The human being can produce an image of his spiritual working by means of those words of him and so testify the own being. For this the language with its connections and pictures would be given to us. It is suitable for this.

With the written down words he can deal afterwards and work out something. In this way, it will be possible to straighten what is his by adapting the words afterwards to his conviction of how it should continue. In doing so, a writer can keep in mind what he knows to consider. There is already something there to which he can attach his thoughts and ideas.

In such a way a writer makes his concern visible. There it becomes tangible what he continues to acknowledge of it. At the same time, the word once preserved has sometimes already become the basis of his subsequent consideration. He goes through the writings chronologically to understand their meaning. In the search for the weak points and strengths of his language, he is able to recover somewhat. An awakening of his moral strength takes place thereby.

He is also given many a power to correct his writings. This he considers carefully. Thanks to it he can bring the written on a uniform level. Once such a level has been reached, also many other things will be stabilized by him with it, which are already given to him beyond that. There it will occur in clarity. He names the own thoughts and ideas. Such he binds into the own writings, as it appeared to him.

The given thrives. In the course of time, the works that satisfy the writer in terms of their content should come into being.


Know each other

In the end, it would not be the technique alone which is to be achieved in life, but also the actual temperament of a person is to be determined. A person can feel such a temperament in himself and perceive it, which is good for him according to his own preference.

One should try to correspond to this fact in the existence. Then all technology will probably surrender to us once in a sufficient way, because we are already well with our mind and its actual equipment.

Thereupon, only a good school will be needed for us. Such a school is needed, which takes a really good position to the fact that one already brings along as a human being everything in sufficient abundance, which it needs to learn something useful.

It becomes a place of preservation for us. There we learn something. We are to build on it. We want to expand and confirm what we have developed there during our existence. A character formation should take place there. It should sufficiently underpin the good predisposed with us the true value of our work.

In such a place one should also learn to prove oneself. But once you know how to do that in the world, you can stand with your things in the long run. There I believe now that it is pronounced so in true way.

At least in this way a basis for an actual existence as a human being should be created by us. Once we will have such a basis in sufficient extent, then we will certainly get some opportunity for a fulfillment of the tasks of our life. We would like to tackle them. For this we make ourselves ready. We should prepare it sufficiently that it will be possible. We should fulfill them in a sufficient way. In the process, we will probably be able to find out for what such existence has been given to us. Let us remain open to the insight. We commit ourselves to what we have accepted as important in life. We want to continue to use our life time in a beneficial way.

Without an opportunity for self-determination, wouldn't the freedom available to a person be lost? When will such finally be used by us for an improvement of our quality of life? - Since we humans alone have only very rarely spontaneously significant talents, we need such a basis for existence certainly, as it can be determined by us.

Thus, our existence would like to remain favored by the luck of benign experience values or to become that finally. One would not have to earn a right to be able to live well first. After it one should behave. The happiness of a life would be freely granted or awarded by each of us humans also to the fellow men, so that they do their best to it, so that they can exist with their requests. After all, the human existence should be preserved as such and in no way be diminished in its value.


The existence of a writer

A fireplace once helped me gain more knowledge about the things of the world than many an hour of reading or learning with books has done. However, I still read and learn something with them.

Between firelight and read-in thoughts, I reflect back and forth spiritually on what has been my mind for many years. I write down a lot of things that I have had to think about. I do this so that one day I will have my own material from which I can draw. In the process, I gradually find my way back to the light and the good.

I manage to do things almost without a care in the world. This has already enabled me to do many things in life for which I would like to be grateful.

The scope of my powers is now also sufficiently large. I have ordered and weighted them in the last years. In the process, my works have perhaps already become to some extent such a fire as appeared to me in my youth. I nourish my spirit by working on my own writings in the evenings and in this way I train myself thoroughly for the future of myself.


The way of the writer

There is a pulling and pushing at the world. Everything is struggling. Nothing would be given to us surely. Not everything would be to be preserved once by us people. What could not be preserved, there would be no more so soon. But only that, what one is able to possess certainly, can be permanently a basis and basis of the existence.

Therefore, a scribe secures what is his. He does this by writing it down. He would not be able to do more than that. What he did not know about it, he must acquire once by thinking about it.

But by what should he accomplish this, if not by an evaluation of the already valid writings? But how are these to be evaluated by him if they have not been procured correctly? - That must be ensured. Therefore it should belong to the nature of a scribe that he first of all examines in detail a condition of the writings which he considers before he evaluates them.

He would not simply believe that what he has read there is true. He will know it just as little that it is wrong what he has read there so. There he needs some correct scheme for own orientation. With such a scheme he has to compare what he has read. Yes, he must know what he can believe and where lies appear. Also he will have to find out it, what will be wrong in it, and to clarify that, how it can be put right. Thus he evaluates the writings in detail according to his ability for it. In return, he receives an inner picture, his conception of the given, as a countervalue of the effort. He can continue to orientate himself by it.

