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Man has a consciousness to own, which is drawn by his wakefulness.


The splendor of the sun

The human being needs also once again a distance to what has happened. There he has been tired of such a thing. He has therefore temporarily left it behind him. Thus he has to get used to the horror of his own nature at times, as it is peculiar to it.

Black is a beautiful color. It is quite powerful. I mean it the way I say it. It's not a euphemism.


Cover letter

Dear Reader,

please do not expect too much from my perhaps somewhat clumsy attempts to describe yoga as I have come to know it. I am not an ascetic, a sadhu, a samnyasin or an arhat.

With friendly words I would like to prepare nevertheless something own from my field of experience for those people who wish to read this writing here. There will be certainly still some more to say to the respective things than I have done it here, however, I would like to beware of appropriating the pointing stick of a teacher in exaggerated way. Even less would I want to use one. I have tried not to write anything terrible about my experiences with Hatha. Of course, I still mention what brought me on the path and what I still have to struggle with while doing it.

It has been gained in the course of my life something thanks to a reference to the yoga of me. Without some prior knowledge of it, I probably wouldn't have found my way to my main subject, my own frequency, during my studies in mechanical engineering. That has been a downright lucky circumstance for me, what has happened there.

What constitutes a person's own frequency? - A knowledge of this kind of a resonance is based on such insights as one can gain through a meditation on the corresponding subject of an actual inner and outer movement. For this, one should take a look at the rhythms which have structured us as a human being.

As for the work, it is an element of the 'construction kit'. This embodies a collection of my own writings from my pen, created in the manner of a card index. The purpose of it is that I can be creatively active on this. At the same time I can educate myself literarily. From this thing I expect myself something. After all, I would like to be a writer by profession. Those elements of the file 'construction kit' should be finished as books sometime.

There I have consistently a great hope connected with it, that I will make up my own small world of thoughts and ideas and afterwards write down what I know about it, in order to be able to take knowledge of it again. I count on it that I will succeed to represent the things of my existence in a finite way conclusively.

Certain contentwise connections between the individual Wikis exist meanwhile. But such must be found by you by necessity when reading through my writings, because I could not also point out where they are to be found. The text work will be otherwise somewhat badly confusing to read. If necessary, explore those writings contained in the other wikis. Maybe you will find some cross connections. In the meantime, I would ask you to think of my text works as a virtual 'wicker basket' of woven strands. It is still somewhat unfinished.

Now I would like to refer also gladly to that content in the 'set box' belonging to the work show. In it pictures and music from own production are to be found. The works have been made in a very personal way. The links to the overview pages of 'Setzkasten' and 'Baukasten' can be found further up in the menu home page on the internet page 'Hatha'. You can also search directly for [].

Much joy I wish now for you with the type collection and also otherwise. Meanwhile I remain in a good mood and hopeful

With kind regards

Mathias Schneider


A thought insertion

Here on the website called 'Hatha' I would like to tell you something of my own experience in dealing with yoga. The book knowledge, which had to be enough for me to explore this subject area, has neither been comprehensive of its kind nor appeared clearly structured. At some point I realized that I need a summary of it, which is suitable for a conclusion. All good of it, which I already got to know and understood, I would like to unify and write down now. For this I bring it on the side here in a form as well as possible prepared.

My efforts for the yoga should take place in a righteous way. However, I have not enjoyed any training for it, which has guaranteed that I know how to prepare something literary. So I run the wiki simply as a content management system (CMS), by means of which I keep my already created 'thought protocols'. I create such during 'free-writing hours', as I called it. I do not want to keep this from the reader of my text work.

I recognize clear limitations for my abilities. To exhaust a potential too own to me purposefully will be necessary for the fulfillment of my task at this. That would be to be ensured however still by me, how that goes. I must therefore look at it again and again, which statements I have already made. The question, how the actual structure of my texts came about and what has been conveyed thanks to it, has great importance for how that will be to be understood, what is given with it.

In the meantime, I continue to expand the written work, so that my life time with its energy can be used by me in a purposeful way. The actual efforts of me have already resulted in some material, which seemed to me worth reading. There I would like to continue the work on it gladly. The whole should lead once to a good success with me. Every man needs such a confirmation for his work. Also I could not exclude myself from it. Everything that already exists, I would like to receive in a sufficient condition and prepare in such a way, as it seems to me right for the respective thing. With many a reading of the scriptures I have recognized it, how such a thing belonged. Thereby I have understood and learned some things. A restriction of those representations to the area of the yoga of me on the true facts of my existence should show some use value of the writings and make it understandable how I have come to the views corresponding to me to it, what constitutes it with me. There I deal with it and establish it, how a dealing with it seems to be true to me.

