For a brief introduction



I would rather live a life with fantasy than without it. Without them it would not be better to endure what we experience. Who could not recognize their ideas must have rejected them. Then he sometimes goes out empty, while others have worn a crown without doing more for it than to exist.

Visually such a stirring of my spirit exists with me thanks to the gaining of a face of the things which I can recognize and clarify. There it appears before me in its own coloring and also affects my being as form. There it has a shape to own and appears also so before my eyes.


Effects of practicing yoga & co.

It has been observed that while practicing certain postures, at times a sudden unconsciousness has been induced in me. Then the 'current' stopped and I fell backwards. I have experienced this twice. Therefore, yoga should be understood as a big thing and not as a small thing. It would not always be only gentle and smooth, but sometimes also bad side effects are to be expected.

In order to perform those series of exercises, which are taught in yoga, in a meaningful way, it will require the practical support of a skilled teacher. This should be someone who knows the necessary correction instructions and also passes them on. To find such a teacher in Europe is practically very difficult. Then, after all, if you met someone who does such a thing, you would not be able to tell if he practices it faithfully according to the customs of yoga. After all, such a culture would not exist here in Europe. There one hangs possibly very much in the air, if one got involved too early in a supposed teacher. Where a useful teacher will be found, however, is to be left open. Perhaps it would be appropriate to tread the path of virtue beforehand in order to prepare oneself through the appropriate lessons.

Yoga is also based on a system of order. Dhamma or Dharma is called this in some Indian language. It is supposed to preserve and show the cosmic structure. Prudence would be demanded from someone who tries to control his body or his mind with the help of the exercises of yoga. After all, the human being consists of an interaction of body, soul and spirit. None of these would be able to be left out by someone in the long run without causing harm.


Your own point of view

The yoga comes from another culture. It will just not be a copy of a European way of thinking. Rather, it is independent. Sometimes modern systematics of yoga have been created also for the purpose of identification with Indian values. A necessity for the foundation of such values has resulted from the fact that the Indian subcontinent has been dominated by Europeans for a very long time. Modern variants of yoga are therefore addressed to Indians. They should help them to a renewed strength of their own identity. From this point of view, it would be closer to the practice than anything else for Europeans to seek their meaning for life in identification with the occidental cultural sphere. But far from it. The Asian educational systems are experiencing considerable popularity in this country, especially as far as independent activities of people within their leisure time are concerned. Some publications from that part of the world have gained great popularity among some intellectual personalities and since then have also influenced the European cultural circle.

What does it mean? - It applies to me something to consider first of all the occurrence of the social structures of different peoples and states differentiated and to recognize their difference as a characteristic as well as to name these. However, I examine here alone only the European and the Asian culture area. I have also contrasted them in no more than a single point. Thus, an apparent possibility of distinction results in the consideration of the fundamental attitude to the life for the two groupings.

Contrary to the individualism with which many an Asian tries to master his life, for such members of Christianity as I am, there is a way of life in which one seeks his salvation in the affiliation with a community of Christians. What results from this will be momentous. It affects fundamental decisions in many ways.


Keep commandments

It is considered good and right for me to confess that I would not be able to name the commandments to be observed by a yogin. This shall be true as I have said it here. But an exception to this is that commandment which is called by the word Ahimsa. Ahimsa embodies a non-harming of other living beings. This would be a very important principle even for a person like me. How broad the concept can be, becomes apparent in the religion of the Jaina. As a Christian, I feel very connected to this group.

There should be other principles that support and expand this first commandment. In total, the sum of the main precepts for a yogin is five in number. Furthermore, I can remember those basic statements of the text sources I looked at earlier. I would not be able to name the four further commandments, however, just because of own knowledge gaps with certainty.

Whoever believed that without correctly practicing exactly such principles of behavior as they appear there, he will be able to learn the yoga or even understand something of it correctly, what it meant to be a yogin, just try to find his way. It will show itself to him already promptly whether that was something possible. However, I think it is very dangerous to follow the path of a yogin without following the basic conditions.


Concept of an event

I would like to give a hint to the adept of yoga and suggest something of value to him. Whoever wants to be successful in doing something from the very beginning should, above all, avoid those beginner's mistakes which have existed for it. However, we should not believe that we have thus ceased to be beginners simply because we have known such things. That would be too daring. It should be given for us in such a way that we will remain such a one for a whole time.

