An essential question

I have named only that in my writings which has its part in my existence. This one has been on it. I wondered about that. Shouldn't you be bringing up the things that make you who you are? - I have examined such a question from time to time. With my literature I have come closer and closer to naming the given. Meanwhile, I have shown my own thoughts in the way that was just right for me. Afterwards I left it like this to sift and weight it. As it stands for me, I'll revise it. I remain true to myself in my work. At least in this way I have managed to consolidate more and more that part of it which is significant in my mind.

Nowadays, I assume that my work has a fundamental existence because it corresponds to myself. That's what I get for writing these things down. I take mine as it appears to me and gradually improve the style of my writings. This is supposed to be a possible way. I'm standing up for my own cause.


Preserving a predetermined basic order

A world is where we live. That is so given and known. Their properties are to be investigated by us. For this purpose, one can make something of their nature clear and then look in detail at the knowledge found in the process. Other people have done the same. Some of it has even been handed down from earlier times in human history.

There is something inherent in this world for which it exists. I believe that it will be good on its own. I can see that it is capable of maintaining itself in a benign manner. True to this thought I train my models of reality and try to verify them by means of my own existence. That way I can come to my own thoughts and ideas about the essence of it. By means of these facts I explain this cosmos to myself and try to orientate myself in my existence.

These are milestones I am reaching. These help me to prepare for the rest of my life. As I have committed this one so far, I will also try to continue it.

I draw from what I know something that has substance. I then put this in my basket and make sure that it is preserved.

You can do that in a certain way. Partly I talk about what is there, partly I write something about it. Sometimes I just think about something. In each of these cases, it becomes tangible for me and has an effect. This is how I come to own something that would not be worthless.

I collect these own goods and evaluate them afterwards. This allows the inner world inscribed in me to be visualized. Some things come up for me, which I can manage well. Then I am soon able to understand this part of my existence because I have accepted it. Since I alone evaluate only that which is given in a simple way, I can also give something to it which can be represented in a writing of its own. That makes me want to keep it because it is valuable enough for me to want to do so.

I would like to acknowledge those words that sufficiently describe my existence and make something about it understandable to me. For this I would not want to use only the mirror of a reflection, because it is also able to reproduce illusions. In the same way, I would not rely solely on reproductions by other people.

What I like, I want to know for sure. For this purpose, the characteristics of it are to be determined. What thus arises will be an approximation to the truth of the given.


A beginning

An approach to determining the given sometimes comes to me myself and can be considered by me. I would now like to tell you something about this one.

I would like to say something about that. The experience of unity will be of importance to man during his existence. Everything complete forms such a unit as a whole. One should imagine such a thing and identify with it, what it is all about. This will help us to survive, because in this way all the relevant good things are applied to us and are maintained by us and through us. There we represent something that is also desired.

Once we human beings have understood what has been given to us, then such an insight also provides us with a certain stability. There we will be able to achieve something with it, which is good for us. A certain change sets in with us when everything will be good. The given will suffice. Our things are preserved in this way.

The human arm alone reaches only to the bottom of things. With this he can take hold of something. There he holds it in his hands and can transform it. In this way we want to set the given in motion and form something with it. We also want to build something. Our hands' work should be good for something.


The given

Let us imagine that we will exist as emanations in two ways. On the one hand there are we human beings, embodied by our person in flesh and blood as a form. On the other hand, we also exist on the level of the spirit through an inner image of our existence with this cosmos, the mechanism of a person's thinking. Soon we have found some impressions of ourselves, if we can reflect this on ourselves.

This cosmos is like a picture puzzle for some, which casts a spell over them. There they get beside themselves and neglect their inner world. At the same time, we all appear in this picture puzzle. There we are fully occupied with coping with certain routines and perhaps miss the opportunity to reflect on ourselves.

Meanwhile there is also the soul in a person, his inner light. There's no one there who wouldn't nurture it. One can still live. But how much mortification do people want to take upon themselves? - Whatever we are, there will be a reason for it to be as it appears.



Man is a human being when he will just be able to be that. He has to do justice to an incarnation with his work. Once we have this in place, that we behave accordingly, we will be able to shape something in a suitable way thanks to it.

A person who is aware of his existence will also see it as a task. He will know that this existence has its effects. He sees such in others, but he can also hear them in himself. There he probably longs for a good change of the given. He does not want to lose his real righteousness. That's why he starts something suitable with himself.


A little seedling

The given will be clearly to be dismissed if it would not be suitable for man. Dealing with a matter like this, it wouldn't do any good.

But if it is to be the case that something fitted us well, then it will also be of importance to us. Let's just acknowledge that. So, some things will soon be able to change for the better.

All our things should be good. No one will be exempt from this. Everything is perfectly justified. The course of events is in order. The given follows this lawfulness.


condition of existence as a human being

Human life is a race for time, and it would not be a race for speed alone. Other characteristics also have an effect and determine our happiness in life.

There we go into ourselves and maybe even question fate. Only something possible can be mastered well by humans. That's where we stay and get pushed back on ourselves. Is this the right path that we are prepared to take? Isn't there any other one but this one?

Meanwhile, our own things are coming of their own accord and we are happy with what they mean to us. But whenever we have fallen back on ourselves again, the question from before also comes up again. Is this the right path that we are prepared to take? Isn't there any other one but this one? - This thought comes back to us again and again.

Once we have experienced this several times, this world also gets a little out of joint with us. There we take a moment to reflect and question fate again. Only something possible can be mastered well by humans. That's where we stay and get pushed back on ourselves.

But at some point, we take this upon ourselves and acknowledge it as it is. That's when we realize how conditional we are. Such a realization will be true. That's just like us. There we can only admire the freedom of movement of other people alone. We wouldn't own them ourselves anymore. There we finally carry the yoke.


