligingly. In the process we find ourselves. Thus we have learned to recognize the questions of this existence. They mean something for us, but they will also be of weight for other people.

All efforts for a person's happiness should be based on his needs. He has such by himself because he lives. Through this they would be to be justified. There one can determine it, which these are. One needs the own thoughts and ideas, in order to release an actual realization to it with itself, which can move also something for us.

Everything is built on a given order. An internalized recognition of this order enables us to participate in life. Thanks to it, we will one day be independent of the actual environment around us and will be able to take care of ourselves. This is how we fulfill our existence. In the long run, this also leads to the realization of the condition of a human being. We also make out such a condition in ourselves. The structure of the actual thoughts and ideas of a person makes the existence of us and forms the basis for our life happiness. Everything happens there due to a certain convention, as it should also be valid for us.

The 'cosmology of the horror' shall be for the time being one which examines the everyday with us people. A thing that is valid for what is given to us shall still be true even if one has named it.

I continue herewith my way which has allowed me to write such texts in all given detail. They are it, which clarify the happening with me. Something has already come into being with it, which one hopefully understands well. I have already represented and illustrated my inner world with those writings in the file 'construction kit' to a large extent. I long for the day, to which one gives ear to these things.

Close to the truth of my own life and work I have remained with my explanations about it. There I have again and again used such words for my cause, thanks to which I can describe the whole as something natural. I suspect it that this will be necessary for a mediation of it.


Anomalies of fate

A world in which a mathematical-analytical anomaly is assumed to be the cause of its existence shall also be one in which people preserve some humor for the creator and his work. Maybe the existence as a human being will be so beautiful exactly because we would not know it exactly what is really given to us. Probably also for this reason man has recognized and received for himself such freedom of his own will as it exists. For the author Schneider it is so that he recognizes this thought as evident.


Uniqueness and life

To a concept of the things we should pause. Once we know how to control ourselves, then we will be able to think about things in an easy way. There we would not need to grind our teeth so badly, because it goes well from our hand what we do. Moreover, there will be many a light to be found, which will make clear to us the things that have meant something to us.


A concern and comprehension

A world in which everything given goes hand in hand with each other should be a beautiful one. This is how it is seen. The one leads to the other. It should do that with a certain certainty of purpose.

I would not find fault with the fact that people are happy. However, I would like to explain here now nevertheless the connection of an actual thinking of the things, which is to be an inner process marked by extensive signs, and a concept of the same, which will be an outer process marked by intensive signs. There the given will probably be interwoven with each other as a whole. I believe in it. That should make it.

The two different ways of understanding a person have something in common that unites them. On the basis of their emanations, cognitive skills are formed in us. We also gain access to the source of memory power because we have recognized the mental as a complement to the physical.

Both something touched with handles and something grasped with the help of the spirit are suitable with us for the renewed memory of the respective moment. There we reflect the given and can explore it thus what has been connected with it. Thereby we learn something, because some things will be clear to us. Like an inner landscape, paths and sequences of steps emerge in us, the value of which strikes us. There we have our own impression of it. Some further thing comes into contact with it, which makes something to us. Then we sift through such an inner picture and gradually put ourselves back into a state of calm. Thereupon we can transfer the constellation contained in it to other situations of the life if necessary to it and conclude something from it. Thus we arrange it with us that the life remains a beautiful one. We apply our experiences.

Such aesthetics of the given should be a gate to the presence of a human existence, thanks to which we can see something in us as it is. We would like to leave it there. This is how it should continue to exist.


A resistance of its own

Every person is expected to have something about him that gives him an inner impulse. That is supposed to make up his willingness. There he can go a way and do something. From time to time, he comes to think twice about what he has. After all, he wants to experience some progress in life.

Progress can sometimes be brought about by us. Sometimes, however, something happens that will be contrary to it. We want to accept this or, if it has become necessary, fight it by stopping it. Then we are asked. Now it will depend on our resistance against it. It will determine whether we can prevail. Sometimes that alone has secured our existence.



The mood of the mind will be cheerful, if our existence is kept simple. It will be difficult to sweep out the existing worlds and to eradicate everything wrong and perverse about them. Let us remain upright and take good care of that for which there is really an opportunity with us.


The mind of a person

With some justified goodwill towards the other people I would like to speak here of the mind of man. To pay attention to it leads such a person to a view of his being. That one preserves, what it has constituted.

There we lead a life in a peaceful way. Recognize what other people have taught you about it. This can be something good. We can also deceive ourselves. That's why we look for a continuance of the given. Do not give up what you have experienced. Life is a truth in itself. This is how it will be rightly understood.


