Elaborations on aesthetics


The spirit of a man

A language flows with us humans and makes us as alive as we are. The words arise of their own accord in conversation with friends. There we form the given, find to us and receive an actual access to the happiness of the human existence. The questioning of what is echoing off the walls as we speak does not frighten us. We like to show ourselves as we are. We hold something on it. There we humans appear as originators of future opportunities, because we co-create the incidents of a world in the small of our own life.

Through this, something will be true. Such empowerment of man is what one has in mind when one approaches his existence. For this purpose, we do not need to enrich ourselves with the possessions of others. It is enough for us what we know how to create ourselves. It should be something we want to stand for. One should be able to keep our ideas and the thoughts expressed to it once in good memory.

We prepare in our existence the basis for a life happiness. For this purpose, we already ensure our own good now. It should contain all that goes out from us. We would like to have done that for a future of us. Something should come from us on which others can rightly place their hope. Let us not make ourselves too small in this respect. We also place our hope in what has gone out from our fellow human beings. In the meantime, we have thought of one thing. The world, or rather mankind, is in a state of conduciveness. It is in balance with its characteristics.

What constitutes such a perpendicular with us? - Well, the term as I have used it here comes from geometry. With its help, one can describe the orientation of an axis on the wheel. In relation to the main surface of such a wheel, the perpendicular corresponds to the axis of rotation, assuming that the wheel really runs round and does not ovulate. There it has a minimized unbalance and its path leads a car straight ahead. There everything has a certain running smoothness to own, because the characteristics of it to each other have turned out suitably.

In relation to man, the image of a plumb line can also be used to mean that certain matters have been set in motion with him so that his affairs will be in order. For this the word will be a synonym. There the goods of a person are to be completed more and more, so that he has once something whole for himself. This manifests happy circumstances for the life, so that one would not have to stumble in his existence without reason.

Let us simply acknowledge that what is given is good, because our things have gone properly and correctly. That is where our power should be used and be devoid of unnecessary distraction. Thus, it will be useful to our cause to a large extent.

This is how we finally recognize the spirit of a person, that he has accepted a conception of the given and stands up for himself.


Three forces, four paths

With some joy I can say it that I have arranged something for my own forces what meets a condition of my existence. There I have first introduced three changes of state and have assumed these on the basis of their effect as one force.

A release of the moment that has just taken effect.

A drawing to me of the focused portion of my body.

A resting in a resting place. (Pause)

As a result, I looked at a corresponding construct and adjusted its energy content. I would like to be able to lead this into the ways. For this reason I have looked into the temporal structure of the transformation the resting in a rest position as twofold existing. With it I could form a circle from single distances.

A release of the moment that has just taken effect.

A resting in a resting place. (Pause)

A drawing to me of the focused portion of my body.

A resting in a resting place. (Pause)

This path can repeat itself several times. That is what he is supposed to do with us.


Being and appearance

Certainly, it has been so true that the other people have also meant something to us. It is not just us who have taken a rank before us. But so many things happen in the world. Who has any control over it?

Many a man has bet on a wooden horse when he went to the horse race. That's when we felt sorry for him. But how to dissuade someone from his wrong convictions? - What there is to win in a game of chance has not been honestly earned. There are many who have made a loss by putting their luck on the line. Nevertheless, there are people who do this every day. Against a better knowledge this takes place. Thus they trample their own fate with feet. Fortuna would not like what is happening. We can confidently accept that.


A trivial process

There would not be few things to say about meditation alone. There will probably be as many ways for it as there are stars in the sky and grains of sand on the earth. However, it would not make it the special words of us what the meditator should arrange for himself. Everything here can be read, but then it is necessary to take distance from it and to be with oneself. With it one has already done a step of the way.

Such a way should lead to the insight into what is happening with us. There we would not like to have meditated without such a reason. We should just not fall into musing while we are dealing with ourselves, because that would certainly lead to a loss of strength from us. Such a loss would be inadmissible in the long run. That's why we now make a barrier for the matter and do not cross that threshold at all. Thanks to such a passive resistance against the evil brooding we have now already received a protection from it. For this purpose we have followed only the mentioned words. Now we can continue our way.

What do we look at first? - Oh, we should assume that it is the words with us, which have represented the way we can go. Such words manifest outlooks and insights and give our minds many opportunities to emanate. Let it be clear that the outlooks have led to paths, while the insights may take place in clarity. In such a meaningful way we standardize our words and train ourselves to consider them true to their true content. There we will soon be aware of those facts which have gone along with it.

