Preferences and concepts


One neutral pole

An emptiness of the given and a neutrality inscribed in things are of equal value and should be evaluated positively. There the given will prosper and be able to grow up, if such a pole exists for the whole and confirms it as it is.


A human drive

Man is such a person of his own accord. There he will be able to find his fulfillment in realizing human existence. A search for himself shall be a search for the humanity of us. There we love or spurn the technical and yet remain as we are. This should not disturb us.

Starting from a state of the given, we go into ourselves and feel there more or less alone only what is already given to us. This should be the cause of what we want to perceive as our own impulse. To follow this, that should be our path for the moment. There we evaluate the situation and find our way to actual thoughts. Some ideas are caused by what we have thought.

In relation to the cloud of consciousness, the inside of the human being, i.e. his mind, is at rest, but without any particular orientation. To leave it this way would be a logical step on the way to an awareness of the given. There we leave everything as it is and can exist despite such a situation. That did not bother us. Within the present experience we gradually find ourselves better. This leads to a groundless joy and is wonderful. With time we pick up first perceptions and find words for what is given. Soon we will be awake. We would not need to realize anything more than that. Knowing that this will be enough to tackle life, we add everything so that what we do will be good. There our actions hardly disturb our surroundings, our environment is fine with us. In this way we become masters of many kinds of power losses and can eliminate them from us, but also from our fellow human beings. This should happen by itself.

There we are looking for an approach to a reflection of our happiness in life and the associated reception of it. We find such an approach with us. Since we prefer to walk on an unabridged path, we have not interfered with the events. There it has developed openly and can prosper. Its basis has endured. What we can hear from us is recognized as a thought and formed into our own idea with an independent character. A thought formed in such a way also has an appropriate content. There it becomes the initial value for our being, doing, and having. All three kinds of the emanation of the spirit of a man rightly appear, because of him, as they have arisen. There he also has many a reason to read out what this means to him. Thus the thought becomes information. That is why man has a drive of his own, because an information is equal to an energetic configuration. There all this will be true. This is how it appears to us and this is how it will be. If an information condenses with us at first, then we will also be aware of its actual substance.


A Regulatory

An order of the given exists despite a change in the world. We acknowledge that the relative proportions of reality change, but we also know for certain that nature has its laws, which persist permanently. We recognize them as the all ordering entity. There it has something of its own, which gives it a large field of activity. But everything in the world has the same effect. A harmony of things continues to exist.


Follow a whole approach

The spirit of a person gives him his strength. If he uses it in a way that is always the same, he will gain additional strength. That want to be noticed. To this end, one makes use of it in one's daily work. Some of man's independence from the given is thus preserved because he chooses what he has. He does this intentionally. Thus he builds up his good. It should be possible to refer to such an event as is connected with it. Meanwhile the style of an action arises, because man fulfills his task in a regular way. Like a phoenix from the ashes such a state will be true.

But what should be a whole approach to this? - A whole approach takes into account the whole of a person and relates everything that exists to it. He can also detach himself from something. So it will be an indifferent approach, because it has not ignored anything that is currently available on the ground. Only something arbitrary is left out by humans. It would be obsolete anyway. Meanwhile, the wrong should be corrected by us, but not given up. Whatever remains of the events should occur in truth and be given with certainty. This corresponds to the trivial process of clearing our life situation of uncertain and unsuitable things. Genuine knowledge would always be conditional; at least it will also be finite by its nature, or alone it will be able to concern only such things as were finite by its nature, because otherwise it could not be completed.

Now we would like to reflect on our own good. First of all, it is about a list of the actual thoughts and ideas of us with words. Such want to be attached, one should interweave them with each other. This strengthens us human beings beyond the moment of a present and helps us to secure something of what has already become known to us.

We can name and point something out freely. Many a word will ring out and justify the trivial nature of the world. Such a thing can be lost only if the words bear witness to defects, and if the regulators are not observed, which exist for such matters as are associated with language. Thus we create the word and are sure of our own cause.

Every thought is of value. As it has finally appeared, we have to attach it. A falsification of a person's consciousness would not make our lives any easier. Therefore it should be allowed to exist as it is. But this requires courage and insight in many a wisdom. Such a thing must be possible immediately, even if we have not always dared to go our own way sufficiently. But this is to be a consequence of our character. Our fortune remains untouched by it.

