An experience of aesthetics


Of light and good

The physique of a human being is not charged with forces. The true essence of man should be formless.

All work creation leads to reactions. The substance is hard, its nature is a force. We humans are shaped by the given. It will be good there, if we can also let go of it again. Thus we will know how to recover.

But whoever wants to derive his happiness continuously from such a structure as it is depicted by the substance, he can actually go down right away. Everything which will be to be won in such a way could not be really auspicious. The life of a man would have to be properly conceived in its independence from such things. The matter of man is a clarity of appearance, but it will not be a bondage to the expenditure.

Some simple greetings and phrases have at times been of more value to people than many a book. Meanwhile, the weather and time bring with them some phases that must be withstood.


A community of people

Man should know about his life. One must have talked with him to understand him. In the process, one may learn his story. In it he has come into contact with other people. Good as well as bad things will have happened there. That makes him again something, while he speaks of it.

In order to have a regulative for such togetherness, we believe it that everyone is entitled to the same happiness in life. The thought springs from our sense of justice. However, life has sometimes determined it differently for people.


Happiness in life and philosophy of a person

Man has many things in his possession with which he can do something good. This should be his own. He wants to increase it. For this purpose he wants to be active. So he does what he can and does something that is really needed by someone else. In this way, we want to be of service, to give our best when we work on something.

The question of whether we have been ordered or imposed upon will sometimes be of importance. We do not want to experience any unfounded disadvantage because we create a value that corresponds to our taste. After all, we have a need to meet and therefore need to earn a living in order to get something. There the existence will be bitter, as soon as we must fight through from day to day, because the money was not enough for the daily bread. Sometimes we have been angry because we were put in a corner that was too dark, where there was hardly any light.

But I stand by it. Man has something to his own with which he wants to deal. I do what I can, and so I do something that should be respected. In this way I have remained subservient to myself and have always given the best to it when I have worked.

However, my works have hardly turned out pleasing, also because I have rarely trimmed them to be so. There will be some of it beautifully executed, what I once designed, but basically all my pictures, yes, everything I produce, contain something of me, of my life and of the happiness granted to me. That will then hardly be art. It would not need to be. There I understand it that people despise such a thing. After all, most of them already treat their life's happiness disrespectfully. What should be valid to them only that of another?


An inner world of man

Visually gifted people like to imagine things. But not everyone would be equally as predisposed as these to imagine the corresponding images. One must have known such already to be able to do that. I am denied such an access to the imagination of other people. Often I represent the same things differently. Therefore it has not been possible for me at every time to follow such people in the conversation who have explained their ideas to me.

I, too, enjoy inner images from time to time. My inner world is preserved by me. There I let practically nobody touch it. Just as I keep the property of the pictures with me, I also want to be left alone by my fellow men with what they have imagined. That's where it becomes a freedom. At least it will be a kind of solidity, what has resulted from it. Meanwhile, my introspection takes place in the same way. I don't want to overwrite it.

What point of access have I found to the inner world of me? - Well, a great starting point has been the vision of a void. Such a one comes up from time to time with me. There I have weighted it and found it to be good. I have recognized the emptiness as silence in me and have assigned to it the meaning of a cause for my actual happiness. Such a one does not need any shaping.

Without a certain silence it would be impossible to perceive something given in a differentiated way. Without it, for example, one would not be able to assign and understand anything of what appears there at sounds in our environment. Something the same is to apply to an emptiness and the image. What wants to appear before our mind's eye, we can hear thanks to it.


A reason for satisfaction

What do I think of myself? Can it be true that I live a life free of burdens? What is it about my world of imagination? Is it supposed to be different from what people would otherwise think? - Well, I think that throughout my life I have already trained myself in very many things. This has certainly made something with me, which is why I am different from some people. But I certainly don't see things more clearly than they do. Also with me it happens from time to time that I look for an orientation, because such has got lost with me. Then I am glad for a point of reference, which is known to me. Thus I look for beginnings for me, in order to be able to continue faithfully the way taken by me.

