Value structure


The true and its value

Based on the assumption that for each thing there is an actual state which determines its properties, we can recognize and assign the given. There we will be aware of it as soon as we have fixed our focus on it.

In the usually given state of consciousness as a human being, blurriness prevails over clarity and makes the given disappear, because it blurs before our eyes. There it seems as if it would not be there. Only then, when we start to search for the object, do we activate ourselves to the extent that we consider it possible what is there. But still we have not seen or perceived it.

Visually, we can look at such an object at any time, provided that it has appeared to us in the right light. However, the blurriness of our perception is still present and prevents the perceived from being tangible.

Without focusing on what one wants to look at, we can hardly succeed in getting the desired view of such an object. This is where we need an alignment from us. It will also be necessary for the visual view of the given.

So now we have to set up an alignment. The question of how we do something should be the deciding factor for us. But there would be nothing to say about that, unless one wanted to use occult practices. Our view of the given lets a veil fall over it. As a rule, we are happy to share our thoughts, but often leave the imponderable in the dark. Knowing that each person approaches things in his or her own way, we ourselves become witnesses of an event without having to factually determine such variable characteristics that are required to see the given. It is enough for us that we are seeing eyes. There we would willingly concede the same to other people.


A cosmos in the whole

Whoever, like me, follows an uncompromising path will experience many different things. Their sum will be finite. It will grow steadily and yet remain what it is. There it retains this quality too, and still remains finite.

The path without shortening provides us with a moment when we are enriched with experience. It is important because it allows us to find and perceive more of the whole than would otherwise be the case. There it equips the human being. Many a ray of hope will succeed in this way. Many things appear and everything also experiences its weight. Thus it receives its true meaning for us.

How much easier it is for man with his life if he can recognize the meaning of things! - All perception of the given is also like this and therefore appears in a true way. An evaluation of the value of things succeeds well in such a structure. But only a few things need to be considered by us, because everything has happened as it appears to us.

To start now an evaluation of such things, I would like to point out, that the picture of a world from a human point of view becomes more complete bit by bit. Whoever has not shied away from experiences, makes some. There he can understand something of it, which already conditioned him. It can be assigned, what this makes for him.


A completeness of the given

Everything we know, we trace back to a reason. We establish such a reason as an experience and think we understand something about it. This is how structurally distinct clusters emerge in the space of a reflection. We would like to get an idea of this. Such occurrences sometimes take on a monolithic size and are devoid of any connection to the surrounding good. There they appear isolated and standing on their own.

The cloud of consciousness contains some of these chunks. We recognize in them manifestations of our experience, because their substance represents a unity caused by the actual concern of us. But such an order will only be complete when it is no longer separated from the surrounding realm. There, besides the structure of a substance, there will also be some other formations to be recognized, which can have an effect and therefore must be of importance. There everything will appear on its own and has such an order of magnitude.

A completeness of what is given is examined by the person in order to strengthen himself. There he wants to understand what he can find. But what is to be found, that is hazy. It has carried all parts of the given in itself, and yet would not be to be understood otherwise than as an event. There it is permeated by order, what we find, but in no way makes it perceptible in a simple way. But this corresponds to the basic state of things.

There the human being goes over to create simple constructs. With their help he can establish the basic principles and preserve them as simple phenomena. A search for this is done with models. Such emanations are only found, however, when they can be preserved in their embodiment. For this purpose they must be created. This is done by freeing them, through them all redundancy is set free. There we detach the arbitrary from the given.

What a surveyor needs are models that can be reproduced. On the basis of such models, he can create a tissue within a certain framework, which resembles a network. For this purpose, he has arranged triangles, squares and circles and can scale such objects. These should be the basic models of a geometrician, thanks to which he can determine the orders of magnitude in space. The basic forms of sphere, cube and pyramid thus become known to him.

These should be the three units, thanks to which we can measure the given. As their form is known because it results from a reproduction of the always same value, we can recognize such a value also by this. There it is finally given. Thus ends every speculation about the value to be determined.

Since we humans are in space, we think of ourselves in the same way. However, there are also other views on this. I would like to have them mentioned. To see a person as part of a room means to banish him. He would be nothing there. Since we live, we can escape the fact that we have been nothing. But then what will be true? - This is where some speculation comes in and yet, due to its nature, makes everything impossible. That which is completely given is there and nothing more. There it also has an effect, no matter whether we have recognized it or not. A reality needs no man, but man needs reality. Because of it he gets along with his life, as soon as he has conformed to it. There it will be of value what he is concerned with.


The void as a model and its base size

Starting out from a world of phenomena, man is supposed to find himself in it and see the essence of it. There he can perceive something of what it is. That will be all that is to be utilized by him for his own cause. He will soon recognize it. It is to this that he attaches his task in life. There it has received a finite form through us. To this we correspond with our doing.

Let's take a look at the pot from which we have drawn our own good. This will be a whole emptiness, within which the given emanates itself and becomes understandable to us. Like lightning it forms itself and only becomes a substance afterwards. The flash of inspiration thus becomes a material form and appears as an idea before our eyes through the created object. This is how a work of art is created. It stands there and is. There we train our handling of it.

We assume a basic size for the whole of what can be created by us. Since we have set it up in such a way that the given fits us well, the base size will also have to be assumed in this way. Thanks to it, the given can be reproduced. The determination of such a unit should be made. There it becomes a template. Because of its nature, the unity of the work can be ensured.

There we form them ourselves on the basis of the good we have entered. This should be a standardization for us. Naturally, it should be possible to attribute to us what we have created there. Whoever does it like us also reaches the same goal. There we recognize the uniformity of the proportion of the whole. The proportions occur in this way, they determine a value for us. There such a value will be at last determinable.

A value can be given, because it occurs. For this purpose it must be derived from the given. But to create something given was not possible. There every model of the given appears as an event. It is an arbitrary property, what can be embodied by it. But arbitrariness has not created anything of value. There we gladly reject it. What should we be able to do with such a standard banana? - The cucumbers are also such, no matter how they appeared. There we pimp the events and yet we have achieved nothing with them. So we hurry back to the void, in order to fix something of what we needed.

For this we would not need to stand up, for this we would not need to rise. An emptiness exists for every form of us. There it will be of fundamental importance for the thing inscribed in us. We would like to do justice to it. Nothing has happened there, because we have poured out ourselves in overzealousness. But this should be the starting point for the given moment, which can make it possible for us to go with us in enclosure. Whatever good can be found will also appear.