Devotion and concern


Every word will be of value. Everything we humans say is useful.


Interpretation of the interior and exegesis of thoughts

The devotion and an actual concern about the events of a life should equip the person in the mind. The aim is to make him understand what makes him tick. His own sensation receives the weight of an indicator of the impact of things. This fact means so much to the author Schneider himself that he tries to build his own life on it.

A state of health that has been adjusted for inappropriate things should strengthen the person in his or her decision-making abilities. That is why people go into seclusion at times. In doing so, he reflects on something that would not be contaminated with false or even wrong motives. So, he can soon exist again in a benign way, since he himself will in truth be neither wrong nor false in his own right.

Speech formation

Life as an act of participation

In the beginning there was the word. Then it's gone. We couldn't remember it any other way than this. We would not know the word, nor would we ourselves be its author. Everything with us builds on what has already been created. Everything that exists has entered of its own accord.

Because everything with us is based on what has already been created, we can hardly reject it without suffering damage ourselves. There we take it for granted and comfort each other with what we have. It is the remaining property. Its value would not be insignificant.

A meaning of things should be familiar to us. We can question them there soon. With ourselves it appears as an inner image. Its property should be like that of a structure. That makes a lot of sense. We look at this and get to the bottom of things in a timely manner.

If we first suspect what is there, we can certainly hear its effects. The play of circumstances follows fixed laws and is predetermined. This suggests many things that must have been the case in earlier times. The knowledge about nature would not be changed. They either persist or they haven't. There we take the opportunity to see what we know about it.

Knowledge once obtained is consistent. That is why we humans believe in one, yes, in the truth. It has a unique value; it is the source of all orderly things. There we come to ourselves and find ourselves because we have acknowledged something true. It wants to affect our existence on other people, no matter how chaotic, but we still hold on to it. In this way we serve the order of the given. The preservation of a basis of our own existence would not only be something necessary for ourselves. Others, too, have found no other way than this one for themselves. There everything shall continue as it appeared.

Though we have not experienced the pleasure of recognition of our person throughout our lives, we will continue to exist. Like a ball, they push and shoot us around at times and laugh about it when we have fallen. One of them hurts the other, who suffers violently because of it. This brings back the former word. What does that mean? - We will deal with this question. The only advice we know will be that we will be as smart as we have been before. I wonder if the Creator has something left for us there. - It will be easy to answer that. After all, his works are still valid. We too can participate in these.

There we look at the given, as it happens. What becomes clear to us in our thoughts is what we perceive as something that is like a feeling. One feels its supposed superiority there, the other recognizes its principle, which differs clearly from each other. But probably they are both doomed. One will be because he suffers, and the other will be because he has caused suffering. So, Cain and Abel have already been wiped out. But why should we grieve over such old stories. After all, we ourselves have an existence for ourselves in which we know how to live. Let's go for it, then! - This is how we take what exists and allow it to be as it is. There it has the same effect as it just appeared to us.


Integration of events

All the faith of men in good will be incomplete if they would not acknowledge that it can at the same time be called right, which has already been good among men. By preserving the consistency of his thoughts and ideas, man simply trains himself in this human existence. So, he will certainly keep the power over his own and would therefore not have to lose it what is given to him.


Limitation of the experience value

In order to be able to practice Yoga sufficiently well as a European, one should have already learned and realized a lot about oneself beforehand. It would not be arbitrary what one would have to have already recognized of oneself in order to insist on such a path. But what exactly this will be can only be determined by each adept for himself. Nobody's gonna tell him. No one makes the effort required to do so as well as you do. The one who does not want to acknowledge the consequences of his actions will go away empty-handed. This will be the case from the outset if he would not be prepared to observe certain rules.

Such rules could not just include rules of conduct. There are also orders which are imposed on us humans. Finding them will be necessary. It is also declared how to get such. Once we have become accustomed to a structure of above and below, of everything and nothing, perhaps we will soon have the class to recognize the sun and moon. These celestial bodies would not only symbolically play an important role in this existence. Our reality of life is also shaped by them.

One should already be prepared to spend a good part of one's actual life force on attentively and sincerely dealing with the given things that appear and occur there. What you can learn about yourself in the meantime will be true. In doing so, one should not give more or less space to certain unpleasant aspects of his existence than will be necessary to clarify and cleanse them. True to the principle that everything given is in truth of a benign nature, one does so.

