Order and energy



Sweet sound of sirens. Tricky is their nature. This releases undreamt-of forces. The chains get heavier every time you feel them.

Fight against their word. Override it. But you would not be able to resist the whispering. Therefore, make use of the thing, take care of the language itself. But you will still feel the chains. Of course, it's better, you know that. Whether there is a way out for you, that still receives attention from you.

Hear every move of your mind. Recognize every thought. That way you can fix it soon. Shake the weight of the chains off you. Do not let yourself be dragged down into a gorge. Resist the temptation to become a stranger to yourself.


To live in peace

I prefer to do things slowly but properly. It happens that I get faster at doing my work. Whenever I realize that I am working faster than I can process it internally, I reduce my tempo again. So, my speed is erratic. Everything balances itself between two limit values. There I leave it as it is. After all, that's how it seems.

To be able to name my things, I watch them. What I notice about myself, I occasionally arrange by linguistic means, so that something emerges which clarifies these facts. There I bring some things about myself to file and imagine that the writing is almost a protection for me. What I can name sufficiently, I will have understood. I will be able to translate this understanding into action analogous to my words. So, I empower myself by means of my own texts.

By this kind of language formation, I mean that I use language as an interface to create an access to myself that should really exist. There I appear, I am a designer of my own writings, but I also read them and act accordingly. It makes some things come true for me.

I wouldn't be surprised if other people have not known such things from their lives. Many people see the measure of things in their own sovereignty of authority. But a measure could not only be presumptuous, it could also be conditional. There these comrades will expose themselves to their own nature, will oppress themselves, and will get ready. At first, they suppress their environment, but that will be something finite. Whoever controls everything that surrounds him would soon no longer have access to the released ideas of his fellow men. There he goes away empty handed.

On the other hand, with my acceptance of the given as a guideline for this existence of mine, I have found a way that makes others an authority. There they become rulers over their existence and are thus in duty. I specifically promote the ego power of my fellow human beings. I don't have a problem with my ego. So, I have every reason to leave it to others, which is what makes them what they are.

That's where I name my ideas and thus make my thoughts about what kind of salary they have. I sit there in candlelight, in front of the keyboard and monitor in my study. So, I type and design this text at a late hour. Meanwhile, I listen to some older music. Again, and again I create such a space for myself to experience a certain atmosphere. Thanks to this, I can develop so well.

So, I'll soon finish the day and go to bed. The work should now be finished. But I do have one quick thought. I'm glad about that and I'll leave it at that.


A regular spectrum

The existence of a human being brings with it everything that is necessary for life. An important question will be whether we want to get involved with what this existence has in store for us. Some people go into hiding there. However, life rarely becomes easier as a result. The spectrum of the human being is immanent and is preserved.

Soon we come to the realization that it would not matter to retreat from the many places of this world and gather one's strength in one place. We have the necessary leisure time for this, if we make it nice and comfortable at home. Some have their garage for this, others run a small workshop. This is where people come to think about their own things and to tackle life.

Without having such a basis for oneself, it will be difficult to build up anything. Whoever cannot call such a garden his own will not be able to grow flowers and fruit.

A mere gathering and withdrawal are of little use if one has not been able to apply the budding thoughts and ideas. There they fall down and die. A decline of the human being becomes so aware. It will also be true that it is becoming increasingly effective.

The only counterforce against a disintegration of a person's things should be his socialization in such a case. People usually get each other back on their feet. Therefore, you do not turn anyone away, you do not show anyone the door. Rather, you open them up for your 'friends' in order to come into contact with people at all.

Some people will like it and come to our house. We entertain them according to the customs, whereupon they will return even more willingly. So, it is quite possible that we sometimes need our rest from such fellows. We are supposed to convey this so that it would not be misunderstood. Neither is host to the other without receiving something in return. Nor will any economy be open at all times.

For reasons of our own socialization we should take into account where we come from and which people are those who have supported us in life. Please do not reject those who have once been there for us. They have simply earned many thanks.

We think about such things when we are at home with ourselves and are actively involved in works. So, it will be good that we take the necessary time for this and are thorough with how we relate to other people. Some people are pleased with our encouragement. We also preserve our existing friendships.

But what makes us so strong in this life? - There should be an answer to this question.

The fact that a person acknowledges the given in its entirety will determine whether we know how to exist. The one who has contemplated his thoughts and ideas will soon find that they embody a regular spectrum of opportunities to cope with this existence. It will only be the distraction that prevents him from doing his own thing in a timely manner. One is well advised to exclude such arbitrariness, indeed, to distance oneself from it.

Once this has been achieved, it is necessary to look at the given again. What are we hearing about this? How does the given think of us? - Oh, as a human being you have your moments when thoughts arise as if of their own accord. If we first remove the things that disturb us, we also find some peace. Then our lot will be more bearable.