Only thereupon some realization comes to him through a reading of texts. He will be a misleader as long as he has not taken the word as it is given in truth. Then, when a scripture keeps validity before him, it shall be given that he knows about it. There he has already completed the necessary tests. That which is read can alone be good for something only if it is written down in a true and correct way. He knows this well. He recognizes it also that everything else will be of an arbitrary kind. Then it has continuance for him, if it is to be interpreted. Then he can understand a writing according to its value. There its content results without a further intervention.

A true existence of the things is to be recognized, to be grasped and to be named. Afterwards one can evaluate such one. With the creation of an own writing this can happen. A writer becomes thereby necessarily an interpreter of the things, which interprets them also in an independent way. Once he has learned to recognize the peculiarities of the respective writings correctly, he will do it little by little also with that cosmos in which he lives. Only he is accessible to him.

Finally, at some point he will also learn to fathom and interpret his own being. He will do this in the same way as he did before with the scripture and the cosmos. He will have to consider the kind of the words to be chosen thereby properly and will make own writings about it, what constitutes his existence and life. It should be of value for a writer to do something like that, because the real weighting of the things becomes recognizable at it. There it can be finally clarified by him conclusively.


Each work is the same

Each person has the same to own. Meanwhile, the sum of the works varies. Their content is unique. Every single one of them stands there as a work for itself and means something. An overall view of such works results again in an own picture, which is like a miniature. Their external dimension should be identical for everyone. Thus everything joins together again and is equal. A folding and an unfolding of the objects of a person belongs together and forms a unity. It embodies the whole of a person as something whole. The impact of a work occurs because of its internalization in a person. What forms the consciousness also has to do with one.


A first incident

Man sorts out what is his and thereby gains his good. For this he needs categories. These are supposed to be the drawers, boxes and cans in which we keep our own possessions hidden from the eyes of others with ingenuity. Such small boxes and tins disappear there in the also virtually existing cabinets and soon no one is interested in them anymore.

To every existing thing there is a counterpart, which actually belongs to it. Some things are only complete as a sentence. Also we can distinguish the good from the bad. Of course, both parts of the same should nevertheless remain within the same category. Analogous to our working on the things there comes up with us a mental ability which embodies a skill. We develop the registers of our memory. For this we recognize an order of the given.

There we gain perhaps soon that gift to do with our thoughts something equivalent to it. Like the small boxes and tins in the cupboards of our room there moment by moment independently perceived things appear in mental way and want to be considered by us. Instead of spinning the yarn for no reason, we can simply put it on the spool provided for it. There it no longer falls to the ground and remains directed.

Like a cloverleaf, there is a truth (the whole leaf) for the whole of the human existence, but a plurality of choices (the mostly three leaf segments), which describe something of what is given to us. There the human being has so many opportunities to understand his things in a reified way. He can understand this because there is a synonym for it in the nature. There is a finite number of ways which lead to a goal, but never alone only one way. What should it harm us if we accomplish something in different ways? - Probably it would be a gain. That should be my answer to it. After all, we can overlook it, what we have to own. It will be easy for us to do things of the same meaning, to form equivalent sentences or to perform similar things for each other. That which is formed differently, but means the same thing and therefore can replace each other, sometimes represents an enrichment. There the existing network of the words strengthens with us lastingly.

Like a collector of stories we do it there and 'write' it down, what we have 'found' in waymarks and moments. Thereby we imprint ourselves in a linguistic-thoughtful way some suitable way of use for what is proper to us. Thus first registers develop with us and the human ground becomes a primal ground of an inner picturing.


A good conversation

Then, when you meet with friends, it sometimes has a special entertainment value because you know each other. You have already experienced many things together that you can tell about. Everyone remembers something and can recount it. These can be beautiful moments that are also the subject of laughter, because some anecdotes inspire this.

Whoever meets his fellow man should also get something adequate in return. There everyone has his certain level. One such is to claim, yes, one does not slacken when it comes to good forms and clever stories.

An evaluation of the events of a life would also be a thing of value. There, people report what they know and add their own touch to their words. They supplement the factual reports with their own opinions. That 'dung' will sometimes fertilize many a soil. Stimulating conversations are very conducive to this.

What we receive in the process also requires confirmation from us. Our counterpart should be allowed to know how we perceive him and what we get from the fact that he is there. We would do well to be sincere about this.

It is part of good manners to be allowed to raise one's voice. Facts can be addressed that are more or less already known to everyone. Some thoughts are communicated in this way, everything finds its form in the conversation. There it will be a togetherness that one speaks together.

What one has experienced oneself belongs to it just as much as what is present with us at the moment would be of importance for the matter. There some swing into the present will be possible. One can eat and drink together. At the same time we are sociable and admit to each other what thoughts and ideas we have brought with us, indeed, what we carry with us.