Which approach should we use in everyday life? - Yoga is also about existence according to the law of dharma, that already established order. To recognize it should be significant for this. To attain a truth, it will be necessary to refrain from everything that has undermined the basis of this thing. To that goal of self-discovery or realization of a person, which is connected with yoga, there will be some things that have already happened in our environment or with us. Only what has corresponded to the given order can lead to a success with us. But there have been sometimes among the people also those attempts to exist by actual impossibilities in the life. Such would have to be exposed per se. They have once led to an acceleration of the decline with us people. What examples have already been given for this? - First of all there should be named the distractions and suggestions. These actual manipulations of a consciousness have little in common with the way of a yogin as I know it. Whoever has used them with others or himself for the realization of his goals, has probably practiced a human abuse.

That would be so difficult. Let us not allow anything similar to this to happen to us. Let us establish a certain standard for ourselves, which will give us an inner orientation. Let's just tend to the east towards the face of the morning sun. Once we have seen it in the truthfulness of our own sight, then we can probably understand well what we will be aware of our own being. The nature of the earth circle should be for us one of the keys to the experience of phenomena, as they go along with a human existence. We want to do justice to such a nature. We want to satisfy it.

Our European cultural area with its Christian coinage must come to terms with the fact that we have aligned ourselves with such things, which exist. Christianity has not been one of denial of events. Without the understanding of those natural regularities of a human existence, the same has already lost value, which need not happen. Let us simply gain the necessary knowledge for the understanding of the real. Thanks to our inner openness to the true events of the earth's circle, we want to admit that there are such things, which have happened to us. In this way, we will perhaps soon be able to assign those events to our destiny and thus do something right.

Our reality, as we have understood it, has been an illusion for the philosophically speculating Indian, which he has called the Maya in some literature. This term is supposed to be a key word, which could be used for many things. It is sometimes used correctly, but sometimes no context has been found for it, which proves a use value of it, that one has made use of it. Then everything said with it will seem obscure. No statement would be possible in such a way, because the word would not have been understandable with a wrong use of it.

In contrast to the concept of Maya, that illusion as appearance of a world, the human being with his personal relations comes into force as existence and occurs. Since he did not dissolve in the cosmic structure of the order forces of the world, but rather uses such for the winning of love and friendship, brotherhood and family, that part of him also determines his conception of the occurrences. Thus the reality is finally understood by us as a human magnitude, understood and shaped as it is.


Preserve a unity

In the West, yoga is often perceived as a physical training system and equated with a soft, athletic activity. From that starting point, I would like to try to make it clear to you how one can achieve success in this.

The body would not be only the material cover of a human being, it also contains all other kinds of the material qualities which are given to us by the naturalness of the human existence. Thereby it can become a point of reference for our attentive preservation.

We find mental access to it thanks to a certain focus on localities on the body. There we perceive accumulations of energies. Such can appear with us.

Some of it will also be heard as potential. There it appears without shaping and serves us as a reservoir for additional forces which we would like to call up according to our need to it. These are supposed to be latently existing expressions of our life force. Without possessing such, we would soon have reached the end of our possibilities.

Now, in order to take an attitude, physically seen, it requires some correct assignment of the body to our mental quality, the spirit in its self-conception. If we look up abruptly, we see existence in its simple appearance. This is supposed to be that stage which still holds everything ready for us what will actually be possible for a human being. Nothing of it we have already developed at the present moment. Therefore, everything will still be able to happen to us now.

In order to open and receive a suitable part of the own cosmos with its spheres, we should understand it that every emanation of the spirit of us people has caused a consumption of potential. By determination this happens, a use of our forces causes their finiteness absolutely. Therefore, the discipline of yoga wants to train the human being to find favorable conditions for how he can use himself creatively in existence without suffering an actual loss of power.

There have been many causes of what can trigger a loss of power in a person. Violently it has been, however, if a catalysis has taken place with us. Then the inner temple of the human being collapses proportionally and would disintegrate thereby to nothing else than dust and rust.

But the sapphire of the soul reflects the light which appeared with him. In the power of its own color it appears there. The thought of it is to protect our inner world. All light, moreover, has resisted a chaos of arbitrariness.

Now, in order to give the corporeal form its uniqueness, the adept can use a simple trick. Thereby it will be to profess that a form means the interaction of its forces. This is how the body of a human being is to be understood. For this, the asana will be a corresponding template, which embodies an optimum of what is possible for a human being.

The taking of a form will be necessary just to that moment to which we currently find ourselves. There we remained in accordance with it, if we would not change the attitude. We confirm the given as it is. Starting from such a standpoint, we should begin to train the body's ability to move through a suit of limbs. Without creating an additional pressure, this takes place in us. Sometimes such a pressure does occur, but then it should only serve for a basic stabilization of the body statics. Nothing else would happen as a result. So it would be harmless. Then we carry out the appropriate movements until we have found a position for us that would be comfortable and that we can endure. It will be recognizable by the fact that it is free of all 'filling'. There we will find peace with her.