It may seem unusual to some people to hear what has just been said here. Such a thing is due to the very thing that has been spoken about here. A meditation will basically be a simple process, such as may occur daily among us, but there is no agreement as to what constitutes one. In the confusion of opinions, moreover, there is little that is orderly. This is what makes up our daily lives, which is conditioned by our environment. Nevertheless, we must be able to maintain our way and our own activity. Therefore, the author Schneider has made it his task to create a language and to write down some things. He makes the simple writings in his own manner so that he can access them whenever he wants to do so. With their help, he sifts through what is given to him and preserves the insights found in the process for a moment of introspection. Thus his texts refer to something he has experienced himself. At least they are to be understood as images of his world of thoughts and ideas. At times, with their help, he also creates those labyrinths of his own thinking, which have opened up further inner spaces. Moreover, at times he revises and weights what he has found with words. He regards such a process as a care of his fortune, after all already all sorts of things have resulted with him from it.

There the author goes into himself and reflects on his own good. A reflection of the momentary he recognizes meanwhile as an inner impulse at the human being. With it such a one before him has received relevance for a conception of the given. Such a thing occurs now and has been addressed with it. One can take it up or let it be, as one wants. In both cases a moment to it will have passed afterwards again. That is to be known to us. It occurs only then again, as soon as we have established the necessary for it with us. That shall have been no magic what we have done to it.

It should be according to Schneider's intention as a creator of language that he corresponds to the valid way in the representation of the given. He forms his words in the same way. Thus he picks those fruits of the spirit and puts them together by means of the own texts to something whole.

In a true way, Schneider wants to write down his concern of the given by means of his 'thought protocols' and thus be able to document it, which he has for his own. For this purpose he operates according to his interests. His 'free-writing hours' have given him the necessary space for this and the individual wikis in the 'construction kit' have given him a necessary framework for this. Thus he can bring his view of the given and suggest it to you for your own orientation. What has already come about thanks to this would not be insignificant for his existence. Up to now he has been able to preserve some things by it, what is fair to a good human nature.


Commitment to the given

The meditation with its multiplicity of ways and possibilities is supposed to be what can be discussed in a general way, but will be carried out alone only in a special way. There a multiplicity of the ways leads into an actual nothing. Only the just valid way will be the suitable one for us. It is a suitable continuation of the given and therefore adds itself conclusively to the incidents of our existence.

What do we want to determine what should be done at the moment? - True to this question we examine our own. Which feeling is given to us and how does it affect us? Is now a good opportunity to go into oneself and to put one's thoughts in order? Don't we have anything else to do that will be more urgent than this? - This is how we deal with it. We look for a meaningful answer to our questions in a timely manner.

The tasks that life has in store for us are based on external features. But inner moments should also be taken into account when we arrange what is ours. Since we are the beneficiaries of our own actions, we should also take care that what we do is good for us. We would like to reflect on this.

Everything has its lowest point where we fix it for us. There we fix it for the whole. Let's consider the current situation of us as in need of improvement. Let's look at what we have and recognize it as our starting point for those aspirations to be fulfilled as soon as possible.

For this purpose, let's deal with the real facts of our existence as they occur. Perhaps we think that our inner emotions would not help us for it. Would we like to follow an even more arbitrary path instead? - Although our movements have probably been of an imperfect nature, they have resulted from us. Therefore, they are directly related to the life of us. What higher power do we possess than this? What has a better order of its own than an inner impulse? - It comes from our liveliness. For this reason, we acknowledge the feeling that is present in us and give space to our own thought. Let it appear as it is!

All the wisdom and strength of a man have not reached far. Many a man has overreached himself for no reason. With it we are well advised to let it be. Let us therefore listen to our own impulses and detach ourselves from all alien determination by others. Thereupon it shall be possible for us to fare well.


The focus and its characteristic

We humans have only one focus to call our own. In order to be able to use it, we must learn to use it. For this we need a distance to the given. There everything has received its certain depth before us. It is a simple characteristic of nature. However, it does not deserve special emphasis. We would not have to speak of it in order to be able to experience it.

There we look at the given and feel it, how we feel thereby. One and the other have appeared without us being able to know whether they have caused each other. Some have already believed this. Others have seen a deception in it. There we would not like to fix it, how it really has been.

