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Man and nature

Father moon and mother sun, they accompany the planet earth run, as if it was their real child.

Reflections of this can be found in every human being. To transfer such to science is Yoga, to practice it as an art form is Tantra.

Schneider has been dealing with the relevant topics for years, and yet he would not be entirely sure that he would be right about what he once said or wrote about those things.


Biographical information

During my early teenage years, when I was about twelve or thirteen years old, I began to practice simple Asanas and Pranayama. I took the instructions for this from a book in my father's library. The authors of the book are Selvarajan Yesudian and Elisabeth Haich. The book is titled 'Sport & Yoga' and has been published by Drei Eichen Verlag in German language in several editions.

Sometimes I practiced Yoga at home in my youth room, but often I also went to the lake or to a park. It was important to me not to do this in too exposed a place.

In a small, little visited park in my hometown Offenburg, the so-called Gustav-Rée-Anlage, I have been rehearsing the postures and breathing techniques discussed in the already mentioned book for about one hour for a whole time, for instance from the age of 15 on, always at about 4 p.m. in the afternoon. Since that time it has been very important to me to settle into my body and to preserve what I have acquired.

Nowadays, however, I very seldom rehearse such exercises on my own, as I did in my youth. Yoga has become for me a whole cosmos of possibilities, opportunities and spheres. Although I have some knowledge of it by now, I know that I could not fully exploit it. The circle of forms that I have applied has been able to close itself in this way, which will also be of value.

Although it will be true that I could not perform some of the different postures of Hatha Yoga, which are correctly named by the term Asana, properly at the moment due to insufficient strength, I am still concerned with the content of such things. Every now and then, when a day of special significance has come for me, I still sit down on the floor at my home. Then I deal with myself as a priority for quite a while.

The exploration of a functionality of my own body has sometimes already given me great pleasure. What matters to me is the approach. I also meditate. With musical instruments I also learn to coordinate precisely and to adopt a good posture. Playing a song provides me with the kind of impressions of myself that I need. All this is intended to trigger benign moments in me. I would like to experience such moments in my existence. Sometimes a wonderful feeling has arisen in me when I have succeeded in doing one or the other thing well.

In the meantime I have gone quite a long way in my life and can say that I have grown up. One becomes visibly more calm and relaxed with age. Some things of my existence have almost become a matter of course for me in my life. I have got used to their existence in the meantime. I can handle some things very well and get along with them when I do.

So it is now given that I hardly have any influence on the execution of my life practice. As a rule, I immediately object to a correction of my posture. I acknowledge the already given form of the correction as it is. This has little to do with an optimization, but should be in accordance with the path I have chosen. In this way I hope to be able to maintain my relationship to that which conditions me.

The body of a human being basically has many different localities, on which influence can be exercised. These should all be in harmony with each other, their connection as a whole can make this possible. A lot of things should be effective on us at the same time. Who knows a beginning and an end of it? - It should be owed to that thought that I do not exert deliberately caused manipulations on my things. There it levels itself out. Allowing such a process is in accordance with my intention. Thus I accept the given. In this way I can see it.



My intention here on the wiki 'Hatha' is to document what I once stirred up dust in my existence while practicing some Asanas and performing the technique Pranayama. Applying the exercises as well as the results of my meditations, which have become clear to me, have enriched my life so much at times. It is important for me to tell you here what these things mean to me.

Certainly, many a thought about the significance of the existential conditions of existence as a human being will be different for me today than it was in my youth. However, this would be nothing other than the necessary course of events, which has made it possible to learn more and to take one's own standpoints. In the following I would like to try to show the readers of the wiki 'Hatha' in an understandable way what has become the valid way for me in relation to such a life practice.


Small confession

With pleasure I confess to my actual point of view to the people suitable for it.

I did not rehearse those things of Yoga in order to be overcome by an illusion. For this reason I have tried again and again to avoid doing exercises that might be harmful to me. Also, I have hardly practiced as intensively as others have done at times. Great periods of rest restored my mental possibilities when I no longer felt like practicing Yoga. There have been many such periods in my life.

