Thoughts on speech formation


Sense of the words

To give an example of something that has come to us as a mystery of life, with a story or something comparable to it, I consider a good opportunity for writing a text. Such a thing usually also contains something of a divination art. There it shall be enough for me to determine the existing with the help of the language design. Everything else should result from the words of itself. There certain pictures appear before our mental eye and can be recognized. The fact that such a thing is possible has already favored my enterprise as a linguistic designer at times.

Speech design

Harmonic series

Starting from the approach that we humans can rise up because everything about us goes along with it, we stand up and look for a good way for us in life. There we carry everything with us that we need for it. If our hands are sometimes filled with all kinds of burdens, we usually put them down again soon. In this way, we are freed from what had weighed us down so heavily before.

A concept of what is given to us in life would be possible. We understand the daily tasks to be done as an occurrence which serves us for the improved structuring of our life time. We take some objects in our hands and do our daily work with them. There we create sometimes also works. What constitutes them is to be sufficiently determined by us. There they find their existence with certainty. Something succeeds also to us.

So we went one step at a time and settled in. We have gained a concept of who we are and what that means we are. We know our name and also our origin. Both are given to us with certainty. Let it be true that we may refer to them in life. Thus endowed with good things, we have attained our rank before our fellows.


Campfire Stories

At times I have the desire, but also the will, to tell my fellow men on a given occasion something that I once experienced. I do so, if something has sprouted with me in the thoughts what has corresponded to it. Then I carry it out promptly, if one lets me. Not necessarily much significant, but many a beautiful moment would be so to release.

Sometimes I have longed for the good moments of my youth, when I sat around the campfire for a long time. There the flames worked on the wood and some sparks sprayed. I remember this with pleasure. It confirms my inner peace that the thoughts of it came to me.


One reality

Shaping language would be my profession. I am in the process of naming the things of my existence as a human being as well and correctly as I can do it right now. For this I use common forms. In addition, I discuss the given in a simple language if possible. This way the actual triviality of it can be maintained. This shall help me a little bit to produce in a clear way those structures which occur there. Such words will be to be read by me again afterwards. Perhaps some mistakes will appear in the meantime. There I must be able to take up the texts and correct them. For this purpose I have combed through the existing writings again and again like a carpet. Thereby I discover those knots at them which have made them difficult to move.

Since I have created my writings throughout according to a uniform scheme, some of the good texts from my pen already function as examples for my further work. I only need to read them to tune into such incidents as they are connected with my cause.

These texts are to be improved in the course of the time contentwise by me. But first it applies to complete them once. To this I eradicate error type by error type those incorrectnesses at it, which have still inherent in my work. The variety of those aspects of my pronunciation and address I reduce for this, where I can, to a sum necessary for them. Beyond that, I have not recognized any additional variants of it for the determination of my thoughts and ideas. A goal point of me with the creation of the texts would be to preserve and to keep that finiteness of the things described by me. There I would like to complete my writings, if it will be at all something possible to do that. They are to be completed once.

I also write such texts, which refer to my own work performance. That has method. The vocabulary used thereby belongs to my language just as the contents to be considered thereby belong to my life. What has a share in my certainly limited cosmos in principle, I would like to be allowed to take up with own means. For this purpose I have named them in detail to be able to build such a bridge to the truth of my life. It wants to result thus a structure from those thoughts and ideas which have already been inherent in me. I have given the name 'matrix' to a construct which has arisen thereby, because it embodies a weaving which can be combed through. For the sake of clarity I sometimes also call it simply the 'mandala' of my life or my heart. So it should be imagined that it is like a drawn picture, consisting of definite forms. Basically, however, it will also appear like a fabric due to its manufacturing process.

I like to deal with such occurrences as I have mentioned here. Meanwhile, I try to standardize the grammatical states of my writings. For this I sound out my texts for their correctness and determine a valence of the structure contained in them.

That's how I ended up basically limiting myself to a few topics in Werk. That has advanced my things. In the meantime something with substance and order in a certain framework has developed, which I have already recognized as a default for my life. The whole of my existence should be what I want to write about. There everything can be completed alone only with a big effort. The ladders to such heavens would not be built or found now yet.

