Nature and civilisation

Something from Africa - Philosophy

Connection of time and spatial orientation

The past is known to us and should therefore lie before us, in the visible area therefore it will be. Analogously to it the future can be thought as lying in the hidden area. So such a one will be to be located behind us. 

But if we close our eyes, we become aware of everything. Whoever finds his way in can also stand.


Irregularity of nature

A truth of the world, in which we live our own existence, will be the unpredictable event, which comes about by the fact that everything and nothing at the same time makes up the whole of what the world and its nature form. It will be more than we expected when we see the world. All events emanated by men will be there only determinations of uncertain duration. Nothing would be exempted from it. What wants to appear will do that. There our sphere of influence ends. 

All causal connections would not reach further than to their own end. Some people get along badly with this. Those who love logic should consider such a fact. The causality leads every logic ad absurdum.


Distance and proximity

There is no distance to the future. Everything can come true because the necessary basic material for it is already given. That's where we keep our hope. Then we experience some support. 

We try to live up to the ideals of ourselves. Nourished by a certain courage, which is our own, we shape our own lives. 

A distance would not even exist for the past. We have no spatial understanding of time. We grasp it linearly, but we suspect that the borders of it exist only by the present, because it stands out from everything. 


Have time for yourself

Man, especially when he has been alone, is on his own and yet wants to exist. That is why he takes control of his life in this situation. 

Let's just get used to the regular points of view of the given. This should make many things easier for us. In this way, many things will be possible for us one day.


One man's creative power

A science which has excluded it from its area of perception, what it just would not understand with its means, cannot be a comprehensive one. The existence is based on a treatment of the given and so everything takes place alone only where it is considered.


Being in faith

A Christian person unites what is known into a faith of great power. There the events in life lead to his conviction. Faith, love and hope are virtues of a certain value for him.