Own frequencies


The utopia of equality

The society in which we live has managed to dissolve all guidelines of existence. There are no more stands, the professional path is by no means secured in advance. Meanwhile, we socialize in a highly arbitrary way. Some people get along well with this, but for others nothing suitable has been found. The whole thing is called a meritocracy. The people in it behave accordingly. All this leads to a strange way of unifying the fates of people. One has abolished the social guidelines without replacing them with something better. Meanwhile, only those alone who organize this system have been able to secure their own benefits, but they have also done so comprehensively. This is how the officials hold court today. Even if we do not have a real ruler, we are still ruled. The 'little' people ensure the preservation of a system that has brought them nothing. Furthermore, they are blackmailed. Those who have not supported the system are robbed of their livelihood. They are coerced and constantly belittled. There the principle 'worse is always possible' applies and that is how it is. To break out of the system of endangerment has meant that one corresponds to it. This gives it a schizoid imprint. There is no way around taking care of oneself. But who has taken care of himself, becomes part of the system. There he suppresses the happiness of his actual future, just to experience a present that exists anyway. All this would not be difficult to overlook, but it would not be easy to bear.


The base of a human being

The primary thing in a person's life will be emptiness. Thanks to it everything is possible. One did not have to do anything for it, it exists at any time. That is why the state of emptiness is an absolute one. It represents an access to the whole, be it the whole of a human existence or the whole of a world. Whenever something emanated where there is emptiness, such emanation exists as something additional. There it can also dissolve again without any actual damage. That is why emptiness is to be understood as the fundamental. It is to be understood in this way, without us doing more than drawing from our experience. In dealing with it we can exist.


A show of the own frequencies

What own frequencies are for the author Schneider would not be easy to show by linguistic means. It was all a bit difficult to convey. Basically, these should be the forms that correspond to us. Such would have practically no negative effect on us.

Once you have developed an openness for the emotions that we humans have, you want to be able to understand them. But our consciousness is burdened with all kinds of things, which we may have repressed. The inner resonances of the human being are also covered by it. If you want to deal with them, you have to determine your own behavior. Little by little, something of their brilliance comes to the fore.

Let's take it as it is. We have set ourselves a great task. It is supposed to be a process of perception and a dismantling of supernumerary characteristics of the human being, which can be remembered spontaneously and then processed. Ideally, some of them are released, so that the person gets a certain ability to act (also in relation to inner processes and dispositions) through such behavior. In addition to our actions, there are always moments which are self-contained. Exploring their value is supposed to make the human being an upright one.


The plow

Take up the basic position.

Feeling emptiness.

Being with yourself.

Thus the circle is complete.



Once you have become an oriented person, this will also be a reason for happy moments in life. Once you have become accustomed to what will be of value to you, you will be able to hear it where it appears. You deal with what is there and what happens. So you will soon discover your goodness. It determines your happiness in life.


Then, when I want to be optimistic, I don't need a reason to be. What is given to us humans, it will be by itself.


Maintaining a posture

An attitude of the body is determined by us from time to time by a proper alignment of our body. For this purpose we can simply determine it by which thing we want to align ourselves. An actual success will correspond to what we have chosen for ourselves. It will also depend on repeating this in a regular manner. In this way, the given is consolidated for us.

Let's just stay with us and do what we want to do anyway. Let us leave the given as it is and be content with the events that have arisen of their own accord. Usually it is sufficient for a progress of the events to bring order into the events of everyday life. In this way we get to know the structures better, which we have already acquired. We would like to retain them. This is the way we organize our existence on a regular basis. In the meantime, lessons arise for us. We mature on these lessons.

In case we have been looking for a regulator that can stabilize our situation, I would like to suggest that we first take the actual position of ourselves correctly. You might already be sitting in the right place. What we do with the fact that it is given to us should determine our happiness with it and a posture associated with it. If we want to be able to achieve many things, our arms have sometimes been too short for that. Then we soon stand up and create these desired things. But in the end we will be sitting in a similar position again. So let us build up the given with ourselves. Let's take the book in our hands as far as we are concerned.

The construction of the given comes up on its own. We rightly leave it as it has appeared to us. Let us not distract ourselves! - Here we must continually weigh up whether we would like to intervene in our already existing system of postures or whether we would not let it be better.

