Order and energy


A normality

What I have recognized once, I also assign.

Something good has released a happiness in the life of us. There we have acknowledged and accepted what has occurred there with us. Lies, however, have not experienced a continuance before us. That is what we have determined.

The everyday life of us has not produced any special situations that have illuminated in a comprehensive way something of what conditions our existence. Therefore, we have formed our own conception of it. Thus, we have made true something that is our own. It is quite true that now and then we have given space to those moments in us which have distinguished our existence.

That's when we were ready to record our thoughts and ideas. We have reproduced them to bring them before us. Some things have come true through this. Thus everything has experienced its existence, although it was still unfinished. Mathias Schneider published his writings before he cleaned them up.

This happened with good reason. His work as a language designer has existed for a long time, but there has been no exchange with other people. Participation in his work creation has not taken place.

He went on the offensive when all of this went over his head. Then he made his things public in this form, as they just appeared. The publication of his works created a point of contact with him. There he imagined that someone could find his place for preservation of his own writings. All of it has been found online from some day in his life. Offline he has not created anything else. Mathias Schneider has thus placed his main focus on the public sphere of the Internet.


Fate of life

By a freedom I understood a possibility of the human being, which can be chosen by him for it, in order to be fair his own task in the life.

Since in the life and existence of Mathias Schneider already so much went wrong, which took place, he has chosen for himself a way on which he can reproduce and clarify the archetypes of his existence true to his memory of it. Thereby he tries to improve his situation. He wants to get into a position which allows him to make a contribution to the events.

For such a participation, as Mathias Schneider has in mind, something has applied. There he would like to work out and fix the facts of it. He would like to show what has been important to him for this.

He was not listened to before. This was most likely not only due to his appearance. He was also not experienced. Thus, he was often ignored by his fellow men. A lot of things bothered him. What he received as a reaction to himself from his immediate environment often did him no good.

Nowadays, he knows well that such a thing would be impossible to straighten out. Some of those events of his life could not be straightened out. Too much of it has happened. These things continue to affect him in a burdening way. But they are too far back in time to handle them in any other way than this.

There Mathias Schneider gives something of his history in his writings. His writing has found a form thanks to which he can include his world of thoughts and ideas. Because of the events of his life he has been attacked many times in his life. Now he wants to show them for what it has been good that he has decided before in exactly that way, as it is embodied by the course of his life.

Those facts of his life have caused all kinds of entanglements. There he has taken reference to the game Tetris as a way out of the misery for himself and has reproduced his things completely and comprehensively. That benefit, which has been realized by him thereby, when he has shown his ways as completely as possible, should be that these facts come to their right place, where they may appear completely rightly. Thereupon he can book them as clarified and check them off.


Something compliance

What did not suit me, I have no strength to own.

A practicable muddle and a bungle have allowed us to appear and appear. As a result, we have begun to interpret the reactions of our peers to us.

Something wrong is always supposed to be impossible as well. This world is consistent. This is how it has appeared. We have to derive everything from how it has been. There we have found in it an example for the given. Meanwhile, we have determined that something has been true by the feasibility of an action. We have left something contrary to it and have thus rejected from us those falsities which have already deceived us once.

That's when we learned to evaluate things. Their weight should be suitable for us or they have been obsolete for us. Everything else has arisen of its own accord with us.

Thereupon we got used to our duty and started to perform our task. We meticulously made our things true, as we found them with us. Some of our own memories led us to an idea of what had made us once. Then we looked at it and realized how it will be understood that it has passed away. Our thoughts about it have corresponded more and more to our destiny in the course of time, without causing any clouding of our being because of it. At some point, according to their form, they have also been fair to us and have represented a real contribution.

There we have brought a task into our midst, which keeps the wheel of the world running. Our small cosmos is carried by us. We make that true.


Be a role model

Inert is the essence of a stone. He is the nerd among the objects.

The fact that we feel an emptiness about us and experience a happiness is to be equated by us. Unfulfilled has been all potential of a human being as long as it has been preserved. To a pain we have given ourselves alone only seldom gladly. There a happiness has left us in the life, if we have gone out of the way of the things too often.

The grammar of our language represents a network for us, thanks to which we can form a statement with words. There we reproduce something that has a meaning of its own. We can all speak well. Silence, however, has always been an art among people. It is like waiting for a certain moment and it gives man a power.