With the writing of the wiki 'Hatha' I want to shed some light on the darkness of my youth, when I was quite impressed by Yoga and its discipline. A lot has happened since then.

In recent times, I have tried to restore the feeling of strength and power that I had often thought to have lost for myself. I believe that that which can be remembered by me well also equips me with a certain potential. This fact alone should be a sufficient reason for me to write this Wiki. I would like to write something down about my own experiences with Yoga.

In the linguistic processing of those former activities of mine, I now once again profess myself to myself and my existence as I experience it. Thanks to a naming of such thoughts and ideas as I really carry them on me, I want to build a bridge to the true knowledge of them. It is one of my actual wishes that I would like to gain a little more clarity about my own existence at the earlier times of my life. In this way I train my goodness to include them. I shape this with words that are specifically designed for it, so that it will keep me alive. In the process, something has come into being that seems to be like a wicker basket made of braided strands. Such a basket wants to be passed on.

Now I do all this in my own way. I do it with a certain joy, because on other occasions something with substance and structure has already emerged for me, which I needed in retrospect. I assume that this also applies here. My morals for life should ensure what I have worked out there.


Access to Yoga

For quite some time I have been collecting literature on the field of Yoga and the directly related Tantra. At the beginning I did not have an overview of what there is to discover. Every now and then I took some reading and dealt with what it taught me. Afterwards I took some of it over into my everyday life. At times my existence has been strongly enriched by such things as they have to do with it. Not at all times has this been a good thing for me. Some things of it even led to unsustainable manifestations in my life. So I gave up some of them again.

My existence as a human being should not degenerate into a spectacle of gymnastics exercises. Nor do I want to drift off into mental imponderables. In this respect, I prefer a clarity of the given rather than that and recognize its triviality as a basic knowledge of man. To consolidate such a one, that should help in that way, that one knows how to lead a good life.

Some people are tempted to see the secrets of Indian culture revealed. But no matter how much grass we smoked, it would not improve the real relationship between us and our existence. So we would rather avoid weakening ourselves through intoxicants. The yoke of life would not be easier, just because one has thrown it off. One fails there, but would not be empowered to do anything. Man gives up his existence and succumbs to an illusion of happiness. But this will be the essence of creation, for which we certainly could not do anything. In it there is almost no difference between a human being and a fly. Both are living beings for them and as such are part of it. Seen in isolation, the individual will thus be a very small part of the whole, namely none of significance. A nature of the world would probably not despise what we are, because it created us, but would also not misjudge it to the same extent as man with his inclinations is able to do.


Being at work with pleasure

The actual state of the given is as I am. I would like to deal with it and improve something about it. I approach the good with my own joy and form something with it. Many things receive a certain value from what I accomplish with it. In this way I pass it on as it has become. I do this when it fits the situation. Such a situation arises from time to time.

So I hope that something good will be started with it. My things should convey something of my joy in life to other people, so that they too will recognize such a light in it.


Preserving your own thoughts

Generally speaking, man is to preserve his own possessions during his existence for his own and himself, so that he would not get into any distress. There he comes to win something for himself, if he has fared well. In such moments, when he is granted a loss of his own goods, he learns his lessons. There he probably realizes what he has done wrong and can improve.

No one has told him to take care of himself, and yet he makes it true. There he builds up an actual property for himself. In the beginning it was all small and tranquil. People looked down on him because of his efforts for such insignificant things. He accepted that. But there was no other way out.

Over time, many anxieties have arisen for him because his good has not prospered. Even if he sat at it day in, day out, and achieved something, yet he sat there unfulfilled in the evening. There he remained alone and had none. Except for his thoughts, which were not very orderly, nothing was allowed to him, and so he lay in bed at night with such a precarious condition. There he dreamed a lot of wild stuff and suffered from it.

In the morning of the respective following day, he saw what it was all about for him. But it all helped nothing. So he picked himself up as soon as possible and began his daily work. It was the same as the day before. So his years of life soon passed and many a lifetime has passed.

There he sat down for a moment and kept all this. With great concern he became aware of the course his life had taken. So this thought of his life was important to him at first. He looked at it and leaned toward it from all sides. The thought was treated by him like a jewel. But it is as it is. The times up to now have passed. Just as they do now. There he has set to work again and spun another thread.

