A successful artist will be one who does something, who has something and who moves something with it.



By means of those words of his, man can create an image of his spiritual work and thus bear witness to his own being. For this we would be given the language with its contexts. It's suitable for it.

He can then use the words written down and work on something. So, it will be possible to straighten his own by adapting the words afterwards to his conviction as to how it is to continue to exist. A writer can make it clear to himself what he knows to consider. There is already something there to which he can attach his thoughts and ideas.

In this way a writer makes his concern visible. There it becomes tangible what he continues to acknowledge of it. In doing so, the once preserved word has sometimes already become the basis of his subsequent reflections. He goes through these writings himself chronologically to understand their meaning. While searching for the weaknesses and strengths of his language he can recover a little. A revival of inner images takes place.

He has been given a power to correct his writings. Thanks to it, he can bring the written word to a uniform level. Once this has been achieved, many other things are also stabilized by him, which, moreover, has already been given to him as an idea. There it will appear in clarity. So, it is necessary to name one's own body of thought and integrate it into one's own writings as it has appeared.

In time, the works that are to be created will have a content that is sufficient according to the writer himself.


Know yourself

Ultimately, it would not be the technique alone that is to be achieved in life, but also the actual temperament of a person should be determined. Man can feel such a thing in himself and perceive it, which is good for him according to his own preference.

One should try to correspond to this fact in this existence. Then all the technology will probably come to us once in a sufficient way, because we are already doing well with our mind and its actual equipment.

After that, the only thing we will need is a good school for us. Such a school is needed, which takes up a really good position for the fact that as a human being you already bring with you in sufficient abundance all that is necessary to learn something useful.

For us, this becomes a place of preservation of the real. We learn something there. We are supposed to build on that. We would like to expand and confirm what has been created during our existence there. A character building is to take place there. It is intended to sufficiently substantiate the true value of our work by the assets invested with us.

In such a place one should also learn to prove oneself. But once you know how to do this in this world, you can also survive with your things in the long run. Now I believe that it is truly pronounced.

At the very least, we should be able to create a basis for an actual existence as human beings. Once we will have such a sufficient amount of it ourselves, then we will certainly have many opportunities to fulfil the tasks of our life. We should be prepared to tackle these for once.

We should prepare ourselves sufficiently to make such a thing possible. These should be sufficiently fulfilled by us. There we will probably finally find out for what we have been given this existence. We want to continue to use our lifetime in a beneficial way.

Wouldn't the given freedom be lost to a person without a certain self-determination through us? When will this continue permanently? - Since we human beings alone very seldom spontaneously possess significant or even brilliant talents, we certainly need such a basis for this existence as can be determined by ourselves.

In this way, our existence would like to remain favoured by the happiness of benign experiences or it would like to become so at last. A right to it would not have to be earned first, because this should be recognized.

That's the way to behave. This is freely conceded or awarded by each of us human beings, including our fellow human beings, so that they do their best to insist on their concerns. After all, human existence as such is to be preserved and in no way diminished in its value.


Existence of a writer

A fireplace once helped me to gain more knowledge about the things of this world than some hours of reading or learning with books did. However, I still read and learn something with these.

Between the glow of the fire and the world of thoughts that I have read in, I reflect spiritually back and forth, which has made me special for many years. I write down a lot of things that I have been concerned about. I do this so that one day I will have my own stuff to live on. Little by little I find my way back to the light and the good.

My things succeed to me almost carefree. This has already enabled me to do a lot in this life, for which I would like to be grateful.

Also, the extent of my powers is now sufficiently large. I have sorted and weighted these over the last few years. In doing so, my works have perhaps already become a bit of a fire themselves, as it appeared to me in my youth. I nourish my spirit while working on my own writings in the evening and in this way, I thoroughly train myself for the future of myself.


The way of the writer

There's a pull and push on the world. Everything is fighting. Nothing would be certain. Not everything would one day be preserved by us humans. What could not be preserved, would soon no longer exist. But only that which one is able to possess with certainty can be a foundation and basis of this existence in the long run.

That is why a scribe secures his own. He does that by writing it down. Even he would not be able to achieve more. What he himself could not know about, he must acquire by thinking about it.

But how is he to achieve this, if not by evaluating the already valid writings? But how are these to be evaluated by him, if they would not be properly constituted? - This must be ensured. Therefore, it should be part of the nature of a writer to first of all thoroughly examine a quality of the writings which he considers before he evaluates them.