That's when we realized something. Other people hardly benefited from our cleverness. Also our efforts have fizzled out there fast before these people. What has been of some use is supposed to be the fundamental thing with us, which is our own. We have grown from it. We would like to get used to it. A human reason we have attained. With calmness and patience we work towards a mediation of the given.

Something good must first be accustomed to. This is to happen so that we can get something out of it having occurred to us.


Abandonment of the existing

Say a lot, talk a little.

The phenomena of energy exist in excess for nature and want to be dissolved promptly. For this purpose we give away their surplus parts as soon as possible. Thereby it comes to its use with us and can be brought forth by us. If we first channel our energies according to their temporal manifestation, then we also learn to assign and understand the phenomena that occur. Basically we carry out our actions completely and have something of what we have done there.

A type of energy can be described and represented. For this purpose we distinguish them and delimit the individual types of energy from each other. Such a thing is accompanied with causal reasons for that something happened and appeared. For this it needs great forces. We carry a spark of life and a fire on us, which consumes us, as well as a mana, which equips us. With the one we bring forth something, meanwhile everything else is consumed little by little. Both want to occur and remain with us throughout our lives.



This world is tuned in and balanced. Everything about it is meant to be good.

Everything has been at rest at all times. It embodies the passive threshold of everything given. In this way something has occurred. In this way something has taken place that it has remained within these limits. All truth of the words of wise people reminds that we have to preserve this world and existence in it.

At times, a special power has appeared in us and has impressed us. It has led to the fact that something has come into being through us. That course of its tension has formed an arc with us and connected one side of our body with the other. We moved and did something. We took the opportunity to improve our condition. This has remained with us.

Thus, we have developed the need to use our powers. A use value of our actions strives against all decay of us. We are also to be understood as a part of the world and want to work for a preservation of us.

We suspect it that a preservation of our life will be possible for us just by the fact that we stand to our environment in a conducive way. Thus we have stabilized ourselves, that we have stood up for the order in the space of our cosmos as well as with patience and strength have made something similar possible for our fellow men.


An impulse

The human being is charged with several orders of magnitude in this existence. He can look at them individually. Thereby he has to maintain the view for the whole. So something is to be given to him what has had an effect on him.

There has been a man like a solitaire. Independent of everything he has appeared. He wants to keep the last spark of his strength and to regulate his things independently. What he is able to accomplish should also be a contribution to his happiness in life. The quality of his things has meant something to him completely rightly.

There the phenomena have occurred and have resulted. Once we have identified the two border zones of what has affected us, we can also assign such phenomena. Then we will understand something of what has moved things.

Everything has caused a double-sided effect at its emanation. Thus it has happened that from one thing two opposite things of the same kind have come out. That has been something good that the nature makes true in this way the given. Many things have thus occurred in a twofold way and have moved something in us to the good. There we have felt stirrings in us and have perceived them. We have dealt with it and have given us a form by means of which we have coped well.

Everything has taken place to its balance. A set impulse has made us something. Its transmission usually travels along a course of tension through our body and stimulates us. On this way he puts everything into resonance. There every substantial structure has appeared in its own way. Thus we have felt something about us. Everything gives something of itself of what such an impulse has triggered at it. With us, as a result, sequentially arranged effects of it have appeared, which have corresponded to the temporal course of these events.


One circle

One could not change anything at the appearance of the nature. Something we also accepted and recognized. Then we have built on it with our own thing. Everything has connected to each other.


A rest position

Starting from a moment of silence, possibly perceived by us as meaningless, we humans have sometimes found it difficult to think clearly without feeling a certain restlessness about us.

That's when it all started to be true for us. We are used to thinking all the time. We have only succeeded in letting go of this after we have gained a fundamental trust in ourselves.


Custom n

The path to be walked should be understood like a task by man.

The familiar path and a comfortable walk unite at some point with us into a single thing. Then we can say that we know our way around our life.

Only that event has pleased us, which has also suited us. We assume that our thoughts and ideas have been a result of that condition of our mental state which wants to be stabilized. In order to ensure that, we have arranged it in such a way that we can be active. With the time of a stock of it we have found to a way for us and a work has arisen in easy way.

Mathias Schneider has not been an artist per se, but life has brought him to work like an artist on a creation of archetypes. This task has brought to light much of what makes him.

