Whatever I can do, I do myself if possible.

I don't need any more tools for this.

When the time comes that I do need one,

then I'll just get it.


Pulsating life force

A moment of concentration exists,

but a person's mind would be impossible to banish permanently.

No one can afford it.

No one has the necessary reason to do so,

to hurt yourself like that.


I am sometimes like a thief. I steal people's moments. I am so attentive to them that I am able to reproduce some of them even years later. A time together will soon be all mine. Others have probably forgotten me again quickly, but some of it still lives on in me.

Meanwhile, my being has already been like a lake. It reflects on me much of what wants to be reflected on me. A reminder of this shall be my own existence.



There are reasons why a naming of the given things brings certainty to the person. There he can understand his own existence. Many a true word will come to him in time. Whatever he has ever thought about himself, he can compare it with this and thus work out a value of it for himself.

I have such thoughts and ideas of my own as are mainly connected with this existence of mine. Sometimes I also think about some of my fellow human beings, but at some point, this exhausts itself again and I come back to myself. It makes me realize what my preferences are. These give me many clues to determine my happiness in life. They are my destinations. I have some hope because I can say something about them. That's where I'll find out if what I said fits into my life.

I live my life according to such considerations. What I know of it, I can also condense linguistically and finally name it correctly. There, the familiar is networked with the conscious and a consolidated world of imagination is created in my mind.



The finite would be a force,

which gives man a conditionality.

So, he soon possessed everything, but only for a short time.

Therefore, he is bringing an action

against fate, without question.

But haven't we all been like that?

All men fear.

It's so sad, this one life.

Hardly anyone can forgive themselves.

There's hardly anyone who has anything better than this.

It's no fun that way.

Yes, because the sun can hardly shine every day,

we have to learn to deal with it.

Meanwhile, such winds are still blowing,

many days go by,

Worlds disappear and worlds arise.

That's where all this is going to last for us.

Meanwhile, life goes on,

all are still happy and cheerful at first.

But then, after a vain decline,

after a surplus of forces and juices's rarely a matter of courage,

it extinguishes the embers in us.

Here we are at last ourselves,

with a serious and depressed face,

Shadow seeking, rest and love.

Karlsbad-Langensteinbach, the 26.04.2016


Conditionality vs. arbitrariness

Without giving an extra example, I would like to acknowledge the actual conditionality of myself in this existence. I do not wish to conceal this fact in the preparation of my writings. I admit that I suffer certain limitations in this existence because it is so true. To determine a starting point for me correctly, that seemed necessary to me. Building on a chaotic swarm of thoughts and ideas in excess, I set out to sift through my own material. It puts me under stress just by the very existence of it. Such burdens, as I experience them in my life, I address them in the same way. I would also like to say that over the years, the necessary reduction of this has been well achieved and I am sometimes free from suffering. I feel better now, because I have been able to straighten up a lot of things about myself. Admit it to a person that everybody wants to be at peace with himself. An order of the given is supposed to release something that casts a good light on our things. Things will be better soon. But this should be like breathing a sigh of relief.

It should also continue to exist with me in such a way that the recognition of my own conditionality continues to exist. There, everything has remained in its value something that it really is. Thanks to this I can trace my things in my own way. There are words that come to mind. Thanks to such an idea of the given, I can see it well that there are real limits to a human being. Yeah, this issue wouldn't be made up. All of that persists.

What must be granted to us in this life will be the insight that we have our own access to the truth. Such a thought should not be unduly questioned by other people. This life will be a truth in itself. So, it can also be assumed to be true that we are referring to its events. This will also be a limitation. Admittedly, such a system of consciousness should protect us from attacks by our fellow human beings.

Because it will be our duty to settle our affairs in the long term, we are again making use of the concept of the true. You can count on it. Since it is given, one can also orient oneself according to it. It would be in accordance with our nature to orientate ourselves to what we know. Since people can tell us what they want, it would probably not have the same value for us. Everyone is the architect of his own fortune, but there is no need for tutoring in what makes his fortune.