Thus I illuminate and expose the events of my life which I have experienced. The whole of it has been something which I could bring to file by a naming of my actual thoughts and ideas in finite kind. It will have to be checked sometime, if God would allow it, by a person who knows the matter, whether the work exists so rightly as I have provided it with my elaborations. The value of those things pointed out by me with it should not be questioned however hastily by someone. Related to my existence they certainly have relevance in exactly that way as I once produced them. From this I simply assume that this will be true.


Living an idle existence

Some people have already reproached me for doing basically idle things. They have done so especially when I have not been doing well with my situation. There they have advised and instructed me that I basically have to change something in my way of life.

I heard that and was annoyed. I have by no means simply given them the right to judge me like that. Everything I have done so far in my life has been purposeful at some point. Sometimes it has taken whole years for my own successes to become apparent. However, my perseverance has been something that the people giving me advice have not known. At least they did not believe that I was good. That has been very mortifying.

There I spent my existence on the 'waiting bench' for no reason. In the meantime, a large portion of my lifetime has passed. The advisors have been richly rewarded. Their words have gained rank and prestige, even if they have been wrong. No one has bothered to verify such things. None of it has been verified. There they have been able to continue their coffee meetings and compose new songs. All of it had nothing to do with me. That's when I switched to a defensive mode. With that, my descent has increased in gradient. Life and the existence connected with it have seemed increasingly more burdensome to me. The whole thing culminated in a fiasco. But thanks to many a mishandling, nothing has improved. Everything I have achieved, I have managed completely on my own. I can rightly say that. On the contrary, I was harmed rather than helped.

Those who have permanently refused support will eventually no longer receive it. I have known that. I have had to struggle with some difficulties. I was lied to and deceived. Nothing was done for me. Why people go to so much trouble to be superior to me, I could not say. I would not need such a thing. But the competition of the people has known no limits. It has been harmful. There people have shot into their own ranks, alone only to improve their position. Such goings-on must be useless per se. But it is customary to act in this way.

People liked to blacken each other's names. Sometimes they openly flaunted it and talked about me even though I was present. Sometimes they did it behind closed doors. It may well be that in this way they have done me even greater harm. In any case, I did not receive any real support. Not even a recording of my difficulties took place.

If you are permanently treated as a fifth wheel, you can fall away without this motivating anyone to change their behavior. Stoically, the people there continued to go their way and grinded me down. I put up with that for quite some time. At some point, however, I used the rest of my day to stand up to it.

By means of the goods, which have been accessible to me, I have formed something, which should have amounted to a work. I have tried to show my environment what I can do. In this way, despite the long period of idleness in my life, I have created something. The fact that it has not been seen speaks its own language. It has not been taken into account at all.

When they finally tried to weed me out, I stood up to them. I put everything on this card. My existence already had its routines for me at that time. I did not always understand what I was capable of doing, but I did it. By means of the cultural objects I have collected and saved from the dustbin, I have continued my study and transformed it into a study of life. All has been penetrating, much of which I have made true.

I found nothing wrong with the assumption of the given.


A holistic view

The potential of a person contains the energetic shape, his configuration, but also a constellation belonging to it should be his own. There it forms a sum for the whole and describes its full value to the present moment. But such an occurrence wants to be managed correctly. For this purpose we have realized and understood that the main characteristic of it must be a normal one and made 100 percent of our being. However, we have also recognized that everything has emanated in a dual way within the world. Therefore, it can be said that the potential of man has arisen twice. It is so and it has been so at all times. Meanwhile, this inner duality can be well applied to the given.

All forces of a human being have a simple alignment to own. They have always been localizable and also appeared connected with each other. Tensions, which are tangentially connected to other tensions, arise through them. These tension courses cause a connection of the forces and provide for the cohesion of our organism. However, before we proceed to distinguish the natural tension force from the overtension, we would like to establish now rather a connection of it with the dual of a human being. It is supposed to be a direct effect of his existence, which becomes true thanks to it. Since man has a light nature, but also a shadowy nature to own and must cope with both.