From time to time, the familiar thought has come back to his mind. Then he accepted it as it had been. With diligent hands he dealt with it in works and looked at what he was doing. So something good soon came about because he devoted himself to his cause. Then he saw that it becomes something with it.

Over time, he has come to a principle for his work. The own thought carries a value in itself. That is a good thing. After all, it should be sufficiently taken into account by us what is given us men through him. There one deals with it. That is what one wants to have. Thus our goods come into being because of that care which we take in dealing with our thoughts.


An experience of aesthetics

Taking note of the currently valid version of the writings from my pen teaches me to think about my own things little by little. This is how I have found myself. While I was sitting there and reading something of my own, this is what happened to me.

I am currently working on building my cognitive and mnemonic skills at work. Thanks to a selection of certain words and a determination of their use, I hope to succeed.

There is also an opportunity for me to find my own orientation. Those difficult times of my youth and adolescence have long been misunderstood, although they are important for me. Experiencing a period of great discord afterwards has not made it easier to deal with the memories of who I once was. The things that made me special often did not come to the fore when I was spoken to. So it did not determine my happiness in life.

Basically, I bring it all out of the recess when I write in the jargon of remembering my youth. This is how I present what I experienced for good reason. In this way a value of it should (also) be evident to outsiders.

Actually I believe in a benignity of human existence. This is what I deal with, from a human point of view. One of the essential prerequisites for my work as an artist will be that I have something to hold on to.


A plot on own frequencies

In everyday life I like to make room for the impulse that is inherent in me. In this way something can be set free. In doing so, I try to do something clever, something that I will still have something of later. The impulses connected with my life I have mostly received in my paintings. I have created something that corresponds to the techniques 'out of the hand' and 'in one go'.

Controlling manipulated processes makes a person nervous, in my opinion. So I prefer to allow what is given. That way things appear immediate and should be real as they occur. Many a phenomenon appears and amazes me. Such effects occur because I have allowed them to happen. Sometimes it does me good that I do that. Something that has come up in me by itself will also really have been there at times. It has now been formed and has experienced every reason to appear with me. There I die a thousand deaths because of it. Thus will one reality be. It brings with it that one can feel oneself. That is how it first became a reality. That is why everything can exist, because that has existed. For that reason I build on the cause of my heart what is mine. That should once embody a protection for me.

There I take it, what I have. Then I design my work as logically as possible. The pictures from my workshop should therefore testify that I have actually abstained when an impulse came up. That's when it flowed into my work and emanated. That's how it got its salary. But that was then an extended salary. That happened when I created the paintings and drawings. My soul paintings embody a truth that is not understood.

Similar to walking a path in everyday life, when I paint and draw, I sincerely deal with what has come up. I always do the same thing with it. So it is likely that I will discover something new. After all, I already know the path and its surroundings so well that I notice variations of them when they occur. There I can see it, what I have already got to know from the given and what appeared to me for the first time.

It would like to make it clear to you what I am writing down about this. So I hope that my words sound plausible. But quite a few people have rather sought the way of distraction and thwarting. They are looking for a constant change of the given. I would not be able to serve with that. All existence is finite and so it will also be my word, indeed the whole work of me.

My path is that of preservation. On it I try to prove myself with my human existence. The fact that my path has brought with it the recognition of the traditional and the distinction between the traditional and the new results from my own orientation towards something known. I expect from a world that what exists in it can be correctly assigned. Otherwise everything would be a lie or equal to a lie. My things are known to me. I know who I am, and I can also say where I come from. I am aware of that, I have hereby established that for myself. An order has become audible to me and I have been able to conform to it.


I am sometimes like a thief. I steal people's moments. I am so attentive to them that I am able to reproduce some of them even years later. A time together soon belongs to me completely. Others may have forgotten me quickly, but some of it still lives on in me.

Meanwhile, my being has already been like a lake. It reflects on me much of what would like to be reflected on me. A memory of it should be my own existence.