This has not disillusioned me at all. An order of my things I try to give. There I use my energy gladly for a reading of the already existing writings. What I have already illuminated with these so everything of the good and truth of my existence, has not been little. However, in spite of its luxuriant way of expression my work has become nothing else than a miniature of the representation of the life of a man. I have already made my peace with it. I know it well that a security for it persists, because it is such.

In my search for meaning, I have looked at a representation of the trivial and made it true. Therefore I can admit it that my writings claim to mean something certain also for other people. The fact that I have noticeably left out of them the special of my existence or at most briefly mentioned what it is, has led to this view of me. I would like to convey it to them so that they can grasp and understand the basic approach of my work.


Proportion of an introspection

I have created my texts not without reason. After all, I like to use them for a reading. Thereby I succeed in taking a posture, for example that of a contemplation. In my devotion to the order known to me, such an attitude sometimes comes into effect for me. That is what has pleased me about it many a time.

There I look at the given things and can consider something to it. The empty glass is looked at by me thereby just like a full one. I illuminate the good idea with the same light as a bad one. My principle thereby is that of an equivalence of such occurrences. The unity underlying them is the same. There one would not need to distinguish them.

Thus I find to the root of a truth. The coexistence of the truths and orders has not cancelled each other precisely because it has validity. It is true that the orders and truths have just complemented each other without overlapping. There they have coincided.

Now I have found it good what I have recognized. Something which appears in such a way and to which that fact of an equivalence applies, I describe with pleasure with the adjectives true, good and right. There those three terms span the axes of a value system. Thus they are to be independent orders of magnitude of my language design. This is how I apply them. That space, which they describe, is stretched out imaginary by them. There my introspection comes into force. I recognize the found as my cosmos. Some things fit together in this way. A proportion of it is to be given.


A brief reflection

Perhaps my texts have already had a rather dry effect on you as readers. I would like to assure it to you believably that I guess it in such a way. My writings would certainly not be easy to understand. What I have written down once, however, should offer an orientation. I try to write in a simple and catchy way when writing them. I have not always succeeded in this.

I read my texts regularly. In the process, I experience some of the emotions in myself. I also experience some moods there. Again and again, while writing, I take a stand on what has meant something to me and thus refer to my actual liveliness. In the meantime I walk an unabbreviated path. I have hardly planned such a path. I simply walk it as it arises in me. What I can achieve in this way has often contributed something of value to my cause.


Being at work with joy

In a creation of my card index 'construction kit' I assume a repairable 'system of things'. That's why I believe that it can help me for life to work out good text examples. I have always equated myself at work with something good, true and right. In this way I have been able to standardize my texts. Many a too opulently chosen word finally appeared that way and was then weeded out by me.

Many of the smaller fortunate circumstances that I have experienced as a language designer in the meantime have improved my life circumstances. Some good things have come to me for the first time in my life. There I have brought some things in connection with each other and have known how to put them together. In the meantime, my linguistic skills have strengthened. Correcting my writings is easier for me now than it was before.

Thereby I pay attention now primarily to a flow of the words. This results in a content. My thoughts and ideas appear in a coherent way, which has helped me a lot. Reading it has become a happening for me. In the meantime I come a little closer to a conclusion of the representation of those individual periods of my life. Therefore, I can finally accept the content of it.


Secasactrum or an emanation of man

Starting from an actual situation of my life, I recognize it, what I have. There is something inherent in me that has conditioned me. I am happy about it because it is true that I know about it.

I would like to establish what has driven me in life. For this purpose I have written it down, what this is. I assume thereby that I can determine the representation way of such a thing freely select. So, within the limits of that language which is typical for me, I determine it, what is given to me. Then I have heard and clarified my word.

As a writer, I have always made simple assumptions when forming my sentences. One of them is to locate from time to time the place where I wrote something down. That is where I am at the time of writing a particular text.