He wouldn't just believe that what he read there was true. Neither will he know it's wrong what he read there. He needs many a correct scheme for his own orientation. He has to compare what he reads with such a person. Yeah, he needs to know what to believe and where lies appear. Also, he will have to find out for himself what will be wrong with it and have to clarify how it can be put right. Thus, he evaluates the writings in detail according to his ability to do so. In return for this effort, he receives an inner image, his view of the given as the equivalent of this effort. He can continue to orientate himself on it.

Only then does he come to some knowledge by reading texts. He will be an erring man as long as he has not taken the word as it is given in truth. Then, if a writing retains validity before him, it should be given that he is familiar with it. He has already completed the necessary tests. What has been read can only be good if it is written down in a true and correct way. He knows it well. He also realizes that everything else will be of an arbitrary nature. Then it holds for him if it can be interpreted. Then he can understand the value of a writing. That's where his salary comes in without any further action.

It is necessary to recognize, understand and name a true stock of things. Afterwards one can evaluate one. This can be done by creating your own text. In this process a scribe inevitably becomes an interpreter of things, who also interprets them in an independent way. Once he has learned to recognize the peculiarities of the respective scriptures, he will gradually do the same with the cosmos in which he lives. This alone is accessible to him.

In the end he will eventually learn to fathom and interpret his own being. He will do this in the same way as he has done before with the scriptures and the cosmos. He will have to think carefully about the kind of words to be chosen and write his own writings on what constitutes his existence and life. It should be of value for a writer to do such a thing, because the actual weighting of things becomes apparent from it. That’ll finally let him sort it out.


Everyone has the same thing. The sum of the works varies. Your salary is unique. The whole results in a miniature. Its dimension is identical for every human being.


A first beginning

Man sorts his own things and in doing so gains his good. For this he needs the categories. These shall be the drawers, boxes and cans in which we have hidden our own possessions with inventiveness from the greedy eyes of others. Such boxes and cans disappear into the partly virtual cupboards and nobody is interested in them anymore.

To every existing thing there is a counterpart, which belongs there. Some things are only complete as a sentence. We can also separate the good from the bad. Admittedly, both shares of the same should nevertheless remain within the same category. Analogous to our work on these things, there is a mental empowerment arising in us. We develop the registers of our memory. For this we recognize the order of the given.

There we may soon gain that gift to do something equivalent with our thoughts. Like the boxes and cans in the cupboards of our room, moment by moment independent things appear in a mental way and want to be considered by us. But instead of spinning this yarn for no reason, you can simply put it on the designated roll. There it does not fall to the ground and remains directed.

Like a cloverleaf, there is a truth for the whole (the whole leaf), but a plurality of choices (the three leaf segments). There the human being has so many possibilities to understand his things. There is a finite number of paths that lead to a goal. What harm can it do to do this in different ways? - Nothing. That would be my answer. After all, we can overlook this. There it will be easy for us to do things of the same meaning, to form equivalent sentences or to do things similar to each other, which are formed differently but mean the same thing and can therefore replace each other.

Like a collector of landmarks and moments, we do it there and 'write down' what we have found. There we memorize in a linguistic and mental way some suitable ways of using it. The first registers are created here, and the human soil thus becomes the basis for an inner illustration.


Tasks of the recorder

Whether a writer knows something to say that will be useful for someone else? - Everything should be based on the initial events of your own life. This is something that will one day be easily recognizable in the actual works of ours. This will happen to us if we pay sufficient attention.

It shall be the first word to be completed. To do this, you always start from scratch with your things. The following path is taken in an unabridged manner.

That's how you'll know all the way around at some point. It should be regularly inspected so that it can be cultivated.

Probably you will manage to learn by your own study how something will be achieved in a benign way by us. In the least, just try to pass with what you have recognized as your own word of value.


What is Yoga?

I would not be able to answer the question of what Yoga is all about with just a few words here. But I also don't want to pretend that I don't know or understand anything about what makes it up. In the course of reading this wiki you will probably realize to some extent that I have retained my own approach to the cause of Yoga.

Those who have said that they already know it a little bit might want to be right in a limited way. Nowadays, almost everyone knows something from daily life that they can associate with the concept of Yoga. This is probably the reason why you sometimes get to express yourself in a simple way.

However, such a thing could not yet be the complete whole, which is what we are supposed to be about from time to time. It is important to point this out and to name it, so that it becomes known to us in detail. Even if one would not immediately grasp it in this way, a certain knowledge of it can already be predicted.

However, the idea of whether I will be able to do this with this wiki myself one day must be considered from the outset and taken into account when showing this work. We are to know something about the fact that there is a complete whole also in relation to Yoga. This will be recognized by ourselves as true, even if this only makes it very limitedly tangible to us.