Those who approach Yoga according to their own approaches, by practicing something that others may have shown or demonstrated to them before, may want to intervene immediately in their psychophysical condition and determine it. In order to create a certain balance of mood in himself, or to balance the forces that are working for him, he may try so hard, but it will probably lead nowhere. Perhaps one would even like to receive a compensation for those types of stress in one's own everyday life. So, in the special hour when one rehearses these exercises, one again achieves considerable things and yet would not let up. But how is it possible to fall out of one's own tension and recover? - It will be a paradox if this has been achieved, nevertheless. The apparent goodness of such effects must be revealed to us. Temporary successes did not last.

If a practitioner can first of all release himself well from one of his types of stress, which I have called diffuse stress here, then he will probably cause another imbalance in himself and suffer again. An improvement of one's own state of mind can only be achieved in a very difficult way. These torments will be endless but will lead to nothing real. This should not be ignored. This thought is important.

How else can one regenerate oneself as a human being but by fulfilling one's own tasks and duties which are actually necessary for this existence? - However, this would not be popular. I therefore find it hard to believe that the people of the Western Hemisphere are capable of questioning their supposed successes and achievements. Following an ever-similar knitting pattern, the westerner remains oriented towards the apparent result and yet could not interpret it. So, he forgets to think about it and from a certain moment on he even urgently needs the support of analysts so that he himself does not have to question what he has done. He neither knows a causal chain of actions, nor does he know how to integrate himself into such a chain. So, there is a danger that he will forget himself again and again.


A dream vision

The adept of Yoga, like everyone else, is convinced of his achievements. He also sees his self-awareness more in light than in shadow. But this world also knows the night. Whoever admires the beauty of the world by day will also experience many a horror at night, because it all belongs together. Nature implies that a person will be given both at regular proportions.

Let us not overdo it, please, by trying to balance such things. This would not be able to produce anything living and would in no way promote our development.

We practice devotion and meditation, perhaps even some temporary postures from the field of Hatha-Yoga. In the process, many a condition will arise which will have a temporary beneficial and refreshing effect on the human spirit. We would like to try to build up a real ability of us humans to recover, if this will be possible for us. A state in which one can regenerate through rest should strengthen and stabilise the person. But this has little to do with balancing.

A certain calmness can be experienced when walking, sitting or lying down. Even cycling will be fun this way. You can take your time to look at an environment or do an interior view. You will also be able to feed yourself in a contemplative way. One should work out how one is attuned to life. Let's end our ailments and just go about our lives. Let us once again ensure our peace with ourselves.


Obstacles in everyday life

In order to attain a good posture in a calm manner, one should try to finally acknowledge the posture that is already present and stabilize in it. In this way, one learns in the long term to prepare one's own good. As a result, we will probably soon be able to cope with what we have been given.

Coping with the given is sometimes necessary. Yes, a person should learn something about himself while practicing Yoga.

In order to feel the satisfaction that is so necessary for life, one should accept one's own good, tackle the things connected with it and willingly perform. Then some phase of recovery would like to come with us, if we have managed to do this for a while.


Not to lose oneself in the events of everyday life in trivialities, this will be necessary for a meaningful life. We can get one of those. This requires an appropriate approach. This I found in a preservation of the simple goods of me.

These things should be preserved by me as if they were as important as the apparently most important ones. What is there and what happens, that should also attract my attention. A loss of simple goods will be more difficult to get over than the loss of any riches. The one does not replace the other at all.


The simple good should be preserved

Man has a high opinion of himself. Some goods should simply be pointed out and named by us. Something can be said about them, but also something can be explained.

Anyone who has committed themselves to something like this is simply right. He wants to get along with his thoughts and ideas. He presents his facts in this way because what he knows about them is suitable for this purpose. Such a fortune a bona fide person possesses with certainty.

Basic goods in this existence are quite a few. You will probably do something right if you make a short list of what they are. One thing of value there will be the consciousness of a person. There are three conditions for it. Sleep, dream and wakefulness are called these.

Everything given to us is perceived in the light of our own consciousness. That is why we find it easy to get along with these three states, so that everything remains in balance.


Some things are rightly predetermined for ourselves because of certain occurrences in this existence. Man would not be able to escape from what has conditioned him. A valid constellation of things should continue to exist. Once a person has recognized these, he will perhaps orient himself according to this knowledge.