Who we are, it should be, what has formed the unity of it, what makes the whole with us. Then it will be superordinate to it and explain some things which are connected with the person of a person. Thus, it is to be assumed that there is a superordinate unity with us to the respective appearance as phenomenon, which brings us in relation to it. We call this unity the personality of a person and give it the quality of a collector related to the facts of our Dasein that are superior to us. There something from the experience of an existence as a human being is to be recognized according to it and also to be named. There it brings together the warp threads of the existent and unites them in itself. In order to accept it and to be able to consider it, one has identified oneself with it.

This personality of a man has something of an empty natural phenomenon, because it can be used versatilely. There it shows that an adaptability of the human being is able to fulfill this actually according to the facts of his existence. The elementaries of the structural reality unite thanks to it to a total picture of the given, which unites the whole to a unity and conditions us as a being. There it is to be the metaphysical occurrences, which are recognized by us as phenomena and are taken into account by us, without having lost their integrity as function. Those meta-levels, which were created by us for the registration and description of the natural events, are supposed to be inner qualities of our person. Their brilliance has resulted from that neatness with which we have recognized and left the given as it has occurred with us and appeared for us. Therefore, it should be true that it is given as it is, because it occurs and is there. Thus it can have an effect on us, what we have to own for us.

But haste with while, rest with rest shall also be preserved here. For this reason we would like to penetrate now a little bit into that area of the dual and make it know what it causes and how it appears. For this we consider the natural phenomenon of a force. It represents an example of how something can appear and therefore a valid principle of order can be determined from it, as it can be read and recognized by its favorability of the respective natural phenomenon. For this we start from the rational state and assume the given as broken. This break shall penetrate the given as a fractal and thus enable an analysis of what is there. There everything experiences its being as a fineness and receives a resolution on the level of the structural-bodily property of itself. Such a construct cannot be reassembled afterwards, because there can only be an alignment for what has emanated. Such a thing is irreversible and must therefore be established and held as a result until the forces of nature have attacked at it again by themselves and the action of the human being has no longer affected it. Finally the order is effective in the nature by itself.

So, we have conceived a pile of broken pieces of highest possible fineness. In order to be able to explore how it behaves, we have to determine its dimensions.

To do this, I made the following assumptions.

Each particle of the highest fineness has an imprint of the surface structure on itself and behaves accordingly as a body.

Every particle of the smallest order has a mass force to own, which allows him an access to an energetic configuration of itself.

Thereupon I recorded a conclusion, which arose by itself after reading the previous thoughts while considering them.

An order of these fine particles is made because of the constellation between the configured energetic properties and takes into account their physical peculiarities.

Now, with this equipment, one can take up the properties of order and name them. For this purpose, one can typify it, i.e. recognize and describe its qualities, or quantify it, i.e. name it, what order is and how it presents itself gradually.

However, I lacked the necessary terminology for it from the outset. For this reason I give only the value for the order which determined your basis and describe just this.

The zeroth degree of order is supposed to be the emptiness, the void and the absence of energetic configurations. It represents the basis for us, because no appearance of the nature can fall lower than so. (An emptiness and an appearance have appeared clearly distinguishable from each other in terms of content).

An appearance replaces the emptiness and is by no means something which contains the emptiness. (A valid exclusion procedure in the consideration of the natural phenomena is to be able to mark and explain these once).

The void is not a field, but the absence of a field. A field represents an 'object' which is clearly distinguished from the void by a structural-bodily emanation and is not such.

Emptiness is infinite, energetic configuration is finite.

Emptiness is the quality which is transcendental to the given. It is the embodiment by the vessel, its content. Thereby those four appearances are to embody the vessel, which I regard as separate from the nature of the world. These I now enumerate faithfully, as I have considered them in my studies. [Space, time, substance, spirit] - These shall be their essential embodiments. Without them there has been nothing. They occur intertwined with each other and result in a weave, the matrix (of transcendence). Thus they are as the absent magnitudes the cause of the emanation of the cosmos and capable to condition such.

After all these many thoughts to the emptiness and the fine particles as I have described them before, I would like to point out now finally the dual of the human appearance. It is found thanks to a reflection at the nature, has a light and a shadow area to own and is cause as well as effect in one for the whole of the whole. Thus it is clearly limited. Thus it can appear what it has also done. Then it has occurred and has kept its qualities over the time.