The kenning

Knowing someone well also means knowing something to say about them. That's where people are supposed to support each other in their endeavors. That way, everyone gains something from it.



Everyone is raving about the positive, which I actually see as negative, because it becomes a default for us to have to achieve positive effects. Couldn't we treat each other better? Do all things necessarily have to be the way we accept them? Didn't many things appear to us in a wrong way precisely because we expected the positive from others?

I do believe that. That is why I am looking for a way out for myself. I don't want to get entangled in such conditions as a reversal of the things into the positive entails. I have therefore formulated the following train of thought so that it will be visible what I meant by it.

The bad should be as it appeared. The good shall be as it has appeared. The true will be rightly recognized as true. The right has been truly right. But the positive, what is that supposed to be? - Here I abbreviate my words now. Basically it would be the acceptance of a gift, what I understood by a positive expression. One's own joy should go along with it. But why should one be so indecent in life that one always expects a joy from others as a reaction? - Surely such a thing would not go well.


About the world

We all know the world, pay attention to our relationship with it, and relate what is our own to who we are. There it is to become a pivot for our destiny, what we have. Meanwhile, events occur and something arises from them. Some of it also existed before us.

The things appear like a fan and are arranged regularly. Soon it should be clear to us what this means. Always similar things repeat themselves with us in the life. Thanks to a consciousness belonging to us, we can learn something of what has conditioned us there and know about ourselves. There we have learned our lessons and found our way in life.

One thing we already know about this. Life is led on a circular path. If we drift off, we usually fare worse. If we are able to stay on it, we will do well in our lives. Pass by pass we learn to understand the given better and can estimate the circumstances. We can cope with it as soon as we have understood the meaning of it.


A word and its value

Names and numbers have always had something similar about them. Meanings are conveyed to us through these two kinds of words. There one speaks of it, what constitutes a thing. That is what we want to grasp.

Words mean all the more to us, the clearer they are in terms of their value. They become reliable parameters. But some things we do not want to hear at all. These will be such things, which have already hurt us once in our honor.


One destination

Achieving an effect is a significant thing for a practitioner, no matter what discipline he practices. In a well-built world, the same benefit should be expected because one has done something in an appropriate way. In this case, the fact that we have kept the ball rolling can be the first indication that we have reached a state of happiness.

We continue our way as soon as possible. Thereby I favor to recognize every thought and every idea of me. I consider that to be favorable. This is consequently the way on which I want to walk.


Capacity to act

Man is given a memory, which has worked the better, the more natural the forms of man have turned out. There we have formed them. The incidents connected with it are reworked by us. We would like to keep those forms, which suited us well.

Whoever wants to get along well in life should aim for peace and tranquility in his presence. Thus, his existence will be able to prosper as soon as the external circumstances have allowed it. Meanwhile, the facts of one's own life should be remembered by us promptly.

A basic ability to act is given to the human being.


The way of the phoenix

Something that can live and wants to live would not be able to be burned also by an actual fire. There man rises from the dust. Thus he becomes visible. He is completely a man of form.


The trivial good

A person's claim should be one that he exercises toward himself. For this purpose, he will have to make some things clear to himself. In his introspection he can make this true. There he should go into seclusion and open up many a way for himself. In the meantime, he should be a righteous person. He wants to confess that this is according to him. He shall orientate himself according to what makes such a man, and learn to deal with the corresponding thoughts as there are for it. Thus he has to learn his lessons. The doors and gates to a good life shall soon be open to him.

Man has some opportunity for the realization of such a good insofar as he accepts the given as something what it will be. For this he needs some insight into the reasons of existence as a man. Therefore he should look at it, what has happened. He can acquire some things in the process. What he has learned once, he will understand again. There it forms itself to him more deeply what he has already known. He has accepted that. Thus he has received his good. It appears to him again from time to time and fills his spirit with an inner radiance. Thus he has realized. That which has become true through this is also to be in order.


Language is composed of everything with which a person can form himself.


Looking for a silver bullet

No matter from which point of view one wants to represent one's own things, it is important to take a safe position as early as possible. To do this, occupy the appropriate 'fields' and mark them with a suitable 'flag'. You can then refer to them in the further course of the conversation. This makes a discussion easier. After all, the discussion will be about making a statement for the whole. Then, when one's own positions are made clear, one has already gained something. They will stick in the memory and serve for further conversations.


