Thoughts on speech formation


Meaning of the words

To give an example of something that has appeared to us as a mystery of life, with a story or something similar to it, I consider it a good opportunity to write a text. Such a thing usually also contains something of a fortune-telling art. So it should be enough for me to determine the existing with the help of speech formation. Everything else should result in the words. The fact that they do this on their own initiative has sometimes already favored my undertaking as a speech designer.

speech formation

Harmonic series

Based on the approach that we humans can stand up because everything about us is involved, we do so and look for a good way for ourselves in life. There we carry everything with us that we need for this. If our hands are sometimes filled with all kinds of burdens, we usually put them down again immediately. In this way we seem to be free of what has depressed us so heavily before.

A concept of what is given to us in life would be possible. We understand the daily tasks to be performed as an event that serves us to better structure our life time. We take some objects into our hands and do our daily work with them. Sometimes we also create works. What constitutes them should be sufficiently determined by us. There they will certainly find their own existence. Something succeeds also for us.

So we went one step after the other and got together. We have received a concept of who we are and what it means that we are. We know our name and our origin. Both of these things have been given to us with certainty. So it should be true that we may refer to them in life. Equipped in such a way with good things we attain our rank before our fellow men.


campfire stories

At times I am inspired by the desire, but also the will, to tell my fellow men on a given occasion something that I once experienced. I do so when something has sprouted in my thoughts anyway. Then I carry it out promptly, if one lets me. Not necessarily a lot of important things, but many a beautiful moment could be set free in this way.

Sometimes I have longed for the good times of my youth, when I sat around the campfire. There the flames worked on the wood and sparked. I remember that with pleasure. It confirms my inner peace when the thoughts of it have come to me.


A reality

Speech formation would be my topic. I am in the process of naming the things of my existence as a human being as well and correctly as I can do right now. For this I use ordinary forms. In addition, I discuss the given things in a simple language whenever possible. In this way the actual triviality of it can be maintained. This should help me a little bit to create in a clear way those structures which occur there. Such words will be readable afterwards. Maybe some mistakes will appear in the meantime. So I have to understand and correct the texts. To do this, I will comb through the existing writings again and again. In doing so, I discover those knots in them which have made them difficult to undo.

Since I have created my fonts according to a uniform scheme throughout, some of the better texts from my pen already serve as examples for my further work. I only need to read them in order to get in the mood for such events as they are connected with my cause.

The content of my own texts will be improved by me over time. But first I have to complete them. For this purpose, I eliminate, error type by error type, those actual inaccuracies that are still inherent in my work. I reduce the alleged diversity of those aspects of language, where I can, to a sum that is actually necessary for them. Beyond that I have not needed any additional variants of it to determine my thoughts and ideas. One goal in the creation of the texts would be to preserve and maintain that finiteness of the things I describe. There I will probably be able to complete my writings one day, if it will be possible at all to do so.

So I write texts that refer to my own work. There is a method to this. The vocabulary I use is as much a part of my language as the content to be considered is a part of my life. Whatever has a fundamental part in my certainly limited cosmos, I would like to be able to take up with my own means. For this purpose I name them in detail. I would like to create a structure out of those thoughts and ideas which are inherent in me. I give the name 'matrix' to a construct that is created in this process. For the sake of clarity I sometimes simply call it the 'Mandala' of my life or my heart. So one should imagine it to be like a drawn picture consisting of clear forms. Basically, however, it will be like a fabric due to its manufacturing process.

I like to deal with such incidents. I try to standardize the grammatical states of my writings. For this purpose I sound out my texts and determine the value of their structure. I know well that I can probably write a real nonsense about any topic of human existence. But it would not be in my mind to try something like that. I don't want to lead neither myself nor the readership onto an actual black ice.

That's how it happened that I limited myself to a few topics when I went to work and wrote something down. In the meantime something with substance and order has been created within a certain framework, which I recognize as a guideline for my life. It is the whole of my existence that makes up what I would like to write about. There everything should be completed. But the ladders to such heavens would not yet be built or found.

There I still like to use my energy for a reading of the already existing writings. What I have illuminated with these already so everything, that was not alone only a few. However, despite its opulent nature, it has become nothing more than an actual miniature.