That question of whether we have sufficiently considered the dual of ourselves in determining those merits of our existence is to be left to our own discretion.


Modes of action

Whenever you have observed your forces, you must also consider their introduction into the 'earth mirror'. A force without a reflection of it has not yet existed. There everything holds on to us and gives us back.

Whenever something has gone without a great deal of force, it has been good to leave such a thing. An excess of force has existed where things are misaligned with each other. Our body is supposed to be the vehicle for this, thanks to which it can be established how things are set up with us. It is he who has made it possible for us to be able to introduce a force into an object or to refrain from doing such a thing because we have decided against it. Thereby we are conditioned that certain forces are inherent in us. Their regulation is incumbent on us.

Meanwhile, we have established something. Without a flow of the given, no movement has come about with us. Then nothing has emanated. An additional thought to this we have also accepted as true. He who has always announced his things before he has done them, has sometimes not had a good success with it and has often been wrong with his thing. A certain sovereignty should already be allowed to man. We do not need to announce it at all, what will be essential for us.

Speech design

A few words about combinatorics

In a world, to which functionalities belong, the given exists in clarity and is inscribed to the occurrences as default. There we have recognized it that the mode of operation has been a fact of universal nature. However, the mode of appearance of the reality prevails and inscribes to the things their nature. Thereby we are conditioned that temporally and locally different effects of it have shown what we must understand as the order of it. Thus we would not have it so simply with it to assign the nature of the things to that default of our existence.

For this reason we have looked for an approach to the determination of the given. We try it to reproduce its order linguistically. For this purpose we have noted down our thoughts as they appeared by themselves. Something happened to us that was like a process. Our writing had a high rank in front of us, but it was not complete. We realized that and at least weighted the words.

In the process, we have adjusted some things. An improved text has appeared before our eyes because of it. We have thus learned to rearrange the words. We also checked them for their purpose and sometimes exchanged them for other terms. We used the language design as a tool to perform combinatorics on the thought protocols of our own kind. What we did with the words was like a puzzle game. With the fine sense of a criminalist we have searched for the right characteristic of what we have said with our writings.



A man who is alone can accomplish anything. (Thought Quote)

The picture which I have, I carry in me. There it has been sometimes individual persons in their peculiarity (entity) accessible to me, which have reflected themselves there at me. I have perceived and left them. Completely the whole appears in the whole. That has happened now and it is to be named here, so that it can be accepted by me once as known that I have spoken of it.



What I carry on me has happened at some point and therefore it should be able to be considered true what I have experienced. But no one can know in advance what he will be one day. What we can know, however, it should be that we hear it, who we are. That already equips us.

We have bet on the fact that the present brings with it a continuity. It makes everything true. Then something is given when it has appeared and has proven itself. Reversing conclusions cannot bring anyone further. What has not proven itself still occurs. We have to come to terms with that. Who has a problem with what has occurred, fights like Don Quixote. He can be a wonderful commander, but everything he did was useless.

His gifts have degenerated. We have separated ourselves from such things and that is why we have been able to accept ourselves. We have believed that there is something that can be called true. We did not speak of anything else. We didn't do cross shots.


Lightning, hail and thunder

It should make a difference if we are alone or if we would not be. To trust in ourselves, we have learned. Thus, we went about our business when it didn't bother anyone.

A health did not bother us. We did not understand it as a commodity and therefore did not lend it to anyone. Everyone should be what he is by himself.


In the night of the soul

Healthy is the fire, healthy is its light.

So I sit in the shade and yet I would not do without it.

to focus my thoughts on my happiness for life.

Everything is dear to me. This is something that promises me a hope.

There I understood it correctly and would like to acknowledge it,

how it has been with me.

That is how it appeared, that is how it is true.

All the other people's requests seemed strange to me,

because they did not leave it.

Your thoughts are not at all clear to me.

Meanwhile, they do not have cheerful expressions.

Instead, you always cause further damage.

I was right to think of the good there.

Some people laughed out loud because of this.

Some even spun.

In the meantime, my dreams have passed, my hopes have almost been dashed.

Like the suns in the world, the people appeared before me

and shone brightly at me.

However, I like to have one moon.

He shall show himself to me soon.

He is not so far in the distance

and he has his own beautiful shimmer.