Form a grid

The essence of a human being would not be understood in an arbitrary way. Every human being has fixed characteristics. There he carries something about him that makes him who he is. We should not claim that only for us, that we are someone with peculiarities. Everybody has his face, but also a life corresponding to it will be peculiar to everybody. We openly reveal some of the things that have been weighing on our hearts. Everyone leads his own life and is responsible for himself.


An appeal

To give freedom to a person who would not yet be able to do anything, or even to expose him to it, has meant to push him into nothingness. Everything that started like that would continue to be nothing. I didn't give much to a freedom gained too early. How should a person be able to exist like that?

Once he has recognized those conditions which apply to his existence, he would still not have it good.



Progress without the degree should there be?

What good is that supposed to release?

Who would not have the goal of the completion of his things in mind,

who is possibly mistaken again with every further effort.

Such a man's progress will be accidental at best.

That is why the attainable is everything to me.


The history of the own


A conversation with a good friend has led to the fact that he has suggested to me to explain once the value of the term 'own frequency' in more detail and to explain it specifically what the share of the own embodies in it for me. This is what I would like to do with this small writing.

What an own frequency is, I write about so often on my text pages in the file 'Construction kit', that it makes sense to explain that non-technical part of it once more.

That's when I imagine it's familiar to most people when I talk about such a moment as might occur when drinking a cup of tea. We've probably all done it at one time or another.

There we take a tea bag at hand and put it in a cup. We boil the water and pour it over the bag. Then we wait for a short time until it has steeped. Now we have a tasty drink, which we can enjoy.

I used this example to define the concept of one's own in a conversation with my friend. I would like to repeat that.

Then, when we go into the kitchen and put on the water for the tea, we already suspect that it will do us good. That's when we combine our anticipation with a joy for the pleasure to come.

We know several such moments from the earlier times of our life and are therefore prepared for them. An emotion as an expression of one's own arises in us because we have completely rightly linked the memory value and the expected. We look forward to the tea, even if it has not yet finished brewing.

The temporal should not have played a role. It would like to last everything still quite a few minutes, an own feeling for the thing we have already received now. There it is good, how it is with us.

An own frequency is a thing for me, which would not be good enough to represent. It makes the living at the human being. This is how I have imagined it. The fact that I have introduced a terminology for it into my writings has resulted from my focusing on the resonances of a human being. I have always understood them as essential.

There it is sometimes imaginable as a movement, sometimes it has been nothing else than an impulse at us. In any case, however, it is connected with the valence of an emotion. Such a one is to be regarded basically as 'empty', as long as everything given has corresponded to us.

Emotions have a meaningful effect on people. What gives him a feeling, he has also found good. What he can find good, should be his own. There he has fun that it has arisen with him. The fact that it can also take a neutral state has stabilized the human being.


In the youth or childhood of me I have learned it, but also experienced that there is an opportunity for the evaluation of the ego at the human being which exists. Thanks to the ego, the man has been able to understand that he exists. There he has perceived it that he exists, because he has felt. Little trouble has it him thereupon to recognize that also other people feel in such a way. A transfer of the own to other people has made it there an early experience in the life, which has said it that also they possess an ego completely rightly and know to perceive an existence from itself. There the calculation has come up. A concern has led to happy circumstances.

Thanks to a knowledge of it, it has been rightly understood how easily it is possible. Therefore, thanks to the ego and its concept, an altruism has arisen with me. One has thus known how to integrate oneself into a community. One has learned that the ego is an essential part of a group of other people to which one belongs. All of us carry one and have therefore become part of a community. I have perceived it that way myself. To come from the concept of the ego to the concept of the self was not a big step.

There I looked at it, what I like and what I have of it for me. Some things belong to me, which is good.

That makes a difference to me. That's why I have a perception of it and a feeling for it. It can be determined. That's where I describe it as a stirring of my mind.

Now we have come to understand that we are a person who has a sense of social events. That is also how we recognize ourselves.

Then we knit some story out of what is known to us. We tell a story of the ego in ever new variations, which experiences social aspects. This is what makes our life. Thereby we find to an appeal with other people. Our words carry a relevant coloring, which has corresponded to our personality.

Some people like us, but others have had no pleasure in meeting us. With some we come off better, with others worse. There we make our experiences with it and learn ourselves something about the life. Meanwhile, character building has taken place in us. We learn to put defeats behind us, but also to win victories.


There is also the tea. We like to drink it. It doesn't matter when we hold it in our hands whether we have won something or lost something. Before tea, all people are equal. Everyone can rejoice when his existence has brought him happiness.