Perhaps I have a different concept of working than others think. I see it as being able to relax while doing a varied activity. This would not be anything unusual. Many people do this with their tasks.

I have already thought deeply about some moments in my life, because I have not been willing to let others tell me or impose too much on me. In doing so, I have been moderate with my powers and have used them willingly. However, I have not thought about the given more than was necessary for the respective facts. Sometimes I just sat there because there was nothing to do. There I paused properly. This still happens to me from time to time, that my efforts come to nothing. You don't always have a suitable thing to occupy yourself with.

There I have often been glad about my art project. A processing of my work is still pending with me and would like to be done. Meanwhile I do the care of my 'construction kit'. On this platform I prepare myself for the further, which is still to come. If I would be able to say also now still nothing of it, to what this will lead once, then I bring my labor to it. It is to become true by itself what wants to occur through it.


Failure to manipulate

According to the circumstances, we should understand what has conditioned us in life and act according to it in everyday life, as it has appeared to us. Thereby something good should be true. We want to get used to the fact that it is so. How acceptable it will be there! - It would be one of the necessities of our existence that we find our way in it. We have to deal with it as life has appeared to us. We can be right or also wrong with it, what we have experienced of it.

We need something we can rely on. It must be something that provides us with orientation. Yes, it should help further that we are able to regulate the given once in such a way as we have needed it. Whenever we have not been able to determine something clearly, it should also not have been the right thing for us. We have to take care that it will be clear to us as soon as possible what we have understood.

It should basically be irrelevant what that is that we perceive. It is rather important that we recognize it correctly. It did not fit everything well to us and it would not have to at all. Thus we may declare ourselves to what we have needed. There we keep it in the eye, what is given to us. Thus it remains in our sight as long as we have not turned away or run away. That what becomes aware to us thanks to the thoughts, we take as given. There it should be clear to us soon what is given to us by the current situation.

We take note of these incidents completely rightly. Whether what was found to be true in such a way then was sufficient for an early completion of those tasks of the life shall be left open. More we would not have at present for our own cause at the disposal than that. Therefore it must be sufficient for us what we have recognized in situ of it ourselves.

The skill of a man will also be one in the use of the means given to him. What we have for our own, we may confidently use for our cause. Everything else would not be affected by it. So no border violation comes into effect by it. This is said to be so true because we have limited ourselves to the consumption of our own goods. They are there to be used by us for our own purposes. Why should we not do that? - Thereby something is made possible for us, after all, fundamentally.

Let us simply adjust to the situation that life actually has in store for us. It should be unique. This is how we have recognized it. Let us simply pay attention to our orientation and our own action, as they are given to us. Everything else should result from it. There is a cosmos for the whole, but there is actually also a hemisphere of us within it. The smaller fits into the larger.


An equipment of man

Starting from our existence in its unity, that magnitude of a human being, we should see our subject as it is actually given to us. There we can hear it, who we are. Meanwhile, what constitutes our existence? - Thoughts about it come to us. Fragment by fragment this will show us a patchwork of perceptions, an actual liveliness of us. What we become aware of in the process should be our own memories of an existence as it exists as a whole. Of course, these appear as visions before our spiritual eye. An order of it exists. The fact that we have to understand such an order does not change the way it is.

A totality of the life is recognized there by us and understood in clarity. However, let's not isolate ourselves unfoundedly from that what has constituted the life once with us. Let us not exclude the actual basis of life from us to earlier times of the life, only only because they have already passed. We do not saw the branches or the roots of such a tree of life as is ours. It is he who has always conditioned all living things with us. It will continue to be so. Many a chance for an actual happiness this shall release for us. By it something will be to be recognized, which also really exists.


A beginning

An approach to the determination of the given sometimes occurs to me and can be considered by me. About such one I would like to report to you here now.