Proportion of an interior view

I did not create my texts without reason. After all I like to use them for a reading. In doing so, I succeed in adopting attitudes, for example those of contemplation. In my devotion to the order I am familiar with, such an attitude sometimes comes into effect for me. That is what has delighted me about it many a time.

There I look at the given things and can think about something in addition. The empty glass was examined by me in the same way as a full one. I illuminate the good idea with the same light as a bad one. My principle is that such events are of equal value. The underlying unity is the same. There would be no need to distinguish them.

Thus I find the root of a truth. The coexistence of truths and orders has just not cancelled each other out, because it has validity. It is true that the orders and truths have almost complemented each other without overlapping. There they have met.

Now I have found it good, which I have recognized. Something, which seems so and to which that fact of an equivalence applies, I like to call with the adjectives true, good and right. There those three stretch the axes of a value system. Thus they are independent orders of magnitude of my speech formation. The space which they describe is imagined by them. This is where my inner vision comes into effect and recognizes what I have found as my cosmos. Some things fit together like this. A proportion of it should be given.


A brief reflection

My texts may seem rather dry to you as a reader. I would like to assure you that this is how I suspect it. My writings would certainly not be easy to understand either. What I have written down is intended to provide some orientation. I try to write them in an easy and catchy way. I have not always succeeded in this.

In my texts I read regularly. In doing so I keep some of the impulses in me. Some moods I experience there. Again and again I comment on it while writing and refer to my actual liveliness. Some of the forms that actually exist in me have made me feel what this means. There I walk an unabridged path. I hardly plan such a path in practice. I simply walk it as it has come to me.


Being at work with joy

When I create my file 'construction kit' I assume a repairable 'system of things'. So I believe that it can help me for life to work out good text examples. I have always equated works with something good, true and right. This is how I have standardized my texts. Many an opulent word has appeared and has been eliminated by me.

Many of the smaller happiness circumstances, which I have experienced as a speech designer in the meantime, have improved my life circumstances. Some of them have come to bear on me for the first time. I have been able to connect and combine several things with each other. Meanwhile, my linguistic skills have also been strengthened. Correcting my writings is therefore easier for me today than ever before.

In doing so, I now pay attention primarily to a flow of words. This results in a content. My thoughts and ideas appear in a conclusive way, which helps me a lot. Reading my own things becomes a happening. In the meantime I am also getting a little closer to a conclusion of the individual stages of my life. Through this I can finally accept the content of it or declare it acceptable as it happened.


Sekasaktrum or an emanation of the human being

Based on an actual situation in my life, I acknowledge what I have. There is something inherent in me that conditions me. I am glad that this is true.

I want to record what drives me in life. So I write down what that is. In doing so, I assume that I am free to choose the manner of representing such a thing. Within the limits of the language that is typical for me, I determine what is given to me. There I can already hear my word.

As a writer, I make simple assumptions when I form my sentences. One of them should be to locate the place where I write something down. There it appears.

When I write on the PC, I type the keys of a keyboard one after the other. A text appears simultaneously on the screen. But is that all there is to say about it? How did the text get there? - This will have to be clarified by a computer scientist. I don't see myself as one of them at all. For me, the PC alone is just a tool. This is how I use it.

But more questions arise. How is it that I can represent my thoughts as written words by simply typing keys? Yes, why do I even have such linguistically formulated thoughts on me?

Man wants to communicate. It is his will that his statement be interpreted correctly. Much depends on it. It conditions him whether one has understood him, because the actions of other people can affect him. Much of what he has done falls back on him.

Out of pure responsibility towards oneself, one already makes an effort to convey one's own thoughts. There it will be true that it is a goodness of his words that determines whether he can be properly understood by someone else.

We consider the formation of thoughts. Let us now go back even further. Let us refer to man as he exists for himself. What has appeared internalized in man while he was formulating his thoughts? - There I assume a cloud of consciousness. It contains much, but only in partial areas will it be possible to use what has occurred in it. There, man experiences a climate and faithfully carries out his actions according to it. Sometimes he is more or less ready for action. Sometimes he succeeds in the most amazing things and then nothing happens again. There it will be good to acknowledge the given in order to be able to accept it. Such an acceptance makes a person as well as his happiness. He experiences it, if it arrives at him in the same way.