Thus, it should soon be clear to us that there must be different qualities of our own. Something that has given us an unclouded joy has also done us good. There a reflection on the own becomes a vital decision per life. With a cup of tea we can give ourselves a real pleasure.


Another approach to the determination of one's own should be a dedication to life, in addition to the joy of the thing and the feeling as a human being. Since a life of ours is the actual good of this existence, we can use it. What we own also has a certain relevance to how we have placed ourselves to life. As human beings, we are capable of clear sensation. We can understand what we have felt. Through this, a subtlety of sensation appears in us and determines our destiny. It should be a good one. At least, that is what we wished for.

If you compare the sensation with the movement of a tuning fork when it resonates, something on the person also dances and vibrates. This sets feelings free. That is why he has some emotion to his own, for which he knows an expression. Meanwhile, the feeling has become the revelation of a truth to us, which we have rightly called liveliness.


Conscious enjoyment of a food

The source of life would not be known to us human beings. But what we should realize is that we are preserving life. Oh, life has its own goodness. It is of some value to us.

Everything about us can starve. Everything about us can suffer. Therefore we experience in the existence beside the beautiful of it also some terrible. Who would not know how to live well, will also be sufficiently acknowledged. That lies in the nature of man.

As a human being in a consumer society, we are permanently called upon to enjoy. Everything is geared toward giving us such a treat. But what food do we need? How do we nourish ourselves properly with the help of food, our food? Yes, what do we have and what thing do we lack in the meantime?

By a conscious approach one can understand such an approach, which shows the things completely, but in a way compatible for us. A representation of the given is supposed to be beneficial for us.

An enjoyment of the given will be there still for a long time the condition for a nourishment, since there is no self-preservation without a feeding. Only he who has received his food will be able to nourish himself with it. The preservation of the life is therefore subordinated to a nourishment.

This begins with the tasting of food, but does not end with the mundane consumption of food. Food has its own taste, thanks to which it can be classified. Also, each food has a particular value, which makes its compatibility or intolerance for us. Moreover, some things do not represent a value to be able to feed ourselves with them.

To develop an awareness of the food is now to be the beginning of a nourishment of us. After all, we do not have only one organism to feed, but we also want to be connected with the particular food source, which will be the reason for our life support. Let's just come to the realization that the moment of feeding will be of importance for being able to live a healthy and vital existence.

Conscious nutrition, i.e. the implementation of a diet that suits us, should not be detrimental to our enjoyment, but should always be beneficial to our health.


The human being as a network of spiritual references

What is man? But what will not be a human being?


He consists of flesh, bones and blood, but has not been an accumulation of flesh, bones and blood. Well sorted everything should be at the human being. His tempering allows an order of the occurring substances of his body from birth. Also before this has already taken place with him, carried and carried out by a mother of the man. A human being has remained viable because of such a tempering. It alone was not enough to see, to understand or to describe everything in him in a sufficient way, but without it it would not be good to imagine a man as a living being.

The tempering of a human being makes it necessary that a sufficient energy intake takes place continuously. It should not be too high, but also not too low in its value. Depending on the nature of such an energy supply, a person will find a certain temperament more pronounced in him than another. This should not be without an effect on his experience.

Tempering has made it possible for substance transformations to take place on the human organism. Both a transport of the substances to the consuming units and a storage of the same as processed and adapted molecular structures shape our body and ensure that we are warm. That is why we are viable.

Each cell of a human being is supposed to be an organism standing for itself with full equipment. This should be an assumption which I have made with pleasure. According to that task set to the unity of the cell, it will arise and function. From the point of view of such a consideration man can call himself perfect without having done something wrong.

It is to be the created at the human being what has meant its completeness in perfect way. Meanwhile, the life is viable until beyond the death of a cell. This is what we consider as our endowment for reproduction. The true fact that the life of us gets its continuation by such a passing on of the actual seems to be strange at first. But it is certainly given in such a way.

For this, man needs a partner. For a man this should be his wife, for a woman her husband. People have usually grown up in monogamous homes, so they will recognize monogamy as the ideal of a relationship.

It takes two sources united under a good light to beget a new life. The picture of seed and reason can be used approximately for it to show something of what constitutes the procreation, however, I have recognized a joining of shell and core as a cause for the procreation of a human being just as well. Thereby I have considered the joining of both parts as a fractal of the processes of a human development. The donation of life persists in the life. I assume this because everything about us must be permeated by the property of procreation in order to persist. It is the principle of the primordial beginning valid for a life, but also the principle of its preservation.