I would like to preface this with something. The experience of a unity will be of importance for man during his existence. Everything complete forms such a unity as a whole. Such a thing is to be imagined and identified with what it constitutes. With it one will be able to exist well, because so all relevant good for us also comes to the application and experiences continuance with us as well as through us. There we represent something, which is also so desired.

Once we humans have understood what is given to us, then such a realization also provides us with a certain support. All of a sudden we will achieve something with it, which is good for us. A certain change will then set in with us when everything will be good. The given will be enough for it. Our things preserve themselves in this way.

The arm of man alone reaches only to the bottom of things. With it he can grasp something. There he sometimes holds it in his hands and can transform it. So we want to set the given in motion and form something with it. We also want to build something. Our hands work shall be good for something.


Thinking the universe

Everything at the world has emerged once from an actual nothing. Structures form themselves little by little and change the happening of the things which appear there. The cosmos consists of a matrix of constant references. Only the virtual values of it can change. These are meanwhile subjected to a change, because the universe is a growing one. The things connect themselves visibly with each other in it. With every further reached order of magnitude of their maturation the existing system of the order changes.

However, the cosmos has always tried to keep its harmony and has also arranged this again and again so that it becomes true temporarily. This happens so because everything and nothing are absolute magnitudes. In between the relative parts of a world event take place and pass away.

Even if we will be blinded by it at times, how the things appear, we still hold on to all the realities which we know. We probably think that we have to perish with these once when their end will be reached. Man has sometimes attached great value to such considerations. But we are also bound to it, what appears to us in the heart as truth.

A blossoming of the things stands in contrast to it. Everything is conditioned by the blooming of it, what makes it to that what exists. Blossom and fruit are assignable to each other about their direct reference. Thus the living appears.

There everything becomes a shape. Everything living is subject to a play of forms. It will be like a single structure, which makes the existence of a life possible.



The way of life of a person would not be to be understood only spatially. I have succeeded for some time to recognize also the immanent life way of me. I call him the construction of the human being when I look at the result of it. That is supposed to be a fact resulting from the sequence of the own frequency. There the living appears. So, how we behave in the life, we also edify ourselves.

This permeates everything and makes us constant as what we are. At best, we orient ourselves to a point far away from us, a star in the sky perhaps. There we find our way with certainty.


Do nothing

The yoga, understood as a skill of the concept of the things given to us, should be used with us in such a way that it satisfies the law of the order. Man attaches what is his. He hangs it on the hook. He lets it fall into the ropes. It is to stop on the spot. Whatever he wants to do, he gives it up.

No well-being can keep in the long run, if one has loaded more and more things on oneself. There the man is to be understood bar of it. With empty hands he finds himself and recognizes the good received thereby. An orderly man gets rid of his tasks soon by fulfilling them.

Peace will come to us. An inner drive of ours can come to an end through this. One would like to reproach us for not having done anything about it. We are just like that. What triggers the pulse of life, we should keep. Anything different will be perverted to it and so it would burden us in a way that is not necessary.

We should be ready for action. To this end, we maintain our readiness. We stand up for them. There we let everything happen, as it will be necessary. The one who has his hands free can really tackle with them.


What we can take up with the own hands, that should be such structures which have suited us. One chooses the own property, nevertheless, in such a way that it experiences its existence before us.

What we are to succeed in must also be understood by us. Therefore, one simply accepts the given as it is. Whether it has been pleasing to us or whether it would not be, one leaves out of consideration.

There the given comes out and will be true. What would we not get for us in such a way! - There we keep it and find a happiness of human existence in an easy way.



Such things, for which it is valid that they will also exist in the future, a consideration of their magnitude results almost by itself. There they appear growing and prospering, are subject to an increase or decrease or simply have continuance in the always same way.


About the generation of its own strength

We all live in an environment which determines us, which we arrange for us accordingly, as we have needed that. It has its actual nature, which is partly also conditioned by us.

Under the claim that all good should be of a finite nature and can naturally always exist only for a certain duration, man has to cope with the fact that he has to lose again everything that he just has to own.

