In memory of

A natural phenomenon should be good for being recognized by people as what it is. It will be a natural phenomenon. As such it serves all that which has come forth from it. The cat did not hurt itself when it bit its tail, but rather played with itself. The fact of its manner of dealing with itself as it does has made it the very being it embodies.

In analogy, nature also has its being. Thus no illness shall be anything else but a necessary reaction to an event. Then the death of an existence would be nothing else but a last fulfillment of the living in us. There we can spurn the effects of a human civilization or appreciate them. It is up to us to determine our path.

However, a climatic response to humans and their technologies has nothing more than the characteristics of a disease in itself. Man can use his reason and clear up his behaviour and leave the given as it is. Whether we have understood what right action means for mankind will certainly determine the possibilities of our existence. There we will get back exactly what we have earned in return. Of course it should be impossible to make this a condition. Frankly, we have been given life. In such a life we lead it for our own reasons. Therefore it is we who have made this world subject, because we have always been completely responsible for our actions and being.

No consciousness has been given to man simply as a gift. We will not be human beings without reason. So the circle has been closed for the time being. How we get along with it, that should be our business. We are here to acknowledge our existence as it is.


An order of the given is natural. So it occurs and so it has an effect.


The one who wants to say something with his words that is also to be of value for others, keeps to the truth of his life.


Simple tasks clarify the natural ways of a person.


Then, when I am faced with the choice of taking the full or the empty glass, I sometimes take neither. Thus I do not solve the problems of other people when they have spoken foolishly. They almost certainly laugh at me then. Meanwhile their boomerang flies exactly to where they threw it.

The fact that I knew how to withdraw would not change the fact that they acted reprehensibly.



Whatever I can do, I do it whenever possible,

as soon as a good opportunity has arisen.

You have to create them for yourself.

I do not use any additional tools for this.

So I did nothing for it,

that something will be true which it has not been.

When it has come to this point,

that I did need an aid once,

then I'll just get it.

Something will have remained for me.


Pulsating vitality

A moment of concentration exists,

but the spirit of a human being would not be permanently banished.

Nobody can afford it.

No one has the necessary reason to do so,

to hurt so much.


To be in a phase of preparation for something significant for life need not be wrong. You can clarify your powers and examine the true circumstances. Many a good thing will be able to come into being that is able to exist of its own accord.


Durability of the given

To accept yourself as you are and as you would be, that should be good in the long run. With time, you learn something about yourself. You learn to pass it because you begin to believe in yourself. We should get used to that. What else should therefore be true for us than a constancy of the given? - In this way, we have already acquired some keys to actual happiness in life. There we no longer need any additional things to approach life. Finally we come to trick with what we have. There everything will be something good. Therefore, we hope that we would not fall too much on our nose with what we have been given. But even in this case one can have luck. Some people have experienced this.


When you grow, grow towards the sky. If you thrive, then thrive from the root.


An approach to people

Everyone wants to be treated with respect. We also want to experience something good from our fellow men. That is why we participate in some meetings with friends. There is a lot of talking, but there is also laughter and a bit of balancing. There you make your plans, discuss them with the people present and look at your own. There will be something to do. Some tasks are given to us in this way.


Go to rest when you are tired.

Everything would be just fine as it is now.



We look at the people,

Recognize them however primarily alone only in such a way,

as if they were objects.

But no one will be without an actual nature.

There the human being appears to us finally in such a way,

as it is.

This is supposed to be so true.

There is a light in the eye,

a sound in the ear,

a feeling in the touch of a person.

He has a preference in the form of his taste

and also a sense of smell.

Everyone is as inspired as we are.

There is a realization within us.

There is something connecting with us,

but also some things dissolve in the melting pot of the unconscious in us.

Others are only now experiencing their design.

But this would not be unusual for a human being.



To keep silent with clear thoughts,

I do that with you from time to time.

So you get more space for yourself.

Many other things would be so superfluous.


The moment and its course

Sometimes you did not know where you stood. Then you alone will only be able to guess what the things that happen around you mean. But that would not be a sustainable state of affairs for us in the long run. That is why we should turn it off. Let us clarify the situation. Let us ask questions.

A right thought

Something smaller stabilizes the larger.

Something smaller reinforces the larger.

The smaller causes the larger in this way.

It will therefore be noteworthy that it is there.

The larger is made up of smaller things.

The whole of it forms an order.


Simple necessities

Carried by impulses, we are kept on the path of life or thrown out of it. Then sometimes there are situations to which we have to give ourselves a jolt in order to get back on the right path. This is what we should do, because otherwise something can happen that nobody wants to experience.


Freedom of choice of a person

The existence as a human being has been given to us by life. There are certain things firmly connected with it, which we all want to acknowledge. There we also have a certain freedom of movement for ourselves, which is conditioned by a responsibility for us. No one lives the life of another or in our place. If we have made nothing of what is given to us, we will go away empty-handed. But if we have done something wrong, we will also be held accountable for it by our fellow men. This is what the law wants, which will be perfectly in order. Its existence endures.