Anyone who can cope with something must also be able to find it good. It was not enough to say amen when it comes to one's own happiness. We humans should succeed in something. That is our demand on life. We want to maintain it. Therefore we determine the given. We bring it before us by recording it. Thereby it becomes visible. Now other people can hear it. It is easier for us to deal with it.

The artificial word 'Sekasaktrum' should now stand for the emanation that a person experiences in his work. What he puts before himself is one thing, but what he takes up in himself for this reason is supposed to be another. Here man is reflected in his own work. Something he transfers to the work and something else, something of equal value is imprinted on him. That shall be his liveliness, which causes this. There it appears in the work just as it is reflected in him. Such reflections can appear in many ways and reach the innermost part of a person. Now this is supposed to be a somewhat more plastic conception of the aforementioned 'cloud' of consciousness. There it is to be determined as something whole. To this whole I have given this designation of a substance. This is the name of it in my writings.


One frame

The themes that Schneider has developed for himself in the course of his life are also those of which he writes. Everything he has created has turned out to be very extensive. He can see that. That's why he has begun to condense his writings a bit in the meantime.

Starting from the actual 'thought protocols', he inserts trivial additions to the words in them so that they are once easily readable. For this purpose he uses everyday formulations for them. One should be able to recognize the simple things as such.

An approach to the training of the cognitive skills required for this should be that of making his writings understandable, also from the point of view of experiencing one's own moods. A human being needs such things that characterize him that he is well and knows how to enjoy himself. He applies such a basic to his works, so that a human mind is stabilized. Remembering this and keeping to it, what needs are given for it, will be able to eliminate some distress and ensure the content of his texts.


Order is empty

Without the exuberance of an enthusiastic person, Schneider deals with his task and remains, despite its dry nature, of a cheerful joy. His laconic humor gives him a certain perseverance. He sees his work as a work that has already caused him much trouble, but also some joy. At times he has taken comfort in the already completed texts, when he has been exhausted from doing so much.

He regularly has a program read to him. That way he also gets to hear them. He can move freely in his apartment. That solves many a problem for him. His eyes are no longer stressed so much by reading. He can also spend more time away from his desk. In addition, hearing as a further aspect of learning has come into effect for him and can be used. With the distance of a listener to the writing, he sometimes finds it easy to check the word order of his texts. He can then use his intuition to think through somewhat more catchy linguistic events.

His task of creating the 'construction kit' has fascinated him a lot in recent years. With a certain power of concentration he approached and accomplished it. What has been created in the process is now more and more becoming a way of life for him. He has committed himself to this. With the strength of an experienced scribe, Schneider conditions himself by creating the writings and thus finds many a quiet hour of activity. There his works also endow him with characteristics. He can use some of them because they can be applied well in life.

In the meantime, Schneider has gone over to proclaiming a certain emptiness for himself, which obviously stems from an order of his own. There it is all so constant. But he has also found an explanation for it. Similar to the game principle of the computer program Tetris, his thoughts have found their clarity when they were finally complete. He experienced this in his life in such a way that their constancy can lead to a dissolution of the confusion, even a flood of thoughts. So he is pleased that he is allowed to experience such a thing. Now this should be the new starting point for him. It has already existed for years.


Dealing with a language

Man is to be understood correctly as a speaker in his own intention. There we hear his word, but he usually wants to hide his intention from us. He is also allowed to do that with pleasure. What we have heard is enough for us. He only needs to place his words correctly, then everything is clear.

The same is true for a reflection of thoughts during an introspection of the human being. Our intention is clear to us. We want to experience a special mood. For this we give ourselves a special power. We gain it through meditation. For it, an introductory moment is needed to get an inner process going that lets us perceive what could be felt. For this we use regular forms of language. We search for the right thoughts in our own minds. There the moment will experience which one is currently dominant in us. Usually we acknowledge it and thus gain our own confidence in the power to accept what we have given.

Frequency by frequency thoughts come to us, which embody actual steps. With every further step we make progress on this way. There we dive into an atmosphere of inner images and steer our 'ship' along the paths that open up to us. We also perceive the fairway in which we find ourselves.