When I write on a PC, I type the keys of a keyboard one after the other. A text appears simultaneously on the screen. But is that all there is to it? How did the text get there? - That will have to be clarified by a computer scientist. I do not consider myself such a person at all. For me, the PC alone is only a tool. That is how I have used it.

But other questions arise in my mind. How is it that I can depict my thoughts as written words on the screen by simply tapping keys? Yes, why do I have such linguistically formulated thoughts on me at all?

I have thought about that. Man wants to communicate. It is his wish that his statement is interpreted correctly. There some things depend on the fact that this happens. It conditions him during his existence whether one has understood him well, because the actions of the people can have an effect on him. Some of it falls back on him what he has released once.

So, out of pure responsibility towards oneself, one already makes an effort in conveying one's own thoughts. Meanwhile it shall be true that it has made out a goodness of his words whether he is understood correctly by someone else.

We consider the formation of the thoughts. Let us now go back still further. Let us refer thereby to the human being as he exists for himself. What has occurred in the human being internalized while he has formulated his thoughts? - There I assume a cloud of the consciousness. It contains many things, but only in partial areas it can be utilizable what has occurred at it. There man experiences a climate and carries out his actions faithfully to such a climate. Sometimes he is more and sometimes less ready for action. There he succeeds sometimes the most fantastic things and then again nothing happened. There it will be good to recognize the given to be able to accept it. Such an acceptance makes the human being as well as his luck. He experiences it because it arrived so with him.

Whoever has come to terms with something would not have to find it good just because of that. It has not been enough for life to say 'Amen', because it is about the own happiness with us. We humans are supposed to succeed in getting something going. That should be our claim to life. We would like to maintain it.

That is why we determine the given. We bring it before us by recording it. This makes it visible. Now other people can hear it. We have also found it easy to deal with it.

The art word 'Sekasaktrum' is now to stand for an emanation which a man has experienced with his work creation. What he has put before himself is to be the one. But what he has taken up with him because of that, has been the other. There the man is reflected in his work creation. He has transferred something to the work and thus also inscribed himself. There it has impressed itself on him.

It is supposed to be his liveliness what causes this behavior. There it has appeared at the work just as it has reflected itself at him as a, basically additional appearance. Such reflections can become true with us and reach a person.

Now this should have been a somewhat more plastic idea of that before mentioned 'cloud' of the consciousness. It would be to be determined as something whole of us. It would be to be gained in this way also something. I have gladly given this designation to the whole. Its name is just in my writings as it is written here.


One frame

The themes that Schneider has developed for himself in the course of his life are also those that he writes about. What he has created is very extensive. He has realized that. In the meantime, he has begun to condense his writings somewhat.

Starting from the actual 'thought protocols' he inserts trivial additions of the words into them so that they turn out once well readable. For this he uses everyday formulations for them. The simple things should be able to be recognized as such.

An approach to the training of that cognitive skill necessary for it should be that of an intelligibility of his writings for him. Also under the aspect of an experience of own moods he should exist with it.

A person needs such things, which characterize that he is doing well and knows how to enjoy life. Schneider applies such a basic to his works.

Remembering what constitutes a human mind and observing the needs known for it should be able to stop some distress in us.


Order is empty

Without the exuberance of an enthusiastic person, Schneider handles his task and remains of a cheerful nature despite its dry nature. His laconic sense of humor helps him to persevere. He sees his work as a job that has given him a lot of trouble, but also some pleasure. Sometimes he consoles himself with the already finished texts, if he has been tired of doing so much.

He regularly has his writings read to him by a program. That way, he also gets to hear them. At the same time, he can move around his apartment without being tied down. This solves many a problem for him. His eyes are no longer so strained by reading. He can also spend more time away from his work desk. In addition, this has brought listening into effect as another aspect of learning for him and can be used. With the distance of a listener to the writing, he sometimes has an easy time checking the word order of his texts. There he can use his intuition to think through more catchy linguistic occurrences.