What should a shining light, that shine of the sun mean to me then,

when it is so devastating to waste one's gaze there.

Soon I let go of that and find my true meaning.

I surrender to my own love.

Such a thing would like to seem stupid to another,

Meanwhile, I have to deny his statements about this.

I sought my happiness and not his for myself,

Some people have almost cursed me because of this.


Acquire a skill

With every activity, we humans decide on a skill. Those who are able to commit themselves to a basic skill have it good. It should be possible to do something like that. An opportunity for it exists. It should be in harmony with us and also be set up by us in such a way that we can sometimes use it and sometimes leave it. Thus we recognize it that the basic skills of the human being are additional arrangements, which are to be organized by him. They are based on approaches. Such can tie up to processes, which already exist with us by itself.

Thanks to a tangential affiliation of an own impulse to the process existing with us, we change the given forever. There we immediately stop again with it. This creates a second impulse, because the occurrence of a changing influence quantity initiates a reaction in each case. Subsequently, the new 'system' has a formative effect. It is a new 'system' because the additional impulse has been integrated into it. All processes of conservation have to consider this further impulse from now on. Thus the 'system' of processes is a formed one. This is how it will have to be understood.

One can put something into such a 'system', which then occurs in it. There are no withdrawals. What has emanated once, is then also there. Therefore it is supposed to be good that the mode of appearance of the world contains a variant of the game 'Tetris'. All mutually complementary parts of the total process also result once in a duplication of their occurrence. There a thing and its equivalent become a suitable resolution of what has been before.

Things separate from each other because they are aligned the same to each other. Thereupon they partially turn around and approach each other. With the accuracy of such a magnetic effect also we humans perform our design. What machines alone can cause only by approximations, we humans can release in our own way. There everything is arranged in exact way by us. Thereby something becomes true. The accuracy should be per se a key to ourselves. It would not be to be rejected.

Meanwhile, everything assigned to us has come up in a rough way. We ourselves have to see to it that it is properly utilized. That is what we are working for. We do that for ourselves. We do not pass on such things to others. We carry out the core competencies of our actions ourselves and thus obtain the ability to regulate some of it. It should have been the extent of it, what we considered as competence, which determined our skill. We maintain an access to it.

Everything happens. Everything that happens induces something in the aftermath of it. In this process thoughts about the thing come up. A consideration of the given takes place with us. In the retrospect we consider the happened. Certain realizations about it have thus arisen with us completely rightly. They have made something clear to us. If we first trust in the inductive parts of what has happened, then we can finally achieve something with our effort for the thing of us.

Meanwhile, it should be given that we can adjust something known to us after our activity. Thus, we have realized our own idea of working and finally made something come true, which has been good for it.


Locating a resonance

What has occurred with us has also appeared as we have perceived it. Such a thing has its own effectiveness. Therefore, it has a certain meaning, which we can establish. For this purpose we examine that structure which belongs to the respective thing. We have been self-sufficient in that we have perceived something of what has appeared to us. It has meant something to us, because the given has conditioned us. Thus the things have become true and have occurred, which have simply resulted. Thereby something has been initiated with us, which has already led in a certain way to an autonomy of us. A corresponding moment has been to be experienced directly as temporal event and has directly affected us in an audible way.

Talking about it has meant that you have already made your thoughts about how something can appear present. Thus, we have entered that realm of integrity of ours and established a concern within our mind. Its localization can take place. A localization of what has conditioned us and how it has been, what can be heard there, I would like to be allowed to establish as the localization of a resonance. Thus I have found an expression for it, which can be represented with words reasonably well. It is supposed to be a truth of the living beings that something hums, purrs or buzzes at them as soon as they have allowed it. After that it has been alone only a clink to equate oneself with what has appeared there because one has been the producer of such a sound oneself. Thus the localization of the resonance at us has led directly to a show of ourselves and has made it clear to us that we are who we are.

Also forces are supposed to be resonances. That is why we can see our essence also thanks to a conception of their properties. Those forces, which we have recognized as legitimate, have let themselves be united by us with the help of our willpower. There we have learned to control them and to guide them. The derivation of their effect into our environment has given us the power of resistance necessary for existence. The fact that we have given ourselves such power by conforming to its nature as an appearance has made us strong.