The cheap is the good

In what way do we humans act? Is it right what we're doing? How can you find a task for yourself in this existence, which one really suits you? Which question will make it clear to me what I want to do and what I can really do?

How should I deal with such questions, which sometimes simply came up to me?


To do a thing right, you should do it in the first place. This is how you will find out where you stand with your things. If that wasn't enough to make something good, what you are doing, then you should do better next time. Make it clear that this will be something possible.


Every man is a storyteller

Every person has a story, which he knows best. It certainly carries something in itself that will be unique and worth telling, as it is its own. In order to gain a foothold within the circles of our own existence, it will be important that we reflect this story of ourselves correctly. To this end, one tries to present them.

What you experience should be more than just a reflection of yourself. People listen and devote themselves to us. That moves. One receives an actual knowledge of the value of the thing that makes up one's life.


The ubiquitous quantum integrator

One question, I have found, that is essential for this existence would be the question of how we humans deal with our own living space. This will be particularly interesting from a material point of view.

In my sometimes certainly somewhat 'youthful' language, I have sometimes not only called my own apartment my refuge but have often accepted it as my actual 'quantum computer' or even declared it my 'spaceship'. However, this statement does not require any further, detailed discussion. The whole thing was not just a game with words, but every person has his own predisposition to deal with the things given to him. The person who once thought of this thing sits in the middle of a fairy-tale castle and dreams his life up so that it will be good (again) one day. This has sometimes already brought many a healing moment for me and therefore also led to many a beautiful thing for me.

Without an actual experience and penetration of the given matter with real virtuality, man could not assert himself in his existence. To equate oneself with this actual environment and to consider it to be as effective as oneself is a well-intentioned approach by me. An interpenetration of these things will perhaps sometimes occur there. There man corresponds with the elementals. Something good is to be done. The feeling of the objects by us humans will open them up for us one day.


Resonance of a periphery

The given things can all be understood as they really are. You can move them, move with them. You can also create or adjust something with them.

My 'quantum computer', which is embodied by something in the space conditioned by me, has become most comprehensible to me as my own apartment, because I stay here often.

The objects occurring in this environment are not only wonderfully suitable for home furnishing, I also use them occasionally to set up a transmitter and receiver system for the given and natural vibrations of an environment.

The associated process of visualizing such conditions has certainly enlivened my inner world. It should be possible to deal with what happens there and what is really given to me.


Man is a part of the earth. Its independence from it has still not been proven in the long term.


Man has a part in humanity. If there is a radiation that comes from a field, then these will be the relations between us humans. Humans radiate only to humans. Every living being is a dimension in itself.


To take note of something already known

People are expected to have something appropriate to say. Those who have lacked examples of a benign existence of themselves will probably also lack words to match. They may not be able to understand or appreciate what is causing them and why it will be so. There they have nothing actual to report and remain on their own. It will not be lucky, what is to be learned from it.

Once someone has not been able to speak properly for a long time, it will hardly have improved his mind. He then inevitably treads on the spot, because he has nothing to get involved with. Basically, he is stuck in a state from which he would have nothing.

Let us evaluate our life situation for once. What kind of questions are we asking? How do we find our way around these? - That's how we get to figure things out. According to a resulting insight, one looks at one's own property. This should enable us to determine their value.

Once you have found something that is worthwhile for us to say to our fellow human beings, then you should do the same. It is important for me to be energetic or to become so in certain areas. Many people certainly enjoy the beauty and success of their fellow man.

Somethingething is turning good. You can share what you are depressed about, and you can talk about what pleases you. Both will be something true, for which there should be a benign approach, which really leads to something. Man does not exclude his existence or his being in everyday life while he communicates.

That's where we get to when we say something. Once you have walked such a path, many things will happen to us that will transform your own happiness. There it comes true. The first thing we want to think about is what we might have been missing. This can now perhaps be fulfilled a little more easily by ourselves than before.


The history of a human being must be acknowledged

Every person has experienced something significant at some time or another, which has perhaps shaped him or her. This is what makes up a person's existence. The history of a human being that belongs to it consists of a sum of things as he knows them. What happened to him once, he can speak of it well, because it has a real value. He should be allowed to refer to the fact that such a thing exists in truth. It should be a part of a person's dignity that he or she experiences the right to take himself or herself seriously enough. So, he finally gets on with things and can make a difference for himself.

Man will also perceive with some certainty that it is his right to speak of his existence. The goods of a human being should continue to exist.