Something happens and wants to be recognized. It has appeared and should now be understood by us. We try to evaluate and weight it, but we would not be able to determine in advance whether it will be something possible at all. There we make it firm, which we found good of it.

This is how our thoughts find their way to substance. This will do something to us. But if all this is to be perceived by us indifferently, it would not be understood otherwise than that it is a whole in the whole. There it also forms something that exists. Its unity exists. There a man will be in 'knowledge', if he deals with such a thing.

In order to accomplish this, it requires a knowledge of the extreme conditions at our company. What is barely attainable, that should be the currently valid limit for humans. A certain area is described by it, in which we are able to control something. This is what he has to achieve in his motion. In order to reach such a goal, it is necessary to follow the unabridged path completely. This seemingly connected torture should not be a torture for us, because it contains the opportunity for a strengthening growth. There a flourishing of the human quality will be well possible.

You set a frame and take it. One constantly shows one's border as it is. It will be a reality that there is one. Your own frame should embody it by giving us an inner hold. That way it will be recognizable.

Every position contains a posture for the human being and every posture creates a valid framework for the most external impulses, forces and moments in the human being. In between there is freedom. It is the unbound One. As that it is available to everyone and is empty.

All these are to be directed orders of magnitude, which condition us. Because of their occurrence we get our shape.

The mind overlying this fact is a virtual quantity. It is supposed to contain the sum of positions and forms of a human existence, depending on the actual time sequence. So it is from another dimension. It is to be understood as the integral of our previous path and contains every step, no matter how often such a step has been repeated. It will be recognized as a vessel of who we are.

Thus the mind should embody on a certain level of contemplation the sum of energy output and energy input generated by our performance. Only in this way alone can it be seen and recognized as the designed whole by us humans, says Schneider there.

But what gives the spirit of us such potential, as is necessary for life, dwells within us human beings and is commonly recognized as the soul of man. In such a way we would like to look at this and find some acceptable connection for the whole of what makes up our human existence.

Since the consciousness of a human being will also be a spiritual greatness, we need some sounding out of the events in order to arrive at a true knowledge about ourselves. Spontaneously, memories of a simple kind up to memories of actual abilities of the human being are released. For this we alone must have activated the relevant fields of tension. An efficient person has it much less difficult than a person who is not very mobile in his situation.

In relation to the spiritual impulses of a human being, it is precisely energy that is supposed to be equated with information. There is an exchange for both. There is something to consider. Just as it will be almost impossible to get along with one type of energy alone in the long run, it should also not be possible to move something by permanently reproducing one and the same type of information. But a movement will be necessary. A change of the given is already caused by a change of position. Beyond that, electromagnetic field quantities have an effect, which align us and give us a position. Such a position would be either empty or enriched with tension.

The exchange between the energies creates an inner movement of the human being, a transformation in itself. There it is conditioned by the phases of that which arises and is given. There we recognize an order in us through the regularly recurring moments and attain the certainty of our inner structuring. Such an order exists thanks to our knowledge. To be able to assign it in a way that is always equivalent should free us from all uncertainties about our existence.

If we generally consider only the outwardly perceptible movements as given, it is nevertheless the inner events in the human being that make us likeable and because of which we are capable of relating to other people.


Formalism of participation

The human being in dependence of his knowledge is according to his nature without any memory of a former event. Thus it can be stated that cognition blinds. From it no preservation of the given arises. Yet what is gained by it is no substitute for what has been lost because of it. The act of destruction can also occur despite a benign will. There is no salvation to be found in man. Nothing would come out of itself.


Conditionality vs. arbitrariness

Without giving an extra example for it, I want to confess the actual condition of me in existence. I do not want to undermine this fact when creating my writings. I admit that I suffer certain limitations in existence because it is so true. To determine a starting point for me correctly, that seemed necessary to me. Based on a chaotic swarm of thoughts and ideas in excess, I set out to sift through my own material. The mere existence of it causes me a lot of stress. Such stresses, as I experience them in my life, I address them in the same way. I would also like to point out that over the years the necessary reduction of stress has been achieved and that I am sometimes free from suffering from it. In the meantime, I feel better because I have been able to straighten up many things about myself. If one concedes it to a person that he wants to be at peace with himself. An order of what is given should release something that sheds a good light on our things. Soon everything will be better. But this should be like breathing a sigh of relief.

