Energy work and mind


Of the load and its potential

The human being has a hard time if he has not gotten into the gears. Then everything seems doubly difficult. He has no power over himself, let alone that he can perform such an important task. There everything has not succeeded. The fields lie fallow.

But if you couldn't lift something, then maybe it could lower it. That's when the material gets going. Many things are easier as a result. We gladly make the natural potential of the given material our own. Then, once something has moved, things also take on a momentum.


The aggregates and their occurrence

What we could not grasp, that will be very thin. There it is like the air. Let us make it clear to ourselves what it feels like when the given escapes. Soon we will know more about what causes this state.

We can do the same with the liquid. But we can also hold it. We carry the palms of our hands upwards and form a chalice with them. We can scoop from this compound, we can lift the water to the mouth and drink it. How good that is.

Meanwhile, we stand stable and realize that it is the ground that gives us such a hold.


Follow a path

Schneider's path has never been one that has stood firm for all time on this day. He has not deluded himself. He sees that his steps vary. His step sequences would not be uniform either. But a man has two hands and also two feet. So it will be good if he does not keep them bent. So he aligns himself so that he visualizes a square and makes reference to it. Some hands therefore fall away. Some steps he could do without effort.


An action and the frequency of its appearance

What the author Schneider has identified in himself, he wants to preserve something of it. To this end, he takes it upon himself to write down the good of it. What he has not succeeded in doing, however, no one has needed. There it will be good if he leaves it as it is. Of course, it still has an effect, but it would not be possible to clarify everything at all times.

There he realizes that it will be better to speak of the good. It has an actual value of its own. There it can be represented true to its true qualities. One would not run the risk of emphasizing something of little value by this. He would like to refrain from such a thing. After all, the things discussed should be enough.

There he examined the occurrence of the properties on the given. He fixed it to the occurrences, what happened there. Some things have appeared before him. What he can perceive will also have its cause in a corresponding phenomenon. So he wants to acknowledge it, because it also has an effect. What happens, that can also be recognized. There it has a certain value, even if we have not known it. Schneider assumes this. He has made such an assumption because it can lead to something that is needed by us.

There he recognizes by the action its appearance. It has relevance for a shaping of our power. Schneider perceived it as an ability for emanation, which occurs in us under will. There we have achieved it. And so we have succeeded in something. The happiness of a person's life is what we make of it.

But what will it be that comes to us? Why are we aware of such things as they may appear to us? - We would not need to answer that. Rather, it will be good to keep the question in mind. We will go in search of what is given in this light and, in addition, we will illuminate the events of our human existence with it. In this way we will get our own impressions of what is real.


Do not omit a word

In our thoughts, words sometimes arise. There we hear our spirit. We can feel it in the good found in such a way, because it is reflected as given in the light of events. There the spirit will be everything that conditions us. But the light casts its shadow over things, and shines from one point alone upon the given. There it shines in its own colors, but is clouded by the light. In the colorful light, things appear the same way. There the light source is glistening bright for our eye and apparently it has a white shimmer. Everything appears under its cone in its own color, it seems to us. But it is we with our eyes that have seen it.

According to the equation 'actio equals reactio' it must be valid, that only a light is able to hear a light. There it will be also our eyesight, what shines there. We perceive what is given in that coloration which is first given by us. There it also appears in such a way. What has become true through us, that will also be conditioned by us.


Contemplate the given

What man has to own, that equips him. There he is without any property, so long as such a property has not been compatible with the properties of other people. A man can perceive alone only that which he also knows from his life. There it makes sense that one explains the essence of things to himself. For this purpose we examine the given and leave it as far as possible in the actual state in which it occurs. There we can hear it again in such a way and yet we have already grasped and understood something of it.