Alignment, resonance and heat

A simple procedure for approaching an object during an exercise will be described here in brief. You can apply one of these to two or three objects in order to verify this. This can make it clear what is being tried to express here.

I would like to start in a way that seems appropriate to me. Let us choose well the subject we want to deal with. This is important, because we should not lack the desire to deal with it.

Before we do this, we look at what we have been inspired to do. An internalized alignment of the body exists quite rightly in every human being. This basically leads to our position. Such a one affects everything with us.

The broad stream of movement impulses overlays this basic form of position and makes us feel. There we gain a power over ourselves and can train something about ourselves. At this moment all this exists with us and can be consolidated.

So, we take the thing in our own hands and we pull it towards us. We keep it with us and don't mess with it. What opens up for us there should at least be the experience of the haptics of the object. But this is already a kind of resonance. We can feel it and remember an internalized image of it. There it is developed and formed, what I have called the inner image of a person.


The Potential

Man would not appear in this world without reason. Its essence should be understandable. There he wants to reflect and do something good. Starting from a contemplation of the given, he should find his way. Nobody did it any different than this. In retrospect, we become aware of some of this. But first of all, we have to pass.

A show of our own makes a lot of things clear to us. There we hear how it's done. But we need a key to understand something.

Such a one will be found in the orderliness of man. A right of man to this existence exists quite rightly. It shall be his most intimate spark, what once made him alive and now keeps him alive. There would be nothing wrong with his suitability.

It is said that life is familiar. So, some of it makes sense what appears. One should confidently accept this existence as it is. After all, that's how it happens.


What is important

What exists, exists. It's there too. So, it is given. It happens as it appears. It wouldn't be any different. The essence of things is determined in all its characteristics. We acknowledge what is there and what is happening.

A human position makes a difference. We wouldn't see things as they are right now. We only see them as they appear to us. The world is no longer an easy place. Everything about it is designed to unduly distract us. That's why we sometimes fall under a spell. We think we see things clearly. But what we have recognized of it will be only a meaningless snapshot.

If we first change our point of view, we suddenly see the world from a completely different perspective. What else will there be as it appeared to us before?


The inner pendulum

A body should be a shell. But as such it is also a vessel. All sorts of things happen in a person's life. These are all depicted on the body of man, because they shape us. Something's coming for us and it's making us look bad. Meanwhile, I would like to look at the human body as a harmonious overall system and describe it that way. As such, man and his form will be correctly understood.


A right thought

Something smaller stabilizes the larger.

Something smaller reinforces the larger.

The smaller causes the larger in this way.

It will therefore be noteworthy that it is there.

The larger is made up of smaller things.

The whole of it forms an order.



All and nothing are absolute examples of the linguistic dimension of things, their quantity. As such they serve to determine the interval of given things, their quantity. This goes beyond the overall picture. It contains besides everything also the value nothing.

The following formalism results from the presentation of this fact.

[nothing, all] = [all]

Here the irregularity of nature and its appearance suddenly seems to conform to the logic of language.

Everything is logical trouble to our thinking if it has not been in accordance with our habits. But it is necessary to understand the realities of this world correctly. To do this, you will have to portray it as it is.


Thinking the universe

Everything in this world has once emerged from an actual nothing. Structures gradually form and change the events of the things that appear. The cosmos consists of a matrix of constant references. Only the virtual values of this can change. Meanwhile, these are undergoing a change because this universe is a growing one. Things are increasingly merging together in this one. With each further order of magnitude of their maturation the existing system of order changes.

However, this cosmos has always tried to preserve its harmony and has always arranged it in such a way that it becomes temporarily true. This happens because everything and nothing are absolute orders of magnitude. In between, the relative proportions of a world event take place and pass away.

Even if we are blinded by the way things happen, we still hold on to all these facts. We probably think that we will have to go down with them once their end is reached. Man has at times already attached great value to such considerations. But we are bound by what appears to us.

A blossoming of things is in contrast to this. It is all conditioned by the flowering of what makes it what it is. Flower and fruit can be assigned to each other via their direct relationship.

That's where everything takes shape. All life is subject to such a play of forms. It will be a single structure, which makes a continuance of life possible.


An actual fantasy

Books supposedly have a high salary for people. Those who already know which ones, also know something about them. What a book says can be heard.

There is something about books that we humans look at. The audible content is limited to the content of the book. It we sometimes try to understand as if it were a testimony for ourselves. Meanwhile there is no transfer from the human being to the book.

A book impresses some people while they read it. This is supposed to be the true characteristic of a book, that it captivates the reader. Whoever reads a scrap will also release a garbage dump in his head. He will absorb the writing, because a book alone can only be used for such a thing.



The life path of a human being would not only be spatially conceived. For some time now, I myself have succeeded in acknowledging the immanent path of life I have taken. I call this the structure of man, when I look at the result of it. This should be a result of the sequence of the own frequency. That's when the living appears. The way we behave in life, we also edify ourselves.

This pervades everything and makes us consistent as what we are. In the best case, we orient ourselves to a point far away from us, a star in the sky perhaps. We'll find our way there for sure.


The general matrix

I assume in life that everything that exists can be clarified once on the basis of existing and known properties. These should be named in a trivial way by one person. Their basic form is sufficient for this purpose. This will certainly result in texts that have their own content. The words must be balanced throughout the text in such a way that the true content of what they say will be clearly evident.

Thus, one can speak of the given. That can be done. An associated performance can be reminded. There the human being receives his qualities and can secure them. The memory of a person corresponds with his works.



Then, if something happens in such a way that it can neither be clearly assigned nor clearly clarified, it can hardly be properly understood by us. That's where its meaning escapes us.