Tasks of the recorder

Whether a writer knows something to say that will be useful and useful to someone else? - Everything should be based on the initial events of one's life. This is something that will one day be well recognized in the actual works of us. This will happen to us if we pay enough attention to it.

It should be the first word that is completed. For this one begins again and again once from the beginning with his things. The following way one goes in an unabridged way.

Thus, one will eventually know the whole path. It should be walked regularly so that it becomes cultivable.

Probably, one will manage to learn it by own study of natural occurrences, how something will be performed by us in a benign way. At the very least, try to pass with what you have recognized as your own word of value.


What is Yoga?

I would not be able to answer the question of what the yoga is for you here simply with a few words. But I also don't want to pretend that I don't know anything about it or understand what makes it tick. In the course of reading the wiki, it will probably become clear to you that I have preserved my own approach to the cause of yoga. To have preserved it for myself is what defines my being.

Who said that he already knows him to some extent, may want to be right with it in a conditional way. From the daily life nowadays almost everybody knows possibly something what he can connect with the term of the yoga. Thereby one comes then sometimes probably to express oneself in simple way in such a way.

However, such a thing could not be yet the complete whole, around which it should be actually also again and again with us. It is necessary to point out and to name it properly, so that it becomes known to us in detail. Even if one would not grasp it so yet immediately, nevertheless, a certain knowledge of it can be drawn already now.

However, the idea whether I can do that with the Wiki once, must be considered from the outset and taken into account with a look of the work. We are to know something about it that there is a complete whole also in relation to the yoga. This is recognized so by us for true, even if it will be thereby only very conditionally something more tangible to us what would be to be held of it.

Without a certain degree of abstraction in the own concern to reach, many things, which have to do with it, would be to be conveyed only with difficulty in suitable way. We have to learn how this works, that one represents a fact in another way, in order to be able to express ourselves once in appropriate way to it. We should realize that there is a possibility of it. In this way, we should recognize when an opportunity for the concept of the given opens up. We can walk on the paths marked out in such a way when they have really appeared with us.

Whoever would like to deal with such a comprehensive subject area as that of yoga, should take note of the fact that his occupation with the matter alone can only be a finite one. The extent of those things, which have already occurred within such a field of knowledge of mankind, would not be able to be shown or explained comprehensively by a single person. That is so true. It is to be limited just as little as the actual human existence also. The human being has to experience and to create something in an independent way, which does justice to the yoga. Basically it is about the realization as a human being.

There we have to acquire the ability to take different states in a stable way if we want to be able to exist with it. Such a thing will already be sufficient sometimes to overtax some people. Nothing would become easier for him by it if he struggles in a way that is wrong for the respective thing. That's why I confidently hold back with my own explanations about the essence of yoga. The actual views of every other person should always be of the same value to us as our own. Keep this in mind when talking to each other about such matters.

According to their meaning such things would be to be taken up in any case as in equivalent way formed correctly by us. To handle it in this way will be noble, but also just. At least, it should serve that cause, which says that we want to do justice to the other people in the same way as we have wished for ourselves.

Those phenomena and experiences of an individual concerning yoga often have a very strong individual character. They can by no means be simply transferred to the life and existence of another person. Everybody has the task to make his own experiences in life and to evaluate them. This is also true for such an existentialist view of the given, as yoga can be. A real difficulty will be that a yogin is explicitly intentional. Such a thing would not be desired in Europe, sometimes it is even severely punished. But it also contains some chance, without which there can be no happiness, but also no progress for a person.

The yoga is to be understood by us as an aspect of the cosmos of a single person in the universe. It will have to be defined. We look at him. For this purpose it must be finite and limited by its nature, otherwise one would not be able to comprehend it. The greater will easily contain something smaller. In such a way the world contains the cosmos of the individual. But there is no equality of it. Not even an equivalence of it would occur there. Therefore, knowledge connected with yoga is almost always only of a personal validity, which would not be easily transformed into a universally valid principle. For this reason, it will be true that at times one has to rely on a knowledgeable teacher, thanks to whom one can gain access to a better knowledge. One of the conditions for this should be a virtuous existence with a fulfilled happiness in life. This will prepare many things.

Something should be clear to us. How can one approach yoga other than through access to society? How will one get to know and experience it properly if one isolates oneself too much from one's environment? - Those would be special ways, which would open up through that. They should be refrained from.

How does yoga actually work? - Well, it will first require an actual endowment of subjective perceptions and action powers in us before we can practice it.

Something is to arrive at the other people as a person. One should move oneself to take part in this. One should be willing to do that in order to be able to perform it with pleasure. We should not spurn what is demanded of us. Let us fulfill it better if it has been rightly demanded. One should perform one's task in a way that is acceptable to all, in order to acquire actual merit.

