An aesthetic and its rank


Get along without additional words

Everything that we have ever thought about has led to something that has come to a condition of ours. Such a state is supposed to be a direct consequence of that conditionality which has come from us through a structuring of our own being. We have initialized that. For this purpose we have recognized something that has already been established. Thus something has come into being with us and has become true for us. This has happened because we have committed ourselves to something that has corresponded to our life situation to a certain extent. Approximately this should have been true.

It is perfectly right to do so, we thought. Sometimes we have been happy in this way for quite some time. In the process, we have succeeded in doing something that has suited us well. In addition, we were able to do a job in a proper way. Everything fit together. Meanwhile, we knew how to relax without having to give up our own work activity.


100 percent

The essence of a human being extends within a dimension too proper to him. There we think about who we are. They treat all those things which have been connected with us with a doing, having and being. These are supposed to be the processes of a life.

We benefit from a preservation of the given, a compliance with the given. But our happiness is lowered in its importance by a deficit in these things. There we recognize the whole willingly and set it as a goal point for us that we would like to correspond to it. For this purpose we left everything as it is. Something good should be able to come from us. There we have made it true what has been possible for us.



A scheme for the evaluation of the given exists through the nature and its mode of appearance. Man belongs to it by means of his being. He who heals is right. (Quote) - Who has recognized the principles of action of a natural given, only needs to correspond to it, in order to cancel a deficit with himself.

We'd better not expect too much of ourselves. A person can only keep track of and control his seven things. Therefore the author Schneider has limited himself in everyday life to the own good and has created with it something what has sufficiently suited him. In doing so, he has taken into account the taste preference of himself and thus given space to his sensation of the given. On it he makes his own impression.

He likes to give room to his preference for a restraint of his nature. He has hoped for something through such behavior. Neither the whole of the great things nor the lesser of the things known to him he would like to fully expect. For him, a consideration of the incidents of his existence is sufficient to a show of the trivial. He examines its conditions with his writings. This is to condition his path of knowledge. This process has already equipped him with many a moment of reflection.

At such a process he has found out his nature. Around it he would like to know. He would like to understand it in order to be fair to it. For this reason he has shown at work his condition of the given. He deliberately creates such things as they were just to him.

At times he greeted his fellow men, at times he also greets the day or the night with their respective stars. Like a simple spirit he carries out his things and remains thereby that which he is. Such things have revealed themselves to him thereby, which have been there and have experienced meaning.


Pendulum a truth

It is characteristic of the augurs of the present time that they have traveled a lot and also have hardly felt patience in themselves otherwise. There they have lifted up their word to everything because they have known something which is good to listen to. Their pronouncements and speeches are readily reproduced because they are so edifying. One seeks advice from them, and in the meantime one has wondered where their fortune has come from. Achieving such a fortune has by no means been easy for us.

There the author Schneider has thought and has heard his skills. He has brought them into his field of vision and has looked at it, what is to him. There everything was not much and also appeared so. Without directing his thought to something known to him, he has not managed permanently.


Everything sounds off

Who wants to consider a nature in his observations has to perceive its silence. There everything has already occurred and been true.