A deliberate self-limitation

A man will then be able to keep his own things completely in order when they are sufficiently limited by their extent. The whole that depends on him shall be controlled by him. Only in this way alone will he be able to exist sufficiently with his things. After that he will strive to achieve a unity of what is given to him, so that it is insightful for him.

This will lead to some knowledge in humans. This only needs to be transferred to the given in order to be able to use it. For this reason, Schneider has sometimes considered carefully what has suited him so far and can therefore continue to be accepted by him. He believes so firmly in the precept of a finiteness of the things of his existence that he tries to bring about their preservation. He has therefore already begun to conclude his own good as a thing. So, he's gonna win something with this for once. At least that's what he hopes.


Who, if not me, will be responsible for determining that my life force is sufficient for this existence? Why shouldn't I monitor them? What, if not the fact that I am trying to achieve this myself, would rightly account for my existence as a human being?


Personal responsibility in today's world

For myself, the good I want to achieve in this existence is related to the question of what this good means for other people. For a long time, I was so clueless about this, but I was looking for a way out. About the real need of these people I have not found out anything real, except the existence of this thing as an idea of mine at all. A real need for such things, which I have already created, has not yet existed among other people. Such a one is practically unnoticeable, which sometimes shook me a little.

I have really tried to explore my own things better over time, and so I have also tried to fathom some of what will be suitable for me. But my actual ignorance of other people's needs has put me more and more in the state that has made me an 'art-trash' activist. The own art thing should be a driving force for me, because of which I always find myself anew.

There I gradually became more distinct from the rigors of a fate like the one that befell me personally and reestablished something valuable in my life. The result of this, when it was only partially realized, I already called it my base station or simply my fund. With the length of time that I have been in existence, I have explored the ways in which I can strengthen, stabilize and promote myself. Even if I do not recognize any real system of order in the society surrounding me, I do many things in my work as a writer that will be good for myself. That reason, as mine is one, I would like to be able to show to another person with words and pictures, that is, works. However, it remains to be seen whether this is even feasible. The last word would not yet have been spoken in this matter. Basically, my works, perhaps because of a certain unique position of these, require a proper clarification. It has been a strain for me to perform them, especially when I have not been listened to properly. I'm trying to get to the point, which is what's driving me. This is to be done by me at some point, but soon.

These considerations have already led me at times to check my works for contamination, as they simply occur in the life of a person through transmission. Again, and again, I look at what is happening and examine it in detail, what it is like and what makes it so. I would like to acknowledge the value of my own things myself and try to stand up to you with them. For this I need a focus on the whole. It will be the one who makes the given distinguishable, but also assignable. What is given to me, I have not only to endure alone or to bring it on myself, it will also be my whole share in this world, which strives for realization. I am entitled to one, just as I am also entitled to a sorting of my shares in the given. Some things I put away and let it go because it didn't really fit me.

A weighting of my actual thoughts and ideas I myself carry out in detail during the events of everyday life. What was not justified by myself, that did not fit me either and therefore was not a part of me. So, I let it go. I wouldn't want to maintain something like that. A temporary dominance of some people within my existence I could not use permanently. I have sometimes identified these as the cause of many an experienced evil in myself.

I try to limit myself in my work to a sequence of thoughts and ideas that correspond to myself. I do not spare any argument here, if it seems to me to be consistent. I look at each of them individually, therefore each one should be allowed to stand for itself. I understand thoughts and ideas as the phenomena of human activity. These complement each other so well and rightly so, because that will be something possible. This should be in accordance with the laws of an order.

The argument shall become a tool, with which the mental substance can be cultivated by me. This is the reason why my works shall flourish. Foreign shares and own shares grow equally in my environment. This world belongs to no one alone. No one can claim all this for themselves or even consider themselves the only centre of it. No one will be so self-sufficient that they do not want to participate in something that others own or embody for themselves. All this will be something good after all, as it happens to us. Let us therefore better enter into an exchange with our fellow human beings soon.


On the matter of truth

Feel free to go home. Go to your place, be at home there. To be with oneself would not always mean to be on one's own. You shall win some friends for your cause and yourself. Invite your friends to your home and show them your simple house. Just send these friends away again, so that they can achieve something that you want them to do so well. A change of things is the purpose of change. It's happening. The wealth of life is probably found in abundance among those who have sometimes been considered poor by others. Nobody gets rich through honesty, but it does bring some people some happiness. It represents a real value of human existence.