Once we have arrived here, then it may also be that we can experience the process of dismantling spiritual moments for ourselves. Its characteristic feature is a continuous emergence of such movements. There we look at the corresponding pictures and perhaps identify ourselves with some of them. What we see there has only existed for us. They are phenomena that want to appear like light reflections of past times. But they exist in the moment and they also make a difference to us.

Thus it should soon be clear to us that in meditation it is actually always about the real things as they are given to us. If these are also unexpected phenomena, what appears to us, it is we who experience it. All this has not represented anything strange. For this reason alone it may appear strange to some, because they have been strange to themselves.


Getting by without exclusion

One fact, which is certainly valid for my kind of speech formation, should be the following. I have confessed to my view of the given and name things as they have come to me. This should entail that I try to place the individual fragments in the place where I have just been. I do this as soon as possible in order not to get bogged down in works. Otherwise I like to let it stay. But then such things are also spilt and sink in the fog of the tides. A memory of them only occurs very sporadically afterwards.

Whatever thoughts and ideas have come up in our minds will also have relevance for our lives. Faithful to such a statement, I gather myself in a spiritual way and carry out something about it, which I have just been inspired. This is how the fragment comes about. I look at it afterwards. There I can weight some of what it said. Thus everything finds its order with me.

An exclusion of objects could not occur in the world. That would be unreal, because it would have been impossible to achieve such a thing. But because there will only be what is really there, it should be prevented that one curtails an idea of it. But in such an ordered system there is still the hope for an effectiveness of the given regularities. There everything has an audible effect because of its proximity to us.

What we sometimes use to keep ourselves free of something would be a closed frame. There it delimits the given, but it delimits that which is not contained to him. A whole container of frames appears in the world. There are therefore completely different systems within the greater whole of the world. Such systems all embody their own reference systems.

What happens in such a closed system will also obey a special order. It has appeared isolated from the whole of the world. Therefore the individual in it has no more relation to what else is given and happens. There he takes up a special role. He loses sight of those otherwise valid regularities. There he develops separately from everything else, without being able to understand or comprehend an order of the whole.


One provision

To make something clear to a second person with just a few words, that would be good. Why not give it a try? - Then we will soon find out whether we were right in our request. So we are making some progress because a development is taking place.

Beforehand, we imagined the eventual conversation, how it might turn out. We have already recognized many things that will strengthen us. So we reflect on the right path and take it. We express what we had in mind without hurting anything. Then it can happen that many things are set free, which represents an actual circumstance of happiness.


Maintain a given basic order

One world is where we live. Let this be so given and known. Its characteristics shall be examined by us. For this purpose, we can make something of its essence clear and then look at the knowledge we have found in detail. Also other humans did something like this. Some of these essences have even been handed down from earlier times in human history.

Something dwells within the world, for which it exists. I believe that it will be good by itself. I recognize that it is able to maintain itself in a benign way. True to this thought I train my models of reality and try to verify them by means of my own existence. In this way I come to my own thoughts and ideas about the essence of it. By means of the facts I explain the cosmos to myself and try to orientate myself in my existence.

These are milestones that I reach. They help me to prepare my further path of life. I will try to continue in the same way as I have done so far.

I draw from what I know something that has substance. I then put this into my basket and make sure that it remains in my possession.

You can do this in a certain way. Partly I talk about what is there, partly I write something about it. Sometimes I just think about something. In each case, it becomes tangible for me and what I have comes into effect. This is how I come to own something that would not be worthless.

I collect my own goods and evaluate them afterwards. In this way the inner world inscribed in me can be visualized. Some things come to me as thoughts or ideas, which I can accomplish well. Then I am soon able to comprehend the part of my existence because I have accepted it. Since I alone evaluate only that which is given in a simple way, I can also give something to it, which can be represented in a writing of my own. This makes me want to preserve it because it is valuable enough for me to want to do so.

I would like to acknowledge those words that sufficiently describe my existence and make something about it understandable to me. For this I would not want to use only the mirror of a reflection, because it is also able to reflect illusions. In the same way, I would not want to rely solely on reproductions by other people.

What I like, I want to know for sure. In addition the characteristics of it are to be fixed. What thus arises, that will be an approximation to the truth of the given.


An actual fantasy

Books supposedly have a high salary for people. Those who already know some, know something to say about it. What this one says can be heard when he says it.

