Order and energy


Being a role model

We can all talk. But silence is an art.

Other people hardly benefit from our wisdom. Also our efforts fizzle out quickly. What is good for something, that will be the basic principle, the reason of man as well as his calmness and patience in communicating what is given.


abandonment of the existing

The phenomenon of energy exists in excess for nature and wants to be dissolved. Therefore we give it away.

It would not be easy to do this. All kinds of energy delivery alone work only in a finite way. What we are left with is an existence of tribulation. Everything strives towards its decline. So it would not be easy to maintain a good orientation of oneself. We must constantly change our direction to stay on the path. Such a direction exists through our existence. We are its embodiment.

The meaning of our existence comes up thanks to its preservation. To this end, we look at the quality of life and ensure that it is maintained. Some things we experience in the process, what we have resisted. That alone would only be natural that we have not been green with everything. Some security has already been lost to us. In order to be fair such circumstances, we dissolve the forces with us. This makes us strong. In this way we are soon able to cope with our own life.

But such an undertaking would not be attainable without a cohesion of what we have been given. So we pause for a moment and solve things on our own. If we first pay attention to the progress of the phenomena, we certainly recognize it in the phenomena that they all intensify and increase. Everything resists change. That is why we sometimes give ourselves a jolt and stop it. The goal of this will be a quiet moment of calm. Such a moment could be achieved. A change of the given certainly brings with it its dissolution. We follow this path.

Life is beautiful. That it will be easy, nobody said (quote). There we go on and give the freedom to everything that wants to get away from us. Thus we find to an improved starting situation for us in life.

There is one path that we would like to take. We soon realize that there are two absolutely different ways of emanating such paths. The wrong ways are to be understood by us as crossings of the existing ways. This leads to many an error and confuses the senses of man. On the other hand, the right ways would be those of continuance. It should be allowed to apply to them that they embody actual continuations of the already existing ways of us. Accordingly, they will be recognizable by their tangential connection to the existing at the moment of their occurrence. This would be so given, if one sees and accepts it constructively as it is.

Such a thing would be important. Let us therefore please not be mistaken about the value of such ways. In a world in which time is embodied by a changing figure, events are constantly changing with us. Even the best means would soon be useless, because at some point it would no longer fit what we are experiencing. Therefore we should be prepared to perceive the given behind it and thus develop a capacity, which we need to do what is necessary for life.


All order is empty

Based on a look at things, you can probably tell that everything is at rest. That would be the precept of existence, which we become aware of by perceiving it. In rest, power exists as a harmony. This means that some force is also present when an object is at rest. There such a force also creates a compound of tensions. A weighting of the given results from a consideration and representation of it. This reveals a fundamental truth about its form.

Everything has a double effect, because forces are such that they always occur in pairs. We call this actio equals reactio, but we did not mean anything else. There their direction is determined, but also a quantity of it becomes known. There the force becomes a vectorial order of magnitude and is oriented as a pointer. Thus a force effect is composed of four components. Its appearance is that of a pointer on a line of action with an amount of its strength. Furthermore, there is the counterforce, without which it would not exist. This is given.

What have we recognized with this? - Well, it is so, that also for the virtual manifestations of nature must apply that they are in principle in peace. There they have remained neutral in sum. This applies to the system as a whole just as it did to the forces that occurred in pairs. There the system is basically straight, divisible, and to be divided into its units. It happens, practically seen, like this. All singular things, however, can be searched for a long time. It has not appeared in nature without its partner. A dissection of the pairs of forces would still have to be achieved. To prove that they can occur independently of each other would probably not be possible just like that.

Thus we found an approach to exclude the singular. This would not be an exclusion of a singularity. If everything, which exists, is ordered in pairs, you can get such a singularity. There is simply to make a difference, if you divide the whole in pairs, until you get the basically appearing elementary pairs, or if you try to separate such pairs. The latter will hardly be possible, even if this alone shall be only an assumption of mine.

