Pretension in everyday life

Every person brings a certain energetic constellation with him when he sets out on a journey and wants to fulfill a task. Certain thoughts go through his mind and he will certainly perceive such moments as he carries them with him.

Being aware of what is effective on us, we become familiar with what Schneider called the pretension. Before an event has occurred, we carry our own tensions without having even looked at the thing in question.

A bias should be a physical component of the human being. Therefore the notion of an expectation would not be applicable. It will not be a mental connotation alone, what caused it. There we take note of it, since it will be present with us. That is how it occurs and that is how it is to be heard.

Schneider thought that the question of how somebody is doing is approximately accompanied by an interest in the facts of an energetic constellation in humans. Of course, this may and can be so.

The more a person will be active in himself, i.e. the more he will try to initiate changes in himself, the more it will charge him. This increases his inner tension value. But such a tension will soon dissolve again. Then the well-known yo-yo effect occurs. It embodies a wonderful natural principle. Thanks to it, the different types of energy can exchange complementary energy in a certain rhythm. Therefore, a release is followed by a tension.


A neutral effect

The natural phenomena are usually concrete. This means that they have an effect and therefore occur. There the whole thing changes and remains nevertheless partly in such a way, how it was before also already.

What's that all about? - Well, an effect also occurs in a state of equilibrium. There one changes into the other in the same measure as the back-reaction is equivalent. One thinks that there will be no effect, but is wrong.

Starting from the assumption that a stabilization of a given situation will be favorable for the living organism, we willingly orient ourselves to follow our habits. There we have developed corresponding preferences for ourselves and we want to have them fulfilled. This is what makes the consistency of a person that he knows how to give himself what he needed.

Some have attributed a power to habit, others have even demonized it. But one man's joy is another's suffering.

If one comes to the insight that changing the circumstances of an existence can also be a habit, a key will be suitable to distinguish between different aspects of a habit. We will review our characteristics and evaluate them once in detail according to this point of view. Have our habits contributed something good to our permanence? - We should ask ourselves that question.

After we have established a certain routine for ourselves, how we would like to evaluate our habits, we may really grant them to our personality. They are a part of it and we want to accept it as it is. This would be a consciously chosen action. Its neutral character will continue to exist if we continue to leave it as it is.


Own and external resonances

The natural phenomenon of a resonance is in a certain way locally bound and sets a body in a natural oscillation due to its independence from its environment. We do not need to understand where it got the ability to do this, because nature simply brings this phenomenon with it. By nature, the author here means the materially existing world. (Prakriti) Its passive property makes it possible for it to appear. Meanwhile it retains this property, which explains its passivity.

A natural resonance is also regarded as a natural oscillation. It can have any frequency, as long as it fits the form and type of material expression of a substance.

An external resonance, on the other hand, is a resonance of another elementary in addition to the natural resonance. (According to the simplicity of the writing here, we refer to elementary and resonance-bearing bodies equivalently with both terms. Proof of the correctness of this would still have to be provided).


Focus on neutral elements

A person's capacity to act should be strengthened by preserving his or her constitution. That is why self-education aims at examining the constitution of a person in order to understand it. For this purpose empirical studies are applied to oneself. This means that by observing a person's actions, one can generate evaluable ideas about the values of a human constitution.

Meanwhile, we can either look at the active parts of existence that are subject to change, or we can understand the characteristics of the stable parts that are hardly accessible to change.

Usually we observe what is happening in a situation without having conscious thoughts. That is why it is easy for us to perceive the changes of a thing. But if we want to fathom the principle of a person's constitution, we also need knowledge about the hardly changing parts of this person.


An impact and its neutral counterpart

The part of life that is accepted by people as living shall be the moving one. But in the strict sense of the word there is no such portion which is moving and at the same time may be called living. It is rather the case that the quiet peace releases a power in man. It should be the relationship of the human being to its emanations, which brings about the resilience but also the mobility of a person.


The inner image and its reflection

A material-structural phenomenology has contained but also preserved life in the world. We currently refer to it as nature. We start from the state of reproduction, because the word 'natus' is contained in the term 'nature' in its passive declination. It means that one is born.

In this way, man has tried to understand life starting from himself. He is born, but what does that mean? - A partially small part of the human being, but of all people, the one who produces him biologically, has been passed on from life forever. This chain only breaks backwards, i.e. directed into the future, if it does so at all. There man has carried a treasure on himself, which he may raise to full bloom.


An unfairness of signs and indications

One should leave it to the augurs what will be readable at the flight of the birds. This is exactly how we humans should do it. We are guessing the right thing to do! - But he who keeps his thoughts ready for every prank, will fall for such a prank. To attach proofs for this seems to be obsolete.

If it has already been demanded of us that we bet our minds, then we should do so in a useful way. Here we speak of an overall situation in which a combination of the given has led to what has happened at the same time. What other than that has rightly endured?


The passive way of the mind

Man notices it in himself when he has understood something correctly. There he can think what he wants. That is true.


The active way of abstinence

At times the world has confused man. So he got up and left. He spoke with many other people because he met them on his ways. There the impressions connected with it have made him richer in experience. But the world has continued to retain its characteristics and has also had an effect on the existence of us humans. We are always behind the times when it comes to protecting ourselves from the world.

For this reason the sage abstains when others are crossed with each other. Without rewarding one, one cannot blame another. There he does not want to be like the world for which all this has come.

He thinks his part, or maybe he didn't do it. In any case, he too has not found a solution to the whole thing. That is why he has become wise, because he has kept his limits. Life has brought it for him without him doing anything else for it than all other people do.


Of the true greatness of a human being

Man exists as such in life thanks to his own greatness. However, some people measure this in centimeters. There it no longer has any proportion to itself.

But what should the greatness of a person be? Yes, what is the scale of human life? - After careful consideration, one can give a simple answer to this question. Man exists as a human being and otherwise not. The order of magnitude of his dimension is therefore the human. What we have regarded as humanity is what makes it what it is.


Qi-Gong or the art of activating a foreign resonance

The activation of an external resonance presupposes that we are silent. In silence we can communicate with the given. For this purpose we use the interfaces which really exist for it.

What kind of a radio operator's antennas are, with which he captures the signals of the environment and sends out his own signals to the environment, that is what the objects should be for an adept of Yoga in general. It should be of equal value to what appearance or what kind of object an object would be.

Objects move objects! - The so-called practitioner follows this principle and holds the sounding Qi Gong balls in his hands.

Their characteristic is a haptic but also a weight. We can also see them. In them there is a bell. Our movements make it sound.

Thus the Qi Gong ball is symptomatically the rightly given example of the essence of nature. Its appearance is that of a direct reaction.


Delete what you want

Many ways lead into the unknown, but only one way will be the right one.


The essence of resonance

Man collects experiences in life and evaluates them. In doing so, he must understand the essence of his own nature and keep it out of his concern for the given. Only then, when he has freed himself of who he is, does he see the truth of what is and is not there.

The same applies to the natural principle of resonance. Only when we have been quiet can we hear a calm around us.


Supply as a life principle

On a small scale, every single person is a creator of life-giving gifts. So we cook the food and make a meal. The action associated with this makes the human being. It determines over his fate whether he can do what is necessary or whether he would not be able to do it.


The foreign ego

Where there is light, there is also a shadow. This is how we humans have lived it, that we have been given a name. But this name originates from a wish and is supposed to shape our being. There remain further, in addition some shares in the human being. Such have sometimes not been placed so well by our parents as it might have been necessary for them.