Geometric analogies


On the power of association

The schema, which shows the things in front of our eyes, is often soon recognized by us as something familiar. Then we think that we can recognize it clearly. But much of what we perceive is enhanced by our brain. Thanks to an association, the human mind can complete what we see.


The view of the given

A concern of the given takes place continuously with us humans. There is clarity about what is given to us. People agree on what is important for them.


On the passability of a path

If you are a man of distinction, you want to try to fulfill your tasks. For this purpose, it is advisable to follow a simple form.


Geometric concepts

With the help of geometry such things are described, which fit to their concepts. For this purpose projections (shadow lines) and varying views are often used. Thus, spatial bodies can be represented on a surface. Meanwhile it follows the principle of selection and reproduction of the already known in her procedures. It is suitable for examining physical conditions and determining how they behave. In doing so, it reduces the given to an easily understandable form.



Man likes it to be vivid. One can learn to present the given facts accordingly. In addition one makes the own thought firm. You attach it as it has appeared. Then look at it again. This is the way to direct experience. In this way those clues are to be shown which make us up.


A haptic reception

When handling the materials available to us, we also come into contact with objects. There we have a surface feel on them. In this way we get a perception of the material we are currently using. Such a value cannot only be perceived by us alone. We are also able to remember it again.


A creative force

Being creative means to me to bring something out of the given. This should be something that is basically already there and can exist.


The wedge and the lock

Gravity will be the natural amplifier of the impulses of us humans. This is how we would understand what we embody. Everything thus carries something in itself, which gives us the weight of a substance.

Gravity would not have to be discovered first. It already has an effect on us. So it can help us to get some momentum. Just as well it can develop a resistance against existing force effects. Sometimes it will also be an effective buffer and dampen all effects on us.

All events, successes and effects of a life have a meaning for man and his happiness. He has to deal with them. There they are reflected in the shape of man and want to make him understand.

Many a person has been dazed at times by the fact that it is so difficult to accomplish all that he wants to wring out of life. Perhaps he has tried the impossible. He drives some wedges even deeper into the slit than he already would. There they blocks us every way. Besides, it will get stuck. Only a straight backward movement alone can lead to a release from it. Then our things will slowly come into order when we have finally stopped distorting them.

Only then, when such a liberation has taken place, does it come to pass that something moves correctly on its path. Then, however, a vital urge appears in man, which makes him breathe a sigh of relief or laugh. Now he has done it and is relieved.



All and nothing are absolute examples of the linguistic way of measuring things, their quantity. As such they serve to determine the interval of given things, their quantity. This reaches beyond the whole. It contains besides everything also the value nothing.

The following formalism results in the presentation of the facts.

[nothing, everything] = [the whole]

Here the irregularity of nature and its appearance suddenly seems to be conform to the logic of language.

Everything is logical trouble for our thinking, if it did not correspond to our habits. But it is to understand the realities of the world correctly. For this purpose you will have to show it as it is.


Looking at the given

The view of a monkey has not been one which would be really interesting for me here. But it should be connected with it a view of the things of the human being, if one imagines the given as monkey. So the technical things should be explained once, that even the last monkey understands it.


An Update

The overall system is dependent on its subsystems. In contrast, the subsystem has no dependence on the overall system and exists on its own.

The following sentences should serve as an indication of how an object should be viewed.

The square does not touch the perimeter at any point. - It cuts it up.

The inner circle touches the square in four places. - It nestles up.

The circle within the circle is certainly distanced from it as soon as it has the same center.

The circle within the circle whirls around indefinitely within its borders, if it has not divided the same center.

The inner effect of the (equilateral) triangle is that of (maximum) stability.

The external effect of an (equilateral) triangle is that of (maximum) force.