Starting out from an existing position, which is actually the position of every human being, our path as yogin begins in truth. What we realize for ourselves when we adjust to the actual situation as it is, I would like to call Yoga. Some people would like to use the special Asanas of Hatha Yoga for this purpose, but we still have no experience with how to take them. Rather, it is about our willingness to live, our acceptance of it as a gift from our parents and our love for the true nature of man. That is what it should be about.

Sometimes, however, all of this will seem cumbersome. We would not need to suppress ourselves. To bring about a change of the given, we can stand up. Then we finally let our arms sink and we get ahead. That should relieve us. Everything becomes true by itself or it would not be given. There the given little troubles us. In this way we learn not to vary ourselves just now, because there was no reason for it, and thereby find to some approach to exist as what we are. Sooner or later we sit down again and fulfill ourselves a happiness thanks to this new positioning of ourselves. This is something we have to bring about ourselves. This is how we perceive that it must be received from us.

So the change of posture will be a part of the process from us. Its timing is what makes it healthy. We want to determine our goal at this moment and be able to tell if we have reached it. Those who have made their own ideas will find themselves. For this purpose, it is sufficient to hold on to your own orientation.


Recognize an evaluation

What you have once given yourself, keep it well. It should be your actual measure of happiness, whether you can keep it.


Preserving a power to live

In order to maintain the capacity of one's own mind, one should always go whole ways and do whole things in life. Half things, on the other hand, confuse us.


That which has occurred in our lives should also be recognized as its truth. We may quite rightly insist on what has happened there.


To the truth of the given

The actual starting point for life will be the present moment in the continuum of time. What exists there and what happens there can and may be considered by us. It would be rightly given.


A reception of the own frequencies

The rough - that is, what Schneider knows something about

One should and can choose one's own approach, according to which one wants to proceed.

One should free oneself from all excess sexual desire by giving equal attention to each part of the body as such.

In order to prepare oneself spiritually for a reception of one's own frequencies, one can use some utensils. Here the author is concerned that the objects are simple in their characteristics and can be easily distinguished from us.

One should be prepared to collect objects made with simple means.

You should let friends cook for you from time to time and also prepare food for friends from time to time.

One should have a main place of residence. There you should also have something for yourself to work.

One should inhabit a limited area and know a certain area particularly well.

One should keep some outpost where one likes to meet other people.

You need an actual work for yourself, on which you like to work in your free time.

One should get used to actual work processes in order to be able to meet the demands of life.

One should find a suitable game for oneself and train oneself in such a game.

One should acknowledge the given order and value everything that is good for it, in order to preserve it.

Objects that Schneider once used to train the reception of an inner resonance are now listed below.

For the hands

fruits, stones, coins, pens, brushes, wooden beams, wooden sticks, a heavy pendulum, light pendulums, strings with knots, bead chains made of wood, glass and cores, pointed objects

For the feet

one bar to balance, one spinning top to balance, one ball

For the eyes

Stamps, sculptures, paintings, drawings, yantras, mandalas, pictures of people, animals and plants, pictures of structures (mountains, lakes, deserts, landscapes)

For motor skills and coordination

musical instruments, such as guitar, rattles, flute, drum; singing, walking, swimming, dancing, writing (by hand), playing, painting, drawing

For endurance

long walks, persistent resting in an aligned posture, reading books, speaking mantras or chanting with the help of a mala or praying prayers with the help of a rosary

For the memory

Chess, various types of chess sets with letters and numbers, writing, mathematics, catalogs, research, conversations, calendar, clock, mindful awareness

For the voice

reading aloud, singing, divinations, experience of silence, contemplation, playing the didgeridoo

For the mind

Doing a work on the reception of one's own resonance.

The author has been on this path since 2004 and it is still continuing.

The fine - the half knowledge of a layman

It would not be necessary here to say much, little or even anything about a physics of natural frequency. It would not matter to the working report that it has not been included. It would not be necessary to enrich what is given here with meaning, just to take an object in one's own hand and feel oneself in it.



What someone else has rightly passed on to you, keep it safe.

Of the highest value will be the humanity with which we are met. We care about it, but it can just as well release an actual happiness. Where people are still people, this should be possible.



Whoever wants to carry out a thing in a benign manner must observe its principle and follow the order given for this purpose. Thus he will be able to make it right.