His task of creating the 'construction kit' has captivated him a lot in the last few years. With a certain power of concentration he went about it and accomplished it. What has emerged is nowadays more and more emerging as a path for life for him. To this he has confessed. With the strength of a practiced writer, Schneider conditions himself by creating the writings and thus finds many a quiet hour of activity. There his works equip him also with characteristics. Some of it he can use well, because it can be applied in the life.

In the meantime, Schneider has gone over to proclaiming a certain emptiness for himself, which obviously stemmed from an order of one's own. Everything seemed so constant there. But he has also found an explanation for it. Similar to the game principle of the computer program Tetris, his thoughts found their clarity when they were finally complete. He has experienced this in his life in such a way that their constancy can lead to a resolution of the tangles, also a flood of thoughts. There it pleases him that he has experienced something like that. Now this should be the new starting point for him. It already exists for years.


Dealing with a language

Man would be to be understood as a speaker in own intention correctly. There we hear his word, but his intention he would like to hide from us as a rule. He may do that also gladly. It is enough for us what we have heard. He needs to place his words alone only correctly, then everything is also clear.

The same applies to a reflection of the thoughts during an introspection of the human being. Our intention is clear to us. We want to experience a special mood. For this purpose we give ourselves a special power. We gain it during meditation. For it we need an introductory moment, so that an inner process starts, which makes us perceive what would be felt. For this purpose we use regular forms of a language. We search within ourselves for the right thoughts for this. There we experience the moment, which is currently dominant with us. Usually we recognize it and thus gain our own confidence in the power to accept what is given.

Frequency for frequency thoughts come to us, which embody actual stages. With each further step we also make some progress on this way. There we dive into an atmosphere of the inner images and steer our 'ship' along those ways which have opened to us. We also perceive the fairway in which we find ourselves.

Once we have arrived here, then perhaps it also results that we can experience that process of degradation of the spiritual moments itself, as it is given with us. Its characteristic should be a continuous emergence of such stirrings. In this process we look at the corresponding pictures and perhaps identify ourselves with some of them. What we see there has existed only for us. They are phenomena which would like to appear to us like light reflections of past times. But they exist to the present moment and make us something.

Thus, it should soon be clear to us that in a meditation it depends on the real things as they are given to us. Even if these are unexpected phenomena, which appear to us, we are the ones who experience them. This does not represent anything strange. Only because of that it can appear strange to some, because he has been strange to himself.


Getting by without exclusion

A fact, which is certainly valid for my kind of the language formation, shall be the now following. I have confessed to my view of the given and name the things in such a way as they have come to me. This should entail that I also try to place the individual fragments at the place where I have just been. I do this as soon as possible, in order not to get bogged down with work. Otherwise I like to leave it alone. Then, however, such things are also buried and sink in the fog of the tides. A memory of them takes place afterwards alone only very sporadically.

What has arisen with us people in thoughts and ideas will also have its relevance for a life. True to such a statement, I gather myself in a spiritual way and carry out something to it, which is just given to me. This is how the fragment comes into being. I look at it again afterwards, as soon as a memory of it has arisen in me. There I can weigh some of it, what it has said, how it is. Thus everything finds its order with me. The things receive their existence by themselves or they get lost.

An exclusion of objects could not occur at the world. That would be unreal because it has been impossible to carry out something like that. But because there will be alone only something what is really there, it is to be prevented that one curtails a conception of it. There is still hope in such an ordered system for an effectiveness of the given regularities of a nature. There everything has an effect perceptibly because of its proximity to us. Partly we are involved in these effects.

Meanwhile we have determined something for us. What is used by us sometimes to keep free from something uncertain in the field of mental appearance would be a closed frame around our being. There it limits what is given to us, but it has also shielded it from foreign influences. He did not let something not contained in him penetrate to us in this way. There we are happy with it, because our calm experience can be maintained by us in this way.

A whole bundle from such frames occurs at the world permanently. There are therefore completely different systems within the bigger whole of a world in independence of each other. Such embody all something own, as it can experience continuance.

What happens within such a closed system is also supposed to obey a special order which is appropriate to it. There the frame works as a partial protection of it.