The power of suggestion is said to be the opposite of the calm awareness. It worries people because it forces everything. For you the effect counts more than the orientation of the person. Some laughter is valued higher than a stoic silence on a stupid question. But how is it going to be that this will be good.

As long as we have left the house to the suggestive forces, we alone can only lose. Then everything would happen as the given demands it, but we would not get to prank. Our will would then be obsolete, nobody will ask for it anymore. So, it will be good to bring such moments under his control. One detaches oneself from welcoming the appropriation of others. Let them play their game wherever they want. Here with us, however, this should not happen.

So now, in addition to the distraction, we have also examined the situation of influence and tried to ward it off. Such moments return. Let us be prepared for them. Let's listen to what people want from us. But let's not give them space on our property. The essence of a person should remain his own.


The art of fortune telling

Name the given. Let the word linger. This is how you get yours. Some good things come true. There it enters.

Everything that a person owns has a value in itself. There the things of man are free from compulsion. This is how he gets his choice in this life. He can decide what he wants to do. But with this he will also determine what he would not be willing to do. One excludes the other.

A sequence of events therefore certainly requires a construction of the things of a person. There are possibilities at the beginning. These are transformed into opportunities. In the end we get results that define what we have achieved.

Since the spirit of a man also has its structure, it will be his best school to acknowledge what is given. Why don't we use what we have for ourselves? We are entitled to these gifts. After all, you belong to us.

It would not be the right question to ask what others of us have acknowledged. We give them too much weight when we approach our lives in this way. Rather, it will be essential for our happiness in life which of the gifts of the higher beings we accept. An existence as a human being can only be led in this way.


A few words about concentration

Then, when it comes to the skill of concentration with us, everyone must speak for themselves. While everyone will be given such a gift, we all use it in so many different ways. Hardly anyone really meditates without distracting themselves sooner or later. I also do not want to be completely free of external stimuli. My commitment is that I want to be prepared when it comes to tomorrow. What can be done today, I will do immediately. This should enable me to fill my existence with rich moments. I allow that for everyone without restrictions.

To experience a phase of concentration should be accompanied by beautiful effects. We'll get something done there. We know that it is through this quality that we become truly empowered for life. So, we take it upon ourselves to tune into them. Again, and again we prepare ourselves to be fit for work and ready for action. Those moments, when we have a clear view of what is happening, provide us with impressions, thanks to which we can train ourselves. This should be something that is always possible in principle. But sometimes we have other things on our minds or are simply tired. So, it will be good if we are relieved and someone else does the same things for us as we are expected to do.

No one can overspend without suffering damage. Whoever is just asking for something from us must be stopped. No man shall be without will. Everyone has something of his own that makes him worthy of a human existence. There we are to defend ourselves against bad treatment and protect the area where we live from such infamous acts. No one may expect more from another than has been granted. That's when people come to their senses when they act like this. This should suit him.

No one is without strength; everyone has an inner resistance against the unjustified oppression by his fellow men. So, he soon frees himself from serving them more than himself.


A good approach to life

Some people think about what a good approach is to this existence as a human being. Answers are found and the necessary questions are asked. In this way one can reflect on something essential. It will be good for man.

There we have certain lessons to master while trying to survive in everyday life. Some of them are related to external events, others are more relevant to internal procedures within ourselves. There we can weigh up what it means to us. So, we will soon clarify which of these things need to be discussed with other people. Of course, we choose our contact persons ourselves. If there are any, we can also benefit from them.

It will be a task for us to choose an approach to life for ourselves at all. We can only be fair to such a person if he also exists and is taken into account by us. So, it takes a little skill to explore and name such approaches.

But we humans are smart. We understand many things correctly without being told to do so. Let us just always bring this understanding into harmony with ourselves! - So many things will be able to happen to us in a benign way and will also be true.

Let us change our approach when it has become obsolete. But let's not cover up the tracks that point to him. Let's create the possibility to fall back to this level if necessary. So, we have already secured many a thing, what is necessary for a beautiful life.


Maintaining a certain openness to impact

Man can accept something and keep it or pass it on. In addition, he can drop the given into the dirt. This is what would happen if he were no longer in control of his things. Then everything escapes him, his existence becomes an imposition for others.

We are also in a situation where we have already been expected to do something. We can remember this again or finally forget it. There could be no control over what you remember. Forgetting will not be a feasible process either. There is at least a premonition that we too can miss something. If one is prepared to let one's things slide.

People are quick when it comes to accusations. But the stones that were thrown at us in the process were sometimes also taken off. There will be some injury. People often presumed to be entitled to their actions. However, this will only be possible for one's own. No one may judge us who would not be authorized to do so.

So it is that it embodies an openness of ourselves when we accept something from our fellow human beings. This would not be a matter of course. But it will be good to consider to whom you open the door and whom you like to greet. Let's face it. No one can accept everything the way it was bashed around his skull.