Just so that the head is finally sitting straight on the neck again, it should be worth doing something righteous.


Renunciation as a way

The actual renunciation would be a path which would not lead anywhere, but which could initiate a transformation of a person's own habitus, because he or she would experience it intensively. Renunciation would not only be a temporary renunciation of something in particular, which one actually urgently needs. It would even be the renunciation of something in general, which is supposed to last forever. Renunciation in itself would be the happiness of the renunciate, if he can show a good success in it before himself. This is his strength, because it will show him what he depends on and how he can overcome this dependence. Thus, a change in the conditions of his life will occur. Thanks to this transformation, man urgently recognizes his real capacity. Yes, it is revealed to him as clarity, because freedom from attachment and condition is so.

If you have achieved your goals through all kinds of self-torture, you will not experience happiness after all. The suppression of human needs by oneself and others is a true strength of man, but his life remains unfulfilled in this way. This is compellingly so because he denies his ego, which exists through needs, clings to matter and, despite all freedom, loves to enter into a single bond.

All asceticism leads to this insight, unless man would not be consistent in its implementation. What Gautama Buddha has previously pointed out, shall be outlined in this short section and shown in short form.

The oppressive meditation of self-mortification tortures and penetrates the ego of a person in such a way that one will feel headless. But a man without ego, without head, without needs will now be one who can hardly stay well with other people because his headlessness becomes obvious. How can he stand up to them? - A denial of this mental context of human existence will drive him deeper into the forest and he will retreat even further until his innermost light glows so brightly and he will even be blind to himself. Not useless, but it should be unnecessary to let such horrors come upon oneself.

That is why it is better not to turn away from people, cling to their needs, have a head and keep their I well. The Self will thank us if we make it right.


Reflection of what is given

Difficulties - strange that this life ever seemed to get along without them.

I couldn't believe it myself, what I received. I never dreamed before what is now given. I did not foresee it and did not know it from myself. Well, it is now.

Have I also for a long time sat there as dazed and waited for the things to come, these have now come true and have entered my life. I've never known anything like this existed before. I wouldn't be prepared for what's about to happen to me either.

I believe that this is what is called reality, what is given. What happens does this to us in a sometimes-spontaneous way. I wouldn't be able to control any of it because there's no plan for it. Everything about it is accidental, it has not been regulated. Basically, however, some of it will be too special to be able to foresee. It seems to be aimed at me.

That's what I'm thinking about. I acknowledge that. With great trust and a belief in this world I strengthen myself. Once the world is well received, I, as a part of it, would not need to be any different. Has this life not simply become a reflection of our own being? - Yes, even if we saw the best grain in our field, it is given and taken. No one would be able to have it for themselves if it did not exist. That is why I always see a person's happiness as a gift of life. To feel gratitude for this existence evokes a certain emotion in me, which I like to feel in myself. There I find myself at many a devotional moment while I am in seclusion with my things. This is supposed to lead to experiences as they are given to a person by himself. I can finally get my bearings again. Thanks to this I gain an awareness of this existence as a human being. But a certainty connected with it strengthens my spirit bit by bit.

I had clear thoughts about it and found something like that, which I would like to accept again tomorrow.


Having it tough

No second, third or fourth person in life can rightly point out the right path for oneself. I thought so myself. I can say the same thing. Whoever has not yet found such a path for himself, let him orient himself by it. He contemplates the given as it is there and gets to work as soon as he comes to prank with what he has. For this purpose, he should choose something suitable for him from the stock of given things and faithfully let go of everything else. I believe it can be something like this.

Life will be correctly understood as an emanation of simple circumstances. Such a thing should be manageable. Our existence can only be called stable if its content could not be broken without reason. This endows us in spirit with many a perception. There we find ourselves.


Thought travels with the guitar

For a long time, I have been looking for an idea how to structure my own playing on the guitar, so that I will be able to repeat single passages or use them where they are needed for my pieces. So, I have tried to break down my music and arrange it according to a certain notation. However, I have still not succeeded in this. I hardly knew what to do with the description of a rhythm. I didn't like dealing with it, my own things didn't need these things. This all seems a little too rigid and stiff to me, because it requires anticipation of the given. To reconcile something like this with an improvisation or an impromptu sung song will erase all those moments of happiness. This will be an impossibility per se. When studying my instruments, I fail again and again when it comes to the musical standardization of the given. Objectively speaking, I document the decline of my existence by making music.