Starting from the cell compound of the body of a woman which has not only conveyed supply and tempering but always also protection and security, there shall be a self-preserving connection of the living to the world. To the mother and to the father of the protégé the man will be tied. This is how I saw it.

The one to be protected is primarily cared for by the mother. What was carried before by father and mother to equal shares, is cherished from now on in the womb of the mother. Thereby such a donation of the life is not to be a single event which ended abruptly. It would not be to be understood as a bang which arose once and which has died away in the meantime. Rather it is to be a life carried since primeval times in the protection of the life.


It seems to me to be appropriate to state it that I believe something further. I have thought that a cell is able to remember its existence all its life because it can know something about its task only in this way. But if it already knows so much, then it also recognizes that plan of it. Therefore I would not consider it impossible that a cell is able to orientate itself at the necessities of its liveliness, therefore knows something about its life. I mean that it must recognize the use of it itself to confirm it what the life means. Therefore I have recognized it as true and given that it wants to receive such a life with the use of its own power.

An insight into the necessities of the existence of a human being will give to such a cell not only the motorization of a machine, but will also concern the consciousness of it. There exists a belonging of the same to the cell group as well as a certain independence of it, what concerns the own tasks, so that they can be carried out by it. Class for class of such cells form these units, which I would like to call clusters, consisting of cooperating cells. That is supposed to be what class for class again forms units to organize itself. There are such either loosely distributed over the body or they appear locally clustered as a compound. Then they form distinguishable components of the body, thus organs. Thus something will occur at the body of the human being, as whose internal reference a cell can manifest itself. The clusters, consisting of the most different units of cells, should be organized partially independently, as the single cells are.

The body has therefore now become a viable shell of a human being, which we have recognized. The light of it makes him just as his abundance of cell material does. This gives him shape and form, it makes him movable and mobile. There he is carried and formed by his spirit, but also by his matter and its structure as the aggregate man, formed from life, ordered by reference and connection, according to the necessity of that desire to a will to live.

A human being is changeable and capable of change as such. He will also be that because of some property of his cell associations. Those carry a power for the organization of the organism in itself. We humans are per se self-determined beings. Without having doubted the necessity of such a determination, we can also assume a determination of the life-supporting processes in us by an occurrence of the inner circumstances. Equipped with a whole apparatus of similar, but all viable structures, we human beings consist, are formed of matter, which stands in relation to a living spirit. We carry something like that in us. This is what we have as a living organism. It is what has constituted our health, stabilized it, strengthened it and thus granted us a quiet life of long duration.

It is not only the success in the external sphere of a world that would richly endow the existence of a man. Also a beauty of the inner orders in him grants us a certain fulfillment. Nobody needs to lose something because of it, to renounce something, to envy something to somebody or even to weaken because of it, because he is able to carry everything in himself, which will be his own. Everything attainable should have occurred close to us. There it can be well received by us.

I believe that this has not been untrue, as I have described life and its meaning here. It is supposed to be my formulation for what constitutes life, which I have represented with it.


The code of a yogin

From here to there the way is to be determined by us humans. It will always be the same distance. It has been an eternal way, which has cost us infinite trouble. We have to come to terms with that.

Also inner ways at the human being exist in such a way. The principle applies to them that even the smallest distance can be divided infinitely often. How should it be otherwise possible than that also these ways have been all very far?

There we are astonished all the more because we can equate all ways now by means of the given assumptions. An equation of it, what it has made out with us, is supposed to be true and to be true.


From the inner construct

Starting from a consideration of the valid framework for the existence of a human being, which, moreover, has been chosen in a happy way, it is possible to look at how a human being's existence is constructed. Our consideration in this regard is to be understood as an aesthetic investigation of the occurrences of this world.

There the author Mathias Schneider would like to have designated it once, which can occur there in the lattice of a matrix at nodes, so that is given.

The seed (The origin in biology)

The Piece of Money (The Intermediate Means of Exchange in the General Economy)

A star (The visible point in the sky in astronomy or the fixed point in navigation).

One energy (Planck's quantum of action in physics)

A relation (A statistically detectable value in stochastics)

The Conclusion or the Additional One to the Whole (The Eleventh Sephirot in Kabbalah)

Bindu (One Crucible)

The Blot (An Ink Blot in Painting)

A Program Called Bios (The Activity of the Kernel in Computer Science)

The Nu (The Moment in the Moment of Time Sequences)

This list has remained incomplete. All kinds of expressions of the matrix of an experience as a human being have something in common. They embody a unity, which can appear repeatedly. Since Schneider likes to form wickerwork with them. Their structure seems to be regular because of the frequent course of his things.