Weighting en

What is there also has an effect. Thereby every object enters an exact number of relations to its environment, as it is intended for it.



Those who have been careful in their dealings with their immediate environment have usually maintained a certain independence from it as a result. That should make the life way of a man that he can walk it. Therefore he has behaved considerately to his fellow men, because so his things can be maintained well by him. The fact that he has expected something good from his life has not harmed anyone.


Preserve the given

Existence as a human being has already led to many a task for us. We have tackled such a task. With it we have fulfilled something for ourselves. The good things that have already opened up as a result have not only been few.


With a good reason

For an author like Schneider, it's that he likes to have something on his mind. He has recognized it for himself as a default that it will be good, that nothing has been indifferent to him throughout his life. With this, he was able to reject many an accusation that other people held against him. There his world of thoughts and ideas has received a fundamental weight with him, which it has to own completely rightly.



There should continue to be some time and space for reflection with us, because we can thus equip ourselves with our own motives. If we once draw the certainty from the existing, then it can be rightly said of us that we have consolidated ourselves.


The cloverleaf

Something that has already existed can still be found. So we come to many a thought and also to many an idea. Our small world is very consistent. Exactly the same we have experienced the existence in it.


As long as a lie persists, people will also be blinded by it. Arbitrary actions cause just as falsehoods. Also the false places of it deceive us people with certainty. There the life is not to be an easy one, as long as this has not been stopped.


The two aspects of a trigger

A trigger is a lever for holding or releasing a device that is held with a certain force. It can also be a trigger, such as those found on a pistol or rifle. Then it has the function of a switch. As such, it serves to release a fixture for the purpose of applying a force in a precisely determined direction. Due to this functionality, it is possible to determine the moment when the device is triggered.

The two basic properties of a trigger are therefore hold and release. Everything else, such as the latency, is determined by the type of device.

Speech design

A gimmick with serious content

Hey you. Yes, you there.

Are you also just you there?

Yes? - Thank God. Then I'm glad. It's finally fun again.

Once I know you well, you will get to know me too.

That way, you wouldn't have to run away from it any longer.

That's when we both went through a bummer and still made it.

Let it be good what is given to us. Let the power come true.

With it a peace arises with me, as you also have it for you.

So you are a welcome guest for me.

Have we also lost sight of each other for quite some time,

I have once again chosen you as my friend.

Speech design

A frame for man

A modern approach to the evaluation of measurement results at physical components has contributed to the realization that a measurement and evaluation of the orders lead to their change. Starting from this thought I ask it now, what made it. For this I consider briefly the kind of the measurement. That is to be the direct measurement as well as an indirect measurement, which I look at. These two designations are to be self-explanatory, since they carry a 'sounding' name.

A direct measurement takes place in the same physical order of magnitude as the dimension to be measured. An indirect measurement, on the other hand, evaluates the components of an environment and infers the order of magnitude to be measured. Therefore, with indirect measurement, there is hope that the measurand remains unaffected.

This has been something that has reminded me of an idea of mine. Instead of influencing the characteristics of a person, I usually provide a framework for him and explore the ideal position of the person within it. This is to give him some space to position himself, but also to give meaning to his actions.

Speech design

A personal reference

We all have a being to own, which gives us an access to the community with other people. There we communicate it, how it has happened to us that we are there and have experienced something. Some of it, however, we make out with ourselves what has conditioned us. In this we are autonomous, what we have chosen to keep with us.