Nevertheless, I tried to play an instrument. Besides the flute, that will also be the guitar that I want to play. An electronic piano has also come into view, it is already standing in the corner of my study. In the absence of knowledge of the circumstances which usually determine a piece of music, I myself could not make music any differently than I do. I probably wouldn't achieve anything in this way that would make sense to others and please them. The kind of scholarship that one can acquire during a course of study at a music academy would not be my own. So, I have limited myself to what I can do. In an impromptu format I sing my songs to the accompanying guitar of guest musicians. I have also done some improvisation. I enjoyed it very much and as a fruit it gave me some very special shots.

Basically, each time I record something, I capture the moment of the first emergence of something that was not familiar to me before.


Heroism and Yoga

Have you ever met Superman in your life? Would you like to meet him? Will you consider yourself lucky if he tells you how to get super puff or how to move faster than lightning? - If this is true of them, then people probably have similar expectations of themselves. But whether then Yoga will be a suitable discipline for you, I could not know. But I would ask you to keep an eye on a questioning of it, because its disciplines are sometimes difficult to achieve.

Now, what mysterious things will there be to learn in Yoga? Are such talents as mind reading, levitation, telekinesis even relevant for a human existence? What types of magic will have an enchanting aftereffect once you use it? - No matter how mysteriously we deal with it, it would not change anything that is given to us. Some things are due precisely to the free movement of a human imagination. One can make a mistake with such facts, which will go very wrong.

I'm sorry to say that I think it's right to exclude such things. If we find such boasts useful, they would probably no longer be under control. Soon one's own sense for this life will probably slip away. What will an over-inflated lung be used for? – So, let's not get too worked up about it.


Keeping higher principles

In Yoga it can be so good that you can recognize some of your own sublime thought structures. To whom this happens, I recommend not to let it upset you. Our oh-so-ordered actions in the moment often reveal more truth about ourselves in such an inner vision. It would not always be easy for us to cope with this. But we should also not be unfoundedly afraid to accept life as it really will be.

Within an order of the structural parts of our actual consideration of the given, we probably find our way well at times. With us, some things are in the clear, and we try to secure a stock of them. That's where we are at home, where we do it. But not everything would always be pleasant. This existence also brings with it its aberrations.

One should use Yoga for oneself in such a way that one can continue to cope with the given. One should not use it to put oneself into states which one would not be able to control. It should be there for what is rightfully there, but it would not be needed for anything else.

To take something back in our everyday life can allow us to strengthen ourselves. Some things are to be conditioned by what seems to us to be beneficial for good health. Whoever moderates himself a little in the long run deserves this natural praise of human existence. Health, understood as a spontaneously occurring force, should be welcome here. However, it would not be very possible to force such a deliberate decision. So much certainty may be in jeopardy if we do. Let us remember that the will of a human being can also be abused.

Let's go back to what makes us who we are. Let us relate the present moment to the conditions of this existence and compare the thoughts that occur and appear. An inner illustration may come up for the first time. Let us simply assume that such a thing is also possible for us. Whatever thoughts and ideas arise in our own minds will have come about of their own accord. So, it will be true that it exists.


My Way

The path I have to take in the future is still unclear to me. I wouldn't know what's coming. I wouldn't be able to tell if what there is for me has any future at all.

I do not want to infer something unknown to me from what I already know. This has become so clear to me at the moment of the present. I have recognized this myself and now draw my conclusions for the future. My existence requires such abstention. I neither calculate nor program my things. But what I do is, I'm tracing them. This enables me to have a view of what is given to me.

It should be a given obligation for me to write down in my construction kit and to keep everything that I can say with certainty about this existence of truth. I try to put this into a sequence with other words, which already exist there. I do this so that it becomes imaginable for me what this life brings with it for me. I want what is given here to be something that really defines me. I can handle that. The own writings are completed by me. This is supposed to be their value. It is so true that I alone can only cultivate finite fields.

Thus, I soon take care of my own property and learn how to cope with my cause. An applicability of the thoughts of mine should stabilize me. Once these things have been developed in a sustainable way, this will also lead to good ideas. In order to get ahead with my own thing, I always go into seclusion with me once in a while. For this purpose, I withdraw and thus perceive a stronger connection to my own concerns about myself.



Then, when the characteristic of a person is addressed, one has to address the right thing. It is supposed to be already something true on its own, which we take into consideration.

