Sometimes it is enough to know those guides for a form that have determined them to find a good path for themselves. 


The constant man

During a short conversation about the consumption of coffee and cigarettes, I once made the following statement. An effect of those substances contained in these consumer goods has always been to understand in addition to the vitality of a person. A health of a human being could not be better than it already is, and it could not be made better. 

There people's ideas about the properties of those agents have always deceived us a lot. Their effects sometimes please us, but they have also burdened our health in some ways. 

Without their intervention, one soon ceased to exist. Everything that one has achieved through the consumption of substances has led to a dependence on such a consumer good. But this has released a weakening of the person as a consequence. Those who are always greedy have clearly lost their quality of life as a result.


I am the

I want to go one way. That is what I am talking about now, that I want to do that. So I make such a thing true. But only after that I will experience a condition. First I must have done something before an experience of it can arise in me. 

As a rule, it has done me good to be active. Through this I can participate in something that is happening. From it I have mostly something good, because I have performed the things in such a way that they have also been fair to me. 



In memory of 

A natural phenomenon is supposed to be good for something. It wants to be recognized by people as the one it is. A natural phenomenon nobody has been able to bypass. There she occurs rightly, as she is given to certain situations. As such a part of the nature she stands in connection with everything from what she has come out. 

A cat did not hurt itself when it bit its tail, but rather played with itself in the process. The fact that cats sometimes deal with themselves in this way is said to have made it one.

By analogy, I see all those behaviors that a human nature has brought with it as something good.


An order of the given is supposed to be true by itself. This is how it occurs and this is how it has an effect.


The one who wants to say something with his words that should be of value to others, keep to the truth of his life.


Simple tasks clarify a person's natural ways and provide insight into their behavior.


Then, when given the choice of taking the full glass or the empty glass, I sometimes took neither. That's not at all where I solve other people's problems. 



What I can do, I have done to the best of my ability, 

as soon as a good opportunity has arisen for me to do so.

You have to create such for yourself.

I don't need any tools for that.

I didn't do anything for it,

that something will be true, if it has not already been so by itself.

If it then came to that, 

that I needed a tool after all,

then I'll just get it.

Something will have remained for me after all.


Pulsating life force

A moment of concentration exists with me, 

but the spirit of a man would not be permanently banishable.

No one can afford such a thing.

None possessed the requisite reason to do so, 

to hurt themselves so much. 


To be in a phase of preparation for something significant for one's life would not have to be anything wrong. Thereby, one can clarify one's forces and look at the true conditions of one's nature. Many good things will then be able to happen to us. It should be of such a nature that it is able to exist by itself.


Consistency of the given

To accept oneself as one has been and is should be good in the long run. In the process, one has learned something about oneself over time. You have learned to stand your ground because you have begun to believe in yourself. We should get used to the fact that there are many good opportunities for us to take such paths. What else should be true for us than a constancy of the given? - We have already acquired some keys to happiness in this way in this life. This has not needed any additional things to approach life. 

Once we come to Streich with what we have, then we are also fine with it. There everything should be something good. That's why we hope to be able to deal with our things again. But we also know a failure of us. That is why we take into account that we can also fall. Let's not fall too much! - But even in this case some have been lucky.


When you grow, you grow toward heaven. When you thrive, you thrive from the root.


An approach to the human being

Everyone wants to be treated with respect. We also want to experience something good in our dealings with our fellow human beings. We have taken part in many meetings with friends. We have talked about many things, but we have also laughed and eaten. Sometimes we have cooked up something. We made plans, discussed them with the people present and looked at our own way. 


Go to rest if you are tired.

Everything should come into order as it is now.



We look at the people,

but have recognized them alone only in this way,

as if these were objects.

However, no one is said to have been without a nature.

That's what we thought. 

There man finally appears to us as one.

That should be true.

There is a light in the eye.

A sound is in the hearing,

A sense of touch will be found in a person's sense of touch.

He has a preference in the form of his taste. 

Something he perceives.

With this, all other people are as animated as we are.

With us therefore a thought goes up. 

There is something about us that connects with us.

But some things have also dissolved in the crucible of unconscious things with us.

As a result, we first let it go and lost it. 

Other things have only now found their validity before us.



To be silent about my thoughts, 

I make true from time to time. 

So you got more space for yourself

and convinced me.


The moment and its course

Sometimes you have not known where you are with your things. Then you alone will only be able to guess what they meant. But that was not a sustainable condition for us in the long run. That's why we put a stop to such things as soon as possible. Let's just clarify the situation. Let's ask questions about it.


A right thought

Something smaller has stabilized the larger.

Something smaller has reinforced the larger.

The smaller conditions something larger in this way.

It is therefore worth noting that it happened.

Something bigger is made up of smaller things.

The whole of it forms an order with us.



We are carried by impulses. We are kept on our path in life by these impulses. From time to time, there have been situations in which we have given ourselves a jolt so that we have once again found the right path for us. 