Otherwise everything would be arbitrary, if you had to deal with everyone. You're already busy enough taking care of your own. What do you need the advice of others? - Why should they know anything about our life! - Unlimited will be the abundance of what people will demand of us if we let them. So, it is finally a good thing that we were not able to do everything they told us to do.


A picture from my workshop may or may not be valuable to someone else. But then, if no one knows my works, they certainly have no rank with other people. So, their value is that of a mere material.


A few words about painting

A person's works are sometimes only such pictures as he has created them. Sometimes I would like to have an image of my being, but who cares about my person! - I have sometimes inscribed such a thing in my work. Some drawings will be as confusing as I have been at times.

My forms are usually disordered. This is how they perform. That's why it does me good to orientate myself on a regular object from time to time. I use a regular square, as I have done elsewhere. With such a one I compare the position of my limbs. Then I become aware of the position they take and can align myself better. It's all getting easier for me bit by bit. Also, my feeling for myself has already improved. It even gives me a connection to my body.

I add the given in works in a simple, gentle way. I paint fast, but I am also careful with the materials.


The task of painting

What makes the things of this existence? - I believe that you first have to determine whether something is even there. That will be the reason it appears. Only after one has checked this, does one consider the effect of the given.

A valence of the facts of a human existence is certainly given, although it should not be easy to state such a valence correctly. We need many attempts to do this before we have found a valid form of representation. We would like to follow this path of finding motifs. If we go to action, then it should also be about human existence. That's supposed to make an art!


Stability of the given

Accepting oneself as one appears and as one would be there, that should be good in the long run. There you learn something about yourself over time. You learn to pass it because you begin to believe in yourself. What else should be a problem for us then! - We have already acquired some keys to real happiness. We don't need anything else to tackle this life. Finally, we get to pot. This is gonna be good. In doing so we hope that we would not fall on our faces. But even here you can have luck.


To be in a phase of preparation for something, that would not have to be wrong. You can mobilize your forces in the process. Some good things come true.


An approach to people

Everyone wants to be treated with respect. We too want to experience something good from our fellow human beings. There we take part in some meetings with friends. A lot of things are said, but there is also laughter and a bit of balancing. There you make your plans, discuss them with the people present and look at your own. There will be something to do. Some tasks are given to us in this way.


Go to rest when you are tired.

Everything would be fine the way it is.


The moment and its course

Sometimes you wouldn't know where you stood. Then you alone will only be able to guess what the things that happen around you mean. But that would not be a sustainable state for us. That's why they want us to turn it off. Let us clarify the situation. Let's ask questions.



We look at people,

but we recognize them,

as if they were objects,

without an actual nature.

It's meant to be true.

However, there is a light in the eye,

a sound in your ear,

a sense of touch in a human being.

He has a preference in the shape of his taste

and a sense of smell.

They are all as animated as we are.

A realization comes to us.

There is something connecting with ourselves.

Some things dissolve in the melting pot of the unconscious,

other things are only now experiencing their design.

But that would not be unusual for us.



I am keeping silent with clear thoughts.

I do that to you from time to time.

This way you get more space for yourself.

Some things would be so unnecessary.


A provision

To make something clear to a second person with just a few words, that would be good. Why not try? - We'll soon find out if we're right. We are making progress because everything is speeding up a bit.

Beforehand, we imagined the conversation as it might turn out. In doing so, we have recognized some things that must lead to aberrations. We don't have to put up those. There we remember the right way. In case of doubt, we will also slow down the procedure a little bit. Then we will talk about these things in more detail. After all, they mean something. Our thoughts should be regular of their kind. This alone will create something that is in order.

Let us begin to perceive our actual basis for life as it already exists. Let's take a look at it to see if the potential conversation content will fit. A unity with the existing whole should embody what we want to choose. This would also have to be defined in terms of language. The spoken word is an essential part of this existence.


A Regulatory

An order of the given exists despite a change in the world. We acknowledge that the relative proportions of reality change, but we also know for sure that nature has its laws, which persist permanently. We recognize them as the all ordering entity. There it has something of its own, which gives it a wide range of responsibilities. But everything in this world has the same effect. A harmony of things continues to exist.


The tools chosen for a work of art also determine whether the result is suitable.