So, there we are talking about this existence. That could mean a lot of things. Let's put ourselves in the right light here. Let us admit it to our fellow human beings that they want to say something important. But let us also let us hear something from us about it.


Dependence, freedom and detachment

The designer should create something edifying so that his creations can be used well. That's when he starts doing his thing. It begins with a frame of it, which will be correctly identified as the 'construct'. Everything about it should be firmly attached and connected with each other. Only known means are available to him for this purpose. He can use them. Something is created thanks to the actual construction of these things. The result of this should be the true starting point for his present work. Starting from such a framework, the worker will carry out his experiments in order to create a work based on it. What can be created in the process, he has also brought about himself.

Such a framework will henceforth be provided for Schneider's case. With the help of this 'construction kit' something of his can be set up. There a release of the design of an own good will surely be possible.


My target circles

It would be my real goal to write down my sentences in such a way that they give word for word something to be heard that has consistency and constancy. To this end, I have gone out and written something in public. This work alone is accessible only to a few, even though it can be easily accessed. What I am writing on my website called 'Hatha' should be a show of my own thoughts and ideas of myself.

So, I once set it down for me in such a way that I would like to tell you something about what is currently conditioning me. My search for the true qualities of my life has led me on this path. It is necessary to experience the things I have described here, if one wants to be able to correctly assign them to one's own existence. For this purpose, it should be enough to understand my thoughts in this regard and to recognize the ideas I have put forward.

A scripture can act as a mirror for a person and show them something of their own inner world. A show of it provides the person with an instantaneous image that should reveal something of who he is. It's up to you to figure out what that means. Everything is connected.

My texts in the 'construction kit' should also be understood by you as such a mirror, so that what is said here can be correctly located. Those readers, who do something like this openly, are dear to me. I like to see what they do.

What do I do when I'm working on the 'building set'? - I write down many a usable good thing so that people learn to take me at my word. It's when I find out how it really works. What I have achieved should be easy to assign and understand. I can build on that. All this is an example of my work. A meaning of speech formation for my work should thus be experienced. Since I have created these things by and large by my own efforts, they should be appropriate to me. I've already made my peace with that.


Motivation for speech formation

Linguistic structures are audible. The mind of a person is oriented towards what is said. Once this is of a certain goodness, there is also a chance for an improved shaping of one's own reality of life.

What we have thought about, we do for a good reason. We usually know this one well. This is what we would like to refer to when we imagine ourselves saying something about it. An inner dialogue is carried out there by us to clarify the weightings. It makes something come true. With the time we get used to it, a perception of the real develops. That's what we're doing. No other thing but this one will release such a significant happiness for man.

We humans all seem to be quite limited in our talents. Let us therefore stand up and go our own way, so that we can preserve what is ours. Soon everyone has something to own that makes him or her special. Our happiness in life should be based on this, what we do.

I have gradually brought my 'thought protocols' contained in the 'construction kit' into shape and thus found a certainty about my existence as a human being. Soon a light appeared to me and made me understand. This is how I remember my own property. What is given for me today becomes clear to me. Again, and again I deal with what I have. What a lot of things I've had to fight for this way! – So, it should really be true now, what moods are arising in my mind. These are the ones I deal with. Well, that's me. I stand by that. After all, all that has appeared will be rightly so given.

This reference to my being should provide me with a constancy of the basis for this existence. What should make me capable of action is that I firmly believe in the subject and its significance for the life of a person. This is how I feel about myself in my thoughts as a person, especially when I read my writings.

I can see something there. Whenever my thoughts and ideas have made sense to me, I have kept them. Then I wrote down something to that effect. This has improved my reception of the given text work. With a calm manner I write down something of the mental substance of my inner world. That which I can remember in this process should also retain its true value for me. That's how I make sure of this one by making it right. But that is why speech formation should be a key for me to be able to reproduce what I perceive myself. It is thanks to her that I can make my concerns understandable to someone else in the first place.


Of skill and true craftsmanship

A skill of man would not be anything uncertain. Here we have hands and feet. But we also wear something on our backs. It's a load like that that makes everything about us seem so phony. We will be nervous if we use our fine motor skills at such a moment of overload.

Man can either acquire a fortune or develop it from himself. But if you don't have a seed, you wouldn't be able to sow anything. He won't get a harvest there.