One's own knowledge is to stand before us. Thereupon we have thought something to the fact that we have attained it. We have looked at the situation, to which we have understood something correctly and the result of it we have weighted afterwards also for us.

Since this existence is supposed to be about us recognizing an order from ourselves, we also want to realize ourselves in a way that fits with it. That is supposed to be good for us, that we realize something like that. In order to show it, what we have experienced, we leave everything given as it has been and represent it.

We have derived all our own skills from what has been fair to our life situation at the moment. Gradually, we have expanded the image space of our imagination with such experiences. We have also taken into account our environment.

Everything will have to be preserved. Nothing has been too bad for this.


Be with you

Whenever you want to make something right, refrain from all different actions and do nothing for once. It should occur by itself that we are challenged. This is to favor us. What is given to us, we keep and make thus something of it true that we want to fulfill it.

There we did not complain about experiencing a harmony with the world. Although we have come in independence from it, we have passed well in it with our behavior. Thus we have put things in order with us with the time and have cleared up something of it what once had not been good.

Thank goodness that fate has mostly made such things possible for us. Fortuna is a loyal soul. She has done her job so well so far. Meanwhile, everyone got what they deserved from their lives.


Everything has its framework

The inside as well as the outside of us humans has equally reflected who we are.


A regular spectrum

From good comes good.

The existence of a human being brings with it all of that which was needed to live.

An important question should be whether we have got involved in what we call a life. We look at what existence has held in store for us. What of it has rightly happened?


One thought

If it is a question of that skill of concentrating our forces, each person should be allowed to speak for himself.


One question

What should be a good approach to life in the existence as a human being, certainly many a person has already thoroughly considered. Answers to the questions of the time are found toohauf and the things are considered to it, which have been valid something. There we have to master certain lessons in life. We form our everyday life and try it to exist by an own strength.



Man can accept something good, keep it or pass it on. There it has been no matter for which way he has decided. He will be free in it, because everything of it has been basically equivalent to each other.


The object and its limitation

An object should be per se, without an influence by the human being to be grasped and to be looked at. However, real objects would not be able to exist from the first moment of an arbitrary action. To these actions Mathias Schneider has also added the limitation of things to their objective parts.



In a world, in which everything strives for giving away a surplus energy to its environment, that state is to be called stable, with which one has already carried out this giving away.

Elements readily form compounds of their own accord with other or the same elements. Molecular substances are formed in the process. Thanks to the release of energy, the molecules stabilize at a favorable level. Thus, they are freed from some burden and have a stable effect.


The fire

The taste of fire is said to be pungent. It sometimes divides the substances by its heat. It distinguishes everything, but it applies its power equally to everything. Some things simply burn there. Others, however, remain and are purified. Meanwhile smoke, coal and embers develop. Something liquid easily becomes steam, something volatile is lost so soon.


The least in its relation

The cosmos of us people has not taken its order faithfully to the time orientation without reason. As soon as something was enough, it has become true that the materials have changed. Then their structure has adapted to the circumstances. Thus everything has found its form.

In order to secure now an opportunity for the consideration of a mutability of this cosmos and to inscribe it into it as a principle, we can develop own ideas of how the things behave against each other or mutually. For this we take very small sizes as given which can produce certain effects.

We consider the existing system of the material emanation under the aspect that an anomaly can appear thereby if something has formed. There such an anomaly is to be a known natural phenomenon as all other magnitudes are. It leads to variances of irregular kind with the phenomena of a transformation.

I would now like to enumerate such anomalies by way of example. For this I have made the assumption that any order of magnitude can cause such anomalies during its transformation.


A full circle with 360° oscillates with an uncertain variance in the angular dimension.

The sum of the interior angles of the triangle of 180° oscillates with an uncertain variance in angular measure.

The time sequences vary independently of each other.

The absolute mass of an object varies in itself.

The structure of the given breaks apart and yet increases in its information content.

The complexity of the given increases despite its simplification.

Posture of the body leads to its weakening.

The actually finite continues eternally.

A sum of the whole is less or more than its partial sums.

An actual occurrence of the given leads to the reappearance or a disappearance of the already given.

Things develop constantly in relation to each other despite their actual independence from each other.

Through inheritance, the successor receives more or less than was actually there before.

There one should be able to recognize that there were words for it, by means of whose help something irregular can be pointed out.