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Everything given requires a distance to it. There man will be tired of such a thing. He therefore leaves it behind him temporarily. Thus he may soon get accustomed to the horrors of his own nature.


cover letter

Dear reader,

please do not expect too much from my perhaps clumsy attempts to describe Yoga as I have come to know it. I am not an Ascetic, not a Sadhu, not a Samnyasin and also not an Arhat.

With kind words I would like to prepare something special from my experience for those people who wish to read this writing here. There will certainly be a lot more to say about things than I have done here, but I would like to take care not to acquire the pointer of a teacher in an exaggerated way. I would certainly not want to use one. I have tried not to write anything terrible about my experiences with Hatha. Admittedly, however, I do mention what got me started and what I am still struggling with today as I am committing it.

In the course of my life something has been gained thanks to a connection to Yoga. Without some prior knowledge of it, I would probably not have found my main subject, my own frequency, during my studies of mechanical engineering. It was a real lucky circumstance for me, what happened there.

What makes up a person's own frequency? - A knowledge of this type of resonance is based on such insights as can be gained by meditating on the corresponding theme of an actual inner and outer movement. For this purpose one should look at the rhythms that structure us as human beings.

As far as the work is concerned, it is an element of the 'construction kit'. The latter embodies a collection of my own writings, created in the manner of a card index. The purpose of this is that I can be creatively active in it. Thereby I can educate myself literarily. From this thing I expect something. After all, I would like to be a writer by profession. Those elements of the card index 'construction kit' should be finished as books sometime.

I have always had great hope that I could create my own little world of thoughts and ideas and then write down what I know about it in order to be able to take note of it again. In doing so, I am counting on the fact that I will succeed in conclusively presenting the things of my existence in a finite way.

There are certain links between the individual wikis in terms of content. But such links have to be found by you when reading through my writings, because I could not show you where to find them. Otherwise the text will be a bit confusing to read. Explore the fonts contained in the other wikis if necessary. Maybe you will come across some cross connections. In the meantime, I would like to ask you to consider my text works as a virtual 'wicker basket' of braided strands. It is still somewhat unfinished.

Now I would like to refer to the content in the 'set box' of the exhibition. In it you can find books, pictures and music from our own production. The works have been made in a very personal way. The links to the overview pages of 'set box' and 'construction kit' can be found further up in the menu Start Page on the 'Hatha' website. You can also search directly for [].

I wish you a lot of joy with the font collection and much more. Meanwhile I remain in a good mood and full of hope

With kind regards

Mathias Schneider


An insertion of thoughts

Here on the website called 'Hatha' I would like to tell you about my own experience with Yoga. The book knowledge, which had to suffice for me to explore this subject area, was neither comprehensive of its kind nor clearly structured. At some point I realized that I needed a summary of it, which was suitable for a conclusion. Everything that I have already known and understood, I would now like to standardize and write down. For this purpose I will put it on the page here.

My efforts to practice Yoga should take place in a righteous manner. However, I have not had any training for it, which guarantees that I know how to prepare such things in a literary way. So I simply run the wiki as a Content Management System (CMS), which allows me to keep my already created 'thought protocols'. I create them during 'free writing hours', as I have called it. I do not want to withhold this from the reader of my text work.

I recognize clear limitations to my abilities. To tap into my own potential in a goal-oriented way will be necessary for the fulfillment of my task here. But that would still have to be ensured by me, how that works. I have to look at it again and again, which statements I have already made. The question of how the actual structure of my texts came about and what has been conveyed thanks to it, is of great importance for how all this will be understood.

Meanwhile, I continue to develop the writing so that my life's work will be used by me in a goal-oriented way. The actual efforts of mine have already produced some material that seems worth reading. So I would like to continue the work on it. All this should lead to a good success with me. Every person needs such a confirmation for his work. I would like to keep all that which already exists in a sufficient condition and prepare it in such a way that it seems right for the cause. In many a reading of the scriptures I have recognized how such a thing should be done. Through this I have understood and learned many things. A limitation of the representations of my Yoga to the true facts of my existence should show some of the usefulness of the scriptures and make it understandable how I came to this view of what makes it so special for me. There I deal with it as it seems to me to be true.

Thus I illuminate and expose the given. The whole of it would be something, which I could bring to file by naming my actual thoughts and ideas in finite manner. It will sometime, God willing, have to be checked by a man who is well versed in the matter, whether the work exists as rightly as I have provided it with my elaborations. However, the value of the things I have pointed out in this way should not be hastily questioned by anyone. In relation to my existence, they certainly have exactly the same relevance as I once produced them. I simply assume that this is true.

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