It shall continue to be given with me in such a way that the realization of my own condition persists. There everything has remained according to its value something that it is in truth. Thanks to this I can trace my things in my own way. There are some words that I use to do this. Thanks to such a conception of the given, I can easily see that there are real limits to an existence as a human being. Yes, the subject matter would not be made up. All of this persists.

What must be granted to us in life will be the insight that we have our own access to truth. Such an access should not be unduly doubted by other people. Life will be a truth in itself. There it can also be assumed as truthful that we refer to its events. That too will be a limitation. Admittedly, such a limitation is to protect us from attacks by our fellow men.

Because it will be necessary for us to settle our affairs in the long run, we will again make use of the concept of the true. It will be relied upon. Since it is given, one can also orientate oneself accordingly. That would be in accordance with our nature, that we orient ourselves to what is known. People can tell us what they want, it would probably not have the same value for us. Everyone is the architect of his own happiness, but no one needs to be taught what makes him happy.

Otherwise everything would be arbitrary, if you had to respond to everyone. One is already sufficiently concerned with taking care of one's own. Why do you need the advice of others? Why should they know about our life at all! - The abundance of what people demand of us will be unlimited, if we let them. So it is finally good that we have not been able to do everything they ask of us.


Being true to one nature

The world appears as a structure of seemingly independent orders of magnitude. There is something that happens that we also become aware of. The course of events is easy to understand as a rolling wheel. It should be a cycle of life, which is embodied by it. A constantly repeating moment occurs at the same position over and over again.

The wheel has its actual unbalance where we noticed something striking about it. This can happen at any moment and give us an insight into the nature of things. They appear to us alone only when they have changed. We take this into account. Everything else we have overlooked.

Such a regularity of our knowledge is given. We call it the truth. But this alone will be only an excerpt of the given, what we have perceived of it. As such it gives our perception a special weight, because we have substantiated it linguistically.

But other things also come to light, once we have found a clue to them, which induces them to change. That is where they appear. So of course we recognize that they will exist.

If we look at the given in such an orderly manner, we soon realize that the structure of the world is one composed in a durable way. Everything affects it. Nothing has remained untouched by it.

There appear certain orders of magnitude and are mathematically understood by us. We define them first of all as a tensor of unnamed degree. For this we would not need to know much about it. Such a tensor would have to be determined. For this purpose we perform different experimental setups and design special measurement series with them. We evaluate them.

There becomes a number, what can be recognized as a constant. It becomes a numerator, which also has a quantitative effect on the measured variable. Everything else will appear as a structure of known orders of magnitude, as we have implied by the experimental setup. Some of it represents a matrix, others will be subordinate or superior to it. This describes the units of regularities qualitatively. We can assume that such occurrences can be confirmed by experience.

We now pick out the regular grid of a matrix exemplarily from these different tensors and look at how it is constructed.

Such a matrix exists as a structure and represents a construct of relations of values. There it has a value as sum too. This shall be a numerical value. Such a value is assumed to be significant by many people, because it represents a unique result. The result as such is weighted as success and thus it got the highest significance. Thereby the formation of results of all research achievements will be subordinated. Its utility value for the perception of the given would be very limited.

It embodies the simple number a cryptic secret, only because of its occurrence the inner structure of a matrix to be assigned to it would not be revealed. There it all lies hidden again and could no longer be seen by anyone.

Solutions are part of the problem of a perception of the real. It is quite right that there can be no particularly great usability of solutions whose meaning is not known.

Meanwhile there are many solutions. One is '42'. Also '17' and 'a' are possible solutions. But life would be uncontrollable as such a lottery game. If one would also like to find the solving of problems as a task for the cause of life 'succeeded', the same still remain unreasonable for a gladly thinking mind.


The multi-layered path of truth

People look at a world and draw from it what they can. Sometimes they succeed in something and sometimes the moment degenerates because they have misjudged it. Then something fails. This is true because we have not usually evaluated things comprehensively. Then we could not understand them properly either. So it happens of necessity that we miss out on many things. Basically, however, there is an appropriate value for every thing. One can use it alone to make a decision. Such a decision will presuppose that it be determined. So we want to talk here about the determination of a value. But such a thing we shall do alone only qualitatively.