One destination

To make something clear to a second person with a few words would be good. Why not try it? - We will soon find out whether we are right with our request if we receive a response to it. We would like to find out whether our thought can be communicated to another. That's why we present our own thoughts about the particular thing we are concerned with and build an actual idea with them. We make a little progress with it, because a development can take place with us, as soon as other persons have been considered by us with the own consideration. Sooner or later an exchange with them takes place, we leave temporarily for it the role of a solitaire and participate in a larger happening in the world.

Previously, we have imagined the possible conversation with the person in question, how it may turn out. As a rule, we already know them, because we mostly turn to personalities we know. Therefore, we also know their behavior well. In the run-up to a conversation, we have already recognized many of the things that can convey our arguments to her. This has prepared us for the encounter with her, so we are more solidified. There we would like to be able to appear accordingly before our fellow men and say our words.

We have promised ourselves something from this. That is why we have thought about the right way and have also resolved to walk it. Some things should be released in us in this way, which will be a real happiness for us.


Preserving a basic order

One world is where we live. Let it be so given and known. Its characteristics are to be examined by us. They are connected with us, because we are in relation to it. Therefore one can clarify something of their nature and look at the found knowledge afterwards in detail. In this way, one receives many a gem from words. Other people have also done something like this willingly. Some of it has been handed down even since the earlier times of human history and still endures. Forgotten are the achievements of the ancestors from some moment, but they can still have an effect.

Something is inherent in the world, which is why it persists. I believe that it will be good by itself. Life in it is something possible. I recognize it that it is able to preserve itself in a benign way. True to this thought, I form my models of that reality for existence as a human being on earth and try to verify them on the basis of my own existence. Thus I come to own thoughts and ideas about the essence of it, the world. By means of the incidents of my life I explain the cosmos to myself and try to orient myself in my existence thus starting from something known. What I can win thereby at realizations, I have to try out. What of it can be understood as contribution to a good life, is to be practiced and made true.

So I produce my reports and convictions as writings that they show my unmediated thought reasons. These are supposed to be waymarks which I reach when something good is accomplished. These things help me to recognize it, what I am able to perceive at phenomenal feeling. I assign the thereby sensed to those situations known to me and receive so a coarse-meshed grid to their localization. In doing so, I can locate it, which has made a difference to me. Thus I can prepare myself for my further way of life, because with the thereby won clarity to my thing this also becomes known. So, as I have walked my life way so far, I will try to continue it, in order to realize what is mine.

I have already skimmed off something of it from what is known to me, which has an actual substance. The good gained in such a way I put into my basket and make sure of it that it remains to me.

You can do something like that in a certain way, as it is familiar to you. Partly I speak of what is there, partly I write something about it. At times I just think about something and keep it with me. In each of the three cases it has become tangible for me and has come to the effect that I have received it. Thus I have come to own something that has not seemed unworthy to me.

I collect the own goods regularly and evaluate these afterwards. Thereby the inner world inscribed to me has illustrated itself. Some things come up there in the meantime completely rightly with me as thought or idea, as soon as I can manage it well to deal with it. I have that very gladly.


An actual fantasy

Books are said to have a high content for people to own. Who already knows some, also knows something to say about it. What this speaks, can be heard then if he has uttered it.

Books carry something about them, which we humans can look at them. Thereby the audible content is limited to that content of the respective book. Him we try to understand sometimes, as if it would be a testimony for us to be able to do that. However, there is no transfer from the human being to the content of the book.

A book has impressed many a person while reading it. This is supposed to be the true quality of a book, that it is able to captivate the reader and convey to him something specific about what it is about. Such a relation of the reader to the book shall be allowed to be called magical. However, a person who has read a piece of junk will also release a garbage dump in his head as a result. He must absorb a writing for it, what he also did, because a book alone will only be useful for such a thing.