What is there to say about this? - A suit of the outer points of our limbs should allow us to playfully explore the body with its fields of tension. Finally, we detach everything from us that we still grasped. So our hands detach from the tools, so our feet leave their stand. There we take a seat. In such a seat we find ourselves. There we hear many things that are connected with us. We can also gain something through this. This is to be a unity of our forces, what we can feel as that unmediated emptiness of a calm relief. Finally, we will perceive our own weight force in balance with our body tension. That shall be all we have. This is how we want to exist.


An opinion

The principles of life have to be brought to the practitioner by a master of the matter. Recognizing this, one should take pleasure in seeking out one's fellow men and talking to them. Without such frank conversations nothing would be achieved, no matter which discipline one would like to realize. One complies with the rules of society when one expresses oneself. One thinks and thus preserves something of what conditions people, but also us.

The norms of a society would not be given without reason. They are meant to persist. Therefore, it should be a valuable advice to us that we want to recognize it as it is true. Let us speak rightly. Let us express our knowledge with proper words. Let us partake of what is given. Let us abstain if we have not yet known anything about a matter. Let us remain peaceful. It will be better for us to maintain the society than to change it. In peace one simply gets along well with his fellow men.

Let us strive for preservation of such thoughts and ideas which have corresponded to our knowledge of such conventions. Let us preserve our assets by securing and attaching them. The moments of a life are enriched by saying something appropriate.

It has also been worthwhile to remain silent at times. In the process, our mental powers regenerate. Thanks to them, we can see the given for what it is.


Sense of yoga

The recognition and observance of the regularities of nature would be of primary importance for everyone who is serious about his things. Who wants to deal with something existing in a way given by nature, he keeps its orders faithfully.

He just does not let himself be seduced by such occurrences as his unfiltered wishes, hopes, expectations and needs to a compliant existence, but he fulfills them, whenever that will be good, in a regular way. There everything should keep sense for him what he has understood before from the world and his existence in it. Even if such a thing would not always be easy to accomplish, do not deceive yourself. One needs a regulative for the own acting. To procure such a regulation for oneself soon would be necessary.

Man would be there for that, that he makes something out of his existence, which will be of a benign nature. Therefore he has to clarify it sufficiently, what constitutes him, as well as to draw the necessary conclusions from his experience. In this way he will be able to experience something around him, which is to be used. There he can use some of it for himself. He should do this out of his own impulse. In this way, he will soon become aware of something good.

However, one does not let him down, just to force him to tackle his life and find his happiness. There one looks first of all for a valid framework for the given. A compulsion already occurs in sufficient measure in the existence of a man. One would not need to bring about such a one also for others. Everyone has something of his own from which he can draw, but everyone also experiences his share in the mischief of the world. There are enough people who are in a fix to be able to prove that. We are all free in it to determine over our life, if that was also really in our power. We should use it alone only in a regular way. Everything else would be perverted.

The whole of a life must be kept well in mind. So we find perhaps soon a key for it, in order to understand what is given to us. There we can think about it, in order to recognize it, after which code the given would be to be understood. The way we have interpreted it, it will make us happy. However, we would not receive more than that.


An order of the inner world of a person

The fact of a human being's existence brings with it that we experience certain phenomena on our own body. First of all, there are the thoughts and ideas of a human being. With these we grasp the given. With this we have already made many things clear to ourselves.

The essence of one's own movement will be according to the thoughts and ideas of us and will also turn out accordingly. This is how we express ourselves. But do we come to desirable results in such a way? - Our thoughts and ideas would be rightly understood as the cause of our actual works. They serve to an exchange with our fellow men. But where there has been no work, there has also been no need for such a moment of participation.

The concern of a person is to make that content of it, which determines it, what he has to own. Since also the thoughts contain objects, we have already worked out some concept in the course of our existence and can cause something on a spiritual level with these. There also something forms because of our existence.

It becomes the spirit of a man with the time to a meadow full of good food, thus to a pasture. It should be such a pasture, which gives us sheep and lambs the security of a good supply. Nobody has to take that away from us.

There we measure the given and recognize its value. Some things will thus be clear to us. That can please us, because it will be clear to us thereby, how well it stands around us basically. True to the real situation of a suitable supply situation we receive some courage for an improved existence of us.