As windy as it has been in my life so far, I have remained true to myself in the meantime while I have been leading it. Even if I sometimes meant that I no longer hold a thread for my own things in my hands, I still want to keep my previous path.


Being with yourself

Every person carries something in himself that has already shaped him at some point. He carries it with him, because it still matters to him. It comes to us at times in memory, what that has been. The thing exists completely rightly. It obeys its own nature.



In order to have a certain success with one's own things, one needs to focus on them. One should know each other well. In order to keep all things in a proper state, one should keep them in a manner suitable for them, which is right for them.


Getting something from the facts

What a person has once said with reason is usually still valid for him. That would be to be expected. Man will be well advised to walk upright through life and be clear in his things.

The given

It should be assumed by us as true what is already known.

It should be possible for us to name or describe what is known there.

The known should be shown in a valid way. The thoughts and ideas for it should contain at least the trivialities of our knowledge.

The texts we create are intended to present a situation in a correct but usual way.

Again and again, one carries out an independent comparison of one's writings with the rules of language in order to be able to eliminate the errors that have arisen.


There can be no bad work. What there will be on the other hand, is supposed to be an inappropriate attitude to work.



Everyone knows certain places from his own experience where he has to behave in a certain way. At a cemetery, for example, people speak a little quieter than elsewhere. In a church, one holds oneself back nobly when others pray. In a school, one participates actively in lessons. At parties, people are friendly and eloquent, sometimes cheerful. The list will certainly be extended.

Whoever has already got to know such spheres of a special experience also knows something about them. He will therefore behave correctly there.


The winds that blow there

Man lives in his own way and must realize something of what his existence has brought with it. There he experiences many things. Sometimes there is something for him which means happiness to him and sometimes there would be nothing of it. Man would not know what he has, but he would not be able to get it either. The human existence is indispensable. What it brings with it is undoubtedly given, even if one has denied or misunderstood it. Here it comes to bear who the human being is. In such a light one looks at him. So he has also placed himself. There he offers other people much surface for a projection. You can do something with him that he may or may not like. It would be the same. These are all supposed to be just illusions. Sometimes people are out to make decisions about others. Then they constantly talk about who others are, what others do and what others have. People could not leave each other alone under such circumstances.

Everyone interferes when it comes to the happiness of their own lives. Everyone wants to be a teacher for us, after all, all people have striven for a high position. This is called their drive. One would like to obtain a favorable position and rule. To achieve this, one is committed to getting something from other people that will underpin one's own rank. In this way, parity between people does not exist or is not created. It has not been preserved. Rather than this, it would be the principle of a striving for domination that it be excluded. Much has already happened in the world according to such a knitting pattern. This has all been bad. No one likes to talk about it because it reveals the fragility of the actual power relations. Anyone who has built himself a glass house wants to have control over the stones. Many people lead such an exposed existence. They are always jumping around happily, yet they carry only their sceptre. But I wouldn't know whether such a person would really have a firm grip on himself. But I do not care.


An inner resonance

The pendulum would be an example of a body in resonance. But everything swings, even the string of such a pendulum does so. Such resonances result in natural harmonies and are a specification of nature. The weaker and finer adds powerfully to the given and complements it fully. That is when the pendulum sometimes begins to dance.


The inner pendulum

A body should be a shell. But as such it is also a vessel. All kinds of things happen in the life of a human being. They are all depicted on the body of a human being, because they shape us. Something strikes us there and makes us out. Meanwhile, I would like to look at the human body as a harmonious overall system and describe it that way. As such, the human being with his shape will be correctly understood.


The concept of tension

Body tension - an arc is formed.

A tendon attacks at both ends.

It pulls it strongly together so that it bends.

Now that it is clamped,

you can insert the sheet.


The three manifestations

After careful consideration of the field of application of resonance, I would like to give a few clues as to what makes it so special. For this purpose, I will look at the way they appear. One of these I call 'form'.

The three basic forms are as follows.

linear frequency

plane vibration

punctiform, expanding or unfolding pulse

These three types of a shape can be discussed separately. However, one should always imagine them in such a way that they occur in nature in combination.

In addition to resonance and its movement, there are also attachments to an environment or to itself. Such have the tendency to pull on us when we move. There are forces acting on us which, similar to spring forces, can give us additional moments.