There are reasons why naming the given things gives people a certainty. There he can understand his own existence. Many a true word finds its way to him in the course of time. Whatever he has ever thought about himself, with it he can compare it and thus work out a value of it for himself.

I have such thoughts and ideas of my own as are mainly connected with the existence of myself. If I sometimes think of some of my fellow men, this exhausts itself again at some point and I come back to myself. There I become aware of what my preferences are. They give me many clues to determine my happiness in life. It is my destinations that make it what it is. I have some hope because I can say something about them. Then it will show if what I say really fits my life.

True to such considerations I lead my existence. What I know of it, I can also condense linguistically and finally name it correctly with a few words. There, what I am familiar with is networked with the current consciousness and a consolidated world of imagination is created.


A fundamental question

I have named in my writings only that which has its share in my existence. That is what has happened to it. So I questioned myself. Shouldn't one bring up what makes you what you are? - I have examined such a question from time to time. My literature has brought me noticeably closer to naming the given. Meanwhile, I have shown my own thoughts in a way that was just right for me. Afterwards I left it like this in order to sift and weight it. I then revise it as it exists for me. I remain true to myself in my work. At least I have managed in this way to consolidate more and more that part of it which is significant in my mind.

Nowadays, I assume that my work has a fundamental existence because it corresponds to me. That's where I get something from writing things down. I take what is mine as it appears to me and gradually improve the style of my writings. This is supposed to be a possible way. I stand up for my own cause.



Here I would like to describe how I behave in the practice of Pratyahara.

I usually stand in the Asana 'the mountain' and raise my hands to belly level. I remain in the posture in a simple way. After a certain time I experience the first attempts of the body to break out of the posture. There I release the energy associated with it without moving. This gives me a lot of self-control.



Buddha the Journeyman, the Bright!

Without great words he spoke


(That would not be granted to me.)


Elapse his existence in peace

I prefer to do my things slowly but correctly. It happens that I become faster in doing my work. Whenever I realize that I am working faster than I can process it internally, I reduce my speed again. This is how the speed of my work has mostly been unsteady. Everything oscillates between two limit values. There I leave it as it is. That is also how it has appeared.

To be able to name my things once, I observe them. What I have noticed about myself, I occasionally arrange with linguistic means, so that something emerges that clarifies the corresponding facts. In this way I bring some things about myself to file and imagine that the written work is almost a protection for me. What I have been able to name sufficiently, I will have understood. I will have the understanding to act analogously to my words. There I can transfer the given to an action of mine. Thus I have already empowered myself by means of my own texts.

That's all good for me. Under such a way of speech formation I understood that I can use language as an interface to find an access to me. I would like to create it, if such an access can really exist. There I appear, I am a designer of my own writings, but I also read what is written and act accordingly. In this way, many things that I have expected become true.

That will be a whole measure with which I measure my things. I would not be surprised if other people did not know such things from their lives. Many people see in their own authority the measure of things. But a measure could not only be used in a presumptuous way, it can also cause the person to be measured. There such people expose themselves to the possible rigors of their individual nature and will suppress everything else and finish everything else. First they suppress their environment. This will be a very finite field. At some point they will be finished with it. Those who have controlled everything that surrounds them would soon no longer have a suitable access to their fellow men. One hardly lets him participate practically any longer. So he soon goes away empty-handed.

On the other hand, by accepting the given as a guideline for the existence of myself, I have found a way that has made others the authority for their things. There they become rulers over their existence, even their own word, and are thus in duty. To give someone something that he actually already has means that one concedes it to him. This confirms the people. I purposefully promote the ego power of my fellow men by recognizing them. I have no problem with my ego, so why should I have a problem with their ego. There I have every reason to leave it to others, too, which is what made them.

This is how I named my ideas and thus make my thoughts about what they are worth. I sit there by candlelight, in front of the keyboard and monitor at my desk in my study. That's where I type and design many a text at this late hour. Meanwhile I listen to a slightly older music. Again and again I create some space for myself in this way. I do this to experience a certain atmosphere. Thanks to it I can develop so well.

Soon I close the day and go to bed. The work shall now be finished for today. But I still had a short thought in my head. But that pleases me, and so I leave it as it was.