The general matrix

I assume in life that everything that exists can be clarified once due to existing and known properties. The property known to us thrives well as soon as we have grasped its connections. They should be able to be named in a trivial way by a person. Their basic form shall be sufficient for this. At the same time, such texts will certainly have to be rejected, which do not carry any actual content in themselves, but only assert special investigations of a factual situation, without knowing such a situation. The words of a writing are to be balanced within the whole text work in such a way that none of them appears dominant. The true content of it should be clearly evident, which it has said, which it constitutes that one has named and assigned a fact.

In this way, one can speak of the given and keep an outlook in mind at the same time. This will have to be done. A success that has arisen in the process results from the clarity of what has been said. There one has heard it and it has faded away. However, an own achievement connected with it can be well remembered by us. There the person receives his results and can secure them. The memory of a man corresponds with what he has known to enter into it and to assign to the whole of a mental compound. There he can discuss and test it.

To a training of memory we determine clear characteristics what we want to remember. For them there is a certainty of the legitimacy of their expression.

Names, localities and times shall be what we have been ready to recognize as primary facts. Everything else builds up on the grid of those things, which has come about by such a reason.

In contrast, the actions of a person have appeared to us as variable and motivated at the same time. We can assign such to a person or deny it to him. What has been almost impossible, however, is to accept an action as a basis of a cognition without not getting entangled in its processes at some point. Then one will get lost of the thing.

Chaos is the agent of a change. In contrast, the clear and unambiguous facts have endured and are inscribed in an order. The one without the other has not existed, but it has been easy to extend something fixed with movable things. That's why I favored that. Then my memory has also become a corresponding one. A recognition value of the respective incident, which seems to be relevant for myself, often comes into play in my existence. Memories take place with me and remain retrievable, without that demanded me something.


From the art of divination

Name the given. Let the word have an effect. Thus you receive yours. Many good things come true this way. There it occurred, as it is. So it also has an effect.

Everything that a man has to own carries a value in itself, which affects his existence. There people have remained free from a constraint. Thus one has received his choice in the life. Everyone can determine it, what he would like to do. With it he should be able to determine it, however, also what he would not be ready to do. Thus his works appear all at once in a definite way. A sequence of the events causes a construction of the things of a man with us. There exist at the beginning alone only possibilities, opportunities and spheres, an actual nothing has been. From that first nothing has gone out. These moments and localities are used by us by putting something into them. For this we have something for us to own, which has resulted from our previous existence as a human being. We have not stolen this. Rather, we have earned it for ourselves. We have it as our own.

Some things we can make true with it. That's where we go out of our way to get something like that. In the end, we achieve good results by acting according to an order. It is the one that should determine what we can achieve through our own works. That is why it should be the mother of our skills.

Since also the spirit of a man has his own structure, it will be his best school to recognize something given as it really has been. Let us use it for us, what we have for knowledge of it to own. Such gifts have been granted to us because we have provided them for ourselves. They also belong to us because we have found the corresponding lessons in life and have learned something good from them. In this way, we have worked for the particular cause that has just been important to us.

Furthermore, it should be an important question what other people have recognized from our efforts for our own cause. Their encouragement will be respected by us and seen how it has turned out. Let's learn there simply to listen to their wording and to leave it to them what they have released with it.

In this way, we affirm the nature of such people. By doing so, we are literally affirming the respective people in their actions. Opportunities should not be given away. Something good maintains its existence.

What has been true by itself could not be a lie.


Preempt a mere application

In writing about yoga, I strive to shake up the readership a bit. An awake mind hears things more clearly than a dreaming one. The lot of a human being ranks first when it comes to the happiness of our lives. No good condition exists in us as long as we indulge in any activities. Without accepting existence as it is, we can have no orientation for which way has been right for us. Only what has been determined by us can also appear before us as something true.

There I follow some existing postulate at the execution of my thoughts. Of course, I implement my actions analogously to these considerations.

I believe in the fact that there was not just a bad word. What there must be against it is to be something wrong, which one has done with words. Everything can appear rightly in its actual color. Colorful have been the clothes of the nature since ever. Also we humans have always been more colorful than we can suspect. Let us not exhaust our spirit with the dreariness of the void. Let us see the given nevertheless simply with pleasure as something what exists rightly.


