A star for all times

Normally we indicate it,

which can provide orientation for us.

There you can see it

and have to digest it.

It condenses our sense.

We have not gotten around,

to say that we have heard it.

Oh, there are such gifts.

That is always in there.

But the many times,

to which people argue with each other,

have also brought with them their salary.

There it is dark in the night

and the day bright, right!

Which brings us the fulfillment,

that is what we make of it.

It is what you rely on,

but also what you are struggling for.

Offenburg, the 31.03.2020



The finiteness would be a power,

which gives man a conditionality.

So he soon possessed everything, but only for a short time.

Therefore he brings an action

against fate, without question.

But has it not been the same for all of us?

All people fear.

It is so sad, the one life.

Hardly anyone can forgive themselves.

There is hardly anyone who has anything better than this.

This is no fun.

Yes, because the sun can hardly shine every day,

we have to learn to deal with it.

Meanwhile it is so that such winds continue to blow,

many days go by,

Worlds disappear and worlds arise.

That's where it all comes down to.

Meanwhile life goes on,

all are at first still happy and cheerful.

But then, after a vain decline,

after an excess of forces and juices

we are seldom still in good spirits,

it extinguishes the embers in us.


So everything about us seems to be finite,

with a serious and depressed expression,

we are here shadow seeking, rest and love

become grey year after year.


The endlessly finite

Existence is so mellow.

I crawled into the dark of the night,

it is filled with loose finiteness.

When is it finally the time for me

to stand up,

to see a light

and not to go down anymore?


Basic confidence

Priority One in life is to forgive your enemies.

Only then, when it has happened, do you feel who you are.

One preparation for life is to forgive one's enemies.

The big enemy inside should be your first concern.

To the same extent as he seduces you, he is controlled by you.

So one day you will seek that peace that you also have to strive for.

If you control yourself in this way, you will be happy again.

Thus you have finally achieved that your existence is like you again.

Be stirred, this is my word, that a blessing may move you.

Exist here, in this place, and be no longer stupid.

So all that you are will be enough for you.

There you can finally begin to achieve your own peace.

What comes next is called 'Happy End', a film that will soon be over.

You have long since fallen asleep there, have peace and quiet here in the house.

Oh light of life, you urge me to renounce, and have the face of Fortune in the process.

Strange, sometimes you are so close to us and then again not.

Offenburg, the 05.10.2018