Related to the mode of appearance of nature it is also supposed to be that only a fraction of our fortune can be used in a benign way to a progress of our things. There we are to preserve something of it, which makes us. A preservation of the things will be, however, a difficult task which demands a lot from us.


A star rises

Something that wants to be good from the ground up is to be true and right once considered from every position. Threefold, the essence of things is to be explained in a completely independent way. This is how it is known. The parts of it, viewed polar, are all supposed to be extensive. So they are external characteristics of such a thing. In addition to it the intensive quantity is to be grasped, that inner space of the virtual field of it - its catchment area. This shall be a first approach for an actual concern of the facts of me as well as their completion at work. With own writings I carry out this here in the Internet and come to the realization that it is seen what I do there.

It would not need to be difficult what is to be fulfilled thereby. I would like to consider thereby what has already become mine during the course of the previous things of my existence. The events continue to exist. They have supplied me with a certain material which I can look at. It determines my existence that I can do this.

As an observer, I have remained largely neutral to the world. I do not want to intervene in a change of the things hastily or to steer it even, because it will be anyway once what it has been determined for. I hold on to a coherence of this idea. It embodies approximately also the ideal of an untouched nature of the human being. Step by step man learns to form his life. Step by step he secures his knowledge of his own personality. What will be gained for him in the process, I would like to call his level. It will be equal to his self.

Now, as is well known, the level of a star in the night sky depends on the angle to the visible horizon. If it stands at the same height as the horizon, the star has just risen. At ground level it still seems to be there, but soon it shines strongly and stands sublime up there. Even a later sinking of the star would not change the fact that its light shine will still illuminate us for a long time. Thus it is sublime also over its actual decline. An effect of his existence will still be given there for a certain time.

I carry this thought with me. The idea behind it should be the following. Nothing would be lost to the world. What has had an effect, that continues to do so. There are no dimension limits for it. Everything occurs at the same time and is interwoven. Thus it appears.

The energetic potentials of a substance release themselves as soon as this will be possible for them. They then radiate their energy impulsively and thus get rid of such a substance. About some redirection the force impulses are redirected on their following trajectory. With an energy everything can be done what the matter provides for it. However it is to be so that a redirection of the potentials alone is possible only locally and temporally limited, at the time of their occurrence thus. The energy moves on fast and leaves the reference quantity again. After that, a certain independence prevails for them.

As limit values of the possible an everything and a nothing occur permanently and also at the same time. Only at a certain moment at a single place something given will occur and be possible. Nevertheless, everything is to be given at any time in its entire fullness, so to speak as an option it occurs.

Thus, the matrix of things will be empty in itself. We can accept it like this. Only a spark illuminates it and triggers a reaction of it. Like a lightning, ways for the energy arise there, the things suddenly result in a structure, the fire of the transformation attacks at them. Everything is penetrated there by it and changes its shape. A connection to this natural condition should make it possible that it can be used for technical effects. That's why the matter exists. It is its task to make this possible. At least it can be recognized that this is given.

However, not everything would be possible at any time. Without performing the necessary sacrifice corresponding to the respective process, the loss of a partial quantity of the goods involved is to be meant with it, the fire will go out immediately, no matter which power it actually holds. The rest of heat content would not be sufficient then to kindle this fire again. Thus it finds no more food and goes out. However, the remaining heat fades away very slowly by nature, which can heal things again from the strain of the influence before. Imbalances, also internal tensions are thereby partially again balanced. Finally, the temperature level of this object then adapts again to that of its environment and also appears again the same as it. Then the reversal of this is accomplished from one moment to the other, the matrix is again in a state of emptiness. Now the waiting for a further cycle of the change begins again. That state I would like to have called carried rest.

A recurring actual state of the given is to be shown with it, which I call here simply also inner silence. This is to be a state of the double-value rest. In the inside and in the outside therefore rest prevails. This is how it is meant. That's where real stillness occurs. Things now appear in clarity, are practically emptied again. Their essence will from now on be given again in all constancy and will be preserved. At this moment it is necessary for us humans to be awake and active, so that we are understanding enough to exist.


