Own frequencies


A show of our own frequencies

It would not be easy to show what own frequencies are for the author Schneider by linguistic means. This has all been a little difficult to communicate. Basically, these should be those forms which correspond to ourselves. These would have practically no negative impact on ourselves.



Once you have become an oriented person, this will also be a reason for happy moments.


Maintaining an attitude

The posture of the body is determined by us from time to time by proper alignment. In doing so, we can simply define what we want to orientate ourselves towards. A real success will correspond to this.


Acknowledge an evaluation

What you once set for yourself, keep it well. It should be your true measure of happiness.


Preserving a power to live

To maintain the capacity of one's own mind, one should always go whole ways and do whole things in life. Half measures can confuse us.


That which has happened in our lives should also be recognized as its truth. We are perfectly entitled to insist on what happened there.


The truth of the given

The real starting point for life will be the present moment.


A reception of own frequencies

The rough - that is, what Schneider knows something about

  • One should and can choose one's own approach, according to which one wants to proceed.
  • One should free oneself from all superfluous sexual desire by giving equal attention to each part of the body in itself.
  • To prepare oneself spiritually for the reception of one's own frequencies, one can use some utensils. The author is concerned that these objects are simple in their characteristics and can be easily distinguished by ourselves.
  • One should be prepared to collect objects made with simple means.
  • You should let friends cook for you from time to time and also prepare some food for your friends from time to time.
  • One should have a main place of residence. There you should also have something for yourself to work with.
  • One should inhabit a limited area and know a certain area particularly well.
  • One should preserve some outposts where one likes to meet other people.
  • You need an actual work for yourself, which you like to work on in your free time.
  • One should get used to actual work processes in order to be able to meet the demands of this life.
  • You should find a suitable game for yourself and train yourself in it.
  • One should acknowledge the given order and value everything that is good for it, in order to maintain it.

Objects which Schneider once used to train the reception of an inner resonance are now listed below.

For the hands

fruits, stones, coins, pencils, brushes, wooden beams, wooden sticks, a heavy pendulum, light pendulums, cords with knots, strings of wooden, glass and core beads, pointed objects

For the feet

a bar to balance, a spinning top to balance, a ball

For the eyes

Stamps, sculptures, paintings, drawings, yantras, mandalas, pictures of people, animals and plants, pictures of structures (mountains, lakes, deserts, landscapes)

For motor skills and coordination

musical instruments, such as guitar, rattles, flute, drum; singing, walking, swimming, dancing, writing (by hand), playing, painting, drawing

For the endurance

long walks, persistent resting in an aligned posture, reading books, speaking mantras or chanting with the help of a mala or praying prayers with the help of a rosary

For the memory

Chess, various types of typesetting boxes with letters and numbers, writing, mathematics, catalogues, research, conversations, calendar, clock, careful keeping

For the voice

reading aloud, singing, divinations, experience of silence, silence, contemplation, playing the didgeridoo

For the spirit

Doing a job in the reception of one's own resonance.

The author has been on this path since 2004 and he is still continuing.

The fine - the half knowledge of a layman

It would not be necessary here to say much, little or even something about a physics of natural frequency. One would not need to do such a thing just to take an object in one's own hand and feel oneself.



What someone else has rightly passed on to you, keep it safe.



Whoever wishes to carry out a thing in a benign manner must observe its principle and follow the order given for it.



As windy as it has been in my life so far, I have remained true to myself in the meantime, while I have led it. Even if I have sometimes thought that I no longer have a red thread for my own things in my hands, I still want to keep my previous path.


Being with oneself

Every person carries something in himself that has already shaped him at one time or another. He carries this with him because he still cares. It comes back to us at times what that was. This matter is perfectly justified. It obeys its own nature.



In order to have a certain success with one's own things, it is necessary to have an actual focus on them. One should know oneself well. In order to keep all these things in a proper condition, they should be kept in a suitable way, which is right for them.


Getting something on the facts

What a person has once said with reason, this is usually still true for him. That's to be expected. Man will be well advised to walk upright through life and be clear in his things.

The given

  • It is to be assumed by us as true what is already known.
  • It should be possible for us to name or describe what is known there.
  • The known should be shown in a valid way. The thoughts and ideas on this matter should contain at least the trivialities of our knowledge.
  • The texts we create are intended to present a factual situation in a correct but usual way.
  • Again, and again, one carries out an independent comparison of one's writings with the rules of language in order to eradicate the errors that have arisen.


There can't be a bad job. What there will be, however, is an inappropriate attitude towards the work itself.



Everyone knows certain places from their own experience where they have to behave in a certain way. In a cemetery, for example, people speak a little quieter than elsewhere. In a church, one holds oneself back nobly when others pray. In a school you participate actively in the lessons. At parties, people are friendly and eloquent, sometimes they are cheerful. This list can certainly be extended very well.

Whoever has already got to know such spheres of a special experience also knows something about them. He will therefore behave correctly there.