Measure yourself by means of a font

The words of an author have it so in itself that they have corresponded to this. That is why they also have a standard by which they were once set and established. Every author does something like that, because it is of some importance for the work that it turns out catchy and will be good to read. The author Mathias Schneider has also been working on his work and has made some input for it. With the help of reasonably uniform approaches to the representation of those things entered into him, he has brought them to book and to file.

Thereby he assumed that every human being has the skill to locate the given in a certain way. There also the writings should be able to find a resonance in us. It should last as a phenomenon. There we can make out the given as a thought, how we want to use it with us. For this Schneider uses the idea of a potential. Its reflection by the environment occurs. He assumed thereby that something, which we already own, will have to be recognized. To attach then the words of a writing as idea property to this thing is to make its relevance determinable for us.

Such a measuring procedure would not need to be called so more exactly, because anyway every individual dealt with it a little differently, how he understands the given. What will be necessary, however, should be that one does not entangle its good in a multiplication of the possible, because it can be dissolved in such a way and would then no longer persist. That is why the author Schneider started from the approach of an already carried out configuration of the linguistic references of a man, while he continued writing his work. To see them and to recognize the system of what has conditioned our linguisticity should be a key for the value of a person. Our person should be basically equipped in a complete way. This is how we recognize it and this is how we have left it. On the other hand, everything crooked and crooked in a person does not need to be emphasized. It has been nothing special and has not needed any explanation.


Projections into the interior of a person

In order to be able to determine the potential of a person sufficiently, a suitable approach is required for this. This approach should be simple. Thereby we preserve it, what makes us. We ensure our own reference to such a potential. It has certainly already affected our life happiness, as it has been. There we imagine the human being in two ways. Once he is supposed to be active, shaping and extinguishing, the other time passive, containing and maintaining.

An example of it is to contain the functioning of the living comprehensively. There he is supposed to be accepted as a speaker now, another time he has remained silent on the other hand. That difference of the state between both moments is supposed to make it with him what potential will be inherent to a man. There it inherits from moment to moment and remains something whole, even if we begin to set our focus anew.

Thus, we looked at what was given to us and perceived something in the process. This procedure can be carried out with pleasure with other qualities of a person in an analogous way. It has always been about a base which has tended to embody something 'empty' or something 'absent'. It gives the unity to be determined, which the being of us takes. It is supposed to be something that has been or has come into balance with us at some time. We equate it to an emanation in this order, which has gone out from us. In doing so, we set up the emanated with us in such a way that we can also hear ourselves in the process. With the time we learn it to maintain an imagination for both states of the same. It has its border areas, but it also has a middle area to own, for which a moderation of the emanated has been predominant.

That should be the essence, that we are able to acquire something in moderation. Since we strive for a compatibility of ourselves, we want to be satisfied with what has existed for us as a default for existence. Instead of going into revolt, we try to preserve something given and to prove ourselves in dealing with it. A revolution is directed against us, it fights the inside. In doing so, it almost certainly loses sight of the measure of goodness.

How should it be right there to rebel against oneself? - An acceptance of the life happiness of us, on the other hand, puts us in the happy position that we can receive a constitution which has endowed us with something which will have to be granted to us. A world, in which a present has worked out as a continuum, could not be changed simply like that. There we carry out rather than that a projection and equate ourselves with the own existence. What we can receive thereby should be what we have. Our existence and the meaning of our actions can mean everything for us.

Even if other people have a different idea of their happiness than we do, it is still our happiness that should fill our existence. Therefore, we have left everything and learned to deal with it as it arose and what it meant. Meanwhile, our vision has stabilized, a state of mind has appeared to us in the right condition. What has caused the world to always produce the wrong thing in uncertain proportions? - Let's accept it please simply what still exists there at benign and receive it to us as it is intended for us. So something should be able to improve for us, because the good experiences before us as such a continuance.

In order to accomplish everything that has been necessary for it, we have trained the thoughts with us and formed them on the basis of the emanated reality. A man can only correspond to his existence alone or he will lose his red thread. Then, however, if this has occurred so with him that he has nothing more for himself to own what can offer him an orientation, his ideas will also turn out accordingly.

What we know to bring forth from us could hardly be better than that order has been for which we have stood. It emanates the given from itself. Thanks to it, we have a framework for what we can do.



Without carrying out the conclusion about the own life situation himself, a human being has nothing of value to own, from which he can draw. For this reason Mathias Schneider has begun with the description of his existence, when he appeared very disoriented as well as bare of an inner order and has met with his environment therefore little love.