A little story

From 'difficult' to 'easy' there is a path. I walk on such a path all the time. I have been doing this for many years. During this time, many different emotions have come to the fore again and have enriched my existence with happiness. That is what my life is all about.

In the year 2005 I have marked out my way. There I have defined it with the two words 'preserve and prove'. From then on I have been looking for an order of my things. Some things I have gained through this, others I have been able to conclude in this way.



A shot rushes bang through me

and hits the stone,

a hole breaks out of it.

Stone of broken stone falls down there.

Some people talk about the matter,

which happened to me there,

in a different way than I did,

and they therefore think that I am wrong.


The ubiquitous quantum integrator

One, as I have found, essential question for existence would be how we humans deal with our own living space. This will be especially interesting from a material point of view.

In my certainly somewhat 'youthful' language, I have sometimes not only called my own apartment my refuge, but have often accepted it as my actual 'quantum computer' or even declared it to be my 'spaceship'. This statement, however, does not require any further, detailed discussion. The whole thing was not just a game with words, but every person has his own disposition to deal with the things given to him. The person who once thought of the matter in this way sits in the midst of an imaginary fairy-tale castle and dreams up his life in the meantime, so that it may one day be (again) good. This has sometimes already brought many a healing moment for me and has therefore led to many a beautiful thing in my life.

Without an actual experience and penetration of the given matter with real virtuality, man would probably not be able to assert himself permanently in his existence. To equate oneself with the actual environment and to consider it as effective as one is oneself, shall be a well meant approach of mine. An interpenetration of things will perhaps sometimes occur there. It would be essential. In doing so, the human being corresponds with the elementals. Something good should be able to happen in this way. The feeling of the objects by us humans will open them up for us one day.


Resonance of a periphery

The given things can all be understood as they really are. One can move them, move with them. Moreover, one can produce or adjust something with them.

My 'quantum computer', which is embodied by something in the space conditioned by me, has become most comprehensible to me as my own apartment, because I often stay here.

The objects found in this environment are not only wonderfully suited for home furnishing, I sometimes use them to set up a transmitter and receiver system for the actually given and natural vibrations of an environment.

The associated process of visualizing such conditions has certainly enlivened my inner world. It should be possible to deal with what is there and what is really given to me as perception.


Reflection of the given

Difficulties - strange that life has ever seemingly got along without them.

I could not believe it myself what I received. I never dreamed before what is now given. I have not foreseen it and have not known it from myself. But now it is so.

If I also sat there for a long time as if dazed and waited for the things to come, they have now come true and have entered into my life. I have never known before that such things exist. Nor would I be prepared for what is happening to me now.

I believe that this is called the reality of what is given. What happens does this to it in a sometimes spontaneous way. None of this I would be able to control, because there is no plan for it. Everything about it is random, it has not been regulated. Basically, however, some of it will be too special to be able to foresee it. It seems as if it was aimed at me.

That is how I am thinking about it right now. I acknowledge that. With great trust and a belief in the world I strengthen myself. Once the world is accepted as good, I would not need to be any different than a part of it. Hasn't life simply become a reflection of our own being? - Yes, even if we see the best grain in our field, it is given and taken. No one would be able to have it for himself if it did not exist. That's why I always understand a person's happiness as a gift of life. To feel gratitude for existence evokes a certain emotion in me, which I like to feel in me. I find myself in many a devotional moment while I am in cloister with my things. This is supposed to lead to experiences as they are given to a person by themselves. There I can finally orientate myself again. Thanks to this I gain an awareness of my existence as a human being. But a certainty connected with it gradually strengthens my spirit.

I had clear thoughts and found something that I would like to accept again tomorrow.


Traveling the mind with the guitar

For a long time I have been looking for an idea how to structure my own playing on the guitar, so that I will be able to repeat single passages or use them where they are needed for my pieces. I have therefore tried to break down my music and arrange it according to a certain notation. However, I have still not succeeded in doing this. I have also hardly known what to do with the description of a rhythm. I didn't like dealing with it, my own things didn't need such things. It all seems a bit too rigid and stiff to me, because it requires anticipation of the given. To reconcile something like that with an improvisation or an impromptu sung song will erase all those moments of happiness. It will be an actual impossibility per se what happens. So when I study my instruments, I fail again and again when it comes to the musical standardization of the given. Objectively speaking, I document the decline of my existence when I make music.