The aspiring practitioner of such a discipline is sometimes called an adept in the relevant literature. This is an aspirant, a prospect. He is supposed to possess a 'louder demand' and to talk about his cause with other people sufficiently often. To this he will have to adjust himself that there is such a thing to do. Even much he will have to accomplish to it, in order to find to an actual success. But that should be worth the dear effort for it. Then, if one is ready to take it permanently upon himself, it can also become true that such a success occurs. An actual perseverance is to be given to us people for the own thing. This should strengthen us once that we have identified ourselves with it.

However, it would probably not be possible for one's own path to lead to the happiness necessary for such a cause without a clearing up of one's own way of life. Therefore, one of our first tasks will be to prepare ourselves to walk the whole way. Let us realize that we have always been exposed to the requirements of a human existence. An existence like the human one has its peculiarities. One of them will be that one would not need to start anything new if one already knows his usual things. The Jainas sometimes say it very well. I don't need to start practicing yoga because I haven't stopped yet.

Meanwhile, it would be our task again and again to make ourselves understood to another person. We are to communicate thereby to our fellow men in independent manner something of it, what constitutes us. So we should learn to express once what we have experienced and done, yes, how that goes and what there is.

That happens so, because one is there and that has an effect that there is us. No book, no matter how good, will help one from this, that we have to explain something. The human being takes influence on the human being. In contrast, the book lies in the corner and gives alone only a very small comfort. This will be so true, because a human being alone can be enabled to something improved only by conversations with further people. One uses therefore the social circumstances, as they are given, for oneself. This would also happen for the formation of an actual reason of us. The human being would be simply more significant than a book.

What else would there be to say? - To dance or to sing alone together with other people will certainly bring in the long run something more than this not so easy to handle thing of Asian customs has been able to grant. For some, it will simply be too comprehensive and far-reaching in its nature to be easily mastered by a European. Moreover, we are involved to too small a degree in a corresponding social context, as it will be necessary for preparation. In order to nevertheless get along well with the thing and to exist with it once what the yoga really is, one should go first of all the way of a social integration. To lead a life as an outsider, on the other hand, will hardly be something desirable for us. There will be no point in insisting on it. Such fillings, which have not been good for anyone, no one needs to realize.


Yoga in everyday life

One of the difficulties in learning the disciplines of yoga is the necessity of integrating them into the daily life of a person. Here one proceeds prudently, whereby also a certain harmony should not be lost to the adept, so that he would not appear conspicuous to other people. This would certainly be disadvantageous for him. As a bird of paradise, the human existence is too difficult to fulfill.

One should not overlook that in many places (perhaps even rightly) it has been said by certain authors that the course of the things of the existence is accepted and committed within the Asian cultural circles in a rather individual way. An identification with the self is opposed to the task to identify with a community, as it is usual with us in Europe. In my opinion, this would not be compatible with each other in any other way than by a mutual acceptance of both approaches. One should get along with that, because there are both.

But we Europeans have also preserved our peculiarities. Thus, while in truth there would probably like to be very many different ways to learn yoga and practice its disciplines, at the same time there exist only a limited number of opportunities for us alone to integrate them into everyday life here in the country and to practice them successfully.

In no case one has to question his actual social integration, only to be able to commit a special way as an individual. The opposite of this will be necessary so that the happiness and the good of existence are preserved for us.


Yoga as a concept

Many an attempt to unify yoga has already occurred in the course of its history. Patanjali can be mentioned here by me as a well-known author.

But such a unification would sometimes be nothing else than a synthetic way of looking at life as a human being. Basically, a complete becoming human will already have enough radiance to be probably sufficiently fair to the actual of the yoga. It is also said to be easier to achieve, since all one has to do to obtain it is to preserve who one already is. As a result, the right paths for a self-determined existence will already open up to each of us. It is then necessary to walk on them, to confirm what one has achieved, what one will experience on them, and thus to exist as a human being by continuing to pursue the goal of one's life with devotion. Some speak of moksha, a liberation from the chains of existence.

Related to the posture of a human being this should mean that a movement or posture of the body in rest is to be carried out according to our need for it. It is important for me not to be too technical when I arrange my life with such moments. Besides, it should be enough for me to correspond to my existence in a beautiful way, as it pleases me. I believe it, that in this way I still do justice to what embodies the goal of a human existence. To reach it before the time for it will be futile. Make it aware that the existence occurs in the boundary lines of a structure for which we have no weight. The gates of it, which allow an exit from such a system, occur promptly and in time, but there is no advantage in shouting at them or hacking at them. What happens does so because it is in accordance with the order. Their default is to us a condition, even if it, now once for itself seen, absolutely and dominatingly affects everything and nothing at the world.

There I go into myself and hardly work on the world. I also pay attention to my temperament. That's what I like to do. It can be recognized and determined by me. In this way I learn something of significance about myself. Then, when this happens to me, I would like to recognize the spectrum of occurrences possible to me and close the parts of it, which should have no more part in my life.