Books have something about them that we humans look at. The audible content is limited to the content of the book. Sometimes we try to understand it as if it were a testimony for ourselves. Meanwhile there is no transfer from the human being to the book.

A book impresses some people while they read it. This is said to be the true characteristic of a book, that it captivates the reader. Whoever reads a piece of junk will also release a garbage dump in his head as a result. He will absorb the writing, because a book alone can only be used for such a thing.


The general matrix

I assume in life that everything that exists can be clarified once due to existing and known properties. They should be able to be named in a trivial way by one person. Their basic form is sufficient for this. Such texts will surely be created, which carry their own content. The words have to be balanced within the whole text in such a way that the true content of the text will be clearly visible.

Thus one can speak of the given. This will have to be done. A performance associated with it can be remembered. There the human being receives his qualities and can secure them. The memory of a person corresponds with his works.


From the art of divination

Name the given. Let the word have an effect. This is how you get yours. Many a good thing becomes true. There it enters as it is.

Everything that a human being has as his own carries a value in itself, which has an effect. There men are free from compulsion. Thus one receives his choice in life. He can determine it, what he wants to do. But with it he can also determine what he would not be willing to do. A sequence of events requires a construction of the things of a human being. In the beginning there are only possibilities, opportunities and spheres. These are used by us. For this we are committed. In the end we get results that determine what we have achieved.

Since the spirit of a man also has its own structure, it will be his best school to acknowledge the given as it really is. Let us use it there for ourselves what we have to our own. Such gifts have been conceded to us. They belong to us as well.

It wouldn't be the right question to ask what other people have recognized from us. They might get too much weight from us if we approach our lives this way and follow what they have done with us. Rather, it will be essential for our happiness in life to make it clear which of the gifts of the higher beings we have accepted. When will we finally realize that such gifts are relevant for our existence as human beings! - It can only be led alone as it has happened. There it would be rightly given as it seems to us to be true.


Preventing a mere application

In writing my book on Yoga, I try to shake up the readership a bit. An alert mind hears things more clearly than a dreaming one. The fate of man is first and foremost when it comes to the happiness of life for us. No good state exists as long as we indulge in any kind of activity. Without accepting existence as conditional, we cannot have orientation. Only that which has established itself can also appear.

In the execution of my thoughts I follow many an existing postulate. Admittedly I put my words into practice analogously to these. I did not point them out, because otherwise this might lead to application errors.

I believe that there is no bad word. What there will be against it, that should be something wrong. Everything can appear in any color. Colorful are the clothes of nature. Even we humans are more colorful than we know. Let us not exhaust ourselves in the dreariness of the monochrome. Let us see the given as something that has become clear to us.


A search for meaning

Before we can afford a thing, we have to look at what it is suitable for. There we can probably meet the corresponding requirements soon. Some good value should be set free. This is how we approach the given. We choose a task, which we would like to fulfill in our life.

So I took a look at my file 'construction kit’ and checked the texts contained in it for their coherence for my existence as an artist as well as for myself as a person. I know that from this point of view it can still be improved.

My text collections have been created as individual wikis with their own thematic focus. As they exist today, some of them are still blanks of a literary preparation of my world of thoughts and ideas. So I am still looking for an actual concept of what I really want to write down. Meanwhile, in the course of my occupation with it, many things have come into being that have satisfied this demand.

Only those texts will be readable which have not contained any fundamental errors. In order to be able to determine this, I check them thoroughly. So it is good that the individual text passages stand for themselves and form their own units within the whole, which is my own creation. With a certain trust in God, I still go to work and conclude from what is given to what follows directly. Thus I can soon recognize the breaks in the writings. Often these have been entire flaws. I have filled these gaps with my first words. What a lot of substance I was not able to add!

This is how I learned something. There we finally read the texts with a higher satisfaction. We would like to be able to understand them as they are given to us. But sometimes there are still errors. As soon as the author has found one, he stops the further reading of it and deals with the correction of the same. This trains him to do something right.

Let us get used to the good and the true. Let us simply get to know it. There we can probably also judge about those things for which we have acquired such a certainty that they are possible. There we look at them and explore their value for our own cause.