For each thing it is important that it can be examined. This is what makes a human being inventive. He discovers his possibilities by means of the opportunities that a nature of the given offers him. There he accepts the given and examines it.

There are many orders of magnitude for the world he has assumed and for which he has determined a measure. He even took the trouble to standardize the basic dimensions. There the scales have all been determined. They can be checked. One attaches great importance to what the individual facts say. One would like to know exactly how much the measure is worth. Basically, all this stands and falls with the consideration of a truth. There you also need a standardization for it.

We currently know a truth that we believe in. We believe that there is no other truth. All of this presents itself just as it is. There it must be true. But what comes into effect when we recognize a mistake? What if a measured value is outside its tolerance?

This should be a very simple case. It will be true, we think. But will it always be true? Can we always determine the measure correctly? - We ask ourselves that. Consequently, we discover a necessity for it. It will be necessary to determine whether a statement made is true or false.

It may be true that a statement is true that a thing is to be rejected. Then the decision is clear. One executes it and discards the thing. But it can also be true that a statement is false. Then one necessarily decides in a wrong way.

Therefore I suppose that the path of truth is multi-tiered. One wants to do something in a right way. Sometimes, however, one simply misses the mark with one's assumptions. There is only one truth, but there are many ways to understand it. Not all of them would necessarily be right.


A circular path

Everything that rightly exists should be allowed to happen again. There man will find his confirmation when he creates the good. For this he needs no special technique. Rather, it constitutes the existence of a man that it brings with it everything that will be necessary for it. There we believe in him. Something of it also falls back on us, which can strengthen us.

We handle with care that our life is as it appears to us. We know that you can also deceive yourself. Some things come with it of their own accord, for which one would be unable to do anything. What we have understood correctly, we also claim for ourselves. There we make some things clear to ourselves. We feel it, which would be tenable for us. With this we want to exist. That is why we form our own statements about what this is all about. In this way we realize our own orientation.

We want to stay on the straight and narrow and are therefore looking for a valid kind of us. We look at what we have been given. There we would like to be able to combine both. Schneider regards this as so important that he takes the compatibility of both things more important than one or the other behavior would be to him. It is usually easy for him to adapt such behavior. He looks at his own path and recognizes the need to set up an actual corrective.

Our paths will be clear to us when we can recognize them. So what would be wrong with choosing a circular path from the outset? - Such a circular path requires that we constantly adapt our steps to it. This should train us. There we will be able to work for life.


The given

Let us imagine that we will exist as emanations in two ways. On the one hand, there are we humans, embodied by our person in flesh and blood as form. On the other hand, we also exist on the level of the spirit through an inner image of our existence with the cosmos, the wheelwork of a person's mind. Soon we have found many an impression of ourselves, if we can reflect this on ourselves.

The cosmos is like a picture puzzle for some, which casts a spell over them. There they get beside themselves and neglect their inner world. At the same time we all appear in this picture puzzle. There we are fully occupied with coping with certain routines and maybe we miss to reflect on ourselves.

Meanwhile, there is also the soul in man, his inner light. No one has anything of it who would not cherish and nurture it. You can still live. But how much mortification does a person want to take upon himself? - Whatever makes us what we are, there will be a reason for it being as it appears.



Man is a man when it will just be possible for him to be so. There he has to do justice to an incarnation with his work. If this first comes into effect with us, that we behave accordingly, we will also be able, thanks to this, to form something in a suitable way.

A person who is aware of his existence will also see it as a task. There he will know that existence has its effects. Such he sees in others, but also in himself he can hear them. There he probably longs for a good change of the given. He does not want to lose his actual righteousness. Therefore he starts something suitable with himself.


A little seedling

The given will be clearly to reject if it would not be suitable for humans. To concern oneself with such a thing, that would bring nothing.

But if it is to be that something fits well with us, then it will also be of importance for us. Let us simply acknowledge this. So some things will soon be able to change for the better.

All our things should be good. None shall be exempt from it. Everything exists quite rightly. The course of things is ordered. The given follows such a regularity.


Condition of an existence as a human being

Human life is a race for time, in which it would not only be about the speed of us. Other characteristics also have an effect and determine our happiness in life.