Now it becomes clear to me that one can add an intensive order of magnitude to such an order system. Such an order would be known and given by time. It will not be a pointer. But how can one assume it so that it also appears in pairs? - Well, this is done by the simple assumption of a simultaneity of the present. There each and everything is to be understood separately and yet stands in union with the whole. An intense magnitude is always to be unified. It would hardly occur otherwise. I say this consciously because this alone was also only an assumption.

But what makes a person, if these are all variants of an emptiness that appears? - Well, that will be his harmony with it. Then, when he has grasped emptiness as elementary in his order, he will be a human being. The fact that he has also been a man before leads to a contemplation of his capacity. Such a one is embodied by consciousness. It has three basic components (sleep, being awake, dreaming). So it has three phases. We distinguish them imaginary, but also real. But we do not need to evaluate that here. Everyone will have so much imagination that they can imagine what it means.

What we would like to do instead would be a show of events. I am constantly reflecting on them, even though I have had to interrupt such a procedure again and again. After all, I too have my needs and must remain true to my existence as a human being. I am happy to carry out my thoughts, but I also have to understand what the words used for this purpose mean.


Keeping an eye on the zero

Starting from a meaningless moment of silence, we humans find it difficult to grasp clear thoughts. That is where it all begins. So you have experienced a reset and hopefully know how good it was. There we have nothing to do and can tackle it. We will be aware of an independence from everything, because that is how it exists. That's how something gets started. What that would be is merely to be mentioned. We do not want to disguise it. Yes, we would not need to disguise ourselves either. As it is, so it happens rightly. There it is given.

If we take a look at this, we get a vision of what it is. Of course we ask ourselves there, what it is all about. Yes, what is the point of doing it? - Let peace prevail there. Nothing would need to happen. Everything still has an effect there.


From the conception of a custom

Only that alone has an order, what is good, true and right. Since this existence is about an order and its concept, there has been nothing else besides that which has relevance. Many a one looks into the tube and finds a roast. He would like to have such a roast for himself alone and therefore leads us astray. There he thinks to himself that he has acted wisely. His efforts become his advantage. So I would like to be allowed to show that striving for advantages can be the result of infamy. This will be the case above all when the advantages are not of a general nature and would not be available to everyone at the same time.

For this reason I consider the following sentence to be true. "Common good goes before self-interest. (quote)


Being with yourself

Whenever you can afford it, stop acting and do nothing. Do this so that you can leave the given as it is. There you will be aware of it. With this you recognize it, which would be true. You receive a concept of what is really given. Whenever you feel an inner urge in such a situation, do not let it dominate you. There you will soon gain control over it.

That inner struggle of a person would not be easy to perceive by outsiders. Enter it with this thought. Secure what has been given to you and keep it as it has arisen. Acknowledge a parity of it. Others also take part in such a thing, because it is part of the existence of a person.


Inside as well as outside of us humans, it should be reflected equally who we are.


Powerlessness and love

A presence exists. Everything past has already been experienced. From the point of view of what is constant, what is not constant has passed. There it should be of importance how we stand up to who we are. A person who has neglected to do his things could not do them again. All of a sudden the happiness of life will be very uncertain. Such a state would be real, but it will still be recognized as useless.

Thank God we have a fantasy. With its help we can do magic for a while and process what has happened so far that it makes a different impression on us than usual. There the human being gets back a part of his power over himself.


A regular spectrum

The existence of a human being brings with it everything that is necessary for life. An important question will be whether we want to get involved with what existence has in store for us. Some people withdraw from it. However, life rarely becomes easier as a result. The spectrum of the human being is immanent and is preserved. So it would like to be formed by us soon, what we have.

That is what makes our property. We keep one of these as close to us as possible. Then we also have access to it. Soon we come to the realization that it would not matter to withdraw from the many places in the world and gather one's strength in one place. We have the necessary leisure time for this, if we make it nice and easy for ourselves at home. Some have their garage for this purpose, others run a small workshop next to their house. This is where people come to reflect on their own things and to approach life.