Without achieving a certain degree of abstraction in one's own mind, many things related to it would be difficult to convey in an appropriate way. We have to learn how to do this in order to express ourselves in a proper way. We're supposed to be clear on that.

Whoever wants to deal with such a comprehensive subject area as Yoga itself should take note that his preoccupation with this subject alone can only be a finite one. The extent of those things which have already occurred within such a field of knowledge of mankind would not be comprehensively demonstrated or explained. That is so true. It is just as little to limit as the actual human existence. Therefore, man has to experience himself and create something in an independent way that does justice to Yoga.

There we have to gain the ability to take different states in a stable way if we want to survive. Such a thing will sometimes already be enough to overwhelm some people. Nothing would be made easier for him if he struggled in a way that was wrong for the cause. Therefore, I confidently hold back a little with my own explanations of the essence of Yoga. The actual views of every other person should always be equally important to us. This is something you keep in mind when you talk to each other about such matters.

According to their meaning, such things are in any case to be understood as equally formed correctly by ourselves. To handle it in this way will be noble, but also fair. At the very least, it should serve the cause that says that we want to do justice to other people just as we have wished for ourselves.

Those phenomena and experiences of an individual concerning Yoga often have a very strong individual character. These will by no means be easy to transfer to the life and existence of another person. Everyone has the task of making and evaluating their own experiences in life. This also applies to such an existentialist vision of the given, as Yoga can be. A real difficulty will be that a Yogin acts explicitly intentionally. Such a thing would not be desired in Europe, and sometimes it is even severely punished. But it also contains many opportunities, without which there can be no happiness, but also no progress for a person.

Yoga should be understood by us as an aspect of the cosmos of an individual person in the universe. This will have to be defined. We watch it. For this purpose, it must be finite and limited by its nature, otherwise it would not be understood. The bigger one will easily contain something smaller. In such a way the world contains the cosmos of the individual. But there is no equality of them. Therefore, the knowledge connected with Yoga is almost always only of personal validity, which cannot easily be transformed into a universal principle. For this reason, it will be true that you will be temporarily dependent on a knowledgeable teacher, thanks to whom you will gain access to better knowledge. One of the prerequisites for this should be a virtuous existence with a fulfilled happiness in this life.

So how else can one approach Yoga other than through an approach to society? How will you get to know and experience it, if you isolate yourself too much from your environment? - These would be special paths that would open up as a result.

How does Yoga work? - Well, it will first of all require an actual endowment with subjective perceptions and energy with us before we can operate it.

There is something to arrive at with people as a person. One should get oneself to participate in this. One should be prepared to do it in order to do it with pleasure. We should not despise what is demanded of us. One should try to fulfil it in a way that is acceptable to all concerned, in order to earn real merit.

The prospective practitioner of such a discipline is sometimes referred to as an adept in the relevant literature. He's a prospectus. This person should have a 'fair demand' and talk to other people about his or her cause often enough. He fancies that there is such a thing. He will have to accomplish a great deal himself in order to achieve real success. But that should make it worth the effort. Then, if you are willing to take it upon yourself permanently, it can also become true. A real perseverance should be inspired in us humans for this cause. Let that be a testament to our strength.

However, it would probably not be possible for one's own path to lead to the kind of happiness that will be possible for this cause without a correction of one's own way of life. It will therefore be one of our tasks to make ourselves ready for it.

It would be our task to make ourselves understood to another person. We are to communicate to our fellow men in an independent manner something of what makes us what we are. In this way we should learn to express what we have experienced and done ourselves, yes, how it works, what there is.

It happens because it is there, and it has an effect. No book, no matter how good, will be able to remedy this. This will be so true because a person can only be enabled to achieve something higher through conversations with other people. So, you use the social conditions of yourself. This is also done to form an actual reason of ourselves.

Just dancing or singing together with other people will surely bring more to some people in the long run than this not so easy to handle thing of Asian customs can grant. It will simply be too comprehensive and far-reaching in nature for some people to be easily mastered by a European. We are also too little involved in the social context that will be necessary to prepare for this. In order to be able to deal with this matter and to survive, however, one should first of all take the path of real social integration. To live a life as an outsider, on the other hand, will hardly be something worth striving for.


Yoga in everyday life

One of the most obvious difficulties in learning the disciplines of Yoga would be the need to integrate those matters concerning it into the everyday life of a person. Here one proceeds cautiously, whereby a certain harmony should also not be lost by an adept, so that he would not have to be conspicuous to other people.