That is why certain forms are needed for us humans to live together. The existence of us will be like a catastrophe if we could not participate in one. We will be marginalized and corrupted. One consequence of this will be our further imprinting, because the struggle for life is what makes man what he actually is.

We want to stand up for the fact that we consider this life struggle as essential for us. Because of this, so many things will only be possible for us. Without using the spine, it will atrophy. Without standing up to our own words, there will be no strength from us.

There we would like to consider our quality of human dignity and leave it to everyone else. Let us remind our fellow human beings that there is such a thing. The comfortable life of arbitrariness of one's own actions is one whose freedoms are undreamt of. However, the effects of this should be clear. Everything will go to waste if we humans have neglected the essential good of life.


Preventing a mere application

In writing my book on Yoga, I try to shake up the readership a little. An alert mind hears things more clearly than a dreaming one. The fate of man stands first and foremost when it comes to the happiness of our lives. No good condition exists as long as we indulge in any kind of activity. Without accepting existence as conditional, we cannot have orientation. Only that which has been established can also appear.

There I follow many an existing postulate in the execution of my thoughts. Of course, I translate my words analogously to these. I didn't show them, because otherwise this might lead to application errors.

I believe there's no such thing as a bad word. What there will be against it is supposed to be something wrong. Everything can appear in any color. Colorful are the clothes of nature. Even we humans are more colorful than we know. Let us not exhaust ourselves in the dreariness of the monochrome. If we also like to see the given as something that will be clear to us, we underestimate it considerably what appears. Many things would be incomprehensible to humans.

There is a limit to everything. Even the best natural pendulum has a bracket. It's already fixed there. Finally, the reproduction of what is there will also be. As much as we would like to go inside ourselves, there would be nothing that has a salary.

Thus, man appears as a whole, but at the same time he will be free of all his previous forms. His activity is limited to a repetition of known work steps. There the user easily becomes a slave to his actual entanglement. The fact that he likes it does not change the fact that he has made himself a slave to who he wants to be. There he is, eager to lose himself.

Thus, I warn against acting without sense. A person's concern must become his school, or he will miss himself.


be ill with oneself

The existence of a human being is connected with many a path. Such a one we commit incessantly. It would make a difference what we do. Our position changes with every step. We understand this life as a change. So, it will be good that we have focused them.

Starting from the actual state of the given, we can decide whether we want to be happy or not. It is important to find the right approach to this. This world is empty as long as we still have the full potential to own. There we can unlock it and emanate through works.

Some people choose something ordinary for themselves. They'll soon learn from their actions. I also mention a profession for me. I'm making myself a writer. However, I recognize the actual state of myself. I have a lot to answer for and have to put my life in order. That's for sure.

Those who have found a point of view for themselves that enables them to improve, make that true. There is an appropriate word for every human emotion. Many a sentence can be said. This is how we reflect what is happening to us. That's when other people realize who we are. You get to know us. Pleasing is the nature of man for those who credit it. Terrible will be the own being for those who would not credit it. That's where they get offended and bring some violence into play. One must be careful what is done. Such comrades should be stopped. Their company is avoided.

There the person withdraws like every day. He goes home and comes to terms with what he has experienced. This way you will soon finish the day and can prepare for the morning. There'll be a lot to do. Let's not forget that something still needs to be done tomorrow as well.

The fortunate circumstance of this life will be that we will experience an opportunity to do so in order to align ourselves properly. We can continue on that way, if we are heading in the right direction. Those who consider themselves to be conditioned have it better. Their view will be closer to the truth than anything else.

But one condition of this existence is embodied by our health. Such a one is never given forever. We can stabilize it temporarily, but it would not survive for a long time yet. There we pay attention to ourselves for perhaps the very first time.

What are the facts that determine us in this existence? - Consider this and be aware of other related issues. Those who have realized that the key to all your own problems will also be yourself will be right. Despite all the difficulties of our own lives, we can tackle it and do something right. If we first clear up what is troubling us so much, we will probably get some help.


Compensation through Yoga

Some people have no other option in life than to alienate it by constantly compensating for what they have been missing. This is known as an opportunity to distract from the real nature of a person.

Whoever has looked for a way out of this and wishes to discover such a way out in Yoga, does at least half a thing right. Finally, as a Yogin or adept of Yoga, one has been given the tools to free oneself from wrongly chosen objects. There we empty our hands. That way we might soon be in a different frame of mind.

The nature of man is only roughly described by his condition. Life is a process. Such a one has a beginning and an end. This should also apply to each step of the process. So it is that the states of us do not give any indication of where we stand. Oh, a condition must be something fixed or it's not. That would be wrong, because nothing has ever been fixed with us. We are not stones.

Some people dream. There must be a reason for that. It should be sought in the dreamer himself. The consciousness of man is bound to it. But because we, as supposed Yogins, try to pretend consciousness, we make missteps. An acceptance of the given can only succeed if it can be left as it is. That's how something like this comes true. All other possibilities would thus be excluded and would no longer constitute routes.