A bias voltage

Every person brings with him a certain energetic configuration. It should be preserved by us. There we have recognized her, as she has already been with us. We have already had some experience with her. 

If a person wants to set out and contribute to society, he should realize how well equipped he is physically and mentally. That is where we draw a comparison with our fellow human beings. We want to be considered equal. 

There are certain thoughts that go through our minds. We don't want to be overly categorized. We have an interest in our cause. The fact that we didn't realize it right away didn't detract from that. We just went our own way. 


One effect

Natural phenomena are usually concrete and have forms. That is to mean that they have had an effect and therefore have occurred. There the one builds on the other. Something has become true by it. Meanwhile our picture of the whole has changed.



The natural phenomenon of a resonance is bound locally in a certain way and puts a body into natural oscillation. From where it gets the ability for it, we would not need to understand immediately already. We perceive it that the things know to move. They can also be moved.  

We would like to acknowledge a cause of it, because nature simply brings this phenomenon along. Consequently, such a natural phenomenon must also have existed.



A person's ability to act should be secured by his constitution. Therefore, all self-education aims at first understanding a person's constitution and securing it. 


An inner image

A phenomenology based on material-structural occurrences has comprehensively preserved the living in the world. With it we designate our nature as suitable. In it we occur. 

We try to understand life. For this purpose, we have given it a meaning. In doing so, we have made something true from which we can draw.



At times, man has behaved in such a way that he has gone astray for no reason. Then he got up and went away. He has talked to many people, but he has not found happiness. It did not come to him in this way. 



Style is the regular repetition of similar patterns of behavior. 

The recognition of an external resonance requires that we are quiet. In silence we can communicate. For this purpose we use the interfaces, which exist for it with us. 

What the antennas have been for a radio operator, with which he has caught the signals of the environment and has sent out own signals to the environment, the objects in general shall be for us. So we have regarded them. We have regarded them as suitable.

Only then, if we have been quiet enough, have we calmly recognized the given and heard something of what they have emitted. 


A foreign self

Without recognizing an original form of things, nothing could happen. Then it would not be clear to us what something meant.

Where there is light, there has also been shadow. Some of it we have found good, but others we have overlooked and neglected without need. We have been on the trail of the good and have always acknowledged something as soon as it has gained its weight with us.