He did not want to join an association for disoriented people. However, an inner order must be established if one wants to profit from it again in one's own existence. For this reason he has searched for a way of occupation for himself, which does justice to his life problem. He has found it in the creation of his own literature and has often written down a downright nonsense, as it has obviously been inscribed to him. With the corresponding valuation of his things he does not make himself down at all, but he represents them on that level which has corresponded to it.

A balance as a human being is to be established by ourselves. For this we must be allowed to carry out a proper conception of the given. We can name and point out something of it, which has already constituted us once, because it conditions us until today. The own life embodies an existence which possesses its truth completely rightly. It is to be assigned to it.

That's where man has it good, when he has collected himself. Schneider has done that by naming his things almost completely. He followed his inner impulse and simply presented his thoughts as they appeared to him. That attempt to complete what he had already presented with his material gave him the skill to correct his writings and allowed him to revise them.

A completeness of the representation of what he has called his work show has meant so many things for him. Depending on how strongly this task has already been fulfilled by him, also corresponding thoughts about the thing have arisen with him and something has been looked at and understood again by him with a certain distance to it. Therefore it should be good what he does there, because he can prepare a conclusion of the things of his existence in this way. Alone already that skill for the determination of the own words has led with him to a clear improvement of his state as a human being. When he then also began to unify his grammar in the writings, much of what he wanted to say appeared simpler to him. As a result, he made the appropriate adjustments to his work and conformed to a simplicity of his thought process.

Now, in order to get into a suitable position from which a conclusion of the facts of his existence can be made, he stays on his way and tries not to get bogged down in excess or even to dwell on things that are insignificant for himself.

The groundwork for this has already been done. He has made it true there soon that he has integrated himself with his work into the existence of an existence as a creator of art and gets along with his environment with it nowadays well if he has talked about that he does something like that. May it have been a small one, this environment is nevertheless ordered in many respects and arouses his pleasure.

A consideration of the given to him has made it possible for him that not only the linguistic vocabulary of him has consolidated. His linguistic wit has also returned and has once again entered his life. Based on the power of a selected word, he has managed to adjust something in himself in a subtle way. It slowly becomes apparent to him what can still come. Equipped with such a renewed courage and supported by the constants of his existence, Schneider has in turn found himself and established something for himself. Basically, he has thus initiated a realization of the things of his life and maintained a corresponding happiness with himself.


The inner resonance

A person who has empty hands must strengthen himself by means of a reflection of himself on reality if he wants to obtain something good for himself.



The forces of a man are quantities to be organized, which all have the same order of magnitude. They are simple forces. One can understand such forces isolated or assume them in the compound of a total force. That should be their resulting sum to the respective moment. For this purpose, one can look at those forces acting on one's own body and determine one's inner strength on the basis of one's resistance against them. Such a force results from the courses of a body tension in us and embodies an accumulator, which sometimes has to be at rest and sometimes has to be activated. In between, thanks to its help, one does a work, takes care of oneself and carries out the things of a life. What one can do as well is to be an alignment of the force. To do this, you must have looked at them beforehand.

Such a seeing of the effective forces should take place again with every further taking of the basic attitude of us. Such an attitude has to be chosen. It should be simple, so it should be feasible for us to adopt it. In order to be able to carry out the scanning of the forces, it is necessary to understand another quantity, which was connected with it. For this we have several opportunities. There have been many magnitudes which are suitable for it.

The author Schneider favors the simple stand with closed feet and hanging down arms for himself. The advantage of this posture is that with its help one can easily reach and find other forms.

For the granting of his forces he leaves his body in the given posture as it is, and so he can note the tensions of the body lying with him to himself. He lets it be as it is until the tension can be released easily and to a minimal extent. That he carries out. He has thereby recognized the tension of his body as a low-frequency resonance of the same and also treated it as such.

A resonance can be well recognized and determined. We form a picture of it. Over time, he has learned to scan his body for patterns comparable to it. He does this with his eyes closed. In doing so, he creates an inner picture of himself, a recording of himself. Leaving one's focus where it has gone on its own leads us directly to the path of an improvement in our livelihood, an experience of the mind in its self-perception.