Without having such a basis for oneself, it will be difficult to build something in life. Whoever cannot call such a 'garden' his own, no 'flowers and fruit' will grow up.

A mere gathering and withdrawal is of little use if one has not been able to creatively apply the budding thoughts and ideas. There they fall down and lie at the bottom for a long time. A decline of man thus becomes aware. We are to prevent this.

A counterforce against a disintegration of a person's things is supposed to be his socialization. As a rule, people get each other back on their feet. Therefore, you do not reject anyone, you do not show the door to anyone who is looking for contact.

Some of you will like it and come to our home. We entertain him according to the customs, whereupon he will return even more willingly. So it is quite possible that we sometimes needed our rest from such fellows. We should be able to convey this, so that it would not be misunderstood. No one would be the host for others. For reasons of actual socialization we should take into account who we are.

We think of such things when we are at home with us and are actively involved in works. It will be good that we have taken the necessary time for this and are thorough in thinking about how we relate to other people. Some people enjoy our encouragement. We also like to preserve our existing friendships.

But what makes us so strong in life? - There should be a reasonable answer to this question.

The fact that a person recognizes the given in its entirety will determine whether we are able to exist. The one who has examined his own thoughts and ideas will soon be able to see that they embody a regular spectrum of opportunities, but also of events, to cope with existence.


A few words about concentration

Then, when it comes to the skill of concentration with us, everyone must be allowed to speak for themselves. Everyone will be given such a gift, but we all use it so differently. Hardly anyone really meditates without distracting themselves again sooner or later. I would also not like to have been completely free of external stimuli. That's where I look at what I have to do. My self-obligation is that I want to be prepared for tomorrow. What can be done today for it, I do immediately. So it should soon be possible for me to fill my existence with rich moments. I grant such moments to everyone else as well. I do this without restrictions.

To experience a phase of concentration should be accompanied by beautiful effects. That's where we bring something to fruition. We know that we are only really enabled for life through the quality of it. So we take it upon ourselves to tune into it. Again and again we prepare ourselves to be able to work and be ready for action. Those moments when we have a clear view of what is happening provide us with impressions that help us to train ourselves. This should be something that is always possible. But sometimes we have other things in mind or are just too tired to do more. So it will be good if we are relieved and someone else does the same things for us as we were expected to do.

No one can overspend without suffering damage in the long run. If you have always demanded something from us alone, you have to put a stop to it. No man should be without will. No one should give up. Everyone has something of his own that makes him worthy of a human existence. There we are to defend ourselves against all bad treatment and protect the region in which we live from the emergence of such atrocities. No one has to expect more from another than is due to him. There a man shall come to himself when he acts according to what is given for him. That shall correspond to him.

No one would be without strength, everyone also has an inner resistance against the unjustified oppression by his fellow men. So he soon makes himself free of it and listens to himself.


A good approach to life

Some people think about what a good approach to human existence would be. Answers are found and the necessary questions are asked. In this way one can reflect on something essential, if one knows the questions of life. It will be good for the person that he thinks about it.

There we have certain lessons to master while trying to survive in everyday life. Some of them have to do with external events, others are more relevant to an internal procedure. There we can weigh up what it means to us. In this way, we can soon clarify what needs to be discussed with other people. We keep everything else to ourselves.


Maintain a certain openness to impact

Man can accept something and keep it or pass it on. In addition, he can let the given fall into the dirt. This will happen if he would no longer be master of his things. Then everything will slip away from him; his existence will become an imposition for others.

We are also in a situation where we have already been expected to do something. We can remember this again or finally forget it. There could be no control over what we remember. Forgetting will not be a feasible process either.

People were quick to react when it came to accusations. But the stones that were thrown at us hit us too. Many an injury has occurred to us. People often assumed the right to their actions. But such a right can only be guaranteed for one's own good. No one may judge us who would not be authorized to do so.