Freedom of choice of a person

Being human has been given to us through life. Some things are firmly connected with it, which we have to recognize all together. There we have alone only a small freedom for us to own. It is moreover limited by a responsibility for us. 

No one has led anyone else's life or ours. If we have not made something of it ourselves, we must come up empty. 


What you have received, you have also achieved. Nothing has been in vain. This default follows your way. So you will hardly have to lose what is still given to you from it now.



It would not be the all-important question of which action has brought us something good. We should also find out where such a thing comes from and who has to do without it.



A hare hops across the field.

He's so fast, but he doesn't get any money in the world for it.

The animal still runs, jumps and hops.


Many a person has struggled hard during their existence. Probably, life has not always been easy to take. 



Then, if you've been looking for a needle in a haystack, you'd do well not to put the hay out there as straw right now. It will not be a good source of food for the cattle. Moreover, it will not be a good source of extra income for you. Although this will reduce the size of the haystack, you will hardly find all the needles. 

But it is mean to throw such needles into someone's hay. 

Basically, he will have to burn the hay to prove that such needles were present in it. That way, they're a little easier to find, and they're unlikely to be overlooked. The ashes will contain them. However, at the same time he loses the fodder for his cattle. There he becomes poor and suffers some misery.



The sirens purr sweetly. Tricky is their nature. Unimagined forces set further free. The chains become heavier with every time they are felt.

Resist their word. Put it out of force. But against the whispering you would not come. Therefore I make use of the thing, I accept the language. But you will still get to feel the chains. Of course, it is better that you know about it. Whether there is a way out for you, that experiences so still attention before you.

Hear every movement of your sense. You recognize every thought. So you can soon fix it. Shake the weight of the chains from you. Do not let yourself be pulled down into a maw. Resist that you become a stranger to yourself.


The beginning of the given

If we stand at the beginning of our own things, they also appear to us in a special light.

Everything else will be somewhat delayed as a result,

that we let it stop us,

because it impresses us.

Such pausing makes a person.


Some things are rightly given for us because of certain occurrences in the existence. The human being would not be able to escape from that what has conditioned him. A valid constellation of the things should persist. Once man has recognized it, he will perhaps align himself according to such knowledge.


The cheap is the good

In what way do we human beings act? Does it happen rightly what we do there? How can one find for oneself a task in existence that suits one? Which question will make clear to me what I want to do and what I can do? 

How should I deal with such questions, which sometimes just came up to me?


To do a thing right, you should do it in the first place. In this way, one will get to know where one stands with one's things. If that would not be enough to something good, what one does, then one should do it better next time. One makes clear to oneself that this will be something possible.


Man is a part of the earth. His independence from it still cannot be proved in the long run.


Man is part of mankind. If there is a radiation which emanates from a field, then it will be the relations between us people. Humans radiate alone only on humans. Every living being is a dimension by itself.


Who, if not me, will be responsible for determining that my life force is sufficient for existence? Why should I not monitor it? What if the fact that I tried to accomplish it induced my existence as a human being?


Just so that the head finally sits straight on the neck again, it should be worth something to behave righteously.


The given words are to be understood. That should be our task. For this we have to illuminate them. Thus it happens that we recognize their value for us. Without hearing an inner light in oneself, no understanding of the given can take place. If we first feel it, what is there, then this also presupposes that there is something that feels. What is that? Yes, who are we? - Some liveliness of the spirit stems from its questions.


You will receive freedom when you have demanded it for yourself from others. You have to take a freedom in order to possess it. But what must be given to you first, so that you use it for yourself, will be withheld from you.


What is the point of expecting nothing from your own life? - After all, a person's lot will also be shaped by him.


The movement of enlightenment reaches its limit where nothing has retained its existence.



A basic condition for the execution of a successful hour of the work on the own work would be and would remain the previous washing of the body and a purification of the environment intended for it. There we arrange it well.


A small heart also feels the feeling faithfully.


To endure the yoke of life is stupid. But the world belongs to the stupidest. I don't want to go empty-handed at all.


You can do everything or do nothing. In between there are many gradations. Everything has its sphere.


The right moment

I give myself seven seconds for a breath, for a posture, for a sit.

If that didn't lead to anything, I'll let it go.


Verse I.

Sea and wind,

Light and shadow.

They give you some space in your thoughts.

The waves crash against the rocks with a roar.

Tirades of water spray the spray.

Imagine that,

you are able to understand something.

Clarity and fullness, 

Wealth and soness.

All of this occurs there.

Even if you think that this is nothing, it still means liveliness.


This is 'trippy

Hidden is the light in darkness. 

If you close your eyes, you perceive it.

Hold your breath while doing this for now,

something will emerge,

what there is.

With your mouth closed you sit there

and are.

In doing so, you draw everything to yourself and come forward.

That's how you keep still, 

and something preserves itself to you what is already given to you.

Then you let go of it again

and something happens.

Soon after that will be true,

that something is about to emerge.

That's how it is.

You recognize that and you are there.

That's how you feel, too.