Nevertheless I tried to play an instrument. Besides the flute, the guitar will also be what I want to play. An electronic piano has also come into view, it is already standing in the corner of my study. In the absence of knowledge of the circumstances that usually condition music, I could not make music in any other way than I do. I probably wouldn't achieve anything in this way that would make sense to others and please them. The kind of erudition that one can acquire during a study at a music academy would really not be mine. That is why I have limited myself to what is possible for me. In the format of an impromptu I sing my songs to the accompanying guitar of guest musicians. I have also done some improvisations. I enjoyed that a lot and as a fruit I have been able to make some recordings of my own kind.

Basically, each time I take a recording, I capture the moment of the first emergence of something that was not really familiar to me before.


My way

The path I have to take in the future is still unclear to me. I would not know what will come. I would not be able to say whether what exists for me has any future at all.

I don't want to deduce something from what I already know to something I do not know. This has become so clear to me at the moment of the present. I have recognized this and now I draw my conclusions for the future. My existence requires such abstinence. I neither calculate nor program my things. What I do, however, is to trace them. This enables me to have an understanding of what is given to me.

It should be a given obligation for me to write down in my construction kit and to preserve everything that I can say with certainty about existence in truth. I try to put this in a sequence with other words, which are already there. I do this in such a way that it becomes imaginable for me what life brings with it for me. What is given here should be something that really defines me. I deal with this. The own writings are completed by me. This should make up their value. Yet it is so true that I alone can only plow finite fields.

Soon I will take care of my own property and learn how to survive with my cause. An applicability of the thoughts of mine should stabilize me. Once things are trained to be sustainable, this will also lead to good ideas. In order to get ahead with my own thing, I always go into seclusion with myself. For this purpose I withdraw and thus perceive a stronger connection to my own concerns.


A starting point

I hardly read in such books anymore, through which I once found my own way of life. What I have learned, I would like to finally apply. For this purpose I have put the books away and look at who I am and what I have left for life. That is what I do with myself. I hardly have anything else of my own. But it will be enough that I can remember.

There I go my way in an unabridged way. Even if such a word is a key to my work, it remains a glyph. Not everyone would immediately understand what it means. That is why I named it first. Otherwise one might overlook the fact that my path would not be easy to understand.

I was not looking for the shortest connection between two points. I do not want to rush through the terrain. Rather than that I want to take my time when I continue with my things. I want everything I do to be feasible for me afterwards as well. That is why I have decided to limit my things. I recognize this as something that corresponds to an order. Such an order can be established only for finite things.

There I commit myself to my cause and do alone only something that does not require too much effort from me. I protect my work, but also myself with it, because I don't take on tasks that I would not be able to accomplish. Many a heavy torment has already come over me in my life, because I have been careless. I do not need to force this, so that such torment comes back to me. Thus I have fixed the conditions of my existence. A finiteness would be a first step towards this. It makes a completeness of the given possible at least once.

What there is to do would be a processing of the empirical values, which my existence brought so far with itself. There I would like to reflect some of it while I am creating my writings. In this way, a learning methodology will also be addressed, which transfers the writing, but also the reproduction of content to an order in works. With the help of my actual memories, I will carry out a wickerwork that links the words with each other and creates many a strand of thoughts. Such strands would have to be checked for their durability, but also for their arrangement on the weave. Regularly, everything I make should turn out well. My products should also be stable so that they would not crumble like sand in your hands. Many a cloth is woven there and keeps its shape. I comb through the writings again and again, but also prepare a cut of them.

What we humans have to own, that must be enough for us to live. We take great care that it is preserved. We have such a power that we can use the given as it really is. That is what makes a person that he recognizes the reason for it. Therefore he can determine a use for such objects, but he can also shape them to create a usability of them. There we prepare some things to make them usable.

