An aesthetic and its rank


Everything we have ever thought about has led us to an insight. We have initialized it. To do this, we acknowledged and named what had already been established. This is how something came about and became true. 



The essence of a man extends within a dimension proper to him. That's where we think about it. We look at who we are. Our person as a being should be a key to this life for us.



We have looked for a scheme for the evaluation of the given. Such a scheme exists through the nature and its mode of appearance. We consider the whole as a whole. Thereby we better don't expect too much of ourselves. A person should only keep an eye on his 'seven things'. One limits oneself to the own goods which are close to us and mean something to us. 


Everything deflates

Who wants to consider nature in his observations has to perceive its silence. In it everything has already occurred and been true.