One should not overlook the fact that in many places (perhaps even rightly) certain authors have said that the course of events of existence within Asian cultures is accepted and committed in a rather individual way. Identification with the self is countered by the task of identification with a community, as is common in Europe. In my opinion, this would not be compatible with each other in any other way than by mutually accepting both approaches. You're supposed to be able to deal with both.

But we humans have also preserved our peculiarities. Thus, although there are many different ways to learn Yoga and practice its disciplines, there are only limited possibilities for a European to integrate and practice them in his daily life here in the country.

In no case should one question one's actual social integration for this reason, simply in order to take a special path as an individual. The opposite of this will be necessary in order to preserve the happiness and goodness of this existence for us.


Yoga as a concept

Many an attempt to unify Yoga somewhat has already occurred in the course of its history. Patanjali can be mentioned here by me as a well-known author.

But such unification would sometimes be nothing more than a synthetic view of life as a human being. In fact, a complete incarnation will already have enough radiance to probably do sufficient justice to the essence of Yoga. This should also be easier to achieve, since in order to preserve it, you only have to preserve who you already are. As a result, the right paths to a self-determined existence will open up for each of us. These must then be committed, confirming what has been achieved, what will be experienced on them, and thus to survive as a human being by continuing to pursue the goal of his life with devotion.

With regard to the posture of a human being, this means that a movement or posture of the body is to be carried out at rest according to our need for it. It is important for me not to be too technical when I shape my actual life with such moments. Besides, it should be enough for me to correspond to my existence in such a beautiful way as I like it. I believe I can still live up to it.

I am also paying attention to my temperament. I love doing that. It can be recognized and determined by me. Then, when I do that, I want to open up a certain spectrum of my own circumstances, which are appropriate to myself.


Aims of an adept

In order to know the actual goals of a Yogin and to strive for these Arhats, for us Europeans it should mean that we are ready to grasp something of the true core of Yoga. This is done in order to develop a willingness to do so. It will be possible to recognize what once made this one in former times. We have to be open to this kind of knowledge in order to be able to stand with it when we practice Yoga. Regardless of this, the question remains whether we really have the necessary ability to do so, as we give ourselves time in our lives, which will be necessary for this.

What will we one day achieve during our existence? - Perhaps fate can tell us about it. We will ask it about this or simply wait until the right time comes to make it happen. No one will be able to avoid his fate, because otherwise it would not be one.

What becomes clear to me is that there is a need to discuss even a probable fate in detail with good friends or family. In this way, some of our future steps can already be prepared and initiated. This will probably lead to a certain acceptance of our cause one day.

We can certainly make the necessary preparations for this now. Let's just think about our true path and develop our own ideas about how we can follow it. Then we will open this up to the people involved and get them in the mood for what is to come.


Incarnation in Yoga

A training of the human being should be one in which he learns to express himself adequately. This will make it possible for him to find some actual approaches to a better way of life. He has to find out for himself how it seems right to him and what he wants to realize. There he will find or determine his way. He also gets some insight into the things of his existence. There he can give some indication of how something can be done properly. He will also know what to do and what not to do.

Man should be honest in dealing with his fellow men. He always performs his actual task in a valid manner. He does that in the way it requires. He'll be used to that. Our own things should be a good example for us.

One strives for something suitable. You work hard, after all, that's supposed to earn you something. One hopes for something from being active. A certain habituation to such a creation will make many more things possible for us in the first place.

The happiness of a person is determined by the maintenance of a real quality of life. This world has existed before us and man has existed in it. Faithful to such a thought, one makes use of the fact that one acknowledges this fact as a condition of one's life and pretends it to be what it says. An active striving should fulfill us of itself.

So, this existence will be preserved. Man keeps his attitude well.


Training as a foundation for life

The foundation should be the base on which something permanent can be built. Even as a human being it is a task to pass. Once we have gained access to a teaching, it can fulfill us. Then we will have a stake in something that already exists. It's supposed to be nice. We'll learn something there. They'll show us. This should help us to get along well in life.

It is true that we can achieve something with the commitment of our lifetime. We should be given a certain incentive to do so. We would like to try to achieve a certain success ourselves. This is how one treats one's own existence with respect. The things connected with it one becomes as just as necessary for them. So, we will probably find employment soon.

However, one should not get oneself into trouble. Even an exaggerated amount of scholarship would not do any good. Just take your time when there is something to learn and devote yourself to it thoroughly.


Worship and blessing

The aims of a Yogin co-determine the manner of conducting worship of his primary deity. He greets her in due course and asks her for a blessing afterwards.