There we go into ourselves and perhaps even question fate. Alone only something possible can be mastered well by humans. There we remain and are pushed back to ourselves. Should this be the right path that we are ready to take? Is there no other than this one?

Meanwhile, the own gets its own way and we are happy with what it means for us. But whenever we have fallen back on ourselves again, the question from before comes up again. Should this be the right path we are ready to take? Is there no other than this one? - The thought comes back to us again and again.

Once we have experienced this several times, the world gets a little out of joint with us. There we go into ourselves and question fate again. Alone only something possible can be mastered by humans well. There we remain and are pushed back to ourselves.

But at some point we take it upon ourselves and acknowledge it as it is. There we grasp it, how conditional we are. Such a realization will be true. That corresponds to us. There we can only admire the freedom of movement of other people alone. We would no longer have it ourselves. There we finally carry the yoke.


Alignment, resonance and heat

A simple procedure to approach an object during an exercise is described here in short form. Such a method can be applied to two or three objects to verify it. In doing so, it can become clear what is being tried to express here.

I would like to start in a way that seems appropriate to me. Let us choose well the object we want to deal with. This is important because we should not lack the desire to deal with it.

Before we do so, we look at what we have been given. An internalized alignment of the body exists quite rightly in every human being. Such an alignment leads basically to our position. Such an alignment affects everything in us.

The broad stream of movement impulses overlays the basic form of the position and makes us feel. There we gain power over ourselves and can develop something about ourselves. At this moment all this exists with us and can be consolidated.

There we take the thing into our own hands and pull it to us. We keep it with us and don't mess around with it. What opens up for us there should at least be the experience of a haptic of the object. But this is already a kind of resonance. We can feel it and memorize an image that has been internalized for this purpose. There it is formed and formed, what I have called the inner image of a person.


The Potential

Man would not appear in the world without reason. His essence should be understandable. There he wants to reflect and do something good. Starting from a contemplation of what is given, he should find his way. No one has done it differently than this. In retrospect we become aware of many things. But first of all we have to pass.

Through our own show, many things become clear to us. There we hear how it works. But we need a key to understand something.

Such a one will be found in the orderliness of man. A right of man to existence is given. It is to be his most intimate spark, which once made him alive and now keeps him alive. Nothing would be wrong with his being suitable for such a one.

Make yourself familiar with life. In this way, some of what appears makes sense. One confidently accepts existence as it is. After all, it also occurs in this way.


What has meaning

What exists, that exists permanently. It is also there. Thus it is given. It occurs as it appears. Nothing could be changed in this. The essence of things is determined in all its qualities. There we recognize it, what is there and occurs.

A human position makes a difference. There we would not recognize things just as they are. We only see them as they appear to us. The world is no longer an easy one. Everything about it is suitable to excessively puzzle us. That is why we sometimes get under a spell. We think we see things clearly. But what we have recognized of it will only be a meaningless snapshot.

If we first change our point of view, we suddenly see the world from a completely different perspective. What will still be there as it appeared to us before?


A measure of good

The momentum is an order of magnitude effective for the moment, which is capable of changing our position. It does not matter how it was created. Whatever made it come true, it changes the given with lasting effect as soon as an opportunity has presented itself.

The existence of a human being will be one in which you will have to find yourself again and again. Everything changes incessantly. There we need a moral to assert ourselves. The changed occurrences of a life appear very irregularly. We must come to terms with them in order not to fail.

It has always been the case that the change of things does not follow any actual rule. Otherwise it would not be one. Meanwhile, the preservation of a constellation of our life demands a great deal of us humans. We have great forces to generate in order to meet the requirements of our existence. In this we are all limited in that we alone can only achieve this to a limited extent. Not everyone would be allowed to exist in it. Meanwhile, mere survival of man does not constitute participation in civilized society. But we do not want to be like animals either.

What is demanded of us there, that should be able to be achieved by a conception of life. Such a conception is to be formed according to a continuance of the whole. We follow this fact in the search for the true principles of an existence as a human being. Thus, in the course of time, due to our actual efforts, we have learned something of what is good.

Now we are ready to become the actual sustainers or renewers of a life. In this way, we are probably now also contributing something to the promotion of these living principles of a cosmos.