A search for meaning

Before we can afford a thing, we must have looked at it, to what it should be suitable. There we can fulfill the appropriate requirements probably soon, because we know them. This should release some good value in us. This is how we approach the given, that we examine it. In doing so, we ideally make the right observations. Then we choose a task, which we have to accomplish most urgently for the matter. This can also mean that there would be nothing to do.

That's why I set my sights on my 'construction kit' file and checked those texts it contains for coherence. I know that they can still be improved.

My text collections were created by me as individual wikis with their own thematic focus. As they exist nowadays, they are partly still blanks. They represent the preliminary stages of a literary preparation of my world of thoughts and ideas. There I still search for the suitable content, which I would like to name and point out. I have always wondered how my texts can express such a content in a simple and easy way. I actually think about what I really want to write down. With the time already so many things came into being, which satisfied my claim to myself.

Only those texts have been well readable, which have no fundamental errors of content and structure to own. In order to be able to check how good the respective writings of me have become, I sift them in detail. There it has been good that the individual text passages have stood for themselves.

The respective 'cells' of the wikis form their own units within the whole. What comes from my pen is built on simple basic ideas. With some trust in God, I set to work and preserved what nowadays endures of it. While writing I have concluded from the known to that which can be assigned directly and thus I have been able to expand my writings rightly. Thereby I have integrated every word here, which could be rightly consulted for it. This circumstance has amounted to a rehearsal. Thanks to it it became possible for me to extend and clarify my linguistic vocabulary. Thus I have learned many things while writing this literature. I have also been able to read it. A certain satisfaction has come to me in this way.

We like to be able to pick up the language of our environment and understand what is being said. This is a prerequisite for any participation of us in a community. We have understood this and thus received motivation to do well some of what we have already written down.


Preparation of the reading material

No one will be able to hear everything in one go. Therefore I say it herewith in clear and distinct words. The fullness of a life and its things can be grasped alone only gradually, in individual bites. Just as we portion the food bite-size when eating, our thoughts and ideas also have a right measure to own. Only the one who is able to divide them into individual bites can swallow them. Only he will be able to feed on them.


One base station

I design my own things on the Internet. The field for this is supposed to be my card index box. For me, it represents a real frame of reference that belongs to me. I already assume this for my work. In the meantime I have set up a whole fund, which has an access via the Internet. One can find my pages there and deal with their contents. In the meantime I can edit them.

There I try it to condition me by my work creation. My things should once satisfy a certain audience, which has shown interest in it.

Something has arisen there in the meantime which resembles a matrix of words. It will be to be understood as an empty matrix at times, its actual basic form has been that. So I have illustrated my things that their form has appeared without the special character of an enrichment with independent values. Thus I draw my things in a basic form too own to them. It does not complicate my efforts for my thing at all.

Little by little, I get the tools to be able to clarify, with the help of my own writings, that context of what made my things what they appeared to be.


A few words about the 'construction kit

In a conceivably simple way I have produced my writings. I look at something given to me and consider it meanwhile if I would like to say to it what I have thought about it. The texts contained in my card index reflect many kinds of thoughts and ideas of myself. Thus they reflect my being. Some reflection comes up in me when I look at them.

What qualities does my work have to its own? - That is what I have asked myself. I would like to be able to achieve a sufficient value of the representation of my thoughts and ideas. Therefore I have examined them on their form. Also an applicability of it to my existence and life should be possible. Also this has been tested by me. That everyday life in the existence as a human being takes place meanwhile and could not be cancelled. There my writing should not disturb the human being because he has to do his business. That is to be the right key for it to address someone and also to reach.


My target circle

It would be my actual goal to write down my sentences in such a way that they give something to be heard word for word, which has consistency and constancy. For this purpose I have set out and written something. The work is accessible only to a few, even if it is actually easy to access on the Internet. What I have written there on my wiki called 'Hatha' is supposed to be a show of my own convictions. I often follow them in life.