Goals of an adept

To know something about the actual goals of a yogin and to aspire to the arhats should mean for us Europeans that we are ready to grasp something of the true core of yoga. Let this be done in order to obtain a knowledge of what constitutes it. It will have to be acknowledged that in earlier times it was practiced in the Indian countryside, but afterwards much of its core has been forgotten.

There we have to make our own thoughts about what it really means. We have to be open for such a kind of knowledge in order to be able to exist with it when we practice the yoga. But the question remains, whether we can really find the ability, which will be necessary for this, in the way we give ourselves time of our life.

What will we be able to achieve during our existence? - The fate will perhaps give us information about it. We would like to ask it about this or simply wait until the right time has come for it to occur with us. Nobody will be able to avoid his destiny, because otherwise it would not be one.

What becomes clear to me there, that would be the existence of a necessity to talk about a probable fate with good friends or the own family in detail. In this way, some of our coming steps can already be somewhat prepared and initiated. Thereby we will probably once obtain a certain acceptance for our cause.

We can certainly already make a necessary preparation for it now. Let's just make some thoughts about our true way and develop own ideas for how such a way can be committed by us. Then we will open this also once completely rightly to the involved persons and tune them on what should come there and will follow.


Incarnation in Yoga

An education of the human being should be one in which he also learns to express himself adequately. That will make some actual beginnings for a better way of life discoverable for him. He has to find out how it seems right to him and what he wants to realize. There he will be able to find or determine his way. Also he will get some insight into the things of his existence. There he shall see some clue how something can be done correctly. He will also learn what to do and what to leave.

Man should be honest in dealing with his fellow men. He should always perform his actual task in a valid way. Let him do it in such a way as it is necessary for it. That he shall be accustomed to do. Our own things shall be a good example for us how to do it.

You strive for something suitable. One works diligently, after all, this should bring one something. One hopes for something from being active. A certain habituation to such work will make many other things possible for us. The own forces are determined by it.

The happiness of a person is promoted by the preservation of a real quality of life. The world has existence before us and the man has existence in it. Faithful to such a thought, one makes use of recognizing that fact as a condition of one's life and prescribing to oneself what it says. An active striving should already fulfill us by itself.

This is how existence will be preserved. Man should keep his attitude well. It should be worth it to him.


An education as a foundation for life

The foundation is to be the pedestal on which something lasting can be built. As a human being, it is also a task to exist. Once we have gained access to a teaching, it can fulfill us. That's where our strength binds. Then we will have a share in something because it already exists. It should be beautiful. There we will learn something. It will be shown to us. That is to help us to get along well in life.

It is true that we can accomplish something thanks to the commitment of our lifetime. We should be given a certain impetus to do so. We want to strive for a certain success there. That is why we devote ourselves to the tasks of life. This is how we deal with our own existence with respect. We do justice to those things connected with it, as it is necessary for them. There we find probably soon already to an employment.

However, one should not get into trouble for no reason. An excessive amount of scholarship would not do us any good. Just take your time when there is something to learn. There one devotes oneself to the actual task in detail. We would not need to do anything else.


A partial shadow

The whole represents for the whole of a man's existence the standard by which he can measure his success. There will be a relation for how much of it we have already secured. Thereby an expectation counts less than an achieved milestone. Such relative relations are sometimes confusingly arranged. They do not represent an actual reference point for life.

We would not want to spend more than one or two hours of the day to measure what is given. The other time we spend on continuing our way. There we carry out the own task step by step and receive a progress of our efforts.

However, some of this will be difficult to develop on our own, because we do not have the necessary ability. We may call on someone to help us, but even their labor of love will be finite. Basically, we have to learn to manage the property ourselves.

We can count the sheep as often as we like. They hardly become healthy from it. Also, this does not create fodder for them. The milk is not caught up in such a way also yet. What do we waste our time with nothing!

There is much light in this world. It burns the things on the fur. Our skin gets old because we have not protected it from the sun. Even if we like the warmth, the light burns out our soul. It penetrates deep into us. Some pain we experience there, provided that we have a feeling for it, which can be assigned by us.

That's where the sunlight has its effect on us. It wears down the human being and disintegrates him. Some area will get out of control because it makes us feel sick. There a shadow appears on us. The light leaves its scars. However, we want to be healthy, so we go out of the light and stay where it would not burn us just like that.

We have already lost some things in our lives. Thus we have become burned children. The pains have also come about with us not without reason. What remains for us would be a protection of the remaining material of our cells. There we take good care of ourselves. But in the meantime we also think of the sheep. We let them benefit from the same caring behavior, which has also done us good.


Adoration and blessing

The goals of a yogin help determine that way of conducting a worship of his primary deity. He meets her with greetings at the appropriate time and asks her for a blessing afterwards. Such a process is called a puja.