Transfer and retransfer

A principle for the formation of mental power is that of the polarity of given things. There is a transmitter around us, which charges us with its radiation. This is something we must learn to resist. We do this by retransmitting the radiation, by reflecting it. To do this we have to identify it and turn it off. This is the necessary prerequisite to initiate such a process.

In a physical world based on electromagnetic waves, their reflection will also be possible. A transmission of the waves to the actual reflectors will be the essential requirement for this.

This is supposed to be a somewhat sweetish representation of the actual internal resistance of the body of our human body. The human being is exposed to all kinds of phenomena of physical nature and must know how to deal with the fact that they occur.


Transfer and retransfer I.

Another principle for the formation of mental power is that of forming a spectrum of polarity of given things. There is a starting point, a certain number of waymarks and to each of the steps belongs its own spectrum, a filter. There will also be a turning point, which either dissolves things completely or makes them completely fixed, depending on what is at hand.

Both points of departure have significance for the attainment of spiritual power.

I. Starting point and end point of the path are identical. So this is to assume. Only a picture of things can be represented, if it embodies things too. It will be drawn. The resulting embodiment of things shall be left as it is. Like a drawing in the sand, it can be scattered again by the wind of time.

II. starting point and end point of the path are identical. This is to be assumed. Only a picture of things is understood, which is decomposed into its elements by a stepwise path of ideas. With each further step of the decomposition it is examined for the spectrum of colors and forms it contains. In this way one can recognize something of each of the steps. What is recognized in this way should be correctly assigned to what is already known from the beginning. A coherent whole will be formed or in the best case even preserved. The elementals form some structures as elements, like a circle or a ring. At the turning point of the process chain, which should also be its reversal point, one receives a dissolved image. (Not a fog, but a melt) Now it is necessary to continue the process by going back the actual way. So we turn back at the turning point and reassemble everything in the same way. The previously found emptiness is now to be formed back into something whole with structure. Step by step we put the spectral elements back together to the same elementals, so that they exist again in an equivalent way. Structure by structure you do this. Meanwhile, something is being formed about us. In the end, the original image should appear before us again and be intact.

Learning effects:

You make something.

You get to know the production process.

One learns to mentally assign what is being examined.

You get things.

Consider the following facts

The sum of the whole is constant as a structure or it disintegrates to a new initial situation, which would be no less difficult to grasp. (entropy)


The five postures of the arms

True to a textbook for prospective samurai from the Middle Ages of Japan, I transfer a catchy theorem to the events of the present. It has to do with the basic attitude of a person. But first I would like to remind you that a simplicity of the given should be the good to be practiced. One should start from such an assumption and not do too special things. In this way, one will learn to follow the rules of a basic knowledge and to pass. This is to be done by one's own strength.

Man has a body of his own, which is always present. Sometimes our mind is balanced, sometimes it is rather different, sometimes it is even restless or unsteady. We should know and take this into account when we exercise the body and its powers.

Let us acknowledge the simple condition of the body and give it a weight for our own existence. Such a weight will be the essential gift for attaining our own powers. Let us renounce everything additional and get along with ourselves. Then it will only be the forms that remain for us to be practiced and trained.

Such forms should be of common kind. They are not specialties of physical training, no freestyle is required. The simple mind controls itself there and therefore remains in clarity. Thus it becomes the bearer of the essence. It is brought forth by an existing rest with us.

In order to stand up for himself, a person is sometimes mobile. This characteristic must be preserved. It is also practiced in the simplest possible way so that the possible happens. Much more important than the heroism of an individual will be the cooperation of us humans in a community. Therefore, one should curtail his wishes, expectations and hopes accordingly. One simply submits to such a situation, so that the good can succeed. In doing so, one will probably achieve and win more than one can achieve through outstanding achievements in special sciences. Now we finally come to the form of man, his regular exercise of his own movement.

We recognize space as a given order of magnitude, as an environment within which we occur and have to exist. It forms a unity. The space will be taken, but it will not be possible to hold it permanently. Therefore, every physical appearance shall be temporary. It serves us alone only when something suitable in our sense happens.

Thus all ungrounded movement would be useless, only that which is meaningful serves man well. So let us subordinate the impossible variety of circumstances to one another and thus reach our actual territory, which is dominated by us. There everything shall appear in finite form. But so it will also appear as something attainable, which we know to sift.