So it is that it has embodied an openness of us when we have accepted something from our fellow men. This would not be something that can be taken for granted. But it will be good to consider to whom you open the door and who you like to welcome into your home. Let us not delude ourselves. No one has been able to accept everything the way it was knocked around his head.

That is why certain rules are needed for us humans to live together. Like a catastrophe, our existence will come from us, if we are always excluded. There we will spoil for sure.


Being sick in itself

The existence of a human being is connected with many a path. Such a path we are constantly following. There it would not be indifferent what we do. Our position changes with every step we take. Meanwhile we understand life as a change. So it will be good that we have focused it.

Based on the actual state of the given, we can decide whether we want to be happy or not. It is important to find the right approach to this. The world is empty as long as we still have the full potential. There we can open it up and emanate ourselves through works.

Some people choose something ordinary for themselves. He soon becomes wise from his actions. I also mention a profession for me. I make myself a writer. However, I recognize the actual state of me. I have a lot to answer for and must put my life in order. That is certainly so.

He who has found a point of view for himself that enables him to improve, makes this true. There is a suitable word for every movement of a person. Many a sentence can be said there. Thus we give it back what is with us. It will also be clear to other people who we are. They get to know us. The essence of human beings is pleasing to those who credit it. Terrible will be one's own nature for those who would not credit it. That is where they get upset and bring some violence against themselves into play. Here one must be careful what is done. One must put a stop to such comrades who rage there. Their society one avoids.

There the person withdraws like every day. He goes home and comes to terms with what he has experienced. Thus one closes the day soon and can prepare for the morning. There will be a lot for us to do. Let's not forget that there is still something to be done tomorrow.

The fortunate circumstance of a lifetime will be that we experience an opportunity to do so in order to align ourselves properly. There we can go on confidently, if the direction of us is right. Those who consider themselves to be conditioned are actually better off. His view will be closer to the truth than anything else.

However, one condition of existence is embodied by our health. Such a condition will never be given forever. We can stabilize it temporarily, but it would not last forever. We might be taking care of ourselves for the very first time.

Which facts determine our existence? What makes us matter? - Think about that and make yourself aware of other related questions. Those who have recognized that the key to all our own problems will also be with ourselves will be right. Despite all the difficulties of life, we can tackle them and make things right. If we clarify it only once, which has depressed us so heavily, then probably also some assistance is given to us.


Compensation through Yoga

Some people have no other option in life than to alienate it by constantly compensating for what they have been missing. This is known as an opportunity to distract from the essence of a person.

If you have been looking for a way out and want to discover one in Yoga, you are doing at least half a thing right. After all, as a yogin or adept of Yoga, you have been given the tools to free yourself from wrongly chosen objects. So we empty our hands. This way we might soon get into a different state. We learn to endure such a state.

The nature of man is only roughly described by his condition alone. Life is a process. Such a process has a beginning and an end. This should apply in the same way to every step of it. Thus it comes that the states of us cannot give any information about where we stand. Oh, a state must be something fixed, otherwise it would not be one. We would not need to look for one. To do so would be wrong, because nothing has ever really been fixed with us. We are not stones.

Some people dream. That will have its reason. Such a reason shall be sought in the dreamer himself. The consciousness of man is bound to him. But because we, as supposed yogins, try to pretend to have consciousness instead of accepting it, we probably also make missteps. An acceptance of what is given can only succeed if one has left it as it is. That is what we want to realize. That is how something becomes true. All other circumstances would be excluded and would no longer represent ways for the life of us. There we take the yoke upon us again.


To open up the energy changes and a growth potential

A flourishing of things comes about through their exchange and change. This gradually causes the release of growth. The capacity for such a progress of the given is caused and maintained thanks to a pendulum-like appearing functionality of the exchange functions. Due to the inner resistance of the one towards the other one grows clearly audibly.

Meanwhile alone there should be only one way to grow, just as there will be only one way of orientation for a human being. Since not everything given could be correctly understood by us at all times and in all places, every living being makes either correct or wrong decisions during its existence and therefore feels its own way as somewhat difficult.