For me, the description of this process is primarily about an acquisition of knowledge and its applicability. I provisionally ensure such a knowledge by a training of my linguistic expressiveness when creating my own writings. Thus, some of my works are created only when I have reached an appropriate form for them. Such a skill is subordinate to everything given, because it represents a fortune. One will have to acquire such a skill before one can use it. There one can practice what the stuff holds out, no way will present itself if it does not appear necessary. That is why life is indispensable. With each further step of us we limit ourselves additionally. There we would come soon no more around it to lead the wars which must be carried out. Many a person dear to us will fall in the process. We can already recognize that in advance. There we are inhibited in our behavior. No one should be sacrificed by us.

Meanwhile, what makes me as a person? - In order to answer that question, I have to go a little further. The given ways of a person from Europe often only seem to be based on his person. It would not seem important, because one does not attach importance to it. As long as someone has an actual share in a community, he will have to fulfill primarily also duties towards it and must subordinate himself to it in a certain way as a person. Such duties should arise from generally existing, similarly formed convictions of the members of the community to which one belongs. The result of it would be a kind of self-sacrifice, if it is carried out completely. One becomes absorbed in one's relationships with other people and pours oneself into life. For this, one can choose a worldly or a nonworldly setting.

To give some additional space to one's own existence for a self-experience of personal truth, that means to walk a path which life has in store for me.


Use and power of a person

The position of a person within a community of people should result from his ability to decisively co-determine the ways of that community and thus to help to shape it in its currently occurring transformation. Thereby something good will certainly also be worth something certain to every person.

About the taking of an actual employment within such a group of people one can get a prosperous environment or be integrated into such an environment. One needs to fulfill only his task sufficiently well for it. It should be about a continuance of the given in the life of the human being. Such one is confirmed by it.

One thing, which the man pretends completely for himself, will be the question of his compatibility for his personal environment. Such is to be maintained by him in the least.


Sense of becoming human

Now, what would be the meaning of yoga as I know it? - The yoga is actually a physical, but also a psychic training system, which sometimes knows how to make use of certain mental phenomena. It was once practically developed by people for people on the basis of mysticism and magic and is still being developed further. Who practices this, makes thereby experiences with the universe, at least with his actual part of it, the microcosm.

Such he makes primarily as subject with his existence. Thereby, the first and probably also the ultimate goal should be to clarify who one is.

How will you be able to practice the yoga? Does it consist solely of such characters as one already knows well from books? - This can probably not be clarified simply like that. But it seems to me to be true that the books pretend something which would not be so necessarily right yet.


Independence as an individual

One will by no means be able to show actual successes with it by the mere adherence to a specification of another practitioner in the practice of anything. It is better to look for what suits you well and suits you. Then we should also do well with the thing that we just want to perform.


Value of yoga

Knowing how to practice postures, poses and sequences of movements from the field of yoga can sometimes be a very valuable thing for a person. There he gets to know his body and can do something with the fact that he owns one. Thanks to the perception of his physique, he gets in touch with his psyche and experiences phenomena. They will be an effect of how he deals with himself. When this has been sufficiently recognized by us, we should consider them as an indicator of what makes us. This is what we have determined.

Certain energy changes activate the person and make him experience the perceptible process, which can be called vitality. Thereby the vitality of a person appears and makes his condition clear to him. There he can decide it, what will be the right thing for him.

The yoga, according to its true lawfulness is to be determined. That will be necessary for it. But, therefore, can we know what is valid for it? - I believe that it is possible to approach its contents. With the time of a practice of its practices, we will also be able to know something of its content.

In order to understand it in depth, one should take oneself in the middle and preserve one's own subject actively and perceptively. What images arise in us? What value do they have for us? - We are allowed to ask ourselves this question. But only the human being himself will find an answer. One acts there in the sense of the liveliness. It is better to live one's questions than to silence them with clumsy answers. A person who has no more questions has turned off his curiosity and will have to live a miserable existence from then on. Thank God, this will be a temporary state, because life goes on. Further questions arise there of itself already for us.


Achieve a correct knowledge

The life of a person should always be about learning a right knowledge, because such a knowledge will make up his ability to act. We should not deny ourselves an access to it. It is my desire to deal with the existence of me in a good, true and right way. I try to manage it and to get ready for my tasks. I am aware that my fellow human beings also make such demands on me and expect something from me. Existence has been given to us for this purpose. Let us simply do justice to the true facts of life as a human being. In this way a certain success will be able to become true also for our life. This should be the preparation for the further life directed to a benign being of us.

But life is also about remembering earlier times of ours. What was it that once mattered to us and therefore determined our further path in an unfavorable way? Will we be able to recognize the aberrations that have arisen and correct them? - Danger recognized, danger averted. The securing of an actual success at later times is co-determined by how we now deal with what has happened at earlier times of our existence. So let us create a true peace within ourselves by looking at our own existence. Such a peace should be a real happiness circumstance for the quality of our happiness in life.

