Long term concepts


The cobbler and his lasts

Everyone has two feet. Thanks to them we can stand and walk. So the two will be heavily loaded and need a better hold. Therefore we make shoes to ensure that we can stand and walk for a long time. But if we sit there, we can take off the shoes. Since in such a situation the feet are less strained, this did not matter.

The shoemaker recognizes the benefit of his work by the fact that people need the shoes. So he is happy that thanks to him people can do a day's work that is of a good kind. Everyone looks at his fellow man's feet when it comes to what he is good for. Whoever is well off will also find a job. There he can earn his living. In this way, one's own life flourishes when one can do something that is needed. We do not suffer any particular hardship from working, unless we do something in the wrong way or have not understood something properly. In this case, man has his own concept of what makes him what he is. But only then, when he has submitted to the given order, will he be able to exist. There has not been any other order than this. Thus man gathers true knowledge in himself and finds a good stand for himself. This makes something fundamentally possible for him. That is what he is there for, that he applies and implements what he has correctly understood. Something of which he had no idea, he would not have to obtain, but he could not do that either. Therefore, it would be good to deal with the given in a proper way.

These alone are only 'seven things' that determine our everyday life. There would be no more and no less than the seven. There we create a concept of the given by assigning to each other what has happened. Through this, something comes clean with us. Some hand we soon have free and can do something with it. So it will really be of some use if we improve our equipment. To do this, we look at the given and express its characteristics. We really examine what it is that makes it what it is. So we insist that it is up to us to create and maintain a willingness to be who we are and what we have. That is why we are in balance. This is how we approach life.

We ourselves should be the shoemakers who take care of the feet, because we want to walk and have to walk. So it is convenient for us that we have the material to care for our own shoes. We are constantly improving the given as soon as a shine of light appears that makes this possible for us.

There we also become a stockmaker. We have collected and straightened many a rod for this purpose. We have looked at the given, but we have also preserved it, how we can strengthen it. For this purpose, we came up with pictures that we can attach to it. Some signs we have defined in such a way that they should give us a real power. We have placed such signs of our quality on the objects of ourselves, thus charging them. Then, little by little, the things we have caused have become true. Many a fate has come about as a result. With us it should be like this.


The path of the writer

If you have not understood anything about the art of fortune-telling, listen to me carefully. I would like to give you something to listen to. What I want to write here is to make you understand that language also has an inner order that can be expressed. With the help of language, we form sentences from words that we have come to know in the course of our lives. So it should be obvious to recognize that the given will be more than we can generally clarify and make understandable. To this end, a writer has the possibility of understanding the given and determining how it will be true. His words represent something that can clarify the actual events and show us the true facts of our existence. Therefore it will be of value if a scribe names what has happened. It makes a story that a content that occurs in it is given and would not be invented. There it is found, but has not embodied any fiction that is different from all else. Nothing has succeeded if one has deviated from it.

A scribe is thus concerned with the position of words and their sound. There he has already recognized something of what can be formed. After all, what is found should not be without an order. What we reproduce in an orderly manner is what conditions us and makes it possible for us to find our style. Such a style is hidden in the concept of a value for recognizing the authority behind it. It radiates all this. Without it, nothing would be given or come about.

Here the scribe is also a medium for preserving what is given, because he sees and records something. His texts have no content, unless he has found one in them. For this purpose he sets to work, so that the structure of his words will soon be revealed. He, too, wants to be understood correctly.

Great words require a similar basis. There the author reflects on the smaller of the whole. He does so because he thinks it good if his thoughts and ideas correspond to the people he knows. It should be true that we have to make available everything that makes us up. We must not suppress any aspect of the real when it is a matter of truth. Such a one lives from the reality of his knowledge. There it becomes power. Everything that exists is permeated by it. There it determines what is given and has a direct effect on mankind. But this is to be something that starts out from the word and the spirit contained in it, in that it is reminded of it by means of a language. A writer alone can only expose such powers. The circumstances will release, i.e. emanate, of themselves. By this you will also be able to recognize that one could not banish them.

Here the scribe has the tools to sift and prepare the words. He arranges what is given, what he has noted in his writings, and adapts the words to it, so that they are heard. Thus the good of it finds its actual meaning. There it has a certain weight for men what has been said with it. Meanwhile, many things have an effect on us. People sometimes talk in confusion.


Man and his nature

What we have for us, we can determine. For this purpose we determine its properties and name it what it is. That is given, so it happens. We have dealt with it as we have perceived it. We have also been able to see it and have already understood some things about how it behaves with the given. Many a shine has gone out from it and has pleased us.

A scribe expresses what happens in works, although he will be able to pronounce it just as well or only consider it alone. All this has a certain brilliance of its own and leads to inspiring moments in people. The glimmer of this is supposed to make up the given. Thereby its value is manifested, as it has passed.

Many a picture came up while we were thinking about our existence. We sometimes draw one of them in front of us in the sand of the world so that we can better imagine it. There we tear the lines with our finger or a stick. In time, an image of the given appears before us. We look at it in detail.

With us it has appeared as a unit in the whole. There it has been complete at all times. There it has already captivated and enchanted us, as it is all at once. There the event is by no means reproducible, but for the moment it has embodied the whole picture of what is inscribed in us.


An actual nothing

Without being able to make out the place of it, where it is hidden, the nothing will embody a meaningful principle, which causes us humans lastingly in the existence. There it is an aspect of reality which is so powerful that it can outweigh everything.

What we considered worthless, we have taken from the given and rejected. There it no longer appeared to us in an apparent way. But how much can one be subject to an actual deception! - Everything that we think we are disposing of piles up in our surroundings and forms mountains. A carelessness of man makes him childish, he could not do justice to his true nature in this way.

A human nature comprehensively implies that he knows what he is doing. For this he must also know about the effects of it. To dispose of something that is there is no better than to use it to wallpaper one's own home. It doesn't matter how far away we have shipped something, what is spoiled, that is what it remains. Nothing has been there. As long as man continues this game, he will be the victim of his own thoughtlessness. That is where it is imprinted in his mind and becomes accepted. There we would have nothing of what we do. So we would certainly suffer a fate that corresponds to that.

What we give out of our hands expresses the fact that we want to give it to others. But are they happy about such garbage from us? - It poisons the world and with it the fields, as well as the countryside in general. Therefore we can confidently call ourselves well poisoners. A basis of life is spoiled by us. With it the existence degenerates.



The present is the time when you have to move the rudder of a ship. Neither do we know the water well, nor do we know the time. However, we think we can find our way. How foolish can one be and when does it hurt?