In addition to the basic posture of a human being, the mobility of the body allows four accessible places for the hands to reach, where something can be grasped. They are located above, below, right and left. What we have taken to ourselves, we lead to the center, where we master it but also preserve it. This is the fifth grip, which is essential for the inner hold of a person.


From the simple dance (of the worker)

The fact that a movement can be performed without tension should make it fair that I describe it as a dance. For this purpose I apply the format of a list to it, for it is given that the context of it can be freely chosen. This should be done faithfully to those aspects that occur when young people play.

The adoption of a basic attitude is the rightly chosen starting point for a dance.

The basic state in which one can dance is the silence in the environment without any need to move.

Dancing is true to an inner order of the human being.

The approach to movement should be that of facilitating the effective forces of the body.


Study on movement without variation

The unity of man is a guideline for existence. Whoever has questioned such a one goes astray.

A movement of man is made because of the necessity to it.

Basic state of posture is the simple stand with lowered arms. They hang down loosely.

Man gains his first mental strength by not making unnecessary movements when he is in the basic state of posture.


Postures of the body and its forces

There shall be five places (4 + 1) to grasp and hold things. They can be found above, below, to the right and left (4) of us. What we have received, we lead to the center (1).

Three levels are to be found. They are applied to the five locations mentioned above. The terms 'farther away', 'in the middle', 'closer' are to indicate the steps.

Three qualities of power are to be adopted by man. Stronger than usual, weaker than usual and as usual describe their quality sufficiently.

The diversity of circumstances resulting from such an approach should enable people to appear versatile yet orderly.

speech formation

Always go the same way

As a person who likes to be able to cope well with his or her existence, I prefer an abstract form of viewing analytical processes. In this way I can give myself a guideline for the appearance of my observations and also only make those which are suitable for me. Once I have really thought this through, I also use them for transfers to something everyday.

I consider the state of detachment of my thinking about things from the given to be a form of reality. It is intended for me in such a way that my mind is absolutely independent of relative reference points, since I am mobile to my surroundings. If I make the same experience on the spot as every other person, I visit, as every other person does, only those places that are suitable for me.

There I meet people whom I meet in my own way. In this way I remain independent of relative references and can realize my nature by meeting people. The second kind of independence is now complemented by a temporal independence from events, since I am always alone in one place.

But if I have lived essence, place and time in my own way, my character is formed according to the parameters I have chosen. The path I have taken is mine, even if others can take it the same way. The time I have lived through is my time, even if others have experienced theirs in the same way. The being shown by me is my being, even if others are basically equally equipped with it.

True to the principle order of things, I recognize their absolute nature and emphasize them by such words. But since it is now so that the essence, place and time of man may be assigned to this alone, I assert that there is also alone only one inner way for him.

Whether it is predestined or whether it would not be, I would not know to state. Nor do I have a clue as to what then determines man in his existence. At least I will say it this way for once. But I am looking for such a determination for myself as it has validity. I do so because I do not want to submit to any freedom of movement of my step by step. I would rather stand upright and walk straight than fall down the straight path or forget myself because of it.

The path should therefore be within us. Not only the evenness of the road would make a good course of things possible. It is also we who are responsible for making good progress on it.

But whoever now goes the same way over and over again will be able to put his attention on it. Whether he then learns something about the way and whether the good of it will then also be relevant for him, that is now to be left open. That will always be possible.

Since the ways of humans certainly lead somewhere, it is also so given that they bring something with them.


Maintain ten percent restraint

Man has his own appearance. It makes a difference for him.

It is conditioned by the fact that it awakens in other people something that can be good or bad, wrong or false of its kind. This also affects himself in the same way as he has affected his environment. (actio equals reactio.) But not everything would be recognized by other people in the same way as it is by itself. Some people try to adapt everything as they see fit. They could not recognize such a thing.

In order not to lose one's own skill in dealing with the realities of everyday life, the author has to focus his attention on them. In doing so, he usually perceives something of what is actually happening.

Meanwhile, a certain kind of restraint creates a controlling instance in the human being and makes him appear sovereign in front of other people. Schneider also uses it for himself. There he names some of the things that have happened to him. Whether he does something good with it or whether he would not be able to do so, that should remain unaffected by it.


Silence can awaken inner forces

Some things of man have been said. Nevertheless, we should still have the choice. Whether we would like to say something or whether we would not do so, that should not be decisive for an event.