Preparation of the reading material

No one will be able to hear everything at once. That is why I hereby say it in clear and unambiguous words. The fullness of a life and its things can only be grasped alone, little by little, in individual bites. Just as we portion our food bite-sized when we eat, so our thoughts and ideas have a right measure. Only he who is able to divide it into individual bites can swallow it. Only he alone will be able to feed on them.


One base station

I design my own things on the Internet. The field for this should be my card index. For me, it represents a real reference system that belongs to me. I already assume this in my work. In the meantime, I have set up a whole pool of material that can be accessed via the Internet. You can find my pages there and deal with their contents. In the meantime I can continue to work on them.

So I try to condition myself through my work. My things should once satisfy a certain audience that has shown interest in them.

In the meantime, something has emerged that resembles a matrix of words. This will sometimes be understood as an empty matrix, its actual basic form has been this. There I record my things and with the help of it I explore their context.


A few words about the 'construction kit

I create my writings in a very simple way. I look at what I have been given and in the meantime I consider whether I want to say something about it.

The writings contained in my card index contain many thoughts and ideas of mine. They reflect that. I have to answer for what I have given there for the best. However, not all of it has already been enough for my cause. Therefore I go into myself and reflect.

What form does my work take? - That's what I ask myself there. I would like to be able to recognize a value of the writings. For this purpose I conscientiously examine their applicability to my life. Everyday life as a human being should be the right key for this, because it also led to their creation in the first place.

Those parts of it that are more related to the processing of foreign materials, which I used to enjoy in the form of books, often thwart my actual plan considerably. What did I really understand about such materials? - So I remove these things, which are unsuitable for me, from my works and hope to be better suited to my purpose.

I have given myself clear guidelines for my cause. But that pitiful mess of meaningless esotericism, as it has already swollen from my pen at times, sometimes turns my mind. There it makes more trouble than it yields benefits. Then I sometimes go astray, my things get mixed up so often. It has become true in the meantime that I have already created countless documents in such a useless way. They are generally of doubtful value. I see through this now, but it frustrates me too. If I want to present what I have created in a sincere way with the help of speech formation, I have to judge what I have created.


My target circle

My real goal would be to write down my sentences in such a way that they give word for word something to be heard that has consistency and constancy. For this purpose I have set out and written something in public. The work alone is only accessible to a few, even though it can actually be easily accessed. What I am writing on my website called 'Hatha' should be a show of my own thoughts and ideas.

So I once set it down for me in such a way that I would like to tell you something about it, which is currently conditioning me. My search for the true qualities of my life has led me on this path. It is necessary to experience the things I have described here, if one wants to be able to assign them to one's own existence. For this purpose it should be enough to understand my thoughts in this regard and to recognize the ideas I have made in the process.

A writing can act as a mirror for a person and also show him something of his own inner world. A show of it provides the person with an instantaneously appearing image, which should reveal something of who he is. One has to understand what this means. Everything is in a context.

My texts in the 'construction kit' should also be understood by you as such a mirror, so that what is said here can be correctly located. Those readers, who do such things openly, are dear to me. I like to see what they do.

What do I do when I am working on the 'construction kit'? - I write down many a usable good thing so that people learn to take me at my word. I learn how it really works. What I have achieved should be easy to assign and understand. I can build on that. All this here is an example of my work. It should be possible to experience the significance of speech formation for my work. Since I have created things on the whole by my own efforts, they should be appropriate to me. I have already made my peace with them.


Motivation for speech formation

Linguistic structures are audible. The mind of a person is oriented to what is said. If the good is first of all of a certain goodness, there is also some chance for an improved organization of the own life reality thereby.

What we have considered, we do for a good reason. As a rule, we know it exactly. This is what we want to refer to when we imagine that we say something about it. An inner dialogue is conducted by us to clarify the weighting of our thoughts. Through this something becomes true. With the time we get used to it, a perception of the real thing also develops. This conditions us thoroughly. No other thing than this one will release such a significant happiness for man. We are simply endowed by such inner images as embodied in our thoughts, with powers and also with a certain beauty and clarity, that one can confidently say so.

We humans all seem to be quite limited in our talents. Let us therefore stand up and go our own way, so that we can preserve our own. Soon everyone will have something of his own that makes him special. Our happiness in life should be based on this, what we do.