All this can be heard in itself through one's own intuition. There the Yoga of the Own Frequencies will already be fundamentally explained. What one needs to know about Yoga is that it can be used to sound out the realities of our existence. It is the science of experiencing an existence as a human being. What could not be achieved by it would be the assurance of human health. Such a health can in no way be improved or maintained by doing difficult things or things that are not comprehensible to other people. We must realize this. There has never been a life without danger.

This alone is the only way to deal with such a system of self-observation. No one else has anything to gain from our doing it.


A harmonious nature

For the practice of Yoga, as for all other things in life, there is an area where something is effective. We call this the harmonic 'field'. Within its boundaries we can safely stay and feel secure, because it causes the given to remain valid.

Outside of this area there is a manifest hectic rush. There we feel an inner restlessness in ourselves when the harmonic 'field' is reduced, when our good area is decimated. But we also store such resonances on us as we have experienced them there. There we patiently cope with our experiences and can exist for a long time as we are.

The area of harmony should be a spatial, but also a temporary one. We have to spend a lot of time for this, for which we stay at the right place before it becomes something. For this we should get into the habit of being alone. That is what we want to do. In this way, we will be able to experience this moment of tranquility again, whenever similar conditions have become established in our lives. A realization of this will be fruitful if it can be lived.


The own frequency

An own frequency of the human being results from its unity and is an impulse for action, which exists for a moment, thus has a clear beginning and a clear end. Such a thing could also be understood as the phenomenon of human perception. With a duration alone it can already be described, although it will be understood as a mere schema. Related to the action impulse are the deep reflexes of a human being, as well as all other simultaneously appearing resonances and movements on him. As initiator of it some of the smallest energy quantities are to be understood, as far as they were sufficient to set something at humans in motion. Their magnitude will thus be relative to the sensitivity of a human being. That is why he can feel them in himself. Meanwhile, each person will have his own way of moving. (Also an inner orientation of the human being will presuppose an ability of him to move).

There shall be three classes (categories) of own frequencies.

Linear frequencies

Area Frequencies

Spatially appearing frequencies (point oscillations - the Blubb in its extension)

Since the frequencies are energetically charged structural quantities, they also have their effect on the materials. From time to time they give the human being his living form.

The nature of inner resonance should be understood in such a way that, starting from the living form of a human being, one perceives it in empty space and gradually adjusts to it through an inner alignment of the mind. The fact that Schneider first introduced the square as an object for devotion and meditation on this topic resulted from an actual inability to plausibly communicate his achievements to other people in a way that might be more obvious.

Already before 1997 he made and photographed his pottery 'three dimensions in clay'. Unfortunately the three objects got lost. A look at the pictures shows how Schneider understands energy as a spatial form of matter.

It is understood by him at all times as materially bound, but has the possibility to emanate from it in a point-like (the Blubb), area-like or line-like manner. In reality, the three manifestations appear simultaneously, superimposed, even overlapping each other on the solid. One of the three will be the dominant appearance. This should be the case no matter which aggregate the materials have.

Since the human being, seen holistically, gets along the better the more he is attuned to the events of his existence and prepared for them, the emptiness of a room also has to be taken into account by him. It has a high significance for the cause of an emanation. Only when there is the opportunity for an emanation will the material be able to take over the space. But it will never fill it. Within it the material will settle as substance and a vibration will be released at it. This should happen at the same time, but not without any orientation. There, the combination of such a trinity (substance as material, vibration as the structural form of the shape and emptiness as the one in space that shapes the order) in its unity as a whole will lead to the actual strength of a human being in the form of his idea. With this he has a mission. His message will be the work he hands over.

A motor of things will always have its polar opposites and an element neutral to them. But all material knows how to strengthen itself by resisting its unfolding as a structure with an emanation of inner forces. In this respect, the drive of us humans will be capable in three ways of conveying to us a prominence of the given. The manifestations of this should be recognizable to us through the concepts of resistance (resilience), agility (readiness) and order (orientation).


Timing under the aspect of an own frequency

The clock is lying. Time would not be discreet in such a crude way as it pretends to be. It is constant, but it is that alone only as a changing figure. The hand of a clock clearly indicates that it is subject to constant change. This is what makes its beat.

A digital display on a watch would also have nothing to do with what time is. It is not a series of numbers that can start again from zero. Nor would it be possible to connect a time in the way we are led to believe.