Get a potential reserve

The potential of a human being is limited. However, it will renew itself if we would not use it up all the time. As an energy reserve it can be compared to an accumulator. It has a certain memory effect. Because of such an effect, our energy reserves recover only to a very limited extent.

The way we use our energy reserve should determine how easy it is for us to recover.


The object and its boundaries

An object will be per se without influence by humans, i.e. persons to be understood or looked at, if one really wants to represent it as such. Real objects would no longer exist in the cosmos from the moment of a first voluntary action by humans (contrary to nature).

The attempt to understand things objectively excludes a sensual perception of the human being in principle. But this could not be achieved. Moreover, it is the case that the object should not be created by human activity. After all, a dexterity would have to be understood no less as being affected by a subjective attachment, just as a sensory perception is.

Neither the deeds nor the sensual perception should be replaced in our imagination of man. Once they have emanated, they would not be able to be dissolved again. Such events, as they occur naturally, are to be understood purely as additions of the individual occurrences.


Each person makes his own experiences

Every person has a potential that is too individual for him. He can use it in order to maintain a tolerable situation for himself and others. He can use his powers of action to shape his existence. Through his concern for the given, he can evaluate the resulting experiences and thus maintain access to the sensual subjectivity of himself.

He needs it to release a sufficient 'ego power' as a person. So he will find out something about his existence. He will probably also learn to emanate himself on the basis of his own virtuality.



In a world in which everything strives to give off energy, the state in which this will already have been achieved can be described as stable. For this purpose the elementary connections are formed. Thus new substances are created. Thereby they give off surplus energy and will stabilize. Thus they are freed from the burden of a surplus energetic charge and receive new properties that are more favorable. As a result of this, an emanation of the interconnections results, those structures consisting of elementals appear there and give the world its face. Such an emanation will be manifold.

The energetic potential contains as limit values the 'everything' and the 'nothing', which should show the conditions of the possible. In between there is an area of opportunity for relative assignment of elementary, which would not be absolute in the same measure as it would be.

In order to understand something like this correctly, it must also be represented in an appropriate way. So it can be helpful, if first the limits of a range are shown, how this was done here. The relative allocations of potentials result in situ from the really occurring opportunities and are contingencies. As such, one can ensure their appearance by defining their environment and creating the corresponding substances there. Then all that is needed is a regular build-up of what is to happen to them, so that relevant processes appear controllable.

One must find out something for the conformal determination of such conditions. Excess energy will generally be harmful to the structures of the materials and break them down. The absorption of a certain amount of energy is sometimes enough to trigger a possible disintegration of the materials.

What insight do we want to connect with this? - It should be considered as something true that energy alone can only be passed on to an environment in a very limited way. Only a difference in potentials can make such a process possible. Moreover, this alone should only have this effect if there is also a transmission path for such energies.

So everything material stores energy, but there are also energy surpluses. The latter reduce the stability of the materials. As an organism, the living being is constantly under a certain amount of current because it has to withstand such processes. It requires some insight into our own behavior from our material equipment to determine how this causes certain types of weakening in us. To eliminate such weaknesses should make some recovery possible for us in the first place. Man is actually striving for an inner order, for his actual stability. It has been easier to achieve or maintain without such surpluses.


Without an embers nothing would go well

A fire, as I would like to imagine it, should burn for a long time. This requires its own embers.

I light this fire to burn the piled up wood. With this I try to create an embers. To do this I first have to arrange the burning material correctly before I light it. I have to take into account that this fire should neither go out prematurely nor that it burns down just like that without any further use for me.

With the help of the fire I turn the wood into healthy ashes. This contains many a remedy. With these ashes you can rub your skin and brush your teeth. The hair can also be cleaned with it.

Everything about us was once created from ashes. Everything about us once glowed brightly like fire. Sometimes it still does. Life should be understood as a process of the resurrection of man. This will condition his human existence. Life as a substance basically consists of such ashes, just as we know how to produce them. Ashes free man from his illness. It prepares life. Thus there is a cycle of becoming, which is maintained thanks to the consuming embers of the fire.