Then I determined it for me that I would like to tell you something about it and show you what has conditioned me at present. My search for the true nature of my person has led me on this path. Necessary should be an own experience or experiencing of those things described here by me if one wants to trace them. For this it was already enough to read or to hear my words concerning this.

Such a writing as this one can act as a mirror in another person and show him something of the actual accesses to the inner world of a person. A vision of what is mine is a portal for the other people of the readership to that truth which I have explored.

My texts in the 'construction kit' are to be understood by you as such a mirror, so that what is said here by me can be correctly located by you. Those readers who have already done something like that frankly have become dear to me. Gladly I see it what they do there.

What did I do when I was working on the 'construction kit'? - Well, I wrote down many a usable good thing so that people would learn to take me at my word. That kind of thing has become important to me. I'm learning about how it really works to be involved with yoga. So everything is tailored to me and fits me well.

Something, effected by me should be well to assign and to understand by the outsiders. Therefore I have prepared it in writing, what I have to say. On it I can build what already exists now. This is an example of my work.

A meaning of the language design for this kind of work creation shall be well understood by you. Since I have produced my things on the whole from own strength, they are also to be allowed to turn out accordingly to me. There I have already made my peace with the fact that my writings can therefore alone be well received by only a few people. It hardly bothers me.



Motivation for a language design

Linguistic structures are audible. The mind of a person orients itself to what is said. Once the word will be of a certain goodness, there is also some chance of a good shaping of one's own life reality through it. Thus an actual quality of life can be achieved by us.

What we have considered with us, we do so for a good reason. As a rule, we know him. To it we would like to refer that we have imagined something. An inner dialogue can be carried out there by us for the clarification of the weighting of our thoughts. Thereby something is to become true with us. Thus, with the time of getting used to it, a conception of the real as it is arises. This has already conditioned us in detail. No other thing will release such a significant happiness for us as the recognition of the true facts is able to do.

We humans all seem to be quite limited in our talents. Let's therefore get up and go our way better ourselves, so that we can receive the own for us. Soon everyone should be allowed to have something of his own, what makes him special and what he knows something about. Our happiness in life was based on the fact that we knew ourselves well.

My 'thought protocols' contained in the 'construction kit' have helped me to some certainty about my person. Little by little I have brought them into a good form and have found so to some clarity. There a 'light' soon appeared audibly in my environment and made me so understandable as I am nowadays.

There I reflect on my good. Something given nowadays for me should be clear to me thereby. Again and again I have dealt with it what I have received for me in this existence. So it is supposed to be true now what has just come up with me in moods and states of mind in the mental area. I deal with it, but I did not work on it to change it. There I have recognized no use of it.


Orientate yourself to a grid

When Schneider wrote his own texts, he had to find his words before they did him justice. A lot of unacceptable writing came about in this way. He applied a certain filtering technique to his own texts in order to be able to clarify them. One can say that he established and implemented a uniform grid for them, thanks to which he brought about an inventory of his thoughts and ideas. At the same time, the author Schneider did not rely on what was already true and given, but rather put it through the wringer and examined what was important to him from it.

Superordinate to his work, he has identified for himself an aesthetic to which everything he has created should conform. It gives him the actual measure for his achievements.



A negative is a spell that almost no one likes to recite.

There it was like a curse, which everyone liked to leave out.


An equivalence of the vowels

Since I cannot recognize any regulative of it, how the words are to be pronounced correctly, which we utter, I adhere willingly and gladly to the principle of an equivalence of the vowels. True to a structure of the words with their usual rhythms, the consonants will separate themselves as consonants from the vowels or bind themselves firmly to them. There each word has its own coloring, thanks to which we manage to hear it correctly. The more differentiated, but also the clearer and more unambiguous our pronunciation is, the more easily we can be understood. Vowels should also sound like vowels.

Everything has a structure of its own and so it is heard by us. There the parts of it have their proportion, which we must fix on an own experience, because we have not known a norm for them. We can find some simple approach to it in order to be understood by our fellow men promptly. I found it thanks to an assumption. I try to do justice to an equivalence of vowels when pronouncing words. Thus their sound becomes the mediator of the said.