Time as a phenomenon should rather be a present sum of the whole. There it will be intensively experienced by us. Proximity is important for this, in order to perceive it. Every body shows something of what makes it what it is, and so it appears as given in terms of time.

Meanwhile, time is subject to its own nature. It is the cosmic pointer of growth, but also of decline. The process, which alone only really takes place in the present as emanation, is accompanied by a flourishing and passing of things, which are caused by the effect underlying it and are synonymous.

Oh, there would not only be one duration, but many. Time thus becomes the sum of all time sequences, united by entanglement to a structure of disordered kind. The own frequencies, the natural harmonics and the inner resonances could be nothing else but umbrella terms for a classification of the kinds of such time sequences and their state. Thanks to the associated knowledge, which can be grasped by considering their frequency nature, one is put in a position to locate their occurrence. Meanwhile, the sum of the time sequences will be correctly understood as a powerful stream. Only it appears as a world. It appears there as the whole. We participate in it through our existence. In this way we will also experience something of how things and we ourselves change during our existence.


The frequency as a visual object

An own frequency should be something very general, something necessary for the guarding, observation and reception of things. It will also have a certain significance in determining the expression of a form of the human being. We can recognize such occurrences, which also happen at the moment. There they appear and can be perceived by us. From the point of view of a recurrence of those phenomena connected with it, we examine the given and thus get an impression of what it is. At first sight, all this has not been anything of significance. Only little by little do we learn the keys to observing a moment. Soon we can make out what is happening at the present time. We may also understand what meaning this has for us. The first inner images already appear in us. We attach to them a value of the given.

This is how we view the events. I consciously perceive my own movement on myself when I have taken the time to carry it out. Then I reduce it to a normal measure. In this way I get used to an orderly course of events. At times I need this so urgently for me because it helps to secure my life situation. I can reference my own being so well. I understand something of what makes me special. If I stay calm, then I can also hear my actual vitality. There I feel a loss of my strength, but also how it recovers. Similar to the way breathing is released by letting go, my condition improves by releasing all the excess tension in me. A frequency is strengthened and my body tension begins to pulsate again perceptibly.

This is how I find myself. For this purpose I consider the form of my posture that is currently accessible to me, as it exists. I can recognize my posture in this way. I perceive it consciously above all when I have remained completely still. I have by no means been powerless.

Such things exist in the world because they appear by themselves. I like to examine this on myself. In this way I learn many things. I do this because it has become a key to my own being. Then, when I have understood myself well, I also know how to judge myself. Then I can recognize some things in a right way. This has everything to do with me. So I can determine whether I am doing well. That should create an added value for me, that I know about it.

Once I have paid sufficient attention to my own needs, I will be fine. That is why I like to correspond to myself with my manner in everyday life. This way, some things have kept their true value for me. It has it for me alone, because I have arranged that with myself. This is what my independence is supposed to be. A certain autonomy from me has come with it. That's where I keep myself, but from time to time I have also experienced thoughts about my fellow human beings. Sometimes my field of vision expands a little bit. The day can begin soon. Then I will start my daily work. In this way I prepare myself for the work connected with it. Of course, something like this should also enable me to be active. I do not choose what I have to do at all. The field of activity thus becomes a real opportunity to practice how to assert oneself. Meanwhile I am still studying my way. What I can determine of it, that should be valid for me. This has already brought some good things for me. It has released some thoughts, some ideas have been brought about because it was possible.

There I go into myself and reflect on my own property. Since I have been dealing with the resonance of my body in depth, this has already released many different kinds of realization in me. I have made some discoveries in the process. That would be so given for me, but I believe that other people can also understand this. What kind of discomfort will a person experience if he is denied what he has? - After all, the true meaning of our existence is that we understand how to enable each other in human existence.

So I look at it, which thoughts and ideas have made a difference to me. In a general exchange about the things in life I am in with my friends. There I talk about what I do and how what I have done has affected my existence. I understand myself as something that would be neutral to it. I appear empty and can take myself out of these reflections if necessary. So we only talk about existence and how happiness is connected with this life. Neither of us scratches the personality of the other. All of us try to survive before our fate.

So we talk about life in detail with each other in our circle of friends. Then, little by little, we also started to talk about the nature of a person and the world. This has also moved a lot for us to the good. Some of it was even really useful for the confirmation of an actual happiness in life.