A person's decision to devote himself properly to the arts should show him two ways. One of them will be to do the same as the others. The other should be to realize one's own. He'll have to decide what he wants to do. But can one of these paths lead to something without the other? - This question continues to exist for the given.

There we take a few simple steps of self-realization, if we want to realize that. Afterwards we add something to what has become, something that other people will also know. They should be able to understand something about it.

The aim of this will be to reach other people with one's own works without having forgotten oneself because of it.


The given words are to be understood. That is to be our task. To do this, one has to illuminate them. Thus, it happens that we recognize their value for ourselves. Without hearing an inner light in oneself, no conception of the given can take place. If we first feel what is there, it also presupposes that there is something that feels. What is that? Yeah, who are we? - Some liveliness of the spirit comes from its questions.


You would not get freedom if you demanded it from others for yourself. One must know how to take a freedom in order to really possess it. But what they have to give you first, so that you can use it for yourself, they will be able to withhold from you just as easily. Basically, you will be blackmailable by others as long as you are not able to draw any consequences for yourself from the fact that it is you who is important.


Stick to something

I wouldn't be able to tell what makes another person's mind work. For me, at any rate, it is an ordinary fact that I remember my thoughts and acknowledge their occurrence for myself. So, I accept them and can temporarily keep them again. The normal thinking, as it came up on me, I evaluated as something that was given to me. These facts seem to me to be at least partially fair.


What's the point of expecting nothing from your life? - The fate of a person is also shaped by the person himself.


The movement of the Enlightenment reaches its limits where nothing has retained its validity.



A basic prerequisite for a successful hour of work on one's own things would be and remains the prior washing of the body and a clean-up of the environment provided for this purpose. We'll make a good setup there.


Even a smaller heart feels the refreshment of a good deed faithfully.


What is enlightenment?

Can one, without having a certain form of inner illustration of one's own, make it understandable to another how he should understand something like enlightenment? Shouldn't we make it easy on ourselves and point out what we need to present so that it becomes sufficiently clear? - Word and image, sound and writing are remembered when they have appeared. Then one can orientate oneself by it. For this purpose, we should write down or record something so that people finally notice it.

Well, as such a well-read person that I am, I have heard a few thoughts and ideas from other people about what enlightenment is supposed to be. I would like to reproduce a particularly beautiful word from my memory in an approximate way. It was written by the wife of a very good friend.

Enlightenment would be a subtle experience of one's own feelings, which one has when one achieves something with some success in the service of another person.

Sweeping chorus

Language disasters and jugglery

Splash, splash, the water's wet. Yes, it's raining. Whoa, whoa, the wind makes cool what was wet before. It blows the water away, which makes us freeze. If the sun shines afterwards, we finally have it warm again. If we get tired of this, we'll find a place in the shade. There we feel safe and secure from the effects of the climate on ourselves. But if we deprive ourselves of this climate for too long, we become lazy. Then comes to light what nobody really wants to see. Shawl and pale will then be our face. Taking it easy would not do any good in the long run. So, we finally have to go out again and experience something. It's so great there. The things you've learned in the process. There have even been cloudbursts at times. Splash splash, the water's wet...


Inconsistent conditions

If you have been working hard for a longer period of time to achieve your actual goal, you may eventually become tired and could not do more than you have already done. Then people probably throw in the towel and prefers to fail rather than continue to struggle in vain. What should they be able to gain from it, if it has led to nothing?

There the evil acts like an undertow. Then all passion gives way and we sink into lost darkness. Again, and again we approach it and try to free ourselves from it again. Sometimes we are losing that game.

We would like to improve our existence soon. Sometimes we even acquire some goods for this purpose. Only he who has got up a second time to reach his goal will claim the meaning of it.


Outside the wind blows around the house. You shouldn't be stupid. Keep what was once young and strong going. If the shutters clatter, it's still a house. It stands firm there and defies the surroundings. Protection will continue to be offered to you if you do something to preserve it. Make sure that you will have enough time for yourself. The house should be a picture for yourself. The clattering shutters are the smaller weak points of you, which to protect you certainly should have no difficulties.


Talking about life with friends

There is no more important subject than life itself for this existence of a human being. If you talk about it with your friends, you are expressing something to them. They'll have to make up their minds. Those who wish to leave will then leave. Those who want to stay, will try to bear it and stay. This is how they face the situation. There is something for both to learn.


To bear the yoke of life is stupid. But this world belongs to the stupidest. I don't want to go away empty handed.