Realize a lockout

The life with its conditions would not only consist of good possibilities. Some things would also mean a real danger. I recognize such a danger in all kinds of constant increase or decrease of something existing. There the relation changes. That we shall recognize. Man aligns himself to it and tries to stay as he already is. He makes himself free from it and becomes independent. Only then he will be able to grow up. All kinds of change of the true events of a life, on the contrary, lead to a distortion of its qualities, also of a state of being. There we would no longer know how to deal with it.

There is something to think about. Finite systems are permanently limited. There is no plural of truths. So also man will show his limits and his existence will bring certain limitations. We can fix that. It is true. Some things will be so clearly understandable to us. Those limitations of our person are as much a part of the limits of us as our own powers and all other kinds of wealth will be. That will be the pledge of our life. We try to preserve it. This holds many a chance, even though it might not be immediately apparent to us. Whoever can assess existing limits well, will possibly orientate himself according to them, as long as he has not been reluctant to do so. He will know how to assess what would be tolerable for him and where it ends. Thus he will probably be capable of many things. There he can express himself on that which need not be unworthy, and act accordingly.

If you know your life well, you can survive with it. Such a person understands something of his things. He can make himself understood. For this he needs only to keep to what is clear to him anyway. He recognizes that. He can also recognize it, which constitutes and conditions him. What we have made clear to ourselves, that makes something happen to us. Some things improve by themselves.


Releasing and holding

There are many opportunities to examine the change in one's own existence and to influence it. We like to do this because it connects us to our goods or keeps us connected to them. There we dive into the inner spheres and search for ways for us there.

Schneider had a very pleasant experience with the following technology. He sees in it an approach to meditation on physical conditions.

Starting from the actual state of the posture we are currently in, he generates a value for his body tension and applies it as a whole. Thus it is 100% and is a maximum value. This should be the case, even if we might not feel very strong about it.

According to his definition, it is the strength of man that he is independent. There he looks at the field of tension itself and partially dissolves it. For this purpose he slackens.

This reduces the tense portion of the force and there is less contraction. At the same time something gets going with him. Some things want to move.

The trick is to allow this solution to the force, to accept the motor aspect of the movement and to reduce the momentum in such a way that this also leads to a decrease.

The result should be a refreshment of the muscle tone after quite a while of practice. Some fatigue is also to be expected, as this process initially requires a high level of concentration. A nice side effect of this will be that we will be able to find some areas of the body that we would otherwise have paid little attention to.


Vitalizing approach

Even at the risk that Schneider's understanding of the mechanics would not be sufficient for the readers of his card index, he would like to make it clear to you here how he currently proceeds with works.

There he accepted the given as it appeared, and thus established a habitus in dealing with it. He takes his own attitude as the relevant actual value for himself and explains his own strength with it. The forces, as they are needed for the present posture, he sets as a maximum value, as it should just occur. There they embody the 100% of his strength, but also the 100% of the strength just demanded by him. If in this state he seems to be weakened, he will dissolve the tension that already appears on his body. In the process, various fields of tension come to light, are taken into account by him and find their minimization through him.

To be free of a burden sometimes means to be ready. But it takes time.

There Schneider makes his body tension a necessary mechanical property of his body and reduces it as soon as possible. Meanwhile, he also tries to identify with his life and existence. There he takes care of the necessary things of his existence, as they certainly have a bearing on the quality of life. Interestingly, Schneider gets his household under control again and again.

Meanwhile, such a household appears twice in our country. There is the external component to be named. That should be the own dwelling and the need of vital resources. We do a lot for that. Meanwhile we also become aware of the inner component of what makes us what we are. There we are with ourselves and find ourselves. And we do a lot of things to achieve this. The events of our life should be beautiful for us.

In the meantime, Schneider has made it his mission to be able to stop at any time during his activities. He temporarily tests this out, to see how he feels when he takes a break. He also makes this his own for the actual consumption of his own goods.


paths of fate

Whatever we have accepted as true and given, that will change. Things rust with us, too. In time, something that we would not know how to name eats its way through the existing and brings down everything that has been handed down. So it will be good that we are mobile and can stand up. Let us avoid such an evil and let it pass us by. Many a chalice should be able to pass us by so confidently.