Learn in lessons

Man learns in order to train his own behavior. Improved behavior leads to an easier life. One can exist on the spot in a timely manner and has less difficulty in applying oneself and correctly assessing the circumstances that arise.

In order to learn something, lessons are required. These serve to limit the learning content to a controllable portion. Sometimes they arise by themselves. In dealing with our everyday life, we will find something of it that is worth recognizing.

I will now issue a warning. One should not choose what one wants to learn and what not. It is necessary to master everything existing in a moderate way. Otherwise, the difficulties will probably get the upper hand with us at some point. Then we are stuck in our development, blocked. This hinders our development.

Such lessons are to be used to correctly grasp our actual concern for things and to correspond to us in doing so. Where this is necessary, we have to correct our behavior. Doing this should release many a possible happiness in us.


Intermediate steps

Think that a pause will bring something of certainty to man. An actual concern can be fulfilled by the human being once. This will always be so possible when the good has become true for him and he has really passed sufficiently with his things.

Then these things are to become examples of a happening of the present. After all, one has also learned something once by it, when one has formed them. Man can read the truth of the given at the own property nevertheless best. He still knows well about himself. Thus the author Schneider has considered his own.


A culture not anchored

A culture of detachment from the given will be one which would also not be able to bind itself. It will develop no other strength than the own. But an own strength will always be conditioned by its finiteness. There can hardly be a gift which reaches into eternity. May the rays of its lines of action theoretically also work into the eternal, the relation of things soon changes again and everything that has been extinguishes itself as if by chance. A new position is taken there and all old steps are scattered by the time and its influence. The traces of us humans run in the sand. In such they will be once obliterated. There one can rightly lose oneself soon. Thus, an unconditional fight against the powers of one's destiny can be ignited, as far as the actual orientation of a person is concerned. The hardness of such a fight would probably not be diminished there, if one has given up what is his. What is lost once, that will be really extinguished afterwards. It would be then hardly to be procured.

Freedom leads to variety and development. Development into the void, however, would rather be understood as entanglement correctly. The human being scatters and loses so the power over the state of his things and the life. This could not be approved. What will be to be opposed to this? How can one prevent that one will lose everything once? - Well, this will probably require a conversion, or at least a true insight from us.

What is a cause worth which proclaims freedom, if the latter has led to our downfall? - Probably, a concept of freedom alone can be properly understood and comprehended by us human beings only in its unity with all other democratic principles. United with justice and fraternity as well as supported by the insight of the equivalence of those things given for man, we men will certainly conceive it without undue harm that it has occurred with us. This is how such a one will have to be applied.

A culture of mere freedom, on the other hand, will be one that distorts things. Its nakedness and nakedness will hardly help man to something he really needs.

A culture will therefore be understood as a structure of things, its sum. So we should anchor it immediately there, where we live and occur. Let us simply take up this thought and consolidate ourselves in word, image, sound and writing, by forming something of our own with them and reading the good out of the works, even recognizing something like that in them in the first place. A person who is for himself, who tries to exist without any work, who has only himself, will seem to be lost. In a world like ours, one needs a cause of one's own for which one can stand up. Otherwise one will possibly fail even with his actual concern, because one has not formed such. Perhaps, however, he will be able to overcome the aspect of being without support and still enter into community with other people. But what should he start there under such circumstances?

The world with its causeless emptiness gives us a face and also its own shape. Thanks to this, we are enabled to create something that corresponds to us. Our very own sense of perception and activity remembers us more and more as soon as we have dealt with something of our own. We should be able to strengthen through our activity. Without experiencing the given, we would not be able to participate in a community in the long run and therefore we would not be able to exist in life before our destiny as an essential part of it.