Such disunity is tantamount to a crucible. So we make it a first point for us. It would be a mark from which we can prove a progress, that is, a progress in the future. It should be our objective that we get along with it. There we can leave it as it is given. For this thing everything else would be impossible. That is why we recognize by it a threshold which we should not cross. Such a thing is therefore not a characteristic of us, but a hint for us how to behave. We will by no means be able to solve the problem of mediation of the disputed permanently. At any time it can happen again that people disagree with each other about such matters. There they attach their minds to the solution of imponderable things, which will be nonsensical. That would be to be understood as a senseless trial of strength what happens thereby. However, under such circumstances nobody has won anything yet.

Our own words should be an accessory to our life. We want to make valid statements about our existence. For this we would not need to say much to other people. But it would be good if we do share one or the other in order to convey it.

It should be a substantial part of the given that we have said something to it. Therefore, it should be something that has corresponded to what conditions us. We also have to own a certain authority for our life. It will be especially clear in such things that are given to us. That is exactly why we take care of ourselves to be fair to them when we speak of ourselves. It should have its consequences what we have said. That is why we know. That should be true.


Go to Fantasy

A beautiful thing should be the love of the human being to the fantastic. With their help he can walk through whole worlds without leaving the place. He can internalize certain incidents without being really physically present there. For this purpose, his imagination has endowed him with some spiritual power. He needs it also furthermore urgently for his life. Because of it he can understand so many things correctly which have a meaning for the existence as a human being. Thereby he can realize himself, because he behaves accordingly, as it is predisposed with him.

He has recognized thereby with their help some things in truth and has also seen it that this is given as it seems to be to him. Finally, because of his own gift of imagination, he can even imagine something intense as if he were about to experience it. There he experiences an inner luminosity and can imagine what he has seen faithfully to his own wish.

In the meantime, it should not have played a significant role, what that has been, what we have fathomed in such a way. A skill of man would be to be used in such a way that it can be preserved by him. Let us not be unjustifiably afraid of the ways of our spirit. Just because it has not been confirmed by others, it would not have to be wrong what we have experienced. Let us better learn to trust the given as it is given to us. So it can finally arise with us that we act in a way that is just for us.

Every human being has something of his or her own. We attach something to it. In the inside of a human being there should be certain regulations which want to show us the way. There the things appear before us and result in some before still undreamed opportunity for a determination of the appearing. There we see something and can deal with the fact that it has occurred to us. Sometimes we withdraw again from such intensive experiences. Thereby we follow the course of the occurrences. In this way we walk the path of an experience of the inner light and find a living human existence.

The certain sense for the real will be able to strengthen us. There we make it firm. A reality lies at the basis of the human existence and makes it. This happens free of all constraint by incidental occurrences. There the whole should be something that we have, are and do. That's how it works out. That has been sometimes nothing else than an allowing of the given, an acceptance of impulses, forces and moments. This is how our things form and give us their shape. Thus something wants to appear with us what has arisen thereby. We remembered this again afterwards. We spoke about it because it meant something to us. Basically, we have already seen a weighty part of the world. The fact that it will be a personal portion of us should make its weightiness understandable for us. There it has received a relevance for our existence. It exists since the sinking of that experienced into the abyss of our psyche.

All emanation of the spirit is brought about in such a way that one lets it have an effect. This happens by itself or the result would be falsified. Then also the occurred success will not be able to be a real one if we have directed or led it permanently. The effort for it must be enormous. There we rightly discarded it.

We have recognized a reduction of the value of it, what concerns such journeys into the 'inner space of a person', at the effort made for it. Let's better go whole ways in life. Let us take complete steps on our ways. Let us allow something to happen to us and learn to leave the whole its order, as it already existed before. With this, the moment should finally come to return to oneself. A fantasy will make it possible to do that, or it has not been.


To let the yoga get along without fantasy, that would be similarly audacious, as if one would like to practice the faith without a hope. There one sees it better that the one order of magnitude needed the other. Everything occurs at the same time. Nothing has been lacking in it.


A rest of chaos

Strictly speaking, the essence of nature is supposed to be one that strives from chaos to order. To come from the order to the chaos, however, would not be easily possible. For this a permanent increase of the energetic parts would be necessary what would not be possible. It would contradict the main laws of the thermodynamics.

The nature of the man is accordingly one that orders the things. Thus he experiences a progress in the life, because he submits to the default. One would not have to learn the principles of the order. One would not have to obtain them either. Such a thing arises by itself, because it exists. This is supposed to be a favorable condition, which brings equally favorable transformations of the given. Analogous to nature, the activity of a human being takes place, who is able to apply himself to maintain the given. That will be one of the creative elements of the creation, that the man brings forth his work from it by corresponding to it. Such knowledge shall be true. According to it, it shall be right to do something. This is what can be well used by us human beings to create a work.