But what should be the secret of this? - Actually there should not have been anything to hide. The obvious is already there. Everyone can hear it. Everyone has an actual access to such things. It would be up to us to decide what we would consider important. It will be one's own being, because of which one makes such experiences. But such an event could not be forced upon oneself, and rightly so. We have not done that either.


Advantages of a natural shape

Once I know how to behave according to my own frequency, it can also move me. Nothing would change for me, my condition will be stable. Thus I will be gradually more resilient.

The miracle of it should be that it is none. It would only be natural that no additional wear of the body would occur. The human being learns to regenerate himself. This can lead him back to vital forces and their correct conditions. There he finds himself, but he also benefits from the fact that this happens to him.

We humans probably all stand once in the chalk because of a wrong action of us opposite our fate. Then we must reflect. We have to determine what would be good for us. There we tackle the corresponding tasks gladly, because they can make us happy again. A quality of life can be secured by fulfilling it.

There I look at my own. My path will soon be clear to me. In contemplating the temporal manifestation of my form, I have only dealt with myself in an admissible way. What I have found in the process has mobilized me. I allow that to happen in exactly the same way. I give myself the necessary time to realize what is driving me. In this way I walk many a path along the given, as I have experienced. In doing so, I do not stand upright any more than necessary and carry out my step sequence in a calm manner. Foot by foot I set myself in motion and come to myself while my posture has changed. This is how I like to do my things. I clearly feel the yoke of my life.

I experience some real serenity, even though none of it has been established. It all happens so directly. As a human being, I sometimes forget again what I did shortly before. This is how the transformation becomes complete. I detach myself from what has enslaved me. Some bonds dissolve with me in this way. There I remember my actuality again, the happiness. With the increasing duration of such experiences, I have found that a certain amount of restraint is good for me. I recognize the value of this, because it fits well with it.


Life as the inner resonance of a structure

Life, what is that? - No one will know what life is supposed to be. No one will know how to express what it is. It would not simply be possible to summarize something as significant as life in simple and finite words in a comprehensive and completely clear way. This is something one should know. It is necessary to deal with this correctly, so as not to get carried away with false statements.

Life is something that pulses in our veins. But from what should such a pulse come? - The following should be a reflection on this. No one will know its cause. No one will solve the riddle just like that. That is what I simply assume when I look at these events.

Life should be something meaningful. Everything that is caused by it will be equally significant. Man should strive in existence to co-determine tomorrow's happiness of us human beings by maintaining a stock of it today.

Certainly a power will be given to man for this. About that he may know something. He shall acknowledge it. From that fact he will receive a will, his own power, the strength. Everything of importance to us men shall retain its true value. The given will be recognizable, the occurrences will be preserved. There man preserves what is his. Let us simply prove ourselves in this while we lead our lives.

In the world, nothing of what is given would actually be lost. So far it has still been the case that its change is taking place. We can confidently believe that this will continue to happen in the future. A consistency of the circumstances will have to be assumed, while the occurrences can always be formed and also shaped anew. However, this should and can only be achieved by us humans in the smaller part of the whole. For this purpose we set our possibilities free and do our part to ensure that this will be true. There we realize something about the nature of a human being. It should be known to us. That would be an actual key to a good life for us. From this point of view, it would not be far to a uniformity of that understanding of the order of things of an existence as a human being.


The own frequency as an object

The reception or reproduction of an inner resonance will probably make the true and correct form of movement discoverable according to the principle of 'try and error' and, with the success of your studies, permanently available to us. This will certainly bring something of value to each individual, since it really happens in the life of a human being. There would be no reason to neglect or overlook the magnitude of the resonance.

So what is to be assumed? - If one can confidently take some time to recognize the right form of movement and posture for oneself in peace, it will always come into effect as it is. There it will be worthwhile to gain some knowledge of them.

The position we are in right now is already having an impact on us in the near future. With it a basic attitude will be connected, which we know to take. We should be aware of the fact that everything else is based on it, because we keep to it. Then we will achieve something good when we have found our way back to it regularly. We will suddenly be mobile, as soon as a sequence of forms for the construction of what is given to us has emerged. For this purpose we program the will forces of ourselves so that they are just for the spiritual movements in us.