What you have already received, you have once set up for yourself. Your path follows the guidelines. So you will hardly have to lose what you still have left.



It would not be the all-decisive question that has brought us something. We should also find out where it came from. Why do we have today what is ours? Is there any truth in all this? Would not every living being be entitled to the same? - This is the way I imagine nature to be.



The hare jumps over the field.

He's so fast, he can't get the money in the world

for it,

the poor animal.

However he runs, jumps and hopps nevertheless




Many a one has struggled hard during his existence. Truly, life would not always be easy to take. But one has to make it as hard as it really is at any time. Then a progress becomes reality and the given is enough. The goal of a person's life should not be misunderstood.



Then, when you have been looking for the needle in the haystack, you would do well not to bring the hay to people as straw. It will not be a good food source for the cattle. It will also not be a good source of extra food for you. Although the haystack will get smaller, you will hardly find all the needles.

But it is mean when you throw such needles into someone's hay. The cattle die from it. Besides, the one who fed it gets a bad reputation.

Basically, he will have to burn the hay to prove that such needles were present. This makes it a little easier to find them and they are hardly overlooked. The ashes will contain them. But at the same time he will lose the food for his cattle. So he becomes poor and suffers many hardships.



The sirens sound sweet. Tricky is their nature. Undreamt-of forces set it free. The chains become heavier with every time you feel them.

Defend yourself against their word. Overrule it. But you would not succeed against the whispering. Therefore make use of the thing, take care of the language. But you will still get to feel the chains. Of course, it is better, you know about it. Whether there is a way out for you, that still receives attention before you.

Hear every movement of your mind. Acknowledge every thought. So you can soon put it right. Shake the weight of the chains from you. Do not let yourself be pulled down into a gorge. Resist that you become a stranger to yourself.


The beginning of the given

If we stand at the beginning of our own things, they also appear to us in a special light.

Everything else will be delayed a little bit,

that we let it stop us,

because it impresses us.

But such a pause makes a person.


Some things are rightly predetermined for us because of certain occurrences in existence. Man would not be able to escape from that which has conditioned him. A valid constellation of things should continue to exist. Once man has recognized them, he may perhaps orient himself to such knowledge.


The favorable is the good

In what way do we humans act? Is what we are doing right? How can we find a task in existence for ourselves, which one really suits us? Which question will make it clear to me what I want to do and what I can really do?

How should I deal with such questions, which sometimes just came up to me?


To do a thing right, you should do it in the first place. That way you will find out where you stand with your things. If that would not be enough to do something good, what you do, then you should do it better next time. Make it clear to yourself that this will be something possible.


Man is a part of the earth. His independence from it has still not been proven in the long run.


Man has a part in humanity. If there is a radiation, which emanates from a field, then these will be the relations between us humans. Humans radiate alone only on humans. Every living being is a dimension in itself.


Who, if not me, will be responsible to determine that my life force is sufficient for existence? Why should I not monitor it? What, if not the fact that I am trying to do so, would rightly determine my existence as a human being?


Just so that the head finally sits straight again on the neck, it should be worth to behave righteously.


The given words are to be understood. That shall be our task. For this purpose we have to illuminate them. Thus it happens that we recognize their value for us. Without hearing an inner light in oneself, no conception of the given can take place. If we first feel it, what is there, then this also presupposes that there is something that feels. What is that? Yes, who are we? - Some liveliness of the spirit comes from its questions.


You would not get freedom if you demanded it from others for yourself. You have to know how to take a freedom in order to really possess it. But what one must first give you, so that you can use it for yourself, that can be withheld just as easily from you. Basically, you will be blackmailable by others as long as you are not able to draw a consequence for yourself from the fact that it is you who is important.


What is the point of not expecting anything from your own life? - The fate of a man is also shaped by him.


The movement of the Enlightenment reaches its limits where nothing has retained its validity.



A basic requirement for a successful hour of work on one's own work would be and remains the prior washing of the body and a cleansing of the environment provided for it. There we arrange it well.


Even a smaller heart feels the refreshment of a good deed faithfully.


To bear the yoke of life is stupid. But the world belongs to the most stupid. I do not want to go away empty-handed at all.


You can do everything or do nothing. There would be nothing in between. Basically, you can leave it at that.


The right moment

I give myself seven seconds

for one breath,

for a posture,

for one seat.

If this has led to nothing,

I'll let it go.


Verse I.

Sea and wind,

Light and shadow.

They give you a lot of free space in your thoughts.

The crash of the waves rushes against the rock with a roar.

Tirades of water sparks spray.

Imagine that,

you are able to understand it.

Clarity and fullness,

Richness and soul.

All this happens there.

Maybe you think that this is nothing, but it means liveliness.


This is 'trippy'.

Hidden is the light in darkness.

If you close your eyes, you perceive it.

Hold your breath for now,

something will be created,

what there is.

With closed mouth you sit there

and are.

In doing so, you draw everything on yourself and you come forward.

So you keep still,

and it preserves what is already given to you.