I have gradually brought my 'thought protocols' contained in the 'construction kit' into shape and thus found a certainty about my existence as a human being. Soon a light appeared to me and made me understand. In this way I remember my own good. What is given for me today becomes clear to me. Again and again I deal with what I have. What I have not known how to fight for everything in this way! - So it should really be true now, what moods arise in me. I deal with them. That is also me. I stand by that. After all, all that has appeared there will be rightly so given.

Such a relation to my being shall give me a permanence of the basis for this existence. What should make me capable of action is that I firmly believe in the subject and its significance for the life of a human being. This is how I appear in my thoughts as a person. Especially when I read my writings, this is so with me.

I can see something there. That was related to it. Whenever my thoughts and ideas were clear to me, I kept what I had given. Then I wrote down something corresponding to it. Then I went into myself. That improved my reception of the given text over time. With a calm manner I now write down something of the mental substance of my inner world. That which I can remember should also retain its true value for me. Thus I ensure it by making it right, what I am describing. But therefore the formation of speech should be a key to be able to record that as well as to be able to do a reproduction of what I perceive. Thanks to it I have made my concerns understandable to someone else.


Orientation on a grid

When writing his own texts, Schneider found that he had to find his words first before they did him justice. So he applied a certain filtering technique to his own thoughts and ideas. One might as well say that he set up and implemented a uniform grid for them. That would be to use synonymously.

In doing so, Schneider did not only rely on the given, but rather tried to assert that it endured. To this end, he imagined people he knew and imagined their reaction to his writings. This step of action made it possible for him to obtain a return value, even if such a return value was only possible because of his own vision. In this way he has achieved simplicity, but also a certainty in the creation of his writings for them. Their proportions should be clearly visible, so that in a revision of them all will be well pleased.

Superordinate to his work and the work itself, he has identified an aesthetic that is intended to unite all of these. It gives the actual measure for the distance between the dots on the grid. In the same way, he also has a weakness for grid-like spatial structures and their networking. Many things can be determined by this. Such structures carry weightings in themselves; they have an accumulation of grid points where many things happen. There it can be determined relatively precisely where the decisive thing happens. Then, when you know this, you can also go into the relevant facts more closely.

It is important to the author that there is a congruence between his own experience and what is described in words. This is what he creates. He gets something out of it when he reads it again. In this way he can work out many an additional element. He also has every reason to keep his writings up to date. In this way he can keep an access to them. His daily work on the texts serves primarily to refresh what has meant happiness for him.


Recognize an equivalence

Since I cannot recognize any regulative of how to pronounce the words we utter correctly, I willingly and gladly adhere to the principle of vowel equivalence. True to a structure of words with their usual rhythms, but the consonants are separated from the vowels or are firmly attached to them. Each word has its own coloring, thanks to which we are able to hear it correctly. The more differentiated our pronunciation is, the better we can be understood. The vowels should also sound like them.

Everything has a structure of its own and this is how it is heard. There the parts of it have their true proportions, which we must fix to an experience, because we do not know any standardization for it. But we can use many a simple approach to it, in order to be well understood by our fellow men. I have found such an approach thanks to the fundamental assumption of an equivalence of vowels. Thus they become mediators of the given.

Especially the temporal course is important for the speaker. Everything has a timing. The easier it is able to arrange the given, the clearer our statement will be heard. The skill lies in the correct choice of the proportion of the temporal appearance of the voice, i.e. its sound. There it soon fades away again, which we should make use of.

So there is now an opportunity to standardize the speaking of the words. In its basic variant, it will be good to give equal weight to each vowel. After all, you want to be heard. To do this, we pronounce the letters (a, e, o, u, i) once with equal length and equal clarity. This will help us to find a good form for our pronunciation. All successful effort is followed by a stabilization. This is where things should be able to settle down. For this we let up. In this way, the things are given their expression and can still be shaped by us.

The following formalism would be important to me. I would at least like to have it pointed out.

[a: e = a: o = a: u = a: i]

Thus the vowels get a proportion which is characterized by their equivalence. All this follows the basic structure of a view of the given. I have already frequently pointed out and cited its formalism.

[1: 1: 1 = 100 %]

There the occurrences are to appear as they exist, and afterwards pass away.