First, I can be if I had nothing to say and knew nothing. 

Then I will speak of what has been there, and meanwhile content myself with that person who meets me.

A second one I can do if the gods have forgotten me, I am alone and no hope has arisen with me.

Then I talk to people and would not insist on my actual view. 

I can do the third if wrath has struck me and I am to be punished. 

Then I ennoble my behavior so that no guilt hits me unnecessarily hard.

The fourth I can do if they put my joints in shackles. 

I sing the way so that the shackles are broken and I walk again among the heavens.

A fifth I can, although it has been nothing of significance. 

I speak freely of my existence while grabbing my foot.


The fate

If reality is one that can exist, I ask myself a question.

Why does change persist in the world?

What has endured before us?

Do I have to bow to circumstances all the time?

What will become of me then? 

Doesn't this give me a hump?

What has already improved for me by acknowledging my destiny?


One value

No matter if it's cold or warm,

The main thing would be water.

Whether it's near or far,

The main thing would be fire.

No matter if it is light or heavy,

The main thing would be air.

Whether it is rich or dull,

The main thing would be earth.


On the nature of a man

A prerequisite for finding a truth about the human existence will be for the skeptic to see the error about the given facts of a life. There he can justifiably raise his doubt about what is said and point out the weaknesses of the human mind. There they will occur and thus they are to be treated. Many a true word is spoken there, if one does it right. There the skeptic has contributed something. But a structure of the given exists or it did not exist. Some things have already been formed by us with words and some would just not be. But both states of a representation of such facts have appeared to us and occur there. Therefore we must also consider them with our view of the things. 

The power of the nature of his mind develops a reason and man recognizes the boundary lines of his existence. There his spirit loses itself sometimes in imponderables, sometimes, however, he excludes these with himself and reflects on what is known to him. On this he builds his own basis for life. Thus every human being learns to make use of his mind only little by little. The simpler the things of our own life seem to be, the better we can handle them. 

What we have correctly recognized from our difficulties with life, that dissolves with us as soon as possible. All the problems that once arose in earlier times of our life will disappear. We will soon be free of them. Thus, the happiness of a person's life will also be found in the continuation of his talents. What we were burdened with before, we are now free of and can finally devote ourselves again to the better sides of this existence. Thus we coin our realization into one that will serve ourselves. There our luck has experienced all at once continuance and nobody has taken a damage from the fact that it has become true. 

Some things we shape in the same way and thus obtain something of value, which can be put before us in a material way. There it becomes an example for us and can be used by us to accomplish further things that are like it. Thus we have begun to understand that meaning of our own work. We draw the good from the example of the good and find something that is complementary to it. In this way the given expands. An area is created that can make life a beautiful one. There, the present preoccupation with benign things becomes an indication of our future moments in life and can prefigure our path in life. In this way, we have joined something given as we know how to receive it. What is welcome to us from it, we share with the fellow human beings from us and thus create a space for our actual peace. 

The greatness of a person, meanwhile, has two components attached to it. Every person is worth the same, is supposed to be one. The other will let us mature, as soon as we have recognized the first-mentioned component for true. There the greatness will appear internalized in us and the human being will receive his depth. Thus he will be ready for many a joy and experience a corresponding existence as it is given for him.

Meanwhile, the good has not exhausted itself. It should be true that any representation of the given will release and make clear both the spaces of the spiritual and its doors and gates. There the spirit of man will be seen in an area intended for him. Once we create the accesses to a human consciousness for him, he will also enter there and strengthen himself by what he finds there. 

There man experiences his existence. Heaven has regained its framework and seems safe. To us the known is understandable, everything else we have regarded as imponderable. There it eludes us. We can certainly deal well with it as it is. Thus we expect the day, which will bring tomorrow perhaps already a continuance of it for us, what we have seen today. In the course of dealing with the given, we expand our knowledge of what corresponds to the order. It should be what determines the way of our dealing with the whole. 

Thanks to a turning of the man to the order of the things he probably soon finds an access to the given. There also such a light fills the man as it appears of the day. It should be the gentle and good of it, what becomes experiencable so for him. As the light has appeared to us, so it has pleased us. There its goodness appears again. That should prepare a special moment for us. We become aware of such a moment. Many a good thing can be guessed by us as soon as we have assumed what it has shown us. There we add the given to the known and thus fulfill the actual happiness in life for life itself. There man finally corresponds to himself, because he has recognized the nature of a human existence and continues to listen to it faithfully. 

All of a sudden it seems to be true that there are still possibilities for man to realize himself in life. The fact that he has experienced this makes him realize the importance of what life is worth. He willingly commits himself so that his future will be one that rightly deserves this name.

Thus we take the bread to ourselves, thus we drink from the water. With every good thought with us, we learn again to strengthen ourselves and maintain a suitable condition of us. 


I was only pleased when it became noticeable that I had come significantly closer to my goal. Until then, there was still a lot for me to do.



If you're in the basement emotionally, you have to make sure you don't stay there too long.