For me myself, the description of this process is primarily about the acquisition of knowledge and its applicability. I provisionally ensure this by training my ability to express myself linguistically when creating my own scriptures. This is how some of my works were created in the first place.

What makes me as a person? - In order to answer this question, I must go a little further. The predetermined paths of a person from Europe often only seemingly follow his or her own person. As long as a person has a real share in a community, he will also have duties to fulfil towards it and will have to subordinate himself to it in a certain way as a human being. Such duties should arise out of the common and similarly formed convictions of the members of the community to which one belongs.

To give the own person some additional space for self-awareness, that means to walk a path that life has in store for me.


power and advantage of a man

The position of a person within a community of people should result from his or her ability to have a decisive influence on the ways of that community and thus to help shape the transformation of events that occurs in that community. In doing so, something good will certainly be worth something to each person.

By taking up actual employment within such a group, one can create a prosperous environment for oneself or be integrated into such an environment. All you need to do is to do your job well. The life of man should be about a continuance of the given.

One thing that a human being is completely pretending for himself will be the question of a compatibility of him for his personal environment. Such a system should be maintained.


sense of incarnation

Now what would be the purpose of Yoga as I know it? - Yoga is a physical, but also a mental training system, which sometimes makes use of certain mental phenomena. It was once practically developed by people on the basis of mysticism and magic and is still being developed further. Those who practice this will make experiences with the universe, at least with their actual part of it, the microcosm.

Man makes this primarily as a subject with his existence. The first and probably also the ultimate goal should be to clarify who you are.

How will you practice Yoga yourself? Does it consist solely of such figures as we already know well from books? - I don't suppose it can be resolved just like that. But it seems to me to be true that these books pretend something that would not be true yet.


Independence as an individual

You will not achieve actual success by simply following another practitioner's instructions when practicing anything. You better look for what suits you. Then we should be fine with this thing.


Granting oneself something

What status do the things in my life have with me? So which way do I go? - There is something to be said for that. It means something to me that as a human being I am focused on my existence. Only then do I possess the necessary drive and also an actual perception of what makes me what I am. I want to be sufficiently centered and be able to concentrate well. I'm trying to set that up for myself. A success of mine should be ensured in this way.

I keep both my hands and take the mudra with them. Then I wait and see what happens to me. I grant myself a few seconds of this posture and consider it as an impulse for further action. That way I learn something about its meaning for me.

I pay attention to that movement of reason in myself, when it arises in me. I'll board it up. For this purpose, I evaluate and weight it. That's how it gets its rank with me.


Value of Yoga

Knowing how to practice postures and sequences of movements from the field of yoga can sometimes be a very valuable thing for a person. There he gets to know his body and can do something with the fact that he is suitable for it. Thanks to the perception of his physique, he comes into contact with his psyche and experiences phenomena. These will be an effect of how he deals with himself. When we have sufficiently recognized this, we should consider them as an indicator of what makes us what we are. We will learn to determine that.

Certain energy changes activate the human being and make the process perceptible to him, which can be described as liveliness. It reveals the vitality of a person and makes his condition clear to him. There he can decide what will be right for him.

Yoga, by its true law, is to be determined. This will be necessary for this. But can we therefore know what applies to it? - I believe that it is possible to approach its contents. With the time of practicing its practices we will also learn about his salary.

In order to understand them in depth, one should take oneself into the centre and keep one's own subject active and perceptive. What kind of pictures do we get? And what value do they have for us? - You can ask yourself that. But only man himself will find the answer. One acts there in the sense of liveliness. It is better to live your questions than to silence them with crude answers. A person who no longer has a question has turned off his curiosity and from then on will have to live a miserable existence. Thank God this will be a temporary state, because life goes on. Further questions arise there by themselves already for us.


My Way

Here I try to prepare something of what I have already become aware of my previous path in life with words. I describe this in detail and try to evaluate the writings afterwards to determine for myself what they mean to me. I can only perceive this alone as it has just occurred to me. So, I am now running a 'free writing hour' here and create my 'thought protocol'. In doing so I experience a certain access to myself. In this way I can see my own being and process my own knowledge for it.

I have already remembered and revived many good things from my previous existence. My access to these memories is mainly of a linguistic nature. I first remember the words before I am aware of the appropriate situations again.

I prepare some things for myself when I create my writings. Thanks to a correction of these for possible mistakes and inaccuracies, my mnemonic power improves. There I penetrate the veil in space and can get to earlier memories of my existence. A special strength of mine is the remembrance of my own thoughts about these former times. For me, this is the deepest depth to which I am currently penetrating. So, I have set something in motion for me which would not be wrong for an experience of my life's happiness.