The process of scanning should at the same time be seen as a process of using spiritual skills by us. We leave what we have found as it is. Its knowledge should be taken into account in our reflection only afterwards. A corrective connected with it creates in us those situations of a clarification of the given. With the duration of such a practice we receive deeper skills and can soon understand the whole as an all, thus as a whole, which will be to be heard completely and clearly.


The little multiplication table of life

A gift has become a burden for man as soon as he has accepted it. Then he doubted his previous ability and changed himself in order to do justice to it. However, people have incessantly given such gifts to each other. We have our hands full with this. Soon we have had nothing to own of what we actually appeared for.

At some point we put an end to that. We have reflected on 'the language of the angels' and started again with the Lalala. We set up the basic skills of life once again and made it true what happened for us in the process. That is why we seemed strange to other people. Sometimes we seemed strange to ourselves as well.

That's where we protected ourselves. We have taken a form for what is right. We have spoken our words and considered our thoughts. In doing so, we have made it right. Our ideas have been based on a proper assignment of words. Thus, we have all become advocates of what is true.


Get on your feet

If man is alone, then he is for himself. At the same time, he can meet himself. For this we close our eyes. Nothing else than what we heard thereby would mean something to us. There we have given up all circles and nevertheless found to us. A pulse on us shows us the vitality that makes us. Thanks to its attention we learn to consider ourselves. All at once we come forward. Own pictures appear there before us, something has equipped us with it.


A light area

A man is like an animal until he has found the very simplest reference to his consciousness. Then he leads his life also accordingly. Nothing has succeeded him what presupposes such a consciousness before he has experienced his access to it.

One can now make it difficult for oneself and say meaningful things. With it one will be able to feign an actual consciousness. Every moment, at which one has done something like that, blocks us a little bit the access to a correct view of the whole, what has occurred there.

We have our lessons to learn. For this reason, we have not discarded anything. Not a single thought have we bypassed. Everything we have left, everything we have taken on. An evaluation of the whole thing showed that it was good. That's how it appeared, that's how it came out. Everything has its own aspect, as it was. This is what makes a truth, that it works out through this peculiarity of things. We human beings are exposed to everything that has appeared. It has been, seen in the sum, a whole. Thus one has perceived much, but understood nothing of it. Therefore we have completely rightly tuned our being to the differentiations of the good.

There we have become aware of a coloring of the things in addition to the light. Beyond that everything also has a shadow to own which we must accept to be able to perceive it.

All of us, like the animals, have always looked into the light and kept the gates open to a dazzling of us. Only the recognition of a shadowy area has made it possible for us that we have seen willingly the perceived from another, a second point of view. With it something has taken place with us which has amounted to an initiation. However, as long as we humans have kept only a sight of the brightest star, we have also become slaves to it.


Being in harmony with yourself

An education of man that has alienated him from himself has been worth nothing. All peculiarities of a person should be confirmed. What he can find good, he should have liked. That is why he has made something true, because he has been connected with it. Cutting them off and keeping man away from his happiness has not produced anything good for him. He becomes a shadow of himself in that way. What he got from it was an actual loss.

We deal with what is ours. All our lives we do that. No one will own the same thing. If one takes it exactly, this is true. In this we are all the same, that each of us has a being to own, which has been simple and unique at the same time. There is no one like us again. Our appearance is not a temporal one.

There we looked at the universal essence of a human being and approached it. We also have it in mind to be like that. With it we make it, which guideline we have recognized. Thanks to it we can behave. We hold on to a real morality.

We find it disturbing what incompatibilities have occurred in our environment. We have also noticed some toxicity in ourselves and acknowledged it. We do not need to lie to ourselves. We have not succumbed to such deception.

There can be no advantage for a person who has embodied something other than the improvement of a relation. We cannot be satisfied with that. We want to get a whole piece of what has conditioned us. We look at things and realize a truth of what makes us. It is to be a truth for the whole. Everything that has worked towards this thought, we have recognized as an order. We align ourselves with it. In the meantime, the things of life have happened, which also occur. Rightly it happens. Everything can be united with each other, if one has taken it simply. There we arrange everything suitably.

We have to accept ourselves as the active part of the whole. This is how we have heard it. Some difficulty exists because of it, but it has also rightly taken shape and given us something to do. Then we took hold of the problem that we have with it. We left it as it was and did not change any of it. Everything else has resulted for us through the appropriate lessons that life has held in store for us.