Meaning of light

What should an effect without its after-effect be worth for us? Why should we not simply consider such an effect as the essential good? - So we come, nevertheless, probably into that welcome condition to slow down the enjoyment of the given. This satisfies us and makes us happy. Too much of the good is unhealthy, as we commonly know. But also a too hastily carried out way of life would not lead to anything suitable.

But what is the actual haste of us humans? Wouldn't that be the greed for the mere 'more', which will have to be named first? How are we supposed to penetrate to the depth of the given, if we are always alone only on the search for a hype? What will lead us back to a wanted order, even an orderliness of us, if not this task has brought that with it that we pay attention to us a little bit?


Have your own alignment

Before being able to walk on a path once found, man has to align himself. This will give him a knowledge of his position in existence. Equipped with such knowledge, he will learn to distinguish and weigh his needs. Once this has gained its true meaning with us, we will probably do well with it. Just assert yourself in such a way in your own life. Once we arrive at ourselves, we will probably also soon recognize other people for their existence as it is. However, as long as we keep letting ourselves go and slipping away, we would also not find the track that keeps our way.



Saying nothing, doing nothing and being nothing are also supposed to be necessary arguments for existence. However, they are rarely perceived on their own. It therefore remains questionable whether, in terms of media perception, they are at all suitable for conveying such necessities, which go hand in hand with them.

It should be necessary for a creator of art to carry out normal, moderate and orderly things besides his work, in order to bridge those times which the artistic process just needs to have an effect. During such phases he should not work on his work, otherwise there will be a mixture of activity and reflective phase. Working on the work should not be an obsession.

Such ordinary objectives will enable him to pursue regular work. The breadwinning that comes with it will be of some benefit to his cause.


Introspection and Pratyahara

To hold back a little should be the beginning of everything possible. Otherwise, the pots will soon be overflowing. Then cooking a dish is no longer fun. With this, you are quickly finished.

A non-violation of the actual psychomotor of a human being brings to light amazing things for him. Let's just assume that every frequency at us embodies a machine which may be regarded as basically alive but also as necessary for life. With it we give a meaning to even the quietest flickering at us. Thereupon we interconnect the own. We find a way with us, not a way against us. Thereby we follow the thread of Ariadne. The labyrinth of the Minotaur or whatever we want to call it, what conditions us in everyday life, will reveal a way of (inner) liberation for us. Then we will soon come to terms with what is given to us.

There we put off the chains. This will be one of the essential conditions for an inner silence with us, which leads in a calm way to concentrated forces. By such we understand orderly forces, which mean no more and no less than an unencumbered state of man. This will not be a state of permissiveness. Rather than that it will embody a state of unity of man. For it it is to be valid that we are able to act in a rational way by corresponding to it. There we see the things of a world and also the other people.

We understand each other, but also the tribulations of a human existence are no longer unknown to us. There we can empathize with something, but just as well we can leave the given as it is. We are with ourselves. What we would not be, would be what we have not been. Something falls away from us. Many a veil dissolves and the fog is unmasked. There we see it all at once in clarity, how terrible it is. This is what is called reality. It is of a dual nature.

A reality would not be something that would stand on its own. Rather, it represents the playing field for us to operate on. That is what we do. In doing so, we leave everything as it is. That is what we want to accomplish. We come forward on such a playground and yet have no part in what is happening other than our own. Thus we retreat to who we are. But that means many things. So it should be true and given that we can bring about something for us, which noticeably improves the existence of us. But for this we again go into ourselves. There we recognize that we are stuck again in the labyrinth of the Minotaur and would not know further. So when will this bull scent us?



Gesture, facial expression and look would not be what they are by chance. Man carries something about him that unites him. Everything would be an expression of the whole. Nothing would remain untouched by it.


Pratyahara or how I find myself

Some movement impulses, which were perceived at me from time to time and also actually occurred, I have dissolved, because they were supernumerary. Thereby my actual attitude has found to its existence. So it has been able to be maintained by me.

There the movement impulses detached by me are quasi consumed. Thus they have not come to the execution. There the urge to the movement has passed away at me like a complaisance. This has established my control over myself. Thus, in turn, I discovered an actual strength of mine. I certainly rightly recognized that as something good.