If we have understood it as well as the fate has come to us, then we can cope with it. That should be enough for us for the time being. There also the potential of us will be one which grows. That has come true on its own. We acknowledge that by creating reserves for ourselves. The actual situation with us has made it that such a thing will be possible now. We connect to that. The world, as one, and we, as the other, have opposed each other there and yet have remained compatible with each other. Under such a dual aspect, we can certainly exist in life, since it is also so dualistically characterized.


From dreaming

Who, if not me, will be a dreamer? - The dreaming, the being awake and the sleeping belong to the life, nevertheless, simply with it. These three things are equal to each other, if they have not even been equal in their importance for the life.

This is supposed to be so true. No disturbance of ordinary thoughts has been present, if one has looked at it thoroughly enough. I know that I dream willingly and with pleasure. I do it, even if I might not always be pleased with the experiences connected with it. There arise for me those moments of an early concept of the incidents of my life. Thoughts of my own wishes and feelings of hope arise in me. This is given with me in such a way and therefore I find it good. At times I am even very happy with it. Finally I found my basis for life on my emotionality. My dreaming has all of mine so far fundamentally correctly predisposed for me. I believe that also in the future it will be fair to what is necessary for life. That is why I am so satisfied that I can dream at all. As my life seems to be given, I have something from it. I can appreciate that.

If everything and everything in this world also goes on in its regular way, then I remain in two ways what I have been. On the one hand I recognize in me a dependent part, what has constituted my being at the experience of my life history, on the other hand I participate in the same things like all other people also within the present given to us.

Who would still want to do without dreaming?

Thought Log

Get to play and taste

Completely unprepared I get here into a discussion about game and taste, thus Lila and Rasa and would like to participate in it by a 'thought protocol'. I think to myself that one's own word is true when one has spoken it, without it being already picked apart by someone else at the same time. Man wants to strive for something good throughout. But I also know that some value can be arbitrary or even formed in a wrong way. After all, the will for the good alone is only sufficient for a few things in us. There man has to train himself if he wants to make it right.

The good sometimes comes across as somewhat artificial if it cannot be tied to two other things, the true and the right. The merely good is therefore almost to be rejected. It contains some kind of thoughtlessness, can be unreflective and is therefore hardly suitable for anyone as a help. We do not want to accept this. Nevertheless, we have left the good as it was. Thanks to the recognition of some further references of it, which are to be pointed out, in order to complete a picture of it, we have already achieved so many things. This is to be valid once for all good things in such a way. Any such feature, which has been of a benign nature, has presented one of the keys to the knowledge of the truth of our existence. To this we start with our consideration and look for an affirmative way of dealing with the given. Because we have thus known to preserve the good for us as an argument, from a certain occasion to it something true will be found in us and our concern of the given. Let us put it into practice properly!

The mankind at such a time, like ours today, in the approached 3rd millennium after Christ birth lives almost throughout from those advantages, which an extinction or a consumption of the already given can bring with itself. Admittedly, something has been lost in the process, which should matter a lot to us humans at some point. The profits of the producers of such consumptions have been obtained only by a dissolution of the stock of the given and these have thus obtained a fortune by means of a variant of the robbery. That possession of it is to be regarded basically as finite of its kind. Sometime therefore still the last remaining structure will be nibbled and consumed. There has already been some danger for our destiny. One should be able to see it once, what will come, if it would not have come true already.

The many alleged treasures, riches, jewels and pieces of gold of the present epoch have sufficed for nothing else than for a passing on of it to third parties. As much as there has been of apparent wealth also at present, so easily this will be once from us to gamble away. For a good life one hardly needed something like that. For this reason we have retreated from it and faithfully refuse an acceptance of such an object.


A silent moment

There, where the emptiness has been granted to you, start with your elaboration and form a work. You shall be filled with it once. In clarity the given appears there. True to your wish for it you have experienced a real happiness. Do not reject without reason what is given to you!

Many a word already given has already given you a firm hold. You have remembered this with pleasure afterwards. You have looked at the events of your life and have thus internalized the essence of their appearance. Thereby the motives for the realization of your creative power have become aware to you once.


Acknowledge adhesions in the mind and heal

The spirit of a person equips him with all the necessary good that one needs to live. At certain times the mind is clear, at others it would not be. There, certain internal and external processes temporarily cloud a person's mind. In order to get rid of them, it is necessary to lift the gloom. One procures a suitable atmosphere and also a suitable work. In between, stand yourself, connect inner and outer, influence and effect. Let's just be gentle and careful with ourselves. Also to the other people we should not be different. Everybody deserves to be recognized for his existence, how he leads it. Every person will know how to serve a good cause just by his presence.