In former times I rehearsed some things, which I fall back on nowadays. That is also one of the conditions of my existence. Of course, I have made this one myself. What a person will be, have and do should become a meaning to his existence in the course of his life. It is also the same with me.

A reference of my self-awareness is the ability to perceive a resonance of the materials around me. At the border between me and the environment, these occur clearly audible. I can see some of what's working there. So, I go about my business accordingly.

In order to maintain what has already happened, from time to time I confess in words what makes me what I am. I'll match that. This is supposed to be a declaration of intent. I will announce them whenever a favourable opportunity has arisen. That's how I can fulfill myself.

I consider it a good thing for myself to go my own way and pursue my own goal in a useful way. This world is benign. I recognize their nature. In the same way, I want to be someone who exists in it. So, let my things come true.


Preservation and probation

Step by step, he said, it is important to achieve consistency on one's own path. That's how you learn something. It may well be something simple to accomplish. No one needs to rehearse a trick. As humans we are neither actors nor artists. To be human is not a vocation, but rather a guideline of this life. Let's fulfill this once. Let us do what is required of us. This is how we should learn to survive ourselves. It should be conceivable that one knows one's path and knows how to follow it in an easy way.

Thus, Yoga should also be understood as something that supports us in our lifestyle. That is why it is so important to recognize and follow its rules. This would be the first step in this direction. You can't make any compromises. Nor would one submit to an actual ignorance. The given should not be ignored by us.

But what will the given be in the life of a person? - Everything that we can experience in our personal environment will be a real part of this existence. This includes all direct and indirect contact with other people and makes it clear to me what my existence is all about.

Those moments when I am alone should help me to deal with my existence in a better way. I'm taking an exam with me for that. I like to keep this attitude towards my life and therefore try to prove myself in fulfilling my obligations. It would not only matter whether they were welcome or not. My rank would clearly not be higher than that of my fellow human beings. This is how I get to develop a being that is compatible with other people. From then on, the process of self-determination begins with me. It's already started. Whether it will be possible for me to realize myself on this path is still to be seen in the stars. It would not be of primary importance to know about it now. Other people also try to realize it for themselves. A certain parity should prevail for this purpose. The weight of one would not need to be assessed differently from the weight of another. Each person should be equally worth to us. In this way, we gain access to this one without obstructing access to another.

Let's just explore who is the most valuable and important person in our personal environment. Let us then next remember that person whom we consider to be extremely unworthy and worthless. What distinguishes these two? - This is how we should learn to preserve what means something to us.

Can we do without such an evaluation of the given? - Evaluations are judgements. Judgments, however, conclude that questionable process of testing, which sometimes gives us a lot of trouble in this existence. Let's just learn how to apply the principles for judging something correctly. In this way we retain the right to decide something ourselves.


Achieving the right knowledge

The life of a person should always be about learning the right knowledge, as this will make his or her fortune. We should not deny ourselves access to it. It is my desire to deal with the existence of myself in a good, true and right way. I try to get it straight and be ready for my tasks. I am aware that my fellow human beings also ask such questions of me and expect something from me. This existence has been given to us. Let us simply do justice to the true facts of life as a human being. In this way a certain success can become true for our lives as well. This is supposed to be the preparation for the further life of a benign being of ourselves.

But this life is also about remembering earlier times of ourselves. What once made a difference to us and therefore determined our further path in an unfavourable way? Will we be able to recognize the wrong ways of doing things and correct them again? - A danger foreseen is half avoided. Ensuring actual success in later times is determined by how we deal now with what happened in earlier times of our existence. So, let us create a true peace with ourselves by contemplating our own existence. Such a one should be a real happiness for the quality of our life.

It is also decisive whether we are able to reflect our own life story correctly. This is what makes a conscious person. And I would like to be one. This can be achieved if you are honest with yourself. It is just as well possible to name the experienced as it was seen. To do this sufficiently well will put us on the level of an experienced person. A certain happiness in life is supposed to make us feel that we are listened to by our fellow human beings.

The success of a whole community of people is something that should make our lives easier. If you acknowledge your own environment as it exists, you can determine your place there and thus recognize what your goals for this existence are. We should strive for this ourselves without being a burden to others. This certainly requires moderate behaviour and also an adequate nature of ourselves. Without this, nothing lasting would be achieved by us.

Let's simply create a certain peace for the people in our direct environment. Let us stick to the agreements made. Let us grant such peace to others. This is supposed to be a double peace, which is perceived by both sides. This is said to be of true value, because it represents a nucleus of hope. But what do I understand by such a peace? - In short, it should be an option for a peaceful rest with us humans, that good sleep at night. Let us not worry our fellow human beings for no reason by an actual misconduct of ourselves. Man will quite rightly be understood as a child of such peace-loving forces. If we keep to that, we will gain something in return.