It is also decisive whether we are able to correctly reflect our own life story. That is what makes a conscious person. I would like to be such a person. This can succeed if one is honest about it. It is just as well possible to name what one has experienced as one has seen it. To do this sufficiently well will put us on the level of an experienced person. It should be a certain happiness in life for us to be listened to by our fellow human beings.

The success of a whole community of people is something that should make this life easier for us. Whoever recognizes his own environment as it exists, can determine his place there and thus recognize it, what his goals for existence are. We should strive for such goals without being a burden to others. For this it requires certainly a moderate behavior and also an adequate being of us. Without that nothing lasting would be to be achieved by us.

Let's just create a certain peace for the people in our immediate environment. Let us keep to the given agreements. Let us also grant others such peace with us. This should be a dual peace, which is perceived on both sides. It should be of true value, because it is a nucleus of hope. But what do I mean by such peace? - In short, it should be the option to a peaceful rest among us people, that good sleep at night. We do not disturb our fellow men without reason by an actual misbehavior of us. Man will be rightly understood as a child of such peace-loving forces. If we keep this, we will also gain something by it.


The property and a cooperation with it

The yoga would be actually also a work on the good of the human being, a realization of itself.

It is of some importance for man to have something that corresponds to his attitude in life. True to such an attitude, something is given to him, which he can preserve in himself. The attitude of a human being is on the one hand conditioned by our environment, on the other hand it also conditions our thinking and feeling. Therefore, it has a considerable influence on man and his development of maturity.

A true development of man comes about when he takes another position in life. For them, again, life has provided a position of our body. We should read the previous paragraph a second time.

But that should be enough for now. We have preserved that our attitude is a condition of life. We have already understood this part of it correctly.

However, as we know, yoga knows a variety of postures of the body. However, it is crucial to have a basic posture, which is of a simple kind. If we return to it, the corresponding inner emotions will reappear in us. Such emotions should be perceived by us. They make up our personality structure. We recognize them. There an inner activity appears with us, which will be life-sustaining.

The activity has such its properties. We can exert an influence on it by varying our posture. For this purpose, the teachers of yoga have developed a system of training. It essentially includes the different types of asana, the exercise of the body through posture. There the person can sink into his body when he has found his true position.


Equipment and sample

The actual striving of us should be one, with which we want to try it to improve or to receive that actually existing equipment for the existence. What we equip ourselves with would determine our further way of life and thus also our success in existence in a not insignificant way. Let us therefore make it clear to ourselves what is ours. We bear our own responsibility for it.

The present of us is allotted a place and a time when we can set up something for ourselves. This can and will be the true starting point of a future of us. Since we human beings conceive our life as a process of transformation, but in this we have also received an actual consciousness of what it is, it will be our task to unite this and bring it under one hat. This is to be our crown, as it is given to every human being in an equal way.

The yoga is predestined to give man the strength, but also the opportunity for a vision of the process that is his life. Once he has settled into his body in the performance of a corresponding posture, he can also become aware of something of what constitutes him. There he now already has his own empirical values for it and only needs to evaluate them correctly. Thus the concept of his being expands with every acquired skill. For this he has to assign the perceived to his known thoughts and ideas. There an actual cosmos forms with such an introspection. After that he has to determine how he wants to express (with words) what he has recognized. Thus he comes into a valid position, in which he can write down something to it.

With me I found the following thought in the way and therefore I try to clarify it also.

We suspect it that man experiences his life as the existence due to the causal fact of an energetic equipment. The circumstance enables an investigation of the process of his life. It takes place as a consideration under the aspect of the energy output as well as the power turnover. Thereby we should know it that a power turnover is effected by the fact that the kinds of energy transform into each other with us.

There man goes on the field and does his day's work. In order to achieve a suitable control of the energies, the man should establish for himself an actual independence from everything fourth. The third should be the furrow to be plowed on the field of the garden. The second would be his tool in the hand and the first he himself before God. Thus such a section of the world consists of four different quantities and represents the actual sphere of action for man as a whole. This would be given in such a way, if he works something. Only the creation of a work represents for him an accomplishment of work. The thing makes it possible for the man to find to his true form.

After that, he takes a break and comes to rest. Thereby he detaches himself first from the third and finally from the second, as it has been named before. What remains there will be himself and a certain emptiness. There he comes to himself and draws strength. There he can finally regenerate himself. This should soon restore his ability to work. An inner growth will certainly be granted to him.

Thus he comes by a work creation into the possession of two kinds of things. On the one hand he experiences a power, on the other hand he reproduces such a power. This results in a considerable throughput of energies with him. It is no wonder that this strengthens him.

So man adds something when working and gets the fruit stalks back in return. He does not toil without reason! - He better does it with work and with some joy, because he has to do it anyway.