A prospering of what is given to us comes about by itself or everything has been nothing. Our own things should reflect what we have understood. Their manufacturing principle shall also still be recognizable at them. Thus it will be to be understood also once as something true what we have created. Nothing else would go out from the world than a stability of its inner principles of action, their validity therefore. There nothing of it could decay, unless it would be intended so.

A certain promotability of us should be to be assumed for our existence. Nobody brings himself voluntarily in danger or does something badly without need. A condition of ourselves will have to be preserved with it. The position of a human being is held by every single one of us, even if with its help one primarily makes out the place where one stays. Some things go along with it, what builds on it. From the point of view we would like to start and define our spheres of action. We can work there in a way in which a potential is used by us and transformed into a structural given. We form something ordered from a disorder, because that corresponded to us to act in such a way. With this we reduce the chaotic part of the given, but we run the risk that we overdo it a little bit.

Everything has properties of the same kind and also of the same value, what is according to the order. So it is also valid here that a potential sets something in motion with its fixing at the given, which also wants to resonate. Thereby the act of transformation is affected. From this one can conclude that a rest of chaos will be contained to all things. The highest purity of the given thus still contains all parts of the whole. Such would not be able to be extinguished.

That what is inherent in the nature of power for the transformation of the given would be nothing else than its preservation. The principle of the order is the structural binding of the energy which can take place however alone only in finite kind. There nature arranges all surpluses of energy and brings them again there where they are needed. There the sparks of the light appear soon, everything will be visible. There is a spraying of it, what we have called emanation. There it finally appears. A chaos existing by itself is supposed to be that. It will be superior to all structural conditions and will cancel them if necessary. That is supposed to be the lifeline for us once.

Will it also be true that everything strives towards its emanation, thus to take up or to preserve an inner stability, a condensate has always remained dependent on its ability to adhere. Then, when the substrate has vibrated, some parts of it have flaked off what had been superficially applied there. There they simply fall down into the dust. But even there, they could not hold on forever.

Thus everything is charged what appears at the world. A source of such forces is supposed to be the surplus of energies, as it simply occurs at times. Such one has been released by the ordered again and again, whenever it has been possible to do that. Thus, a chaos and a material given of the structure are apparently in conflict with each other. In the reason, however, they complement each other. Since everything has already existed for such a long time, it should be acknowledged that the system of transformations and bondage has already settled down in a certain way and will be harmonious. With this, we are doing well, provided that we have left it as it appeared.

The yoke of the world results from its occurrence. It has its characteristics, which must be endured. An order will never be complete, never be complete, even if it strives to become so. A remainder of not assignable energies will probably still occur for a long time for the existing system of this world.


A spectrum of own frequencies

Man lives and gets something out of the fact that this is the case. Thereby he learns so many things about himself. In addition to those things which have been clear to him of it, there are also so many things which he has not been able to assign simply to the given. There he disregards it of necessity what it has to do with it. With it he leaves it to that part of his consciousness, which is unconscious to him, to find a regulation for it, which enables him to cope with it. The safe harbor of man will therefore be an active spirit, which is able to master such things. It contains the conscious, but also the unconscious parts of a human being.

The fact that we would not always be aware of what has happened to us in terms of regulations should be able to make it clear that a human being has control circuits in him, which are hardly kept by us, but which are nevertheless effective. They are supposed to protect our health, which they do. We can and should assume this.

The given remains preserved for us, provided that we have not made it impossible that it can continue to exist. Then we pay attention to our part in it, which we embody, and put it once in the right relation to what occurred with us. What wonderful occurrences happen in our life in great numbers! - Who created them, indeed, after what model did such occurrences come into being? - Let us imagine the characteristics of such a person, then let us put ourselves on a par with him. This shall be true. A preservation of that basis of the life is to take place by a creation from something living. There it is to be true what is given for it.

Nothing good would come from having gone down a path of discord. This can lead to a distant experience. Such an experience would not be beneficial. Therefore, we go into ourselves and come to terms with who we are, but also what we have received through this. Thus, we will have something that we have needed. Some good qualities appear in us because we have left that. Such facts, as we embody them, will sooner or later in life be confirmed by us or recognized as obsolete. With it a possible progress is to be added already in advance with us, so that our work can show already now an inner stability.