The war that we must wage in life requires that we would not waste our works senselessly. What we have is also a protection. Some fabric will fix a tent there, some cloth will clothe us. There our things take on an extended form. We get over the state of helplessness. This happens because we know how to help ourselves. Even if we lie there dazed at times and can hardly keep our hands on the ropes, everything goes its course and we improve again. There we accept it as it is, but we deal with the existing. No success is granted to us. We have to catch up and fight for it. Some booty will be without a really good catch, because the sea is sometimes so empty. No fish swims in it anymore, because it has all been wiped out by epidemics, which once meant life. Without traveling the sea, there can be no progress with us. Without traveling the high seas, there can be no trade and no victorious foray. There we get caught in the nets and become the slaves of our own laziness. Nothing would be necessary to tilt the wine behind the bandage. No vice in the world would be as great as idleness and slothfulness when it comes to saving our livelihood. We would better not delude ourselves. No one jumps into a pit if he would not have to. We abstain and leave as soon as the morning sun rises.


To grant oneself something

What reputation do the things in my life have with me? So which path do I take? - There is something to be said for that. It means a lot to me that as a human being I am focused on my existence. Only if this is given, I possess the necessary energy and a real perception of what makes me what I am. I want to be sufficiently centered as a being and be able to concentrate well. This is what I try to set up for myself. One of my successes should be to ensure that I am with myself.

What I will have to do for it will be of a simple kind. I keep both my hands and take the Mudra with them. Then I wait and see what happens to me. I allow myself a few seconds to hold my hands before I let go. I consider the energetic behavior of my body, which has now come to me, as an impulse for what is happening to me. I contemplate such an impulse while I correspond to it. In this way I learn something about its meaning for me. It is also a fact that parallel to the conscious action, I also carry out an observation of the same kind of changes or characteristics that are present in me.

Afterwards I pay attention to those impulses of reason in me, if such a one has arisen. I connect them with the conscious processes of before. For this purpose I evaluate and weight the impression I have of what is given there. Thus something receives its rank with me. Therefore an order arises in me, by which I from now on orient myself.

From time to time I get a jolt when I am stuck in a state. I am glad that this happens to me. It basically protects me from the feeling of having to accept everything. Such a feeling happens sometimes more or less violently in my life. But it always bothers me, because then I can't see a way out.


My way - I

Here I try to prepare something of what I have already become aware of from my previous path in life with words. I describe this in detail and try to evaluate the writings afterwards to determine what they mean to me. I can only perceive this alone as it has just occurred to me. So here I am running a 'free writing lesson' in addition and create my 'thought protocol'. Thereby I experience a certain access to myself. So I can see my being and prepare my own knowledge.

I have already remembered and revived many good things from my previous existence. My access to memories is mainly of a linguistic nature. I first remember words before I become aware of the situations that fit into them.

I prepare some things for myself when I create my writings. By clearing them of possible mistakes and inaccuracies, my mnemonic power improves. I am able to penetrate the veil in the room and to get to earlier memories of my existence. A special strength of mine is the recollection of my own thoughts about the former times. For me, this is the deepest depth to which I am currently penetrating. In this way I have initiated something for myself which would not be wrong for an experience of my happiness in life.

In former times I rehearsed some things, which I like to fall back on nowadays. This should also be one of the conditions of my existence, which is given to me. Of course, I have made it one. What a person has been and done should become a meaning for his existence in the course of his life. With me, too, it would be no different from that.

A reference of my self-awareness is the ability to perceive a resonance of the materials around me. At the border between myself and the environment they appear clearly audible. So I can recognize something of what is working there. So I walk my path accordingly.

In order to maintain what has already happened, from time to time I confess in words what makes me what I am. I correspond to this. This is to be a declaration of will. I confess it whenever a favorable opportunity has come up. So I can realize myself.

I consider it a good thing that I go my way and pursue my own goal in a useful way. The world is a benign place. I recognize its nature. In the same way I want to be someone who exists in it. So my things shall be fulfilled.