The works will form his later basis for life. What he once learned, he will know something about. His ability to do a work will continue to enable him.

To keep such a basis should be something welcome. That is to be aimed at, that we come into such a situation, as it would be connected with it. This would be established for this purpose simply by us in such a way, whenever we need it. We can start with it at any time. So now it is up to us.


Permanence of life

Who are we humans actually? Will it be possible to clarify this in a simple way? - I have my doubts about that. One should not only be well versed in philosophy, i.e. have dealt with the true questions of life, but also be able to cope with existence as a human being, as it is given. But these are two completely different things. Each of the two things for itself opens up an actual concern, as it probably could not be more different. But which of them will be practicable? What knowledge do we need to be understanding for what life is all about?

The actual existence of a human being is a thoroughly conditional one. By its very nature, it makes man unfree. Do we know it well, on what we are dependent? - The quiet sleep of the night will be granted just as little as the food of the day and the evening to feed oneself if one is in need. That one must first arrange for itself, so that one will have it. But these are only two of the given dependencies of a human being. Others follow according to the true conditions of the existence. Everybody will have to imagine that for himself, how they turn out for us just.

A basic attitude brings the life for the person by itself already with itself. This should provide him with the certainty that he is capable of something. He becomes aware of the kind of attitude that suits him well. From it he goes out and into it he returns again. From this results his circle of forms.

Such a circle of forms is to be unified by us, but also simplified in principle. One should not be too progressive with it there, if one determines such a one for oneself. The life will be able to be lived as a love song possibly better than in the kind of an opus magnus. The actual personality disorder of us points to a wrong decision in the choice of means when it comes to us. The will which has subjugated the desire in us will then be a futile one. No pleasure will come from fulfilling it. Let us simply stop all kinds of reprogramming of our consciousness by freeing ourselves from everything that would be non-existent. Let us detach ourselves from such influences on us. What would not be possible for us thereupon everything! - The human being will already know how to understand his own in a benign way, once he has found his peace again.


The non-helper as an option

To be without further help, to be completely for oneself, to be alone, to stand alone, to be oneself, to have to recognize oneself in the process, not to get along and yet to stand up, that means something to us. To be strong in it, to be manly (or womanly) in it, to take good care of everything - to tackle it, to fight, to dissolve what is wrong, to overcome what is wrong and yet to continue to take good care of what is ours, that should be the yoke we put on ourselves in life. It is given to us to do this.

But the confession to the yoke will be exactly that what can make the human being something else. This will be something that would not, should not, could not or could not exist by itself. Then he is a yogin, as it exists just sometimes in the world as a human phenomenon. - There he will be a Samnyasin with it or also not be. He will be a sadhu or not. It will be true what he is. - This is the way of a life in its real manifestation. Again and again the same questions arise in our life and again we have to give the same or in the matter related answers to them. This is only to broaden the experience values for the true facts of the life with us.

This is how we become knowledgeable. What we experience fits who we are. What is possible for us in life, we subordinate to it and recognize it so again who we are. There we form a multivalent unity, represent an organism. As such we exist for ourselves, but at the same time we are ready for the benefit of others. This will not be a contradiction per se. The opposite would be true. Let's just join such a consideration and remain as we are according to our true nature.


Empty hands

A basic idea for the acquisition of powers of action should be the release of the hands from the grips of the objects with which we have already dealt in the past. Let's not torture ourselves by maintaining it. Let us do it in such a way that we would do nothing for once. In this way our things should move back to their basic form. Releasing the limbs should also cause the body to be mobilized again.

The life current can be understood as a pulsating one, which has the task to support us in any situation. What will happen through it when we have freed ourselves from all kinds of superfluous action and are in the right position to recover? - One principle should be valid for this. Freedom from burden will be a freedom only after we have already fulfilled our duties. There will be many. Through us, but also just as much through our social network, we acquire the duties. They are options for action. Such go along with a good life. They practically hardly contradict it. There one can find to a happiness in the existence, if one has a task and will also recover from its fulfillment.

A growth would not be possible well without a recovery of the own forces of the human being. In the same way, man would be in actual difficulties without a task for his existence. How should he be able to manage this? - Then he is cut off from the events of the world. There he cannot take influence on his destiny for an uncertain duration.

To gain an entrance to the society will be possible only when one also performs one's duties. Such duties are composed of individual tasks. For this we have to learn our lessons so that we know how to perform what is required of us. One of them will be that of 'empty hands' at the end of work. How else will we be able to regenerate? - Then, when we have meant to do more and more, we leave the usual paths of ourselves. Of course, there is something to accomplish every day. But this wants to be integrated into an orderly rhythm of activity and rest.

Exhausting the last, just still existing forces with us would be nothing useful. If you do that, you will run aground. It will then take some time until one has recovered from it. It is better to limit one's own workload from the beginning and to divide the given in such a way that a long way becomes several feasible stages.