Let's just perceive life as it has appeared to us. Let us perceive something of it that will really be there. Let us pay attention to the inner picture that has arisen, as if it were our heartfelt wish to see it. If there are only such qualities to be discovered in it, as they corresponded to us, then it will still be valuable and good for something. There it should be able to lead to something further with us that we have preserved it.

Let us allow that something of value is given to us. Only the servant of another has no will of his own when it comes to the task. That is why he has been called his servant. But if the will dies off in us because of unsuitable life circumstances, because it has not arisen in the first place, we also soon suppress our actual desire for existence. Thereby we have already done so many things which have underpinned a value of it that we exist. Thus that would be a pity.

We did something that put us in the position we are in now. Not all of it would be as sweet as a raisin. It has meant something weighty, which is why it has had an effect. Therefore, let us not forget ourselves for no reason while we live through our existence. Once we have remembered who we were at other times, we will soon become aware of the essence of what our existence has been.


First of all a contemplation of the given and a generation of inner pictures occur with us people before we learn to transform the things. Also a linguistic correspondence of such a first step of a human being exists there. A determination of the things by means of a designation of their names has clearly taken a high rank for it. There the human being forms the first own words and enjoys his strength for it to address the other people lovingly. There he also makes many an eye. His face is enabled to mimic by an inner resonance. The gestures provide the human being with an even more lively expression than he already has.


A matrix of words

It would not be by chance that a person in the life the fundamental of the own existence will be clear with the time. One has to move already a little bit to it, because one would like to achieve something. With each new position taken, one recognizes the given from a different point of view. This results in time in a better picture about the truth of the human existence.

Even if we all stand up for ourselves, i.e. we are solitaries, we can only really cope with life when we have found someone who wants to complement us. The exchange with our fellow men should be cultivated by us. We know what we have a genuine interest in. Thus we recognize the necessities of a human existence and live in a righteous way. We have also found a task for ourselves that does us justice.

We are bound as human beings to what already makes us something. It is so said that 'in happiness all men are equal'. We have noticed this ourselves when it comes to our to-do list for life. What we have written down at the top of such a list is similar to what also means happiness to other people.


Show commitment

Without giving ourselves the right amount of strength, we would not make progress in life. Haven't we always done the best we could think of? - Our path has been an easy one, and yet we have sometimes found it difficult to walk it.

The good we want to stand for should continue to exist. That's how we think, and we are burdening ourselves with more and more of what has been weighing us down. Of course, it should be important that we accomplish something, but why do we want to unhinge the world for that? - Let's better leave it alone.

Let's finally allow it to happen there, what passes away from it. Let it happen what is happening there. This is how it should be true. Let us become independent of those raging waters of the temporal stream, which have taken everything with them, which they have got hold of. What has fallen under their spell, they have snatched away from us.

Man's strongest power should be that of hope. That is why he also experiences his faith in love. This has significance for his existence as a human being.


One possible way

The system of yoga is a system of faith in a higher power. There will be all fortune with us of a finite nature. We have recognized this and therefore go our own way in our own way.

We are already on such a path. We profess that we have understood something well that makes us. We do not make a special fuss about it. That which constitutes us has mostly come to us for no reason. We have left it as it has been.


A thought of rest and probation

A person's actions produce something that he must be able to deal with. Soon he has created something which has an effect on him. Thus he will experience the life in a self-determined way. A part of it will be active, another would be to be heard as passive from him. In addition to that, there should be a neutral given, an actual anchor point for us. There all the things are attached, which remained free of it. With that, what is given to us would be integrated into a frame, no matter what we have done. It can be perceived by us as it is. Therefore we soon let go of all realization again and accept it as it has occurred.

Speech design

Tilling something with reflections

Thanks to an in-depth reflection of those things given for him, a person can see something that actually has been relevant for him also before. Thereby it can be recognized, what has an effect on us in our existence.


Be on the way

Every human being has a being, his person. This being becomes constant through habituation to what is given. That is why we perform our daily actions in an orderly way.


Have an orientation for life

Man changes from the concrete to the independent, from the ordered to the weighted, from freedom to obligation. He stands up for what he has done. In this way he preserves his good.


Lead a structured life

Without leaving a trace on the ground of the earth, one would not live and would not be able to be there. Already by our mere existence we are conditioned, come before and form something. There it is supposed to be of a good value that one cultivates the given and takes care of it what there is to receive from us.