The basic form of the living shall be fire. Its material structure forms the matrix of the higher elements. All energy is released from this emanation whenever it is freed from its physical bondage.

I would like to understand the material as the threshold value of what could not be burned with the help of such heat as it is presently occurring. Therefore, it will not be subject to any transformation. But even this heat of an environment can be transformed. The higher its energy content will be, the higher the fire will be. Then also the substances it is able to consume should be of a more solid kind. What you get afterwards as residue in the form of ash and dust corresponds to a pure material. We have to examine such a material in detail.


Taking an example by the fire

The taste of the fire should be sharp. It sometimes divides the substances by its heat. It makes no distinction and applies its power equally to everything. It burns some things simply because it has not been able to withstand it. Others, on the other hand, remain and are purged of such dirt. Meanwhile, smoke, coal and embers are produced. Something liquid easily turns into steam, something volatile is soon lost.


On the Physis of a human being

Whatever it is that has made us human beings just such, it has reason to exist. It will be a cause for our existence, but it should also be relevant for the way we illustrate our inner world. That value structure inscribed in us helps us with our own orientation and prevents us from being overburdened in a way that is not necessary in everyday life.

Life wants to be seen by us. A lot of it can be truly heard. The necessary channels for this already exist, you only need to fix them for yourself. Nothing could be obtained from us that has not already been assessed before.


The least in its relation

The cosmos of man has taken its order not without reason. As soon as the given has sufficed for it, it has arisen. There an emptiness has filled itself with substance. Thus all this has taken shape. This now exists and can be perceived by us. But is this now to be the end of it, or will further things arise?

In order to ensure a possibility to consider the mutability of man in the world and to inscribe it into the system of the cosmos as a principle, we take a very small size as given, which would be hardly imaginable. This should be an existing anomaly within the existing. It conditions a reality profoundly. There even the change of the given changes, the change becomes a real one.

That is what we imagine. We may soon see a first threshold of what constitutes change. That would be the end of a phenomenon of influencing variables. Once an influence has ceased to exist, the resulting system would not stand still. Rather, this puts it in a changing situation. This requires a levelling out of it. The vanished influencing variable is really missing. Thus a change exists, but probably also its transformation thereby also further.

We certainly could not determine which influencing variable will dry up or appear when. This would be impossible to define. There we recognize it as an anomaly in the existing system of orders of magnitude. Linguistically, we can easily define such an anomaly. Physically, however, we have no measuring tools for it.

There we consider an existing system under the aspect that an anomaly can occur in it. There it shall be a natural phenomenon, like all other scales are. Meanwhile it will keep to the law, that there is no regularity for it. So it will continue to be an anomaly and will have the same effect.

A description of such conceivable anomalies I would like to work out linguistically now. Therefore I make the assumption, that such anomalies can exist for any physical size.


A full circle with 360° oscillates with an uncertain variance in angular dimension.

The sum of the inner angles of the triangle of 180° oscillates with an uncertain variance in angular measure.

The sequences vary independently.

The absolute mass of an object varies within itself.

The structure of the given breaks apart and yet its information content increases.

The complexity of the given increases despite its simplification.

A posture of the body leads to its weakening.

The actually finite exists eternally.

A sum of the whole is less or more than its partial sums.

An actual occurrence of the given leads to a reappearance or disappearance of the already given.

Things are constantly evolving towards each other despite their actual independence from each other.

Through inheritance the successor gets more or less than was actually there before.

Thus you can probably recognize, that there are words for it, which say, that a transfer of one order of magnitude to another is temporary or that such conditions are not constant in their actual functionality. Thus there shall be no expectation value for them, which confirms them for a future.

For the system under consideration here it should be allowed to be valid that it is a formation of matter (substance) with structure (form). Thus each element of it would be at least double-valued in its property as emanation.