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The author and artist Mathias Schneider would like to welcome you to his website with his own collection of texts on the field of yoga. This writing was created in the course of many years. He created it at his home to evaluate his own experiences in dealing with his passion for yoga and its related disciplines. In addition to the texts, you can see some pictures, which have been produced by him in Schneider's workshop. He wishes you a lot of joy to stay here for a while and to taste these things.

Welcome, Welcome, Bienvenue


Dear Sir or Madam,

Here in this book in the format of a freely designed wiki Mathias Schneider, *1975, from Offenburg in the Ortenau, a district in southwest Germany close to the French city of Strasbourg, would like to tell you something of the way in which he has so far dealt with the very extensive field of yoga. Those approaches usually applied by him he would like to document for their reading and thus show you how he has perceived these things. Partly he still recognizes the ideas nowadays as it has been for him in his youth, when he has stood at the beginning with it.

Unfortunately, Schneider will not be able to show or explain any exercises to you here. That could not be also at all his task with the production of this work report. He has not been trained by someone suitable, who has imparted something special of it, which will be really already worth to speak of it more than it would be necessary. Others have already done such a thing enough. The author probably would not be able to do it better than these.

The little wiki here is in parts a very personal one. It will hardly have the same usefulness for every reader. However, those who feel comfortable reading and lingering on the page, should calmly deal with its contents a little. Who would like to deal here with the way of an expression of the thought processes of the author, it should be permitted to him to do such a thing. Perhaps he will know to contrast his own thoughts with what is written down here. Such a comparison can be good for it, in order to weigh something expressed with words in detail with itself. A certain examination of the work and the word of another person can probably release once something very useful and fruitful for the own understanding of such things as they have already appeared here.

The wiki 'Hatha' is still under construction by the author. What is the writer concerned with while writing it? - He thinks that every person has to find and give the real answers to the questions of his life. We will hardly be able to influence what these are. But it should lead us soon back on the right way that we have dealt with the questions of the time and have learned something from the corresponding lessons.

If these answers come from us and were neither scientifically founded nor religiously secured as well as in no way corresponded to the locally usual custom, then one can speak confidently of a statement from the area of the esotericism. Schneider therefore regards his discussion of yoga as such.

Just for something not yet properly understood one would urgently need own approaches, which do justice to the human being with his ordinary talent and simple equipment of the mind. Such approaches should have a relevance for the advancement of a person in his actual life situation. It is the same for the author. To consider a possibility of improvement of the real occurrences of one's existence and to consider how to find and walk on this way should be one of the main reasons for the creation of the writing here. From the beginning it should be clear to the readership that it is about an acceptance of the given, as it has arisen with us. Such a reality conditions us, but also makes possible an acceptance of who we are, what we have and what we do.

Thus, the author has found an opportunity for writing about yoga on his own example. There it must be something simple, which he represents, if it is to succeed. Schneider is clear about that. From his own strength he creates for himself here such things, as he finds them realizable. Nevertheless, some of it may seem quite unconventional to you. His life and existence have continuously led to such approaches and ways of looking at things, which are unusual and peculiar. These are supposed to be basically viable ways for him, which has resulted from it. On these he tries to insist for quite some time. However, he has also had to leave them again at times in order to get along at all.

Here on this Wiki, which has been formed over many years as a basic framework of his world of thoughts and ideas, it shall now be about the self-experience of the author, how he can survey it. There are also some hints to be found here about those things that went along with a meditation and the practice of a devotion. What he has described of it has also really exerted a certain influence on his way of life and has thus already given him some support.

Especially that state of contemplation has been profitable for him as a Christian. Schneider likes to compare the term with the Indian word samadhi. Both are about an internalization of perception in connection with the experience of a deep peace. To proceed from this and to maintain peace in the real situation of everyday life is to give our existence an actual beauty.

With this, he now concludes this introductory letter and hopes you enjoy reading this collection of texts on yoga & co. So remains

With kind regards

the author Mathias Schneider