The property and a participation in it

Yoga would be a work on the good of man, a knowledge of oneself.

It is of some importance for man that he has something to own that corresponds to his attitude in life. Faithful to this attitude, he will be given something to keep in himself. The attitude of a person is on the one hand conditioned by our environment, on the other hand it also conditions our thinking and feeling. It therefore has a considerable influence on humans and their development of maturity.

A true development of man comes about when he takes up a different position in life. For these, life in turn has provided an attitude of our body. So, we should read the previous paragraph a second time.

But that should be enough for now. We have maintained that our attitude is a condition of this life. We have already correctly understood this proportion.

But as we know, Yoga knows a variety of postures of the body. And yet it should be decisive to have a basic attitude, which is of a simple kind. If we return to this, the corresponding inner movements will also reappear in us. These impulses should be perceived by us. There is an inner activity that comes to light in us, which will be life-sustaining.

This activity thus has its characteristics. We can influence them by varying our posture. For this purpose, the teachers of Yoga have developed a training system. It basically contains the different types of asana, the physical exercise through posture. There a person can immerse himself in his body when he has found his true attitude.


Equipment and sample

The actual striving of ourselves should be one with which we try to improve or maintain the actual equipment available for this existence. What we equip ourselves with would have a considerable influence on our further path in life and thus also on our success in this existence. So, let's make it clear what we own. We bear our own responsibility for this.

The presence of ourselves is given a place and a time when we can set something up for ourselves. This can and will be the true starting point of a future of ourselves. Since we humans understand our life as a process of change, but have also received a real awareness of it, it will be our task to unite and reconcile this. This shall be our crown, as it is given to every man in the same way.

Yoga is predestined to give people the strength but also the opportunity to see this process. Once he has settled into his body in carrying out a corresponding posture, he can also become somewhat aware of what makes it up. He already has his own experience and only needs to evaluate it correctly. For this purpose, he has to assign it to his known thoughts and ideas. Then he should determine how he wants to express (in words) what he has recognized. This puts him in a position where he can write something down about it.

I have found the following thought in my own mind and therefore try to explain it.

We suspect that man experiences his life as existence due to the causal condition of an energetic endowment. This fact allows an investigation of this process as an examination under the aspect of energy as well as power conversion. We should know that a power conversion is achieved by the fact that the types of energy are transformed into each other.

In order to achieve a reasonable control of energies, man should establish for himself an actual independence from something fourth. The third shall be the furrow to be tilled in the field of the garden. The second would be his tool and the first would be himself. So, this section of the world consists of four different quantities and represents the actual sphere of activity for humans. That would be the case if he did some work. Only the creation of a work represents work for him. This thing makes it possible for man to find his shape.

Afterwards he takes a break and comes to rest. In doing so, it first detaches itself from the fourth, then from the third and finally from the second. What remains of it will be himself and a certain emptiness. He can regenerate from work for a good while. This should soon restore his ability to work. An inner growth is granted to him.

Thus, by creating a work he comes into possession of two things. On the one hand he experiences a power, on the other hand he gives it back. This results in a considerable throughput of energy. Throughout this process he can therefore do something to ensure that he is doing well in life. How beautiful the result of this will be!

So, the person adds something while working and gets this fruit back in return. Don't work it so hard! - He'd better do it with some joy, which he's bound to do anyway. Let him free himself from the tensions of involuntary compulsion to work. This performance will be so important for the success of his works. And these works will form his later basis for life. That, what he once learned, he knows something about. His ability to do a job will continue to empower him.

Maintaining such a base will be something to be welcomed. That is what we should strive to achieve to get into the kind of situation that is associated with it. For this purpose, we will simply set it up the way we need it. We can start at any time. We only need to work on something on our own to finally get started.


constancy of life

Who are we humans, anyway? Will it be possible to clarify this in a simple way? - I have my doubts. One should not only be well versed in philosophy alone, that is, one should have dealt with the true questions of life, but one should also be able to cope with this existence as a human being as it is given. But these are two very different things. Each of these two things in itself opens up a real concern, which probably could not be more different. But which of these will be practicable? And what knowledge do we need in order to understand what life is all about?

The actual existence of a human being is a thoroughly conditioned one. In her nature, it makes the human being unfree of its own accord. We know well what we are dependent on. The quiet sleep of the night will not be granted, nor will the food of the day and the evening, to feed oneself when in need. You have to set that up for yourself first, so that you will have it. But these are only two of the given dependencies of a human being. Others follow according to the true conditions of this existence. It will be up to each individual to decide how they will turn out for us.

