notion of tension

Body tension - an arc is formed.

A tendon attacks at both ends.

It pulls it tight so that it bends.

Now that it's cocked,

you can use this bow.


Simple necessities

Carried by impulses we are kept on the path of life or thrown out of it. Then sometimes there are situations to which we have to give ourselves a jolt in order to get back on the right track. We should do the same, because otherwise something can happen that nobody wants to happen.



Here I would like to describe how I behave in the practice of Pratyahara.

I usually stand in the asana 'the mountain' and raise my hands to belly level. I remain in this attitude in a simple way. After a certain time, I experience first attempts of the body to break out of the posture. There I release the associated energy without moving. It gives me a lot of self-control.


happiness without cause

If I have experienced happiness, it is through a unique recognition of what has really conditioned me.



I realized something in the course of creating my own writings. There is no shortcut to man's path. Those who have not given their feet enough exercise will hardly make any progress on their way.


Displacement of a mass

If you want to visualize the displacement of a mass, just imagine a medium-weight ball on a seesaw. If you roll it up the path along the seesaw, it may start to move at some point.


freedom of choice

The existence as a human being has been given to us by this life. There are certain things firmly connected with it, which we all want to acknowledge. There we also have a certain freedom of movement for ourselves, which is conditioned by a responsibility for ourselves. No one lives this life in our place. If we haven't made anything of it, we're gonna get nothing. But if we have done something wrong, we will also be held accountable for it. This is what the law requires, which is, of course, perfectly in order.


The infinite finite

This existence is so mellow.

I crawled into the dark of the night,

it is filled with loose finiteness.

When will it be time for me

to get up,

a light to see

and not to go down again?



Buddha the Journeyman, the Bright!

Without much ado he spoke


I wouldn't have had the chance.


Looking at the given

The view of a monkey has not been one which would be interesting for me here. But a view of the things of man should be connected with it, if one imagines the given as a monkey. So, the technical is to be explained once, that even the last monkey understands it.


You have to learn about yourself. Look at the example of the things in your life.


What you have already received, you have set up for yourself. Your path therefore follows this guideline. So, you will hardly have to lose what you have left now.



It would not be the only decisive question what earns us something. They also want us to find out where it came from. Why do we have it today? Is there some justice in all this?



The hare leaps across the field.

He's so fast, he can't get a penny of money

for that,

that poor animal.

And yet, he runs, jumps and hops




Many a man struggles hard during his existence. Truly, life would not always be taken lightly. But you can make it harder than it actually is.


With difficulty the squirrel feeds, but it becomes full.