Then you let it go again

and it happens.

Soon it will be true,

that something is about to emerge.

That's how it exists.

You recognize that and you are there.

This is how you get yourself

with something.



The first thing I can do is if I would have nothing to say and know nothing. Then I will speak of what will be there, and in the meantime make do with that person who meets me.

A second one I can do when the gods have forgotten me, I am alone and no more hope has come to me. Then I speak to the people and would not insist on my actual view.

A third one I can do when the anger has hit me and I should be punished. Then I ennoble my behavior so that no guilt hits me unnecessarily.

I can do a fourth one, if they put my joints in fetters. I then sing the sage so that the fetters are broken and I walk again under the heavens.

A fifth I can do, although it has not been anything of importance. I speak freely of my existence and grab my foot in the process.


The destiny

If reality is one,

that can exist,

why does a change in the world persist?

What has remained with us?

Do I always have to bow to what I have just given?

What should become of me then,

if I once have a corresponding hump?

What has improved as a result?


The true value

No matter if it is cold or warm,

The main thing would be water.

No matter whether it is near or far,

The main thing would be fire.

No matter whether it is light or heavy,

The main thing would be air.

No matter whether it is rich or dull,

The main thing would be earth.


On the nature of man

A prerequisite for finding a truth about human existence will be for the skeptic the vision of error about the given facts of a life. There he can justifiably express his doubt about what is spoken and point out the weaknesses of the human spirit. There they will occur and thus they are to be treated. Many a true word will be spoken there, if one does it right. There the skeptic has contributed something to this. But a structure of the given exists or it has not existed. Some things have already been formed by us with words and some things would not be so. But both states of a representation of such facts have appeared to us and occur there. Therefore we must know how to take them into account in our view of things.

By virtue of the nature of his intellect, man develops a reason and recognizes the limits of his existence. There his mind sometimes loses itself in imponderables, but sometimes it excludes these also in itself and reflects on what is known to it. On this he builds his own basis for life. In this way, every human being learns to make use of his mind only little by little. The simpler the things in our own lives seem to be, the better we can handle them.

What we have correctly recognized of our difficulties with life, that dissolves with us as soon as possible. All the problems that once arose at earlier times in our lives will disappear. Soon we will be free of them. So the happiness of a person's life will also be found in the continuity of his talents. What has been a burden to us before, we have now become free of it and can finally devote ourselves to the better sides of this existence again. Thus we coin our knowledge to one that will serve ourselves. All of a sudden, our happiness is there and no one has been harmed by the fact that it has become true.

Some things we arrange in the same way and thus receive something of value that can be placed in front of us in a material way. There it becomes an example for us and can be used by us to accomplish further things, which are as they are. Thus we have begun to understand the meaning of our own work. We draw the good from the example of the good and find something to complement it. In this way the given expands. An area is created that can make life a beautiful one. Here, dealing with benign things becomes an indication of our future moments in life and can mark out our path in life. In this way we have added the given as we know how to preserve it. What is welcome to us, we share with our fellow men and thus create a space for our actual peace.

All the greatness of a human being, meanwhile, has carried two components in itself. Each person is equally worth the one. The other will let us mature as soon as we have recognized the first-mentioned component for true. There the greatness will appear internalized in us and man will receive his depth. Thus he will be ready for many a joy and experience a corresponding existence as it is really given to him.

Meanwhile, all this has not been exhausted. On the contrary, it should be true that every representation of the given frees and can make clear both the rooms of the clergyman and his doors and gates. There the spirit of man will no longer be to be seen without an area intended for it. If we first create the accesses to a human consciousness for him, he will also stop there and strengthen himself by what he can find there.

Thus man experiences his existence. There the sky has regained its timberwork and seems secure. The familiar is understandable to us, everything else we have seen as imponderable. There it eludes us and we certainly still could not deal with it as it is. So we await the day that tomorrow may already bring us a stock of what we have seen today. In the course of dealing with the given, we expand our knowledge of what has corresponded to the order to which the given belongs.

Thanks to man's attention to the order of things, he finds his access to the given. There also such a light fills man as it appears in the daytime. Admittedly, he has not bumped into the fact that it has happened. It is to be the gentle and good that is experienced by him in this way. As the light appeared to us, so it has also pleased us. There its benignity appears again. This should endow us with many a special moment. Let us become aware of such a moment. Many a good thing can be divined by us in this way, as soon as we have assumed what it has shown us. There we add the given to the known and thus fulfill the actual happiness in life for life itself. There man finally corresponds to himself, because he has recognized the nature of a human existence and continues to listen faithfully to it.

All of a sudden it seems to be true that there are still possibilities for man to realize his dreams. The fact that he has experienced them makes him realize the meaning of what life is worth. So he willingly makes sure that his future will be one that is fully deserving of this designation.

This is how we take the bread, this is how we drink from the water. With each good thought with us we learn again to strengthen ourselves a little and to get a suitable condition from us.


I only want to celebrate when I have reached my goal. Until then there would still be a lot to do.