A basic attitude brings life for the human being by itself. This is to provide him with the certainty that he is capable of something. He should be aware of the kind of attitude that suits him well. Out of it he goes and into it he returns again. From this his circle of forms results.

Such a set of forms should be standardized by ourselves, but in principle also simplified. One should not be too progressive with it, if one determines this for oneself. Life as a love song may be better lived than in the manner of an Opus Magnus. The actual personality disorder of ourselves points to a wrong choice of means when it comes to us. The will that has subjugated the desire in our country will then be a vain one. No joy will come from fulfilling it. Let us simply stop all kinds of reprogramming of our consciousness by freeing ourselves from everything that would not exist. Let us free ourselves from such influences on us. What then would not be possible for us! - Man will already know how to understand his own in a benign way, once he has once again found his peace.



Prio One in life has it to forgive its enemies.

Only then, when that happens, do you feel who you are.

One preparation for life is to forgive one's enemies.

The great enemy within should be your first concern.

And to the same extent as it seduces you, it is controlled by you.

So, one day you will have that peace which you must also strive for.

And if you control yourself in this way, you will be happy again.

So, you have finally achieved that your existence is like yourself again.

Be moved, this is my word, that a blessing may move you.

Exist here, in this place, and be foolish no longer.

So, all that you are will be enough for you.

There you can finally begin to achieve your own peace.

What comes next is called 'Happy End', a film that will soon be over.

You've already fallen asleep there, have peace and quiet here in the house.

Alas, light of life, thou dost urge me to renounce, having fortune on my side.

Strange, sometimes you are so close and then you are not.

Offenburg, the 05.10.2018


The non-aid as an option

To be without any further help, to be completely on our own, to be alone, to stand alone, to be ourselves, to have to recognize ourselves in doing so, not to get along and yet to stand up, that is something we ourselves are entitled to. To be strong, to be male (or female), to take good care of everything - to tackle it, to fight, to dissolve the wrong, to overcome the wrong and yet to continue to take good care of one's own, that is the yoke that we impose on ourselves in this life. We are meant to do this.

But it will be the commitment to this yoke that can make a person into something else. This will be something that would not, should not or could not exist of its own accord. Then he is a Yogin, as he sometimes exists in this world as a human phenomenon. - He may or may not be a Samnyasin in this. He may or may not be a Sadhu. It will be true what he is. - This is the path of a life in its real appearance. Again, and again the same questions arise in this life and we have to give the same or related answers. This alone is only meant to expand our experience of the true facts of life.

That's how we become knowledgeable. What we learn fits who we are. What is possible for us in life, we subordinate to it and thus again recognize who we are. There we form a polyvalent unit, represent an organism. As such, we exist for ourselves, but we are also ready to benefit others. This will not be a contradiction in terms. The opposite is true. Let's just join ourselves in such considerations and remain as we are in our true nature.


Empty hands

A basic idea for gaining energy should be to release the hands from the handles of the objects we have already dealt with in the past. Let's not torture ourselves by keeping it up. Let's make it so that for once we would do nothing. This is supposed to bring our things back to their basic form. To loosen the limbs is also supposed to cause the body itself to be mobilized again.

The life stream can be understood as a pulsating one, which has the task of supporting us in any situation. What will happen through this one when we have freed ourselves from all kinds of superfluous action and are in the right position to recover? - One principle should be valid for this. Freedom from burden will only be a freedom at all when we have already fulfilled our duties. There'll be lots of them. Through ourselves, but also through our social network, we acquire these duties. They are options for action. These go along with a good life. They hardly resist this practically. Fortunately, you can find in this existence, if you have a task and will recover from the fulfillment of this task.

Growth is not well possible without a recovery of the human being's own powers. In the same way, a person without a task for his existence is in real trouble. Then he is cut off from the events of this world. There he cannot influence his fate.

To gain access to the company is only possible if one also fulfils his duties. Such duties consist of tasks. For this we have our lessons to learn. One of them will be that of the 'empty hands'. How else can we regenerate? - Then, when we feel that we still need to do more, we leave the usual paths of ourselves. Of course, there is something to accomplish every day. But this would like to be integrated into an orderly rhythm of activity and rest.

It would not be necessary to exhaust the last, barely existing forces in our country. That's when you go aground, when you do. Some time will then be needed to recover from this. It is better to limit your own workload from the outset and divide it up so that a long journey becomes several feasible stages.