An illustration of the inner world

An illustration of the inner world of a human being would be one of the reasons for our own experience. This would probably help us to a certain kind of happiness, which has been called a fantasy by some. But also own thoughts and ideas should occur with it and be entered to the person.

No one will be able to know in what way another person will be able to think. This is supposed to be true. We may think that we can have an idea about it. But it would be bad if it was true.

The concern of a man equips only him with qualities. There he should recognize it, what he already carries and possesses by himself.


Endure a maximum value

For me, one reason to believe that there will be a maximum level of stress that can just be sustained is that excessive stress will cause injury and breakage to a material. I therefore avoid doing particularly dangerous things. I do it this way so that I would not expose myself to such magnitudes of a force. Nevertheless, I want to continue to approach the 'fire'. I want to face life. I accept it as it is. I stay with it and acknowledge it, what is there and occurs with me. I would not want to avoid the life in the existence, but I also cannot do that at all. So I accept the given and therefore want to exist with it as I have experienced it myself.


Keep yourself sorted in the thoughts

Man will always look at himself and make out something about himself, which he knows and understands. He takes note of this when he considers himself and writes something about it in his own words. Meanwhile the life way of a person is to be understood like a ladder. Some people effortlessly take three rungs at once. Some others have not even managed to climb one of them. He may have fallen off it. Yes, he has had bad luck. What is the right way to deal with this? What matters to us in existence? Which thing have we given the highest weight with us?

Oh, and meanwhile, what are the things that we have hardly looked at? What are the things we have looked at, and why can we afford to disregard all other things? - Everything would already be there. Nothing would be missing from it. But our own way of dealing with it has sometimes been hastily determined by us. There we have passed over many things. This will probably lead to a disadvantage of us one day.

We would like to take a look at that. Let's go into ourselves for a moment. We can listen to ourselves and hear the pulling and making of the tendons and ligaments. Many a bone will be felt. Also the heart beats lively. Meanwhile, we might roll our eyes a bit because of such simplicity. But the equivalent to the simplicity of the stupid is called wisdom by the wise. Everybody must know that himself, where he stands and which rank he is able to take in front of him. One would not always get away unscathed if one has not dealt with such a thing for too long.

So there we have a picture of ourselves before our eyes. Under no circumstances should man weaken himself. In no way it will favor his destiny, if he did it. In a world, which shows it, that everyone is also responsible for himself, this is to be handled in such a way. There we would like to moderate our thoughts and ideas a little bit and to arrange it quite clearly which of it has been good. If we already did not believe in ourselves, how should we be able to convince another that we are well suited for something? - It is up to each person to decide how to face his destiny. Many things are moved by such forces of a person, which simply became effective at him. With our own words we confirm this again and again.

All people have been the same in the meantime. It is good who is able to see that it is our intention why we know to keep ourselves straight on a way. For this we can prepare ourselves, so that this succeeds. Let's just leave out everything improper, because it would be harmful for us, and give the things time to come about.

Thus, we have received a first plan for forging our own fortune. With hammer and forge we go to work. We have placed the anvil firmly there and perform our work on it. It is to be the counterpart to the hammer. The red-hot workpiece is placed between them and held in place. We have a number of tongs, and hammers are also available in various sizes. Meanwhile, the coal hisses, the bellows drive up the heat in the core of the iron. The fire burns strongly. On and on we heat the workpiece. The coals make it hard at times.


Where is here?

The space, which we humans occupy at the world, reaches beyond our physical borders and leads us on our ways. We speak there of our knowledge, but actually it will be the cosmos with its orders of magnitude which we have already seen what constitutes it.

Meanwhile, a person's mind reaches far into his existence and brings up the most amazing memories again and again. Such appear before our inner eye and we want to relive them. Whenever we have taken the time to do so, we will be aware that no one else will have what we can achieve so easily and without effort.