An inner resonance can sometimes be subjected to additional forces. In this case it is actually loaded with a weight. Then, because of this weight, we sometimes experience vibrations. This wants to act as a brake or motorization of us and makes our life difficult until we have learned to adjust or locate the anchor points of us. We have to come to terms with that, that it will be our own task to recognize them, because they bind us and give us weights. Basically, we exist without thinking and understanding such things, but we have also brought about many a benefit for ourselves, because we know how to possess them because of these concatenations with a material. So we can use it in our sense as soon as possible.

We may want to change our orientation from time to time, so that we take a slightly more favorable position with respect to the objects we handle. But please remember that the ground at our feet will also be effective as such. This affects us and provides us with the actual framework for life.

So let's pay close attention to what is currently taking its toll on us. Let us orient ourselves to set up their orientation in a way that is convenient for us and learn how to position them in a way that is right for us, so that something suitable arises in us. This can then be like a bow for which we ourselves are the actual string. Such a bow should reach from the beginning to the end of the clamped materials. So it will be good that we know how to hold it and pull on the string.


The own frequency in art

Nowadays, it is probably unusual to do a job according to an own frequency. Rather, a certain uniformism has become valid within our culture. A conformity of people's actions that is connected with this should be a universally known and valid standard. On the basis of such a standard one has to orient oneself. Whoever does something in his own way, on the other hand, will inevitably go under nowadays, because he can so easily be taken for lazy or even strange. He would not be successful in this way, because the measure for it has usually prevented such a thing. Meanwhile people idolize the common concept of art, which is tantamount to actual dehumanization. Access is thus made more difficult.

Yes, that will probably be even worse off than it already is. Such a thing exists with us in Germany unfortunately much too often. There (possibly) because of such a way happens, if the own things are done in an unusual, but certain way, a sampling of it. The work would not be well regarded if someone did something different than would otherwise be the case. Yet it is the variety of opportunities for an existence as a human being that has made it possible for a corresponding work to be set free. Surely it must also be possible for what it represents to be true. After all, the observance of the existing order has led to the fact that it has appeared. Just because one has made his own thoughts, he has deviated from the norm of other people.

Here the unity of society about the value of such simplicity of man is particularly remarkable. Where does it actually come from? How can it be that so many people have thought the same of the same? - That has remained a mystery to me, which I have not been able to solve. I have found no other explanation for it than that people in this country must be brought into line via the media. I wouldn't know who or what has achieved something like that. It was certainly not me. Such a thing did not correspond to me.

But he who has once created a work according to the real essence of his own frequency would no longer fulfill what the 'other people' expected of him. There he is ridiculed and harassed because it is so easy to let him be treated with malice. Nevertheless the work can be consolidated. He will sometime deviate from the norm in melody, beat or mood in all his things, probably also in speaking, but he has the opportunity for a real retreat.


A virtual phenomenon

Man has a body of his own, which he can grasp. There he perceives it and yet still remains a man. So he appears before him and is also there. Thus it can be shown that man has an image of himself. In his investigation of human existence, Schneider starts out from a frequent appearance of such an image that one has of oneself and assigns it a certain functionality for life. He would like to show this here on an experimental basis and thus clarify what is there and can be true.

For Schneider, such a virtual image represents a blueprint that is repeatedly compared with the physical emanation of the body. A part of it will be permanent, but another part will be additional and will be able to explore and equip the body.

There Schneider still regards the body as something whole. It should be a complete system whose outer limits are to be found where our tactile perception makes us what we are. There we feel through our skin who we are, but we also hear what is additional to us and what is given. The author sees this envelope on the surface of the body as the subject. It is a whole for the whole of a human being. Its essence is in the least the ego, but this essence will be fulfilled only in the we of a community.

Coming from the inside, man has further material parts in himself, which have to be preserved. These are the clusters from those cell groups which we consider to be the skeleton and the organs. They all represent separate units of the whole for the whole. The human being perceives himself according to his disposition in such a way that he exists depending on the function of one of these organs. This will be predetermined for him whenever he is affected by an illness. But even in health, such organs can be dominant. Then he draws his pleasure from them.

These organs also have external limits. Thanks to this they can be identified and separated. They can thus be recognized and located. Seen on their own, they also embody a being in unity with themselves, have a perception of their references both internally and externally. There they are connected to man and yet they differ from him, since they embody parts of the independence of a human being. Each of these organs has a building plan, but also a physical occurrence and thus an appearance of its own.