Preservation and probation

Step by step it is important to achieve stability on one's own path. That is how you learn something. It may be something simple, what you accomplish. Nobody needs to rehearse a trick. As humans we are neither actors nor artists. To be human is not a vocation, but a life's calling. Let's fulfill that for once. Let us do what is actually demanded of us. That is how we should learn to exist. It should be conceivable that one knows one's path and knows how to follow it in an easy way.

In this way Yoga should also be understood as something that supports us in our lifestyle. That is why it would be so important to recognize and follow its rules. This will be the first step in this direction. One does not make any concessions. Nor do you submit to an actual lack of understanding. The given should not be ignored or undermined by us.

But what will the given be in the life of a person? - Everything that can be experienced in our personal environment will be a real part of our existence. This includes all direct and indirect contacts with other people and makes it clear to me what my existence is all about.

Those moments when I am alone should help me to deal with my existence in a better way. For this purpose I go with me into retreat. I like to keep the attitude towards my life and therefore try to prove myself in fulfilling my commitments. In doing so, it would not only be important whether they are welcome or not. I also have to show the necessary willingness to do so.

My rank would clearly not be higher than that of my fellow men. Thus I come to preserve a being that is compatible with other people. Only then the process of self-determination begins with me. It has already begun. Whether it will be possible for me to realize myself on my path is still to be seen in the stars. It would not be of primary importance to know about it already now. Also other people try to realize it. For this a certain parity should prevail. The weight of the one would not need to be evaluated differently than the weight of another. Each person should be equally valuable to us. Thus we get an access to this one, without blocking an access to another one.

Let's explore who is the most valuable and important person in our personal environment. Then let's remember the person whom we consider to be unworthy and worthless to the highest degree. What distinguishes these two? - So we should learn to preserve what means something to us.

Can we do without such an evaluation of the given? - Evaluations are judgements. Judgments, however, conclude that questionable process of testing, which at times gives us great difficulty in our existence. Let us simply learn to apply the principles of evaluating something correctly. In this way we retain the right to decide something.


The beginning of a path

A successful artist will be one who does something, who has something and who makes a difference.

What is needed by people above all else should be the impetus for a cure. There the artist goes into himself and sees his work. How can he satisfy this? Which of his works is already sufficient?

You should not set too low when you want to get something going. It makes you look ridiculous if you don't have a reasonable goal and are too lax in other ways. That is why Schneider acknowledges that the works demanded in such a way are to be created.

It is said to have a healing power that does not need to be understood as medicine. A stimulation of leisure, the experience of beautiful moments should take place and spontaneously move the person to come in. He will soon feel better.

In writing his texts, Schneider is guided by the language of a German translation of the Mahabharatas. This is an Indian epic. For him it is the most beautiful book. He wants to make his paintings suitable for children. For this purpose, he gradually cleans up the motor peculiarities of himself and thus finds clarity in the design of the works. The music already testifies to a simplicity. This corresponds to it, because the circumstances that led to its creation were the same.

Schneider has woven three strands of his art into a cord and shows them to you as a whole. Certainly, the works can be found separately and stand loose. But those who have already got to know him may know about the power of his things. He has kept many things for himself and knows how to refer to them in everyday life. However, these things have to be found and understood by you before you can enjoy understanding what they mean.

Man may be inclined towards a spiritual experience if it has corresponded to him. Schneider is less concerned with creating pleasing things. Rather, he wants to use his way of creating such things to make his own existence more comprehensible. All his works strive for a simplification of the ordinary and are intended to beautify the life of a person.

So he set it up so that people could access it whenever they felt like it. There is no need to limit what has already been copied. He is concerned with the distribution of his products, just so that people can get used to what makes them what they are.

As an artist he hopes for the coming generations of people. Their taste today can only be guessed at. But an increasingly complicated situation in people's lives urgently leads to an increased need for something simple, as he believes.

So Schneider continues on his way and does ordinary things. What he has already explained about this is intended to make it easier to access.



An occult technique from those writings on India that Schneider has looked at and read from time to time is called 'Gariman' there. This is a 'making its weight' without any aids.

Schneider has at times already tried to get to grips with this technique. Due to a certain melancholy in his mind, which he sometimes experiences, such a form suits him well. It triggers something of it, which depresses him so much particularly. There he can preserve his personality as it is.