What we humans have accepted for ourselves, we integrate into our consciousness and bring it into our lives. We draw from the events of many things that could not be reflected in us otherwise than through a visionary show. Such an appearance, physically seen, will hardly be able to be reproduced by us. Nor would it be able to occur to us in any other way than virtually. The organ to which we owe such a conscious image of a virtual kind is called the brain. But it too is supposed to form a unit as a whole. There it has the property that it secures the vital functions by reflecting them. Whenever it will be vital for us to perceive something correctly, this organ does the same.

What should be the conditions for an organ, like the brain, to be able to visualize such things that we need in life? - Well, first of all I take it for granted that this organ also has its limitations and knows its outer and inner references. It also has a plan for the right structure of itself. Such a plan will virtually explore and equip the organ in a frequent way, but to a certain extent it will also be permanently given.

There we have recognized the brain and can understand it as an organ that is aware of it. At the same time, we distinguish the subject with its ego from this organ, since both would not be the same. What we recognize nevertheless are the relations of them to each other. Man thinks and the organ is the locality where thinking is formed.

The virtual appearance on humans should now be one for which we would not have to do anything. There it will also appear like this. No effort was necessary, but everything made it possible. There we take virtuality as well as the corporeality of the human being for granted. Everything that has deviated from it, we take as something additional.

At any time we can free ourselves from the supernumerary by leaving it. There our own behavior leads us back to the origin of our being. Such a one is supposed to be empty. There it has been free of pain and would not otherwise be twisted, bent or inflated.


Set up a base size

Then, if we want to examine the given, we have to be satisfied with a show of the events. There everything has its values and can be measured like this. But the essence of the world wants it so, that this would lead to nothing. An imprint drawn by arbitrariness appears so too. There it would have nothing of that in itself, which corresponds to another state than the really given one.

But if we look at the human being, we can recognize, for example, by his gait, a frequency of his steps. The same will be found in a similar way for all other motor characteristics up to the reflexes. So we ask ourselves what we want to do for ourselves in order to continue to live well. We would like to know how to do that. Everything has its own momentary state and we may think that its value will be decisive for our happiness in life. So one thought it, but one has probably already misjudged so much. Through this, human opportunities dwindle and he neglects to leave the given. Those who have always actively intervened in the events in their lives and try to achieve something good for themselves will only unnecessarily burden themselves with additional moments. Often he is on the ropes and would not know on nor off.

Thus man exists as a manifestation of the real, but also of the reality created by him. It must be taken back. He has something of that. This can be good, but it can also be bad. This distinction is actually none, because the good as well as the bad must be of the same order of magnitude in order to be able to be shown to us. Here man has it good if he frees himself from the contemplation or vision of such valences and goes to the root of what is given. Then everything has its appearance and rightly takes it in such a way as it has appeared to us.

Meanwhile, what will have been the cause of our failure in life? - Well, it will have been a wrong striving, which has snatched happiness from us in life. There we have cheated ourselves with every additional moment we have gained. A supposed luck has not been one. That is why we give it up. In order to be able to correctly estimate the value of what has been given, we would like to make ourselves aware that there are conditions for it, by which the given has conditioned us. We can assign numbers to them or we can grasp them by names by denoting them with such. There we use some kenning to get the given right on the chain. Thus we perform the show of the given, that it interlocks.

As long as we measured the given only with numerical values, there are no solutions shown by us. There we misunderstood all this. Therefore we search for a notion for the fundamental. It shall be seen as an order of magnitude or at least contribute something suitable to its definition.

A world can be seen as a tensorial network and will appear as such. Every thing has, like a matrix, its actual environment and a direct relation to it. Many things have a direct effect. Moreover, everything is overlaid by vibrations and yet it also exists without them. Then it seems to be empty, when it surrenders to its basic vibration and is absorbed in the resonance of its inner structure.

But as complex as such a view may seem to us, its form should be easy to represent.

[a: b: c = A] with [a, b, c] = parts of the whole and [A] = the whole One, a something marked by its name, also a human.

So you get primary undefined quantities, whose order is equal. To arrange them in the right way should give us the qualities necessary for life.

By the three sizes [a, b, c